Sunday, August 12, 2007

August 11, 2007 Singapore government function at San Francisco Bay Area, a total failure

Ladies and Gentlemen,

A quick update on the Singapore government function attempt to connect with Singaporeans for the National Day on August 11, 2007 at Redwood Shores, San Francisco Bay Area California.

It was a total flop. Almost everyone stayed away. I suppose they had in mind the following:

1. Singapore government ministers theft of millions of dollars in so called salaries. Not only that their Ministers dancing on TV after they got the money!

2. The misuse of the Singapore legal system by Lee Kuan Yew to stifle criticism.

3. His refusal to pay CPF to the workers and insisting that they carry on working till they die.

4. His insistence on lowering wages by bringing in the Bangladeshis.

5. His gangster like arrogance.

6. The incompetence of his son.

7. The nonsense put out by Comical Vivian (Vivian Balakrishnan)

8. The continuing mismanagement of Singaporean reserves by his daughter in law.

9. The insistence that Singaporeans recite the National Pledge which they know to be untrue.

10. His responsibility for ruining the reputation of Singapore as a place where people are caned, unable to speak intelligent English but Singlish which no one else can understand, a country which executed Nguyen Houng Van the poor Australian boy.

11. Shame on you, they said. We will not attend.

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Anonymous said...

I might also add to boycott not only Singapore official functions but also Singapore Airlines for instance. I know it will hurt the employees of SIA but more importantly it will hurt the pride of Singapore's government and hopefully they will get the message that they cannot simply oppress people anyhow they like