Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Singapore island city state government is just like any China city.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Despite official claims of having a Constitution and a parliamentary democracy, Singapore today is just another China city of the Peoples Republic of China.

Although the Constitution of Singapore allows for a multi party democracy, it is no different from China, where it is a one party state under the Communist Party.

In Singapore Lee Kuan Yew has decided a long time ago that his party, the People's Action Party alone will rule Singapore forever.

To enable this, every elections held in the island is a farce. He has carefully cultivated a climate of fear by repeatedly arresting and suing anyone who stood against him, resulting in the vast majority of educated islanders having no desire in any opposition politics.

The handful of those who dare, are only capable of muted protestations and really have no credibility as true courageous politicians, standing on principle.

Just like in China where all newspapers are state controlled, Singapore's newspapers are the same.

The requirement of a government license effectively prevents any free and independent newspaper from ever happening.

One difference between China and Singapore is that China also controls the Internet, while Singapore doesn't enabling the people to get the opposite view if they took the trouble.

Just as in China where the Communist Party has offices all over in both cities and villages, Singapore has their ruling party offices all  over the island, under both their own names and various other names such as Residents Committees, Peoples Association and a litany of others.

In China, the way to succeed is to volunteer your services at the local Communist Party agency and hope to catch the eye of the big wigs. If that happens and your work appreciated, you will be promoted up the ladder, and receiving more money, more benefits, career security, power and fame. It is questionable whether any one of these people do what they do out of altruism or is it for personal gratification, I mean money.

Singapore functions exactly like this. Every Singaporean wanting to succeed in life in Lee Kuan Yew and Son's Singapore should first of all join the local government organization, rub shoulders with the other party supporters, pretend to be doing good work in various social and political projects for the citizens, hope to be selected by Lee Kuan Yew and Sons headhunters, and thereafter hope for better prospects, more money and a better life, thanks to the generosity of their benefactor Mr. Lee and Co.

In Singapore those who serve in these government agencies are conveniently called "Grassroots Leaders". On the other hand if you were one who stood around promoting human rights and free speech, you are labeled a thug.

But you can see the hypocrisy in both the Chinese aspirant in China and the Singaporean one.

Both would claim openly that they are doing all this because they love China or Singapore respectively and it all because of pure civic consciousness.

But the problem is when you question what they are working for. China is a one party police state where everyone is required to parrot the government line and behave like a zombie.

Singapore is no different. It is also a one party state under Lee's Peoples Action Party, a country that denies free speech and expression, prohibits public protests and anyone who publicly advocates opposition to the regime liable to be arrested under the various laws enacted to prevent any opposition to the regime.

Anyone in Singapore who dares to challenge the government openly is branded a thug, a criminal and an enemy of the state. Support of the Peoples Action Party is praised as loyalty to the country while opposition to it tantamount to treason and sedition.

The path to success through supporting the one party police state in Singapore is well known on the ground. Every single Chinese immigrant who lands in Singapore today in planeloads immediately heads to one of these state agencies in the island to volunteer their support, a practice that they were well accustomed to in their erstwhile home in the Peoples Republic of China. I guess it wouldn't matter to them if the government were a bunch of monkeys, as long as they have power and control.

Surely and steadily the plan is to create an entire island of Lee Kuan Yew one party police state supporters while at the same time marginalizing and destroying anyone who thought he had a head on his shoulders and a brain inside it.

Throughout the 1980s while I was living in Singapore, the country of my birth, I realized the Singapore of Lee Kuan Yew is simply wrong in principle and something which I had a duty to oppose.

It is wrong for any country to deny their citizens fundamental human rights and rule as if the Constitution does not exist.

A country can only hope to advance if their people were allowed the right of self determination and fighting for what was just was not only a right but a duty which every human has.

For my troubles, I was systematically subjected to a series of government reprisals, sued for contempt of court, my reputation maligned and literally prevented from practicing my profession of law.

Two years ago, I was disbarred from ever practicing law in the island and branded a thug and a criminal, a reputation which I wear proudly on my shoulders.

As a result of this sustained political education in the island, the entire population of the island, a tiny 2 million or so of locals Singaporeans and another 3 million foreigners, have been reduced to a cowardly, hypocrite and opportunist society where one behaves according to what the state requires.

An average Singaporean is no longer able to engage in any discussion honestly about anything that relates to how he lives and what he thinks.

Any judge you meet in the island would publicly tell you that he is fiercely upholding the law but privately say that he has no respect whatsoever in what he does, which is none other than a rubber stamp for government dictates.

The same with any civil servant, any government employee or for that matter anyone else. Everyone in the island is actually doing, thinking and acting according to the template set out for them by the state, not according to what he or she really believes.

In recent years, the government despite all it does to put their citizens in a straightjacket both in mind and spirit have begun to discover that the election results show an increasing number of Singaporeans voting for the opposition.

Since the government have decided that they alone should rule forever, they had to invent a scheme where even the opposition is actually working for them.

They have done this by actually promoting and co-opting the Workers Party, an opposition party having first of all made a pact with them, that they will in effect support the Peoples Action Party but outwardly appear to the people as an opposition.

At the last election a few years ago, they won as many as 7 seats in Parliament but regardless of how many seats they capture in future elections, they would only be a pseudo Peoples Action Party committed to further their interests, a plan which would serve the regime very well.

