Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Singapore. Running out of English educated Chinese

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As you know, Singapore strongman Lee Kuan Yew mocks the Singapore Constitution or anything else he wants. After all he owns Singapore. That is, as long as he believes it and his Singaporeans whom he has referred to in the past as his "digits" also believe it.

And one of the many demands of the Constitution that he ignores is the Equality Clause. In blatant violation of the Constitution, in his determination to deliberately keep the Chinese in the majority, he imports even larger numbers of them from Communist China for settlement, most of whom know have no English at all, to prop up the numbers.

But the problem is that he needs English educated Chinese as well, to fill the English speaking government and business sectors of the island.

Up till now, this source was mainly Malaysian Chinese who were English educated. But the problem is, this source is dwindling as well and will soon dry out. Greater numbers of Malaysian English educated Chinese are moving to Australia and Canada rather than to the increasingly authoritarian Singapore island.

And what is worse, with the general bad reputation of that island, with no fundamental human rights to speak of or the rule of law, the local educated Singapore Chinese themselves are refusing to join the government, the professions or the civil service. In fact increasing numbers of locals of all races are leaving Singapore for settlement abroad.

An example of this is seen in the Singapore Legal Profession where in an island city of Singapore with nearly 5 million people, in spite of all sorts of incentives, there are only about 3,000 lawyers in the island!

A recent report in the state controlled Singapore newspaper Straits Times stated that more and more people are resorting to arbitration rather than litigate their disputes. I guess, with the knowledge that the judges are corrupt and beholden to the Lee Kuan Yew family, they are not going to get justice at all.

As if all these problems were not enough, there are not enough children being born in the island and suicides and judicial hangings even for petty crimes are reducing the population even further, which is replaced by Chinese Mandarin speaking immigrants from the rural parts of China.

And the quality of the immigrants themselves is poor. The only ones who are prepare to come to Singapore are those who have been refused admission anywhere else!

But of course, Singapore's newspapers continues to dish out the good news daily in generous portions! What else can you expect from a state controlled press?

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Anonymous said...

1) Anyone care to guess as to the month and year that Dear Leader, LKY, leaves this life?

I say September 9th, 2011.

2) How long after that will the son(s) flee and seek exile in China.

January 2nd 2012.

Anonymous said...

Communist China's 1-child policy will ultimately weaken the country.

(A) Check out China's future population pyramid - too many old people, and not enough young to support them or the economy. Without enough young people, there will not be sufficient productive workers, and the economy will slow down.

(B) The 1-child policy means that there will only be (a) grandparents, (b) parents and (c) a child. This child will not have cousins, uncles or aunts, The familial elements, which over the centuries, helped build a strong Chinese culture and value system will disappear for good.

We are already seeing these children growing up pampered and uncaring for others. Wait until you have a nation composed of just "one-children".

(C) The one child policy does not apply to minorities, such as the Uighers and Tibetians; only to the Han. So given enough time, the Han could become a smaller majority in China.

In terms of Singapore, this is kind of ironic given Dear Leader's goal of increasing the percentage of Chinese there. While he will be successful in S'pore, in his beloved China, the Han numbers are slowly decreasing.

Karma's a bit*h, eh!

Anonymous said...

Parallels with Singapore.

A CHINESE court has jailed a Tibetan film-maker for six years after he made a documentary in which ordinary Tibetans praised the Dalai Lama and complained about how their culture had been trampled upon, campaigners said.

The film, "Leaving Fear Behind"

the film-maker had no access to outside legal help, and the Government had barred a lawyer hired by his family from representing him.

People's Liberation Army troops marched into Tibet in 1950

Anonymous said...

I can testify to the racist Singapore pro-Chinese immigration policies. I work as a research assistant at the National University of Singapore (NUS) and personally know of two foreigners who graduated with a PhD from NUS. Mind you, I am talking about a PhD here, the world's highest education qualification.

Foreigner 1 was a Chinese National. She applied for Singapore PR and was granted PR within a few months. She has since left Singapore to pursue her career in the developed and civilized nations of the West.

Foreigner 2 was an Indian National. His Singapore PR application was rejected. Mind you both of them applied in approximately the same time frame, so both application were under the same "policy".
(Don't argue that perhaps the policy has changed since both applied around the same time)

Another clear example that Singapore is nothing but a yellow-skinned racist state. It is fast becoming another province of China.

Btw, I am a Singaporean Chinese. Just in case anyone wants to play the racial card.

Anonymous said...

I personally know a chinese friend who graduated from Australia, and got his PR before he even set foot in Singapore.

To rube more salt into the big wound, after one year as PR he applied for citizenship. All he needed to do is to live 6 months in Singapore over a period of 2 years. Guess what he did, he was already working overseas and took leave to "stay" in singapore in between. guess what he did after he got the IC and pasport??

Yup he is now living and working in a western country.

Singapore is a nice stepping stone for foreigners and we the homeboys are the stones.

I remember I have to serve 30 months in the Army to qualify myself as a citizen. Hmmm... I guess I am born to draw the short stick.

AhBeng in Europe.