Monday, August 6, 2007

The Lee Kuan Yew family owns the Republic of Singapore and every one in it! Examine the facts.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Lee Kuan Yew family owns the Republic of Singapore and every one in it! Examine the facts. In fact the entire country is the private family business of the Lee family.

The Judiciary
Lee has a judiciary that is completely at his service. He does this by paying them very well. In other words, corruption. At anytime, he can have convicted and bankrupted anyone that he dislikes. Examples, Dr. Chee, JB Jeyaretnam and anyone else that dares to cross his path.

The Civil Service
Same as Lee's Judiciary. Entirely at his disposal to punish anyone who dares to criticize him or his family members.

The Media
All the newspapers belong to him. They are state owned and controlled. They say whatever he wants to say. They will defame his political opponents at will. But if others even criticize him, defamation actions will follow with guaranteed success.

The Police Force
Similarly very high salaries are paid to those who run the force. The force is at his beck and call at anytime to harass, arrest and torture anyone who dares to criticize. It is done by getting the loyalty of those at the top. Again, corruption in high salaries.

The Singaporean
The reality is that each Singaporean works for Lee Kuan Yew. Never mind whether they work in the Government sector or private companies. In the end everyone works for the Lee family. The movements and activities of each and every Singaporean is monitored by the Singapore government intelligence services. If anyone is found to be critical of Lee's PAP, they may lose their jobs or their promotions stymied. In every case, Big Brother is watching.

Loss of opportunities for those critical
If you are seen to be contrary to Lee's government, you will not get any assistance form the government. Discretionary opportunities provided by the government will be denied to you. You will not succeed financially.

Lee family makes you work for them
By refusing to pay you your CPF entitlement, he forces you to pay him. This is done by taking your CPF money and using it for his private business of Tumasek Holdings and the GIC. The Lee family trades worldwide with your money but refuses to account for any of the profits. It can be assumed therefore that he is pocketing it. In any case, we will not know because he refuses to say. Daily theft and corruption. Stealing your money daily in broad daylight.

Lee publicly informs you that he has decided to pay himself and each of his ministers millions of dollars of your money
He has publicly informed you that whether you like it or not, he is going to steal your money under your very nose. He has declared that his salary will be several million dollars each year. Not only that, his son and all his ministers will also steal from you that amount each. And this money that they steal comes from the trading he does internationally through Tumasek Holdings and the GIC, both multi million trillion dollar companies, which he has founded using your money on a daily basis.

The reason why he makes public the fact that he is paying himself millions
The reason is because in actual fact, he is trying to hide the millions he is stealing without your knowledge. If one day he is toppled, he will try to shield himself by saying that the payment to him was public knowledge. Well, what about the other millions he is stealing without our knowledge? "He can run but he cannot hide", to borrow Dr. Chee's very wise remark to Goh Chock Tong.

He lies to you by claiming that you have purchased it when in fact you are no more than a renter for a 100 year lease. In any case, you will Pay and Pay because after 20 years he will knock it down and ask you to start paying one more time all over again. You will die paying him. He owns you.

The Societies Act
You can only form a society provided it conforms to his liking. If not, the Society will itself be bankrupted and dissolved. You are not allowed to canvass for donations without a permit. If you applied for a permit to canvass for a purpose against his government, it will be disallowed. You will be fined and lose your job.

Your houses does not belong to you
Almost all houses are HDB anyway. They can be knocked down anytime. You will have to start paying again. If you have freehold, the Lee family can compulsorily take it anytime. You will paid peanuts in compensation.

Singaporeans have to work to pay Lee family
You have to work and pay your CPF, HDB rents, motor vehicle charges, all sorts of other charges to the Lee family. In return he will make sure the roads are paved, you have TV to watch and the Sentosa amusement park is kept going. Other than that, he keeps all the rest of your money.

You will have to listen to Lee Kuan Yew speeches
On a regular basis, he will come out and make speeches and bore you to death. All the speeches are about himself. How great he is. What a superman he is. What greatness he has achieved. He will pay a some people to stand in line and cheer him along, like the North Korean Kim, and he will put it in the paper. You are expected to parrot and say that he is great although you may think he is an idiot.

In the end, you are nothing more than slaves.
Lee gives you a roof over your head and permits you to watch television and procreate. yet all people do is to watch television. They are unable to procreate. it is difficult to procreate when they know that Lee is watