Monday, February 8, 2016

Singapore Lee Kuan Yew and Son's very successful 50 year behaviour training (like you would train a dog) of its citizens

Ladies and Gentlemen,

If there is one thing that Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew and Son have very successfully accomplished it is this. The successful instilling of fear in the entire small tiny population in the small tiny island, turning the people into a submissive, subservient, obedient and naïve society. There is a carrot for obedience and submission and a stick for opposition.

The average citizen goes through his entire life learning that the way to survive is to keep one's mouth and one's brain shut and simply obey. Those who showed any independence of spirit have been routinely and without exception destroyed. JB Jeyaretnam the opposition lawyer and politician was repeatedly sued, jailed and bankrupted. So was Chee Soon Juan. So was countless others. And each time they punish detractors and critics, the news is prominently displayed for days in the state controlled press with the deliberate intent of sending clear signals to everyone to behave or else.

In the end you have a nanny state where the state builds the housing and provides  accommodation for everyone. The state provides the jobs either directly or indirectly through government employment, government linked companies and foreign companies that the state attracts into the island. The state provides medical care with the state owned and run hospitals and education in state run schools.

Life can be very easy and uneventful provided you are not the sort to make waves. As long as you keep your mouth shut and obey, do as you are told, all your needs are actually taken care of.

But to enjoy any of these benefits, the underlying requirement is obedience to the state and the acceptance of their style of government.

But this is where the rub is. What is Singapore anyway?. It is an island that does not tolerate dissent. Even the slightest criticism  will result in your being targeted for punishment and discrimination. You wont gets the jobs you want, you wont get the housing you want, you wont get the schools you want and you wont get the medical care you want.

Singapore is a society which effectively has no constitution. There is no right to free expression, assembly or an independent media, which is state controlled.

In a society such as this, if that is where you want to live, you are placed in an intolerable position. In order to survive, you have to submit. And submit to what? You have to submit to a dictatorship in a state where you have literally no rights at all.

So what does one do if you refuse to live literally as a slave? One emigrates. This is why day after day the brain drain continues unabated. And there is nothing they can do about it. Now more than before the government comes up with propaganda and false information in their state controlled press that in fact this is not the case. In today's state controlled Straits Times it is reported "More Singapore docs trained abroad are coming home " please see

This reports claims that more Singapore doctors in England are deciding to come home. This is a cleverly crafted half truth intended to make the abysmal state of the brain drain look good . There may be a handful of doctors who are retuning, but the truth is that no doctor in his right mind would want to live and bring up his family in a country where he nor his family have any rights. A Singaporean under this regime is literally brainwashed into becoming a helpless robot and no one wants this least of all doctors. The truth is that there are more Singapore doctors abroad than there are in Singapore and the numbers emigrating continue to increase.

In the last election nearly 70% actually voted for this dictatorship. But this 70% are the lower rungs of society, the unskilled and poorly educated classes who have no means of leaving the island. The 30 % who voted against them are the highly educated and skilled classes and it is these who are continuing to leave the island, the very ones this tiny island needs the most. And it is their departure that progressively turns the island into this society into one that is second rate and unskilled, as the best continue to leave, not wanting to live under a dictatorship.

In this blog I wrote an article headed "How to avoid national service" and it this article that has been overwhelmingly the most popular for a long time. Singapore's young men are refusing to do national service, they are leaving the island and refusing to return and the threats of imprisonment if they ever return is not making them submit. Singapore young national service deserters are growing in numbers all over the world and they are persuading others in similar circumstances to leave as well. As a result the Singapore army is so short of manpower that it is no longer effective and has become a security threat to the island in case of outside attack.

We have seen the nonsensical attempts of Lee Kuan Yew's son in recent days of trying to encourage young men and women to think critically. It appears he has begun to realize that his obedience training that he and his father has done, like you would train a dog with a stick and a bone, for 50 years has actually become too successful, actually turned the entire island into obedient robots and human robots are no good for any society in this modern age.

But what he fails to realize that you cannot turn submissive timid souls unable to think into thinking ones like you would turn a light switch. You cannot simply turn a subservient timid submissive society into a questioning one by simply waving a wand. It is not possible. It is too late. The damage has been done. The average Singaporean is only capable of obedience, not leadership.

I would encourage more people to leave the island if you can. I would also encourage more young men to leave for settlement abroad and if you can avoid doing national service in this dictatorship, you should do it.