It is not I alone who is aware of this perfidy committed against their citizens, many other educated Singaporeans are also fully aware of this state re-education.

Because passports are easily available and an English education system, thousands refusing to live under a one party police state where success requires one to prostitute one's beliefs and principles, they are leaving in droves to the West.

The number of students opting for an education abroad continues to grow and those who have left are not returning to their island. Also, those who have already emigrated are pulling their friends and relatives to join them and this huge brain drain is literally emptying out the local Singapore born educated and skilled leaving only those who are incapable of leaving remaining in that island.

And mind you with a tiny population, not more than perhaps 2 million native born, the island would be hard pressed to withstand anymore of this.

Every single Minister in Lee Kuan Yew's cabinet today is an unmitigated opportunistic cowardly hypocrite.

Take the case of K Shanmugam, the Tamil Minter of Law. At a young age his parents advised him to sacrifice his soul and his mind to the Lees as a sure but disgraceful way to succeed under the regime.

So he assiduously does everything to please the dictatorship. He joins all the necessary government agencies and works hard as a "grassroots leader", Lee's definition for sycophants and bootlickers.

He goes to the Singapore university and either by design or hard work, no one knows which, he passes all his exams and is promptly made a Minister.

In his job, the passes laws to completely criminalize protests or any opposition to the government. In return he is labeled a great lawyer, a great politician and a string of other accolades too numerous to mention.

But does he really believe in denying a free press, fundamental human rights and turning his fellow citizens into a society of slaves? Probably not. But he does this anyway because both he and his parents felt that success should be achieved at any cost, never mind one's principles. It is the same with every other Minister cringing and crawling at the feet of this administration because you achieve success, at any cost.

Today Singapore does not have any thinkers, or even men of principle. They have no chance in Lee's island. You can if you want oppose the system and fight for what you believe and end up miserable broke and living under the bridge somewhere in the island.

But the good news is that even if no one had the courage or naivety, depending on your point of view, to stand up to this administration, the forces prevailing in the island today will under its own volition destroy this regime.

With ever increasing educated and thinking Singaporeans leaving their shores the quality of the average Singaporean will continue to decline.

What will be left in the island is an entire society of people, all of whom are cowards, hypocrites and opportunists and who are poorly educated and unable to think beyond their work and what they will watch on TV that day.

Such a society cannot expect to advance and succeed among the nations of the world which are free, democratic and allow their citizens to think and form opinions on their own without fear of prosecution and arrest.

It will become a society of followers and not leaders and such a society has no hope to achieving even a iota of what the free peoples of the world can achieve.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
Fremont, California USA
Tel: 510 491 8525
Email: nair.gopalan@yahoo.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/singapore.dissident

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Native born Singapore university educated and skilled English speaking citizens leave the island to settle in the West

Ladies and Gentlemen,

About a year ago, the state controlled Singapore newspapers and media published a number of reports on the government being alarmed over the mounting brain drain to the West.

Goh Chock Tong, a former Prime Minister, handpicked by Lee Kuan Yew to continue his grip on power, even went so far as to chastise those who emigrated by calling them "quitters" even though he never mentioned that his own daughter was one, having married an Englishmen and now settled in Bradford West Yorkshire, England, colloquially known as Little Pakistan as it has the largest Pakistani population in the world outside Pakistan.

I know. I did my "A" levels there.  It has also the best chapatti and curry anywhere else outside Pakistan.

Although there were several Singapore oligarchs including the dictator himself, Lee Kuan Yew and Son making numerous demands and pleas for Singaporeans to remain in the island and not abandon it, it seems it has not helped. The numbers leaving has in fact increased.

Singapore is in the most advantageous position for those intending to emigrate. It has English education, the best language for emigration.

What then is the prime reason for it's citizens wanting to leave?

It is simply that most educated, skilled and thinking human beings would find living in the island distasteful.

It is distasteful for human being to live under a dictatorship.

Humans are by nature a free spirited people and given the choice they would rather live in a free society where they can think and do as they please instead of a society where they have to live the way some dictator wants them to live.

Singaporeans today are aware that they do not live in a free society.

They don't have a free press and media as they are all state owned and controlled.

They lack the fundamental freedoms that others in the West take for granted, such as freedom of speech, expression and assembly, and any one of these acts can result in your arrest and land you in jail.

Just as in Communist China where the ticket to success is membership in the Chinese Communist Party and actively supporting them, in Singapore success also requires joining one of the numerous government organizations such as their Peoples Action Party or Peoples Association and spend a long time doing volunteer service in them.

On the other hand any evidence that you were not their supporter or worse showed sentiments which were contrary to them meant that you will not only be unemployed for life, you would also be constantly persecuted so as to educate you to mend your ways.

Fortunately with the advent of the Internet and greater opportunity to travel, more and more educated and English speaking Singaporeans are realizing they don't have to live this way.

They begin to realize that Australians, Englishmen, Americans, Europeans and everyone else who live in democratic countries do not have to live in fear of their government.

They can speak their mind without fear of arrest and imprisonment and develop their full potential without the requirement of having to show support for Lee Kuan Yew, his Son and his government.

They also begin to see that the average Western citizen is a far superior human being than the product of Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew one party state.

They speak better, they have more courage, they are more confident and are interesting and full of ideas.

Whereas, the Singaporean, the product of an upbringing under Lee Kuan Yew on the other hand is timid, cowardly, lacks confidence and is constantly in fear of his government resulting in his having to live his life tailored according to what Lee Kuan Yew wants of him.

