Monday, June 11, 2007

Lee Kuan Yew says his toughest job is ensuring succession! What does he think Singapore is? Cuba?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please refer to Straits Times report 2 days ago which reads " A leader's toughest job? Ensuring succession, says MM", Kazan, Tatarstan.

In this recent trip to Tatarstan, an autonomous region of the Russian Republic, one of his numerous unnecessary totally useless world trips which he takes at the Singapore taxpayers expense, he states the most difficult of his tasks is to ensure leadership succession! Wait a minute. Is Singapore not a democracy? And in democracies, should not the people decide who their leaders are going to be? And if so, what is he doing, going around saying that he will decide future leaders? Does it not sound more like Fidel Castro appointing his future successor before he dies?

Someone should tell Mr. Lee that Singapore is supposed to be a parliamentary democracy. And in such systems, the people decide their governments and their leaders. And that only in dictatorships like the former Soviet regime does Stalin decide his future successor. It is not supposed to work that way in Singapore. Someone may want to tell the old man that.

It could be old age, senility, dementia, psychosis or just plain stupidity or a combination of the them, I do not know what, but Lee should not be as confident as he appears to be, if he knew the facts. Among the bad news, his son, the Prime Minister is a washout, he himself is almost at his deathbed being 82 years old, the young in Singapore have become politically oppositionist, the people are emigrating, the locals are not reproducing, the disk drive industry is dead, and people are up in arms against the obscene salary increases that he pays himself and his ministers steal. The foundation, my dear Lee is being shaken. Perhaps this is no longer a good time for you to be talking about your succession. Perhaps the entire government might be taken over by some other party.

Not a good time to be so confident, my dear Mr. Lee Senior.

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Chew said...

My guess is LKY is getting more and more alike his old buddy, Mahathir. Both are shooting off their mouths in confidence that no one can ever do anything about it.