Monday, March 15, 2010

Singapore Lee Kuan Yew's funny newspaper reports on their funny judges

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore state controlled newspaper the Straits Times on line edition of March 16, 2010 has this entertaining story titled "Judges stay independent".

It is amusing reading indeed. After decades of misusing the law by these corrupt judges who work for Lee Kuan Yew both in the High Court and the Subordinate Court in his Singapore to demolish his political opponents, this story shamelessly says these same judges are "independent".

I am sure they know the meaning of the word "independent" and if they use it in this case, what else can they be doing other than providing entertainment?

They have over decades sent JB Jeyaretnam, Lee's political opponent to jail, impoverished him with million dollar damage awards, ruined his law practice and eventually killed him with a heart attack. Yet according to his newspapers, they are "independent".

They have bankrupted and chased Tang Liang Hong another of Lee's political opponent out of the island entirely all because he publicly disclosed making a police report against the Singaporean despot. Yet according to this comical newspaper, these judges are "independent".

They have repeatedly sued bankrupted and jailed and continue punishing Dr. Chee soon Juan, a PhD in Nueropsychology who speaks out for freedom in the island. Yet these same judges, according to this funny newspaper are "independent".

If Singapore's newspapers are trying to provide some entertainment by this article, let me say it is in bad taste. It is no fun when so many honest decent human beings have been unjustly punished and victimized by abusing the law as is Singapore's sad legal story of shame.

If indeed these disgraceful judges are "independent", then Adolf Hitler was a saint and I am the Pope.

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Anonymous said...

Adolf Hitler was indeed a saint and I AM the pope

. . .



MPM LEE said...

How many LEEyers are real lawyers? Not one, I suspect.

How many lawyers are independent? Hard to tell. The LEEgime runs LEE laws. So, all lawyers are at most inLEEpendent because a number of them will rather take indefinite leave than offend a LEEyer or defend a LEE opponent. (How come LEE connected people are only fined for deaths but not the lesser mortals*)

GN is a good example of what will happen to independent lawyers.

So, the LEEporters can boost about independent lawyers but even a 3yo kid know there will always be LEE interference.

* Lesser mortals are used by miLEEster to refer to Department Store Dummies aka Singaporeans

LEE's titles
CM (chief minister) - PM - SM - MM and MPM (minister post-mortal)