Monday, April 9, 2007

How Lee stays in power. He has made you an offer you cannot refuse.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please recall the Singapore media report not too long ago when Lee said he has arranged the political system such a way, that it will be silly for the people to vote for anyone else. This is how he does it.

First, he gets absolute loyalty from the judges, top civil servants and leaders of all organs of power. Do you recall the "Godfather" movie when one Mafia gangster forces a rival to sign a contract with a gun pointed to his head, saying "let me make you an offer you cannot refuse". Well Lee has made these judges and heads of all departments "an offer they cannot refuse", this time, not by pointing a gun at their heads, but by paying very large salaries, which most people who lack principals would find it hard to refuse.

Second, with the heads of media and police, again bribed by him with astronomical salaries, he makes sure that any honest opposition politician is promptly removed with defamation actions.

In this sort of a situation, where the public have no real choice among the PAP politicians and the opposition, since the opposition is already silenced, what choice have they but to vote for the PAP?

So Lee has once again made "an offer to the people, they cannot refuse".

Now a stage has finally reached, where he considers you, the people totally irrelevant in running the country. No politician in any democracy will dare to pay themselves millions of dollars when the bottom poor do not even have $300.00 per month to live on. With suicides up. Unemployment up. Emigration up. Birth rate down. Yet in these difficult circumstances for the people, he is not only going to continue taking millions of dollars in pay, but actually going to increase his and his Ministers salaries to even more millions.

You must now realize this. He doesn't care what you think. He will do whatever he wants. That is why I say that you must protest, since not doing anything in these circumstances is to submissively accept anything that he may wish to throw at you.

Now is the time. Protest the impending obscene salary raize. Seize the day. The country is yours.

Carpe diem.

Gopalan Nair
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WuffRuff said...

Yeah, protest. And how do you suggest we do that? I'm sure many Singaporeans protest in out hearts... but as you said, he has "bribed" the judges, police, media, etc in order to silence his opposition. If we protest, we become his opposition and we are already being helplessly silenced. It is easy for you to say, "Now is the time. Protest..." but I notice that your address states "USA". You are protected by the democratic US law and are not under his crutches. But we are, and will most surely "die" if we even dare to raise a hair against him.

Anonymous said... can't say they didn't give us ample warning about their pay hikes...

remember the song stand up for singapore?

"be prepared to give a little more!"