The result of this realization that they are living their miserable lives as slaves under Lee Kuan Yew has resulted in serious consequences to the island demographics.

The demographic change to the island is so serious, it is now existential.

Remember the island today has a tiny population, perhaps no more than 2 million native born citizens in a tiny place which is no more than 26 miles across and 16 miles on the vertical and slightly less at high tide.

And with this already minuscule population, the island has the lowest birth rate in the world, with childbirth not even replacing the parents.

At the same time, it has one of the largest ageing population with a large proportion of the 2 million above the age of 60 years old.

Most couples have no children at all.

Despite the government both threatening, cajoling and pleading with their criticizes, offer generous tax breaks and other perks to grease their palms, the Singaporean is simply refusing to procreate.

Now having finally realized that no matter what they do, they are simply not having children, the government has stopped their attempts at persuasion and finally realized that the children simply will not be born in sufficient numbers, full stop.

And recently according to a state owned newspaper the Straits Times of Sept 12, 2014 which carried the report "4 in 5 parents here open to sending kids abroad" the state controlled newspaper report states that according to a survey of more than 300 parents, 4 out of 5 would consider sending their children aboard for an education citing the reasons as "Being independent, getting international work experience and gaining confidence are the key benefits of studying abroad, the parents felt" http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/education/story/4-5-parents-here-open-sending-kids-abroad-poll-20140912

Singapore parents today have realized the damage that the Singapore education system is doing to their children.

The pervasive fear factor is the main cause of an inferior education system in the island.

Teachers instead of telling their students to fearlessly stand up to their beliefs are required to warn their students of the dangers of opposing their government.

Obedience they are told is a virtue and independence of thought is dangerous.

This sort of a Singaporean education, the parents realize, does not produce independent thinkers, it produces the Singaporean robots, which you see in the island today.

With the island of just 2 million or so local English speaking citizens, has the highest brain drain in the world, the lowest fertility rate in the world, the highest ageing population in the world, and with the latest state controlled newspaper report, the greatest number of children leaving for education abroad, can you even imagine the consequences of these trends?

Anyone who is already overseas is instantly going to realize their far superior and happier lifestyle in the West and are themselves going to be a powerful magnet to attract others left behind in the island to join them.

This means even more leaving for the West and further depleting the 2 million locals even more.

At the same time far too few children are being born which means even fewer Singaporeans.

And with this latest report even more parents are going to send their children abroad, which of course means that not a single one would return after their education, lowering the 2 million remaining even more.

To replace the English speaking Singaporeans leaving for the West, the government is replacing them with a huge influx of foreigners, mainly from Communist China.

These immigrants are by their very nature third rate and cannot replace the highly skilled highly educated loyal Singapore citizens.

It must be obvious why this is so.

All of them have no loyalty to Singapore as the native Singaporeans had, since all they want is a job which they did not have in their native countries.

Also the majority of them come from Communist China, a people preferred by Lee Kuan Yew over other races.

He thinks they are something of a master race and are somehow superior to other races whom he considers lazy, incompetent and unsuitable.

But the problem with the Chinese is that most have no English proficiency at all and it will take too long for they or their children to learn English and be productive in society.

In any case most of them would have preferred to have gone to the West and the only reason they are in Singapore is because they were rejected.

Singapore's leaders it appears are not as smart as they are made out to be.

They have failed to realize that educating Singaporeans in the English language, opening the Internet to them, and easy access to passports work in an diametrically opposite direction from a dictatorship with no freedoms, no free press and information and a police state.

They have failed to realize that no human society if given a chance would want to live in bondage.

They will seek freedom.

Cuba under Fidel Castro (now Raul) does not have the problems of a population going extinct that Singapore has.

Just like Cuba, Singapore is a dictatorship. Just like Cuba it has not free press or media, all state controlled.

Just like Cuba, you will get arrested if you protest or speak without a license.

But unlike Cuba, Singaporeans can readily acquire passports and leave the island if they want and go to the West.

And unlike Cuba, although the mainstream media and news are state controlled, the Internet is not, and Singaporeans are free to read what is written outside the state controlled media.

And this gives Singaporeans ideas the government does not want you to know.

If Lee Kuan Yew and his son want to stem the unstoppable brain drain to the West thereby totally destroying the island republic, it has to do what Cuba does.

It has to restrict the availability of passports and stop Singaporeans access to the Internet like Cuba does leaving Singaporeans opportunity only to read local state propaganda.

It has also to stop Singaporean's accessibility to blogs such as mine, to prevent them from getting ideas which do not further the aims of Lee Kuan Yew and his Peoples Action Party; thereby preventing me from continuing to be a thorn at their necks.

If Lee and Son does not do this, the brain drain will continue and result in the total disappearance of educated English speaking Singaporeans from the island, a number perhaps just 2 million.

What will be left is the poorer quality Singaporeans who do not speak English or have sufficient education or skills to allow emigration to the West.

You will also have the million dollar scholars, nothing more than opportunists who return to Singapore for the money.

You will also have the hoards of Chinese mandarin speaking immigrants who come because they were unsuccessful in moving to the West and the others from disparate nearby countries who were unable to find jobs in their native countries.

These people have no commitment to Singapore and would be the first to leave for any other place where they could find a better job with more money.