I have been writing this blog for many years and have been an implacable thorn on the side of this regime. I suppose they misunderstood me too. Over the years while I lived in that island, they repeatedly brought up politically motivated cases to silence me. It didn't work. I then left the country. I suppose they thought that once I left I would simply turn quiet. But I didn't. When I started this blog many years ago, I had several people, presumably their agents writing to me to stop. But I know the law. I am protected by the American Constitution. They cant do anything to me here. And I will continue to write. This blog will continue.

How much my criticism has hurt this regime I do not know. But I know one thing. It has hurt them and it will continue to hurt them.

Singapore's population will continue to decline through the on going brain drain. The fertility rate of 1.2 which is the lowest in the world will continue to decline even further. The old age population will die off sooner than we think. The government would be compelled to bring in even more economic migrants for settlement only for them to leave once they see better prospects elsewhere.

After all there is nothing attractive of living in a dictatorship.

The prognosis is not good for this dictatorship. It is just as all dictatorships, where they put their interests above that of the nation.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
Tel: 510 491 8525

Monday, February 1, 2016

Singapore's authoritarianism stifles any real progress

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Like the Central Asian "stans" like Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan or  the European republic of Belarus,  which all continue their lackluster existence, so too will Singapore continue to trudge along. But if you are thinking of any real progress which countries like the USA, Western democracies or Australia, this will never happen. The main impediment to any real progress is the dictatorial government.

It doesn't matter in Turkmenistan if President Berdimuhammedow is as corrupt as he wants. The people have to accept it. If they don't they are punished. Similarly in tiny Singapore island, it doesn't matter if Lee Kuan Yew's son pays himself several million dollars a year. Singaporeans have to accept it. If you call him corrupt, he will sue and bankrupt you.

Similarly in Turkmenistan, the entire judiciary is corrupt and deliver judgments pleasing to Berdimuhammedow. The people of Turkmenistan know their judiciary is corrupt. But if you publicly said it, you will be arrested and tortured. Same in Singapore. You know the Singaporean judiciary is corrupt. Yet you have to pretend they are independent. If you said otherwise, you will be arrested and bankrupted.

Just as in Turkmenistan, the entire country and all its wealth belongs to Berdimuhhamedow. But there is nothing you can do about it. You simply have to pretend as if nothing happened. Similarly in Singapore, the entire island, its judiciary and everyone in it, belongs to Lee Kuan Yew's son, the present Prime Minister. You know this. Yet there is nothing you can do about it. If you publicly complained you would be arrested and tortured.

But having said all this, you may be surprised to know that at the 2015 elections, no less than 70% of the island voted for this dictatorship. So what this means is that the vast majority are prepared to live under this regime without any rights.

But then the stifling fact is this. The vast majority of these people are with little education, consequently without any idea of what democracy means and therefore are quite prepared to live under any regime as long as they are left alone.

The ones who succeed in Singapore island, just as those who succeed in Berdimuhhamedow's Turkmenistan are the sycophants who sing praises to him. It is the crawlers who succeed because they are not a threat to the regime. Your real abilities do not matter. What is more important is your loyalty.

In Singapore too, this is how the game is played. To succeed you have to be seen as their supporter. You have to demonstrate that you are not a threat to them. So you join the government grassroots organizations just as they do in China through the Chinese Communist Party. Just as in China, your main interest in joining these grassroots organizations is for personal advantage, never mind the interest of anyone else.

As a result of this sick philosophy in Singapore island, you have an entire society of people eagerly  going around licking the boots of Lee Kuan Yew's son and his friends for the only purpose of hopefully being recognized and rewarded. Some even with high level positions and paid millions.  Bermuhammedow does it in Turkmenistan. Lee Kuan Yew's son does it in Singapore. You end up with an entire island of cynics and hypocrites. You can never get the best out of these people because they have lost respect for their leaders, their judiciary and their government just as the people of Turkmenistan.

Contrast democracies like USA, Canada, Australia and Western Europe. A Finn living in Finland, respects his country, respects his government, and respects his judiciary. Unlike in Singapore, a Finn does not live in fear of his government. He knows that the government is just and fair and he will be treated with justice. He does not have to crawl on all fours and lick his masters boots, like a Singaporean does.

A Finn does not join grassroots organizations in order to be recognized by their leaders. If he does it, he really wants to help his people. There is no hypocrisy in a Finn in his daily life, as there in Singaporeans.

