Friday, January 8, 2010

Singapore. A dysfunctional society, with nowhere to turn.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore is today a totally dysfunctional society, it has lost its direction.

Lee Kuan Yew is an 87 year old man, weak in body and mind but yet struggling to remain alive. Singapore has been so dependant on him for so long that his demise could literally destroy the small tiny city state.

Fearing his death which must happen tomorrow if not today, he struggles to put on a happy face hoping that his people, whom he has referred to in the past as his "digits", would not lose all hope.

His son whom he has placed as Prime Minister lives in fear everyday. He knows Singaporeans have no faith in him at all, and will topple him or even worse, hold him to account for his corruption.

Then we have Lee Kuan Yew's lackeys such as the corrupt judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean who misuses the law to punish Lee's critics. She too worries what will happen when her master dies.

How will she justify her actions before an independent new Singapore? Will she lose her millions she got from Lee?

Will she have to flee the island? Worse still will she have to go to prison, the same one to which she sent Lee Kuan Yew's critic Dr. Chee Soon Juan?

G.P. Selvam the disgraceful former Singapore judge about whom I wrote here probably doesn't sleep at nights theses days.

He worries about his actions while he was a judge to ruin an innocent man Tang Liang Hong, whom he literally chased out of the island. Tang lives in Melbourne now.

Merely for pointing out Lee Kuan Yew's false accusations about him, this shameless judge crippled him with court awarded damages, literally impoverishing him, a rich man before that.

That was a disgraceful disgusting act and the people know it. If Lee Kuan Yew dies, will G.P. Selvam be held to account? Will he be made to explain his dishonesty? Will he be thrown out to the streets, disgraced and exposed, like he did to Tang?

He has a young daughter Priya Panniselvam and a son in law, both Tamil lawyers who work in his office? What will happen to them if their father is disgraced and punished?

GP Selvam, a 74 year old man worries about his family, about what will happen if his master and benefactor Lee Kuan Yew dies.

Would he be held liable for what he did to me, suspending me from Singapore law practice for 2 years just because I wrote a letter to his master's Attorney General Tan Boon Teik?

Does Lee Kuan Yew and his cronies in power worry that they are unable to keep Singaporeans from the truth in this information age? A place with no rule of law, no free press, no right to criticize, no pensions, no retirement benefits, no security in the case of unemployment, insufficient child birth, massive emigration of the educated. Does he worry about these things?

Does he worry about the English speaking Singaporeans leaving the city while they struggle to find replacements from elsewhere.

The only countries in the world where there are sufficient numbers of English speaking Chinese are Hong Kong and Malaysia, and now emigrants from both these countries avoid Singapore and instead opt for the West.

Does Lee Kuan Yew worry in the little time he has left before kicking the bucket, of the racial composition of the island? Does he worry that Singapore is today predominantly a Mandarin speaking Chinese city with ever declining English speakers? Does he worry about finding sufficient numbers of English speaking recruits for government and civil service jobs?

Will he have no choice but to switch the main business language in Singapore from English to Chinese; does he worry about what the Indians and Malays in Singapore would do in reprisal?

The 86 year old Lee Kuan Yew worries for his children, when he dies. In turn, GP Selvam worries for his wife, children and son in law. Belinda Ang Saw Ean, Lee Kuan Yew's judge worries and prepares to flee the island. Another corrupt judge Judith Prakash worries for her several daughters (she has no sons).

As a matter of fact every single person in Singapore worries, all because of one old man.

And like vultures the freedom loving Singaporeans everywhere wait eagerly for the old man to die.

Gopalan Nair too waits.

And poor Lee Kuan Yew knowing that everyone is waiting for his death tries even harder to keep alive another day. That eagerness to live, brought upon by fear, will be the very reason why he dies even sooner than otherwise.

I wonder, would the people be at the throat of his son and his corrupt entourage? Interesting thought!

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Spreading your message.

Set up a Facebook page called Singapore Dissident,


start using Twitter to get sound bites out

e.g. 87-year old LKY gets paid $x million by taxpayers.

BTW, Facebook and Twitter are banned in the PRC, as they know power of both these platforms.