For an island which today does not have more than perhaps 2 million people, this is not good news.

Singaporean dictators Lee Kuan Yew and Son have to realize that a repressive society that treats their citizens as slaves and not free man and women, would find their lives unattractive and unfulfilling.

If given a choice they would flee to free Western democratic countries, which are far superior to Singapore, and when they are there, would prominently and proudly display their middle finger to Lee Kuan Yew and his Son, like I have done.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
Fremont, California, USA
Tel: 510 491 8525
Email: nair.gopalan@yahoo.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/singapore.dissident

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Singapore's changing into a People's Republic of China satellite city.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Since the early days, ever since 1959, Lee Kuan Yew has been the sole ruler of the island. Even today, despite handing over the reins to his son, who is nothing more than his mouthpiece, the place has been run as if it were their private property.

He has made it abundantly clear on repeated occasions, that he considered it unsafe for his island to be run on the wishes of his people, based on his belief, that he alone knew what is best, claiming that it will result in nothing short of a disaster if his people had any say in anything.

So he dismantles the Constitution. He denies basic freedoms, the right to free speech and assembly, the right to protest, the right to question the government. He silences the legal profession through the Legal Profession Act. The Law Society, the governing body of the profession whose president and it's key members are government appointees. In any case, no Singapore lawyer would dare to question any laws or the rights of individuals since they would face trumped up charges of imagined impropriety and disbarred through the Kangaroo courts.

Today the government is literally run by Lee Kuan Yew and his son as their personal possession. They pass rules and laws and make policy as they deem fit, through their rubber-stamp Parliament, and the average man has no part to play in that equation.

One of the policies he adopted, naturally without any consultation with his people, is the decision to allow mass importation of citizens of the Peoples Republic of China to populate the island due to the massive decline of it's already tiny population of no more than perhaps 2 million native born Singaporeans, down from 3 million a few years ago, the massive outflow of local Singaporeans for settlement aboard and it's increasing ageing population.

Although the Constitution requires equal protection, naturally Lee totally ignores it and allows only Chinese nationals from Communist China to form the vast majority of immigrants, literally hundreds of thousands, while allowing only a trickle of other races, while totally barring Malays from the neighboring regions.

Lee's official argument for this is that he feels the Chinese from Communist China are a superior race, more hardworking and industrious while other races are inferior lazy and unsuitable, a sentiment more likely associated with such dictators as Adolf Hitler.

The local population made up of Singapore born Chinese, Malays and Indians have been helpless, as has been their lives in the island, to protest this total change in the demographic make up of their country.

As a result the balance in the already tiny and diminishing native population of the island is dramatically changing. The Singaporean way of life that the local ethnic Chinese, Malays and Indians used to live is completely altered. This has serious consequences on the lives of the already tiny local population.

Singapore at least in theory, was based on democratic principles derived from it's history of being a British colony. It was supposed to have a Constitution and people were supposed to have rights. These Communist Chinese immigrants who now make up the majority in the island come from a country that is a one party Communist State under whose constitution the Communist Party will rule in perpetuity. These Chinese do not have or know what is human rights, the right to free speech and expression and naturally and willingly accept as normal, living under a dictator as they have done in their former native country.

With an entire population that thinks this way, tiny Singapore is going to become not only in practice but also in theory, a one party police state such as in Communist China and any hope of the island ever becoming a democracy will become a pipe dream.

The average citizen of Singapore, which is now or will be, a native of the People's Republic of China would not think of ever questioning their rulers, and the Lee Kuan Yew and Son government which is already ruling the way the Communist Chinese do, will become both in theory and practice, a carbon copy of Communist China.

Besides the political damage done to the island's democratic foundations, the customs traditions and way of life of local Singaporeans would be completely destroyed and changed forever. In effect, the people of Singapore would be living the way they do in Beijing, or Shanghai with the cultures, ethos, way of life and manners not of those of Singapore but of China.

With the determination of the Lee and Son government to press ahead with this permanent disastrous demographic change, even more liberal minded Singaporeans including local Chinese who do not wish to live in Singapore, literally a Chinese city of the Peoples Republic of China would decide to leave for settlement aboard thereby quickening the permanent transformation of the Republic of Singapore into an offshore satellite  city of the Peoples Republic of China.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
Fremont, California, USA
Tel: 510 491 8525
Email: nair.gopalan@yahoo.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/singapore.dissident

Friday, September 5, 2014

Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore an island city state built on behavior training and brainwashing.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Since 1959, since the very birth of modern Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew who thought very highly of himself, decided, it seems, the best way to build the island was first to ensure correct behavior and thinking. Or brainwash them first and make them build the city.

Ever since then he has doggedly and single mindedly proceeded to create his Singapore person which we find today.

And what is he? He is very obedient, very law abiding, very quiet, very submissive, very polite and very hard working. You would have thought that this was a great specimen of a human being. But the problem is, they are incapable of forming any opinions of their own. Whatever they think they were told which they always unconditionally accept. Unfortunately, you can see that a man such as this, is not only submissive, he is also very boring.

Let me give you the examples.

Every parent wants her child to get a good job and have a secure life. This is how it is done in Singapore.

Child goes to school, works very hard and passes all his exams. Child is told in no uncertain terms that it is important to support the government and never say anything derogatory of it. Better for child to keep as quiet as possible and totally obedient. The more obedient and quiet the better. In Lee's Singapore obedience and silence are the greatest of virtues.