You get much more productivity, ideas, innovation and enterprise out of a Finn because he loves what he is doing. He is himself and does not have to be anyone else, unlike a Singaporean who is like a willing puppet on a string, playing to his master's satisfaction. On the other hand you get only frustration and dissatisfaction among people like Singaporeans or Turkmens because they are ashamed of themselves and their lives which they live in fear of their government. Their main purpose of their lives is to please their political maters and never to be seen as confrontational. Like a dog, always willing to please, because otherwise you are in trouble. Lacking an education and the wherewithal to leave for settlement abroad, they live out their rotten lives.

And then of course there are those who realize their distasteful lives and have the means to leave for settlement abroad. This is the cream of society. Every year more than a thousand Singaporeans continue to leave for settlement abroad. Although this number may seem small, for a small island like Singapore with a tiny population, this number is crippling. Those that are already abroad work to bring over their siblings and friends. This brain drain will continue in increasing numbers.

The quality of the average citizen continues to decline and those that remain do only what is absolutely necessary since they have no happiness in the way they live. On the other hand you have thousands upon thousands of ordinary folks queuing up at the grassroots organizations centers applying to volunteer, all of whom outwardly claim altruistic motives but in reality they are waiting to be recognized by Lee Kuan Yew's son and the possible rewards that may follow. Serving in Lee Kuan Yew's son's grassroots organizations is like buying a lottery ticket. You never know Lee Kuan Yew's son may select you and you may become a millionaire.

This sort of hypocritical lives really does not bring out the best in anyone. With a workforce and a citizenry with a mentality such as this, you simply cannot compete with the free and democratic countries in the world. This negativity that is part of the entire climate of the island is insidious and like a growing rot decays and delays any real progress the island can ever hope to achieve.

Really the best for a country is to be free and democratic. Dictatorships are only good for the dictators like Lee Kuan Yew's son. They deliver no benefit to the people.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean by birth
US Citizen
Fremont, California USA
Tel: 510 491 8525

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

TS Sinnathuray a disgraceful judge who used his judicial office to please the Singapore Lee Kuan Yew dictatorship dies

Ladies and Gentlemen,

State controlled Singapore newspaper Straits Times of today, Jan 19, 2016 reports "Former Supreme Court judge TS Sinnathuray dies. Notable cases include Adrian Lim murder"

Retired Supreme Court judge T S Sinnathuray died of pneumonia on Jan 19, 2016.
Retired Supreme Court judge T S Sinnathuray died of pneumonia on Jan 19, 2016.PHOTO: ST FILE

It seems this man had died yesterday in Singapore after many years as Lee Kuan Yew's hatchet man to remove all political opponents.

I have known him while I was practicing law in Singapore island from 1979 to 1991. This is one man who had no principles whatsoever. Absolutely none. His only purpose sitting as a judge in the Singapore courts was just one thing, that is to please Lee Kuan Yew who put him there. And anyone who opposed his master would be promptly bought before him and destroyed as was Lee's bidding.

I too had the misfortune of being hauled before him. In 1991, at the general elections in that island, I stood as the Workers Party candidate (an opposition party) for Bukit Merah. During one of the rallies at which I spoke, I stated that the rules that allow Subordinate Court Judges to be removed by the Legal Service Commission (a government body) whose chief was the Attorney General, showed lack of independence. This was at the suggestion of the late JB Jeyaretam who was the head of the party. I asked that the same rules that apply to High Court judges, of security of tenure, should equally apply to Subordinate Court judges.

For having said this, a totally innocuous statement, Lee's Attorney General brought contempt of charges against me. The accusation was that I had suggested that the Subordinate Courts were not independent, a very long stretch of imagination indeed, and brought before this judge for punishment. It was quite evident, as with all cases against political opponents in the island, that they didn't care how silly they looked. The primary objective was the intimidation and silencing of anyone who criticized.

This was how it was done. You take English cases which have not the slightest comparison to mine, and then you selectively take some dicta from that case such as "disrespect to the court deserves punishment" and conveniently say I disrespected and therefore I should be punished!

I remember the cases that the prosecution relied on to achieve their intended objective. In one case, many years ago in England, a man had brought a bomb into the court! In another case, another man had strewn a great deal of garbage into an English courtroom! In another a disgruntled litigant had hurled abuses and obscenities at the judge in open court! Naturally in these sort of cases, the judge would have said that disrespect to the court should be punished. But there was not the slightest comparison to my case. Well that's how, Lee Kuan Yew's Kangaroo judge, TS Sinnathuray does it, as it is with every other Singapore judge.

