Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Singapore Lee Kuan Yew's authoritarian rule is beginning to hurt the country.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore Lee Kuan Yew's authoritarian rule is beginning to hurt the country. Look for yourselves.

First, Lee Kuan Yew is finding it harder and harder to persuade honest capable people to join his party or his government because his cruel illegal harassment and hounding of his political opponents by his abusing the law and every organ of state has discredited him and his government beyond hope.

He does find some who will still join him but these are themselves persons lacking in integrity. Take for instance the Sikh lawyer from the law firm Drew and Napier whom he retains to sue his political opponents. That Sikh, one can see, has no shame or self respect at all since he, just as any other lawyer knows that the defamation cases that he argues for his client Lee Kuan Yew are entirely without merit since every one of those cases involves legitimate political criticism of Lee Kuan Yew which is clearly within the free speech clause of the Singapore Constitution. But he wins every one of his cases because he knows that the judges who decide these cases, are just like him, men without any principle!

There are others like the Indian Sikh who heads the Bankruptcy Office, another who will say or do anything to please his master, Lee Kuan Yew, and as an example of which, you will recall his having said that in his opinion Mr. JB Jeyaretnam, the highly respected opposition politician was "the most dishonest bankrupt he ever came across". To say such a thing, knowing it is a lie, requires a person to be totally devoid of integrity. This is the sort of worm that holds high position in Lee's government.

The list of Lee Kuan Yew's willing lieutenants goes on. High court judges such as Wu Bhi Li and VK Rajah and the lot of them.

Do you see my point? I am trying to say that Lee is no longer able to get upright men and women to work for him, because such people refuse to do the dirty work that goes with the job. This is hurting Singapore. Recently because of the continuing heavy resignations and the inability to attract new entrants, Civil Service salaries were increased, but despite this, the numbers continue to decline.

The fact that Singaporeans are getting educated is itself turning out to be an albatross around Lee Kuan Yew's neck. Education makes one think. It emboldens people which makes it more and more difficult for Lee to lie to them. 20 years ago, when Lee spoke of his achievements in his 3 hour speeches to the people, they were all ears, because they were not aware of the truth. Now, even if Lee pays you to listen, you might still refuse since we are no longer as gullible. Perhaps you might tell him to go tell the sailors. In the minds of the discerning, we now know that he is nothing more than a ruthless corrupt money grabbing dictator, no more no less.

Emigration is a major problem that Singapore faces. The fact is now that Singapore educates its citizens only to let Australia and New Zealand reap the benefits of these people who emigrate there. Although Lee Kuan Yew tries to replace these people by encouraging immigration, no one with any real ability is taking up the offer. There are various reports which have stated that of the 870,000 foreign workers in Singapore, the vast majority are unskilled temporary workers. The skilled who leave Singapore are not being replaced.

Take myself Gopalan Nair for instance. I am a lawyer with many years of experience both in Singapore and the USA. But even if I was paid a million dollars, I will refuse to be even seen in the company of such dishonest lawyers such as the Sikh who abuses the law for a living on behalf of Lee Kuan Yew. And just like myself other honest professionals refuse to come to Singapore. Although the state controlled Singapore press will not say so, the Singapore government is finding the brain drain crippling and it is seriously affecting it's ability to run the country.

The problem is that Singapore has lost it's credibility both within and outside Singapore. What Lee Kuan Yew fails to understand is that when credibility is lost, all is lost.

Thanks to the efforts of Dr. Chee and others, this fact that Singapore is a country lacking in credibility, is corrupt and denies the rule of law is well known throughout out the world. As a result, the European Union is now placing restrictions on Tumasek and GIC investing in European countries. Scandinavia and Canada are doing the same. They are even thinking of reneging on the Singapore investments already there.

Locally in Singapore, every single Singaporean has lost respect for the very foundations of society, namely the Judiciary being corrupt, Lee and his Ministers being corrupt in paying themselves millions of dollars, the Civil Service being corrupt for refusing political critics their normal rights, and the list of infamy goes on. Lee Kuan Yew and his government has, to put it bluntly, been discredited.

The latest evidence of this is the refusal of Singaporeans to fly the Singapore flag in their HDB cubicles which they call home. The flags are not being flown for this National Day. Almost all housing blocks refuse to fly the flag.

And if you have read this article, please take that flag down. This will be showing Mr. Lee Kuan Yew that he is no longer wanted.

Another serious problem is students who are bonded on Singapore government scholarships breaking their bonds after having lived for some time in the West, despite their action resulting in their parents having to pay heavy penalties. Why? Well, they have seen the the pleasure of freedom in the West in contrast to the stifling repression under Lee's thumb. This is causing Lee heavy damage.

On the whole, investments from the West are declining. The West is becoming more and more aware of what Singapore under Lee Kuan Yew really is, nothing more than a place to work and keep paying taxes with no possibility of becoming rich, unless you are prepared to tow Lee's line. Singapore is being looked upon as another Burma and therefore not a place to invest, not wanting to enrich the dictatorship.

The Singapore foundations are weakening from attrition from these various angles. Emigration, disaffection from the locals, foreigners beginning to know the true authoritarian Singapore. We are all doing our bit to bring Lee down. Myself with this blog which is widely read. Dr. Chee in Singapore fighting and making the world know what it is. And the many others who all do their bit, by constantly exposing the repressive dictatorship.

We have seen Lee Kuan Yew speaking publicly very often these past few days on the history of Singapore and so on. He is 83 years old. He will die, sooner than others. No one even bothers to mention his son's name, whom he has appointed the Prime Minister since people see him as completely inconsequential. Lee Kuan Yew is worried what will happen to his son and his government when he dies. That is why he is busy making his speeches. No doubt he is worried for his son.

I will tell him now. His government together with his son will fall. And when that happens, it is he who is responsible for it.

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Anonymous said...

well said, I am worried for Singapore as more and more its real-local talents leaves its shore because of these oppressions, it will surely fail.
Human resource is its only resource,
and it is being drain of it from countries like US, OZ, NZ, Canada.
And when it fail, all the million-dollar ministers will run-away and enjoy their wealth, with the poor common-folks suffering ...

Anonymous said...

This is a classic case of what the opposition are like. People who are only able to comment cynically on the situation in singapore without putting forward concrete strategies on how to improve the situation. If the opposition had any merit at all and going by your argument where you stated the MM Lee will find it harder to "manipulate" the population, then why didnt the masses turn to support the opposition? Lets face it, the opposition are weak, no doubt partly due to the restrictions placed on them, thankfully, for Singapore can well do without a political party that is "all talk and no action".