As a result child is very quiet. Always does his homework. Always takes part in the required extra curricular activities. Child goes on to do national service and is totally obedient and follows orders.

This quiet obedient child is the best candidate for a good government job. His parents are very happy. Child works for the government. Child is promoted. Child lives a comfortable life thanks to Lee Kuan Yew.

Child wants to be a lawyer in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore. He passes all exams. Very quiet and obedient. He is selected to join the Legal Service. He quietly obeys the government. He praises the government. He completes all his work on time. Lee's government is pleased.

He is promoted judge. He is told to abuse the law and send opposition critics to jail . He willingly does it. He pretends to be a judge but actually he is quite aware that he is an dishonest opportunist and a hypocrite. He doesn't mind as long as it pays well.

Lee's government makes sure to constantly remind the public that it pays to support the government. He pays his ministers $3.7 million a year, the highest political salaries in the world for such a tiny island.

And he constantly makes this fact known in his state controlled newspapers. So every parent's dream is that one day their child would be noticed by Lee Kuan Yew's son and made minister, to be ever after wallowing in millions in unimaginable lives of luxury.

And the parents do everything possible to try to achieve the jackpot, a Singapore minister under Lee Kuan Yew or his son. At a young age, the child is sent to a government run kindergarten, made to join government political organizations, volunteer in them, pass their exams at school and make sure they never utter one syllable that may annoy the great dictator or his son.

Some of these children would grow up to eventually attain the jackpot and the millions under the Lee family and made Ministers in his government. Even if they didn't they are sure to be given jobs at astronomical salaries in government departments. It is almost impossible to fail in Singapore island if you are a staunch government supporter.

Unfortunately Lee Kuan Yew never realized that to achieve a sustainable state, you first have to have independent thinking individuals, because it is the diversity of opinion which you find in the West that propels the society to surge ahead. Simply having the handful of high ranking government ministers doing all the thinking and expecting everyone else to just obey, vastly restricts the opportunities of any state to advance.

In the West, government is a collaboration between the people and their politicians. In Singapore there is no such collaboration. The thinking is done by Lee Kuan Yew, his son and his chosen minions. The people have to simply obey.

The quiet obedient hardworking Singaporean may be the model citizen under the Ming Emperor. But we are not living in medieval times. Today, the world is competitive and you need independent thinking citizens to come up with new ideas, especially ideas which are contrary to those of the government, to change improve and advance. Otherwise we would continue to think the way Lee Kuan Yew thinks, which is, he is always right and everyone should listen.

Singapore is not the only state which has advanced under a dictatorship. Nazi Germany was the most economically powerful state in Western Europe between 1933 to 1939. So was Italy under Mussolini which managed great economic strides. So was Spain under Franco. Not to mention the Soviet Union under Stalin which saw economic development far greater than even the USA.

But you have seen eventually where all these countries have ended. They all failed. It is true that coercion and force can in the short run produce results. But in the long run they all run out of steam. What good is a worker today, like a Singaporean, who is always quiet and obedient and incapable of any independent thought. These are not the people who will have ideas and the courage to pursue them, firstly because Lee may not approve or secondly it is too risky compared to just getting a steady job under the Lee government, while keeping your mouth shut.

This is  why you see Western democracies have achieved sustained and continued progress. Their governments understand that the first requirement for any progress is the right to think independently without fear. Of course such societies have dissension but it the very fact of dissension that gives every citizen the knowledge that he is free to think how he wants and his future is not dependent on submitting to some dictator. In such societies citizens have a sense of belonging to their countries, they have a stake in it, and it is rewarding to stay behind and improve it.

Singapore on the other hand produces an entire island of hypocrites. Judges pretend to uphold the law but are in fact Lee's PAP politicians in judicial robes using the law to destroy the opposition. Teachers claim to be teachers but they teach not an independence of thinking but submission to authority. A civil servant claims to be impartial but rewards government supporters and denies opponents.

A Singaporean today is a boring individual. He has no independent opinion of anything. He is not articulate. If you ask him a question, it will take him a few minutes to respond, to formulate his thoughts to produce the best politically correct answer.

There are a few Singaporeans in the bay area of San Francisco where I live, but no one hears about them. They are inconspicuous and live their quiet lives in obscurity.

They get around, a few of them on occasion, with the other Singaporeans who live here, arranging to eat Singapore chicken rice in quiet parties and mind their own business. Being ethnic Chinese you cannot tell them apart from PRC Chinese, Taiwanese or even Filipinos with much larger populations here.  They are not extrovert, outspoken or even visible in any real sense. Since they live no different from how they lived under Lee Kuan Yew, sometimes you wonder what they ever came here. One Singaporean Chinese I met in San Francisco told me that they are a people who "don't want to make waves".

It is not healthy for any human being to live in such hypocrisy as they live their lives there. It is not healthy for a people to live in such helplessness because the Lee government would be displeased if they became their own selves.

Lee Kuan Yew and his son are not going to lead Singapore anywhere better with the quality of the people they have. They have to realize that the first requirement for any country to advance is for their people to live as human beings, able to form their own opinions, and even promote them if they see fit without the fear of being punished.

In the end the average Singaporean is far inferior to an average Australian, average Englishman or average American. The Australian can say and do what he wants without fear, the Singaporean cannot. That is why the average Australian remains in Australia, has more children than the Singaporean, reaches far more greatness than the Singaporean.