Needless to say I was convicted. The plan was to give a clear signal not to mess around with the dictator Lee Kuan Yew or else. I was fined $8,000.00 (Singapore) or else spend 3 months in jail. My ex-wife who now lives in Singapore, Elizabeth Cardoza who was working for the Singapore government had more money than I had. She helped pay the fine. I avoided jail. This case was in 1991, just before I permanently left the island for San Francisco California in December 1991.

I remember another case a few years before this. I represented an Indian woman who was married to a New Zealand soldier who was stationed in Singapore at Dieppe Barracks. As the Singapore woman had a child from an earlier marriage, she needed the court's consent to take the child to New Zealand. I argued that it was far better for the child to be brought up in New Zealand rather than Singapore. After all New Zealand is a proud democracy unlike Singapore. This judge got very mad at that. He said I shouldn't say that New Zealand was any better and Singapore was the best. Of course not wanting to be cited for contempt, as anything could happen in the island Kangaroo courts, I naturally agreed that Singapore courts was the best in the world. If needed I would have even said the he was the best judge in the world as well! My memory fails me but I do believe that she did take the kid to New Zealand after all.

It is ironic that he said this to me, when this state controlled newspaper reports that his 41 year old daughter Shamona is a lawyer. A quick check on the Internet reveals a Shamona Ranee Sinnathuray with an address in London England. It seems sauce for the goose is not sauce for the gander. In spite of defending his master Lee Kuan Yew and Singapore, his own daughter has found life in Singapore rather stifling, perhaps.

The punishment that I received was nothing compared to what he did to JB Jeyaretnam, a highly respected opposition politician whom he repeatedly persecuted to please his master. Each time Lee Kuan Yew brought his politically motivated defamation lawsuits, it was mostly before this disgraceful man to shamelessly abuse the law to destroy him. As a result JB Jeyaretnam was made to pay as much as a few million dollars, yes a few million dollars, to pay Lee Kuan Yew, not for a purpose to compensate him but to destroy Jeyaretnam. Jeyaretnam has since died.

This dead man, Sinnathuray, is not only a disgrace, he was also a fool. Did he really benefit by the millions Lee paid him for his dirty work? True money can make life a little better perhaps, but it can never make one happy.

Happiness lies in those men who live honorable lives. Where he can look into the mirror and be proud of who he is. That is happiness. Not the way this man has prostituted his judicial office for personal gain.

And finally all your might and power only applies in that tiny island. This blog is being read widely in Singapore. Why don't Lee Kuan Yew's son, the Prime Minister now, come after me here? It won't work would it? I live in a democracy with independent judiciary. Not the Kangaroo ones like this guy.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
Fremont, California USA
Tel: 510 491 8525


Friday, January 15, 2016

Authoritarian Singapore island will fall behind free democracies

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Because of its denial of democratic rights, in the long run, tiny Singapore island with its tiny population simply cannot compete with free democratic countries.

For any country to advance and progress, firstly its people should have respect for its institutions. Today every single core institution in the island has been thoroughly discredited. Singapore's judges have been seen for a long time as mere henchmen of the ruling government, routinely jailing government critics, peaceful protesters and anyone who stands against them as criminals.

Anyone who believes that Singapore has the rule of law believes the Moon is made of cheese.

As a result, the average Singaporean is resigned to the fact that if you want to live in the island, you simply have to obey and submit.

Rights which one would have taken for granted such as an independent press, right to free speech and expression and peaceful protest have all been criminalized and the understanding is that if you wish to live in the island, it will be on their terms, not yours.

And by far the most disgusting part of life in Singapore is the rulers open and shameless corruption, which once again, you have to accept or else go to jail. Lee Kuan Yew's son, the present day dictator of the island pays himself and every single Minister in his government who all happen to be his relatives both close and distant (a big family government), no less than $2 million dollars per year. Anyone with eyes can see this is corruption, but if you complain, you are faced with the routine defamation of character lawsuits which will end in your shaming in the state controlled press and certain bankruptcy.

Now who in his right mind would want to live in such a state if he could avoid it.

As a result there continues to be a mounting brain drain to the West. More and more young men and women naturally find such a life distasteful and simply pack up and leave. It is bad enough for a large country like China to lose its talent but can you imagine how devastating it is for a tiny island like this.