For a small population for its size, Australians have excelled in the world stage. Australians have become some of the world's best actors in Hollywood, they have some of the best word's scientists, the world's great adventurers and sportsmen.

All Singaporeans can produce are yes-men, sycophants and bootlickers only capable of getting steady job under the Lee Kuan Yew government in return for keeping their mouths shut.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
Fremont, California, USA
Tel: 510 491 8525
Email: nair.gopalan@yahoo.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/singapore.dissident

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Singapore legal system's weird sense of moral character. Former thug gangster and violent criminal lauded and admitted to the Bar.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let us say Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore is a weird place. Chewing gum is banned. And now this. According to the state controlled newspaper Straits Times of August 25, 2014, titled "New lawyer Darren Tan once spent 10 years in jail" the report talks of a former gangster, thug, drug addict and serial robber, Tan, aged 35, who was sent to jail of 10 years being admitted to the Singapore Bar as a lawyer, with great fanfare, placed on a pedestal, treated like a hero with flowing accolades and welcomed as the new breed of Singapore lawyers. See article here http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/more-singapore-stories/story/new-lawyer-darren-tan-once-spent-10-years-jail-20140825

I am not sure what the logic is in admitting a known criminal, with a clear defect of character, a thug and serial robber and drug addict  as a lawyer.

In every other jurisdiction, including all the sates in the US as well as England, Australia, Canada and anywhere else in the world, a requirement to be admitted to the Bar is good moral character.

And someone with any criminal record would find it very hard, if ever, to be licensed as a lawyer anytime, let alone someone with a criminal record as long as this, a drug addict and someone who has very recently spent 10 years in jail!

In fact reading this article, it is as if they are encouraging Singapore's would be lawyers, to first start out their careers as drug addicts and serial criminals before embarking on a law degree as this would strangely in Singapore, advantage them, treated as a heroes, given choice jobs before others who did not have the opportunity to be criminals first! 

In fact his criminal past is reported as if he had accomplished heroic deeds! The report says of this new legal hero "It was a far cry from his shaky start in life when drugs and gang activities led to over 10 years behind bars and 19 strokes of the cane"

It seems our hero lawyer's criminal life started early. "His life of crime began at the age of 14, and he was in and out of prison for offences that included robbery and drug trafficking"

It seems sometime along his life, which is just 10 years ago, it appears he found God. "It was only when he was 25 and behind bars for the third time that his transformation took place. He found God, and decided to make something of himself."

A lot more is said about him, his life, and his accomplishments as if we were reading the life and times of Mahatma Gandhi. 

Not only that, I suppose, because of the fact that he was an accomplished criminal, by some weird reasoning, one of the best law firms has hired him with a very generous salary and a promise of permanent employment!

You know this sort of thing only happens in Singapore or Alice in Wonderland. You have criminals who are not only admitted to the Bar but also with great fanfare, flowing accolades and publicity and treated as heroes.

At the same time you have judges who double as PAP (Lee Kuan Yeew government party) politicians and send opposition critics to jail and bankrupt them through libel and slander lawsuits in the Kangaroo Courts.

And just having done that, the state controlled press reports that they have the best legal system in the world! And while claiming that, they disbar the best known and best respected lawyer in Singapore, the later JB Jeyaretnam,  calling him a thug and criminal and unworthy of practicing law all because he was a political opponent and critic of Lee and his son.

In my case, they disbarred me for correctly describing Judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean for having prostituted herself for abusing her judicial authority by ordering opposition politician Chee Soon Juan to pay several hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines to Lee Kuan Yew and his son, my statement being entirely true on the facts in her court.

I suppose had JB Jeyaretnam or I were serial criminals, drug addicts and gangsters and had gone to jail for 10 years, we would not only still be lawyers in Lee's Singapore, we would be treated as heroes like Tan. It seems it is far more damaging to your career if you oppose the Lee Kuan Yew regime; while you are very welcome to going around smoking anything you want and committing as many robberies as you want!

Thanks to the Singapore government repeatedly and regularly abusing the legal system and making a mockery of it, the courts today stand totally discredited and only a pathetic loser would want to join the legal profession of Lee's Singapore or even have any part in it.

Let me tell you that Daren Tan would have no hope at all in ever practicing law in a jurisdiction such as California or the United Kingdom, Australia or in any other respectable jurisdiction. A requirement for admission is good moral character. Darren Tan is clearly not a person of good moral character especially since his series of crimes and jail sentence was over just as recent as 10 years ago and very very serious.

The question for admission to the legal profession in respectable jurisdictions is whether the applicant is a person of good moral character. A person who commits crimes as serious and as numerous as these, is per se not such a person.

He clearly had total disregard of the law when he embarked not on one crime but a life of crime. What was he thinking when he joined gangs, became a heroin addict and committing a series of daylight robberies? The question is, can we trust such a person to the public at large. Can we assume that he will respect the law and will not be a danger to the public.

In a jurisdiction such as England or California, Darren Tan will never be admitted to the Bar, not now or ever. His crimes are too numerous and too long. In cases where the offenses were minor and a great deal of time has elapsed, and there is clear evidence of rehabilitation, there may be a slim possibility of redemption; except in Lee Kuan Yew's unique Singapore where he not only becomes a lawyer, he also becomes a hero.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Singapore is based on a fraud. It's state institutions are weak. It cannot last.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Anyone looking at Singapore island, a city state, with a population of just perhaps 2 million local citizens, with another 3 million recently arrived foreigners, in a space which is just 26 miles across and 16 miles at the vertical, with the lowest population fertility rate in the world, and the highest brain drain to the West, with majority of native born citizens dying of old age, where daily the local born citizens are declining in numbers, could right fully ask whether such a country can ever manage to survive into the future, let alone tomorrow.

These facts alone would entitle anyone with any brain in his head to conclude that it simply has no chance whatsoever. And no one would be right to question it.

Remember, at the rate the local population of this tiny island is declining, if there was 3 million local born yesterday, there will be only 2.5 million this year and perhaps only 2 million year after that. The locals are simply disappearing and being replaced by Chinese national foreigners, Lee's preferred race.

If these facts alone should not alarm any investor in the island, any local Singaporean or anyone else with a stake in the island, the entire island itself is based on a fraud.

The Constitution requires the rule of law. But this is the last thing the courts protect. The average citizen in the island has no respect whatsoever in their courts. Judges have been historically required to double as ruling government politicians to abuse the law  to remove and destroy political opponents, the most famous among the long litany of resistence being the late JB Jeyaretnam and Chee Soon Juan. Rule of law as required in the Constitution does not exist and every citizen has no respect whatsoever in their judicial system.

The government itself is based on a fraud. The average person has lost all respect for their vital elements of the Constitution and their government. It has lost it's legitimacy and it's moral authority. The Constitutional requirement of free speech expression and assembly and the freedom of the press are denied. Any one of theses actions guaranteed under the Constitution would attract immediate arrest and imprisonment. In fact the Constitution is a myth. It does not exist. The government simply does what they want.

Just as in Stalinist Russia, the island's state controlled press churns out good news non-stop 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The people don't believe a word it says and just as it was in the Soviet Union, the papers go on publishing while the people simply ignore it. To call them newspapers is a fraud and the people know it.

And then you have the Internet which did not exist 10 years ago. Now people are not as deceived as they were before and their state controlled press loses credibility even further. Government makes whatever claims they want this week and the next week it is forgotten.

The state elections held every 5 years are a fraud. Any real opposition candidate is either removed from running or he himself recuses himself for fear of government reprisals, while the government candidate simply glides effortlessly into Parliament guaranteed with success.

Otherwise the government promotes an opposition party called the Workers Party to win seats while secretly, they work for the interest of the Lee's ruing party the PAP. As a result a vote for the PAP or for the Workers Party are both in fact for the government. No other political party is allowed to win any seats. The whole exercise is simply a fraud and the people know it.

Lee Kuan Yew claims to be 90 years old but really no one knows his real age, some putting it as much as 95. He has had strokes and is literally bed ridden and does not have long to live. To ensure his grip on power and that of his family, being the only real politician the island has ever known since 1959, like Fidel Castro of Cuba, he made sure that no one else will be allowed to develop real ground support.

In fact Singapore has no leaders to speak of, except Lee Kuan Yew. No one was allowed to be a leader because under Singapore law, no one is allowed to make a public speech, no one is allowed to form associations without government permission, no one is allowed to print and distribute anything, and no one was allowed to be given any publicity in the state controlled press and lastly but equally important, anyone who attempted to become a leader was sued for defamation, jailed and bankrupted.

If Singapore has no real leaders, who are these government politician who routinely pontificate to the Singaporean population in the state controlled press? They are scholar turned ministers. They are students who were given scholarships because of their loyalty to Lee and the ruling party and because they did well in school. After they have graduated, they are fielded in elections which they invariably win and thereafter are licensed to make speeches which are publicized daily in the state controlled press. They are Lee Kuan Yew's leaders and the people are supposed to obey them.

In reality today, no Singaporeans really respects any of these instant scholar turned leaders who appear to prop up from nowhere. They simply ignore what they have said either by themselves or because the government asked them to. As a result the electoral system is considered a complete farce.

Today Singapore island is run like the private company of the Lee family. Just as you would do in a company, the CEO would appoint capable mangers to run it, as in Singapore, Lee chooses capable men and women and make them ministers. Unlike a country, the people have no say in who is selected to govern. This whole system created by Lee to ensure that he remains in control is a fraud pretending to be a country, when in fact it a company. Singaporeans are fully aware of it and have lost all respect for the electoral system.

Today there is this great divide between the people of Singapore and the government. Not a single ordinary citizen has any respect for their government, which remains in control through force and punishment. Fear of punishment and dire consequences maintain a calm over the people of Singapore. Question is can it last?

I think if Singapore, a place of no more than perhaps 2.5 million local citizens and another 3.5 million foreigners stays intact, it is only because of Lee Kuan Yew. He may be out of the limelight but he is nevertheless the supreme leader of Singapore. If he dies, being 90 now, his son, who was made Prime Minister by him cannot expect to continue in control as the people simply do not respect him.

If he is not the one who else? Unfortunately there is simply no one. Every one of these sycophants who earn millions as Ministers are simply there and making these speeches because Lee Kuan Yew lets them. If they have power, it derives from Lee's presence vicariously. When Lee's senior is gone, they won't have any on their own, since they are not anyone's leaders anyway.

What happens next? Some other bunch of political opportunists who think they are better than anyone else tries to lead but since they have not done and accomplished anything, it would be hard for them to remain. Then what? Further instability?