Besides those leaving, there are those who can contribute to society who remain in Singapore but refuse to participate in this dictatorship because they find it disgraceful. There are thousands of highly educated and skilled individuals who simply lead a quite elusive, reclusive life because they don't want to sully their hands with this dictatorship. Here again is another section of society who are lost for Singapore's progress.

Anyone can see the difference between the free and democratic societies and the dictatorships like Singapore. The educated and skilled continue to pour into the West, such as Australia New Zealand USA and Canada. I don't think the best and the brightest are making a bee line for this island.

Naturally people around the world want to live in free democratic countries because they have respected governments. One can expect the rule of law in Australia, freedom in Australia and the rest of the free world, qualities that parents look to make their homes and bring up their children. Nobody wants to move to a dictatorship where your life literally depends on the whims of a dictator as is the case in Singapore.

As a result the citizens of these societies stay and work to build it up, while highly educated and skilled from around the world continue to move there to boost their skilled population even further. People in free societies love their countries and stay behind to improve it.

In Singapore on the other hand, everyone who can manage to leave is leaving and the sort of immigrants they attract are at best only mediocre, ones that cannot qualify for the West.

Steadily you will see Singapore island losing out to the competition of the free world. Singapore's banking laws have been changed to attract money launderers and thieves to park their money there. But it will not be these characters who can do anything for the island.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean by birth
Now American citizen
Fremont, California USA
Tel: 510 491 8525

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Living daily in fear of ever increasing flash floods in Singapore island

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The people of tiny equatorial island Singapore's greatest enemy is not their totalitarian rulers, their lives as slaves, but the rising sea. Today the tiny island with their tiny population which claims all sorts of firsts, real or imaginary, just as North Korea does in their propaganda sheets, lives every day not knowing whether the flood waters tomorrow are going to be at their knees or their waists. And what is worse, it is a problem that will only get bigger and for which the dictatorial rulers have no clue what whatsoever.

Let me repeat what I said. The rising sea flooding the entire island is a problem that will get worse daily and for which there is no answer. To put it another way, Singaporeans are damned by the sea.

And here comes a lesson in geography, climatology and astronomy.

Singapore sits almost squarely on the Equator. This means of course very high temperatures, very high humidity and very heavy rain or to put it in another way torrential rain.

Rain is caused by the condensation of water vapor in the atmosphere. The hotter it is, the more water vapor it can carry and when it rises and condenses, heavier rain. Generally speaking, at night the island cools down, from sunrise the island gets heated up, up goes the water vapor and down comes the torrential rain in the afternoon.

The tiny island is surrounded by the sea. Because the water is warm, the water expands in volume and the tides get higher and higher as the water continues to get warmer and warmer due to global warming.

Tides are principally cased by the gravitational pull of the Moon and also by the Sun if it happens to be in the vicinity of the Moon. Generally in Singapore island, the Moon goes round the Earth twice a day. That is why you have 2 high tides and 2 low tides daily. When the Moon is above you, the gravitational pull of the Moon cases the waters to rise. On occasion when the orbit of the Earth takes the Moon and Sun to be aligned above you, their combined gravitational pull causes exceptionally high tides known as "King Tides".

So twice a day, at high tide, the water from the sea encroaches into the island and the encroachments get further and further inland as the climate change continues to intensify. Of course one does not know when it will rain but if the rain happens to be at the same time as high tide, the torrential rain water which falls on the island cannot flow to sea because the sea water is trying to come in. And that is when you have the flash floods. It is almost like Russian roulette. You never know when it will flood because the Moon is above and close to you when it is high tide.

There is no uncertainty over high tides, because they happen twice a day. The only uncertainly is when it will rain. If your luck is bad and it rains at high tide, you are guaranteed of a flood. Which means you can even have floods twice a day daily if it rains at those times. And another fact which is certain is that the height of floods will continue to increase, never decrease because global warming is an established fact which cannot be stopped at any time soon. This means more and more floods, higher and higher floods and greater and greater rainfall with no remedy whatsoever.

Such a life in total fear of ever increasing floods and ever increasing frequency is understandably intolerable and unbearable. Businesses whose stocks are constantly damaged by rain water would decide not to do business in the island anymore. Hundreds of cars which are completely damaged and unrepairable causes extreme loss to their owners in an island where your car can be more expensive than your house. Roofs collapse and people are injured due to water logged buildings, elevators and escalators malfunction due to wires tripping and people may even die in the thousands if water seeps into the underground train system.

Jets on final approach can crash if their engines flame out as a result of being water logged.

Singapore island is in fact facing its most existential threat ever, but the totalitarian rulers understandably like ostriches have their heads in the sand. Nothing is being said to address this issue which will literally destroy them. In the past when the issue was at least discussed, it was the consensus opinion of most experts that no amount of engineering can solve this problem. The island is at most places only a few inches above sea level and it so jam packed with people and so built up that you can do nothing to heighten its elevation.

You cannot simply move everyone to the small knoll of Bukit Timah Hill which is only 500 feet high while bulldozers raise the entire city down, fill it up with earth another 5 feet high and rebuild once again all the skyscrapers and all! Simply not possible.

You cannot solve the problem with building deeper canals because this would only mean more sea water would occupy them; therefore not solving the problem. You cannot pump the water back into the sea because  it will only come in again. You cannot dump it in Malaysia because they don't want it. You cannot export it to China because they don't want it either. You cannot send it to Mars either. Neither can you make Lee Kuan Yew's son drink all of it either.

If you look at the days it has flooded recently, it happened on Dec 5, Dec 10 and Dec 11. It is happening more and more and with more and more intensity. If this problem is going to get worse, businesses would leave to cut losses. Our little dictators are looking completely helpless while their island sinks underground.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
Singaporean by Birth
Now American Citizen
Fremont, California (San Francisco)
Tel: 510 491 8525

Thursday, December 24, 2015

A silenced people not conducive to Singapore's progress.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The recent 2015 national elections has had the effect of effectively stubbing out any hope of democracy in the small island of Singapore with its equally tiny population. Before the elections, there were many who hoped that things might change and democracy may have a chance. A great deal of fervor and hope was seen for democracy. On election day, Sept 11, 2015 all that hope was destroyed at a stroke when 70% of Singaporeans, a far greater number than even before had chosen Lee Kuan Yew's son's Fascism instead of democracy. And suddenly like the drop of a hat all dissent in the Internet came to a stop. The few remaining  minority of Singaporeans, the educated and thinking people realized sadly that there is no more hope anymore.

And the tiny island today is indeed a classic Fascist state with the ruler, Lee Kuan Yew's son the Prime Minister and his selected colleagues, who pay themselves millions are above the law and free to do whatever they want. And what they want and have is an official salary of $2.5 million and an equal number of undeclared millions which they pay themselves. This is corruption on a grand scale but no one can question them because if you do, their Kangaroo judges would have you imprisoned or bankrupted or both. As a result naturally no one has any courage to question them.

They have abrogated the Constitution and all citizen's rights such as free speech expression or assembly have all been denied. Today it is a criminal offense in the island to speak publicly without a permit, to assemble publicly without a permit or to protest publicly without a permit, all of which carries prison sentences. As a result out of fear, none speaks publicly, protests publicly or demonstrates publicly. Fear has silenced the entire island.

The newspapers are all state controlled and it is a criminal offense to disseminate any news material without a license, an offense which carries a prison sentence. So is the TV radio and the entire media just as it is in North Korea.

All judges are carefully selected to dish out government approved verdicts and a handful of judges who had dared exercise  any independence, a suicidal act in the Singapore context were all removed and fired from their jobs.

So who are these 70% who voted for the Fascist government? They are by and large men an women with minimal education who are not aware that as humans they have any rights. They are quite happy to be told what to do by any dictator as long as they have 3 meals a day and can watch Television when they go home to their state owned tiny multi storey apartments. The rest are opportunists who although educated and aware that they live no better than slaves, are quite happy nevertheless. People who lack courage and self respect on the whole.

And what about the others who have some education as well as some pride? They have all left the island for settlement in Western European and North American countries. Naturally they are not prepared to live in a country where they have no rights, like North Korea and don't want their children to be subjected to this, destroying their minds and turning them literally into zombies. These people who are the best and brightest, the very cream of society, the very ones that the island needs the most are simply being lost to Singapore.

And there are a few highly educated capable individuals who for some reason, perhaps loyalty to Singapore  decide to stay. But because they have independent minds and are not prepared to go along playing the fiddle to Lee Kuan Yew's son, they are effectively shunned and shut out of any participation in the government, thereby their abilities being lost to Singapore.