The moment this sort of instability rears it's head in an island with no more than 2 million Singaporeans and five million foreigners, the first thing that is going to happen is the foreigners leaving. Second the money leaving. Third, even more Singaporeans leaving. At this point, if there is any government remaining, their only hope to control would be through massive use of force and repressive policing. Opponents would be rounded up for punishment and even more fear will blanket the island, resulting in an even greater brain drain and the tiny population shrinking even further into oblivion. As for the foreigners who are given citizenship en masse to make up the numbers, they would have been the first to leave.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
Fremont, California USA
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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Singapore children are deprived of a childhood. They become adults the moment they are born

updated 08/25/2014: A sentence has been removed so as not to offend the feelings of the majority ethnic Chinese population in the island.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

If I was to have a conversation with a 12 year old boy, I would much prefer to have it with an Australian boy and not a Singaporean one.

Why? Because it would be far more interesting with the Australian.

The Singaporean one would probably be able to read and write better. But he would have nothing original in his head. This is why.

An integral part of human development requires that children are allowed to play. An Australian boy would probably study a few hours, even less, but would be spending the rest of the time playing around in his yard, chasing Kangaroos, playing with other kids, talking, laughing and doing the things children normally do when they are 10.

This is the part that Singaporean children are completely deprived of. Apart from the fact that there are no Kangaroos to chase around, being a tiny sardine packed concrete jungle, they never get a chance to relax and play like other kids.

In Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore, they always have to get top marks in school, the only thing that matters in that blasted island.

Even at the age of 6 or 7, they return from spending half a day in school studying and spend the rest of the day studying at home.

Not that the Singaporean kid has realized at that tender age of the importance of an education, it is because he has no choice. On the one hand, the classes are so rigorous that a 6 year old boy is expected to function as a 16 year old anywhere else, because as I said in my earlier blog, if he fails that most important test at the age of 12, he is delegated to the dumb class, a path that leads to Singapore's dumb jobs, such as running around as Lee Kuan Yew's policemen arresting anyone who shows any independent thinking, or some puny clerk in some office somewhere.

On the other hand, if he does well at studies, he can hope to land one of the professional jobs, where he can strut around in a white shirt and a tie, or if he is very lucky, become a Minister in Lee's government where he can literally earn millions, or a chance to be corrupt, to put it another way.

Naturally no parent would want their kid to end up as a coolie in Lee and Son's Singapore, so the pressure is from both sides, one at school and the other from the parents.

Question is, does this torture that children go through in Singapore make them any better. Absolutely not.

They become dull, dumb and totally devoid of any independent thinking.

Their spending long days sitting on a chair and doing homework makes them both physically and mentally weak. They lack the art of social graces, because they spend their time in isolation in front of a book.

The lack of sunlight and physical exercise makes them even paler and insipid. You won't expect a Singaporean to play rugby in the All Blacks, not because they were born physically any weaker but because the Singaporean upbringing makes them not only physically weak but mentally as well.

If you were to ask an Australian child what he wants to be, you would be surprised to find that he might want to be mountaineer, a policeman, a fire fighter or even a cyclist and win the Tour De France. The Australian boy would be far more articulate compared to the Singaporean one who would very probably not even speak because he is afraid to say the wrong thing. Even if he did, he would probably say he wants to be a banker and make lots of money, something he probably heard from his mother.

Although Australia has a slightly larger population than Singapore although a vast continent, their accomplishments far exceed what any Singaporean has managed to achieve. What this shows is that more and more studying does not make people any better. In the Singaporean case, it makes them dumb, which is exactly what Lee Kuan Yew and Sons, who own that island,  want them to be.

The reason for this diabolical education system for children is the master plan of Lee and Sons. When they make the exams for children so difficult, only a few will manage to succeed. And large numbers would be delegated to the lower classes, which will provide the numbers for Lee's menial jobs, to mow his palace lawn for instance. And Lee could conveniently say that it was not his fault that you have to mow his lawn, it is your own fault because you failed the test.

Unfortunately I too was the product of Lee's education system and had I not left early enough, I would have ended up exactly where Lee wanted me, to mow his palace lawn. But at an early age, I was able to leave, first for Germany (then West Germany) and later to England. As a result I managed to escape some of Lee's brainwashing although it took me awhile adjusting to society elsewhere.

I am not a child psychologist by training but common sense says that this sort of punishment for young children, almost totally depriving them of a childhood does long lasting permanent damage to any child's development. They end up as adults weak both in mind and spirit and totally unprepared to life in the outside world, except of course in Singapore if they did what they were told and did the jobs allocated to them by Lee and Sons.

What angers me is that Lee does this not because he thinks this system is any better, he does this for dishonest reasons, to create a population which would never have the courage to question him, because they simply cannot think. And an unthinking population is what any dictator anywhere dreams of.

I am not sure how you can take your kids out of this brainwashing, but my advice to you this. If you want your kid to grow up normal with ideas of his own and the courage to do it, send him elsewhere. Send him to Australia, to England, Europe or Canada or the US or to any other respectable country that is honest with their people. Otherwise you are damaging their minds permanently and they will end up as the dull witted Singaporean version of an adult that you see everywhere in that island today.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
Fremont, California, USA
Tel: 510 491 8525
Email: nair.gopalan@yahoo.com
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