Take for instance Chee Soon Juan. He is a highly educated individual and there is no doubt his abilities would contribute greatly for the betterment of the island. But because he is an open critic of this Fascist regime, he is totally neglected and sidelined, not allowed to participate in government and his views are blacked out from all media in the island.

Another such man is Kenneth Jeyarentam, an English educated economist. If you read his blog The Ricebowl Singapore TRS, he has some very interesting articles on the governance of the island which the rulers could put to good use. But the problem is that he too is an open critic of this totalitarian regime and therefor he cannot be allowed any participation or any publicity in their state owned media. His valuable talents too are lost to Singapore entirely because the rulers are so insecure that they fear any publicity or help received from him would be the end of their fascist government.

If Chee Soon Juan or Jeyaretnam were tomorrow to announce their unconditional loyalty to the Fascist regime and prostrate at their feet, I am sure they would both be made Ministers instantly, but this is obviously not possible since they refuse to collaborate.

Just like Chee and Jeyaretnam, I am sure there are many others who simply are unknown and their talents wasted to the island because of their refusal to play second fiddle.

Ultimately no honest human being true to himself and his conscience could with a straight face say that they support this regime. How could they when the rulers are millionaires and corrupt and there is no modicum of freedom whatsoever, an island with a state controlled press like in Notrth Korea and Kangaroo judges running around dishing Lee's son's justice.

As you can see the country is principally peopled by a second rate population, either uneducated workers or unconscionable hypocrites and opportunists prepared to live under Fascism. The best have either left or have been sidelined and ignored. Therefore the island has a very poor quality population, inferior stock both educationally and in character, which simply cannot expect to excel without the cream of society; because they have all left or have been silenced like Chee Soon Juan and Kenneth Jeyaretnam.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean by birth in Exile
Fremont California USA
Tel: 510 491 8525

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Lee Kuan Yew's son of Singapore island orders his police to interrogate and silence 16 year old Amos Yee

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Blogger Amos Yee arriving at the State Courts on May 27.

Lee Kuan Yew's son who has inherited Singapore island from his father, the former dictator, is once again going after 16 year old outspoken Singaporean boy Amos Yee. Readers would remember the last time some months ago, he was convicted and imprisoned for making a video accusing the late Lee Kuan Yew of being a dictator and comparing him with another dictator of sorts in England, Margaret Thatcher with a cartoon of him having sex with her.

None of this was false as anyone who understands Singapore knows what Lee Kuan Yew was. And drawing such a cartoon is totally innocuous, a normal occurrence today all over the world. But of course Lee Kuan Yew like his son now are so insecure that even the slightest criticism has to be silenced just as Kim Jong Un of North Korea does.

Now he is being investigated again and very probably will be charged and imprisoned again, accused of posting religious hate speech. We don't know if any of this is true, as Singapore is a place where they can tailor any evidence to suit the occasion when it comes to political dissent.

In my case, having identified me as a critic, while in Singapore on July 4, 2008, American Independence Day, they accused me of "knocking on a police car". When they found that they couldn't pin me down on that several policemen in unison testified identically that for some reason I behaved "disorderly" which they explained as "waving my hands in the air" and "shouting". As to why I should do that was never explained, and promptly convicted. You can read about my escapades with this very interesting regime here in my 2008 blogs.

Please see Amos Yee's latest troubles in the local state controlled newspaper Straits Times here

I think we should all be grateful to Amos Yee. In an island where no one has any courage to call a rat when needed, all we have is this boy who stands up as David against a Goliath and who puts all Singaporeans to shame. The courage that he has is equivalent to that of the entire island put together, an island of sheep.

Singapore is place where Lee Kuan Yew's son who was literally given the island by his father is the most corrupt politician in all Asia if not the world. He pays himself no less than $3 million in salaries and an equally large amount in hidden perks and kickbacks. Yet no one has the courage to call him that except this 16 year old boy.

It is an island where there is no freedom of speech, expression or assembly and the entire press and media are state controlled. Yet no one dares to challenge them except this boy.

Tiny Singapore island, a classic fascist state, is paying a far greater price for this authoritarianism than you may think. The best and brightest are leaving the island not wanting to live under a dictatorship. the quality of its citizens is being diluted daily since the only ones who are prepared to come are the second rate Communist Chinese and unemployed Indians in India, people who cannot really improve the quality of manpower.

This dilution in the quality of its citizens has been going on for some time and progressively the island is going backwards, not forwards. It seems Lee Kuan Yew's son either doesn't know or he doesn't care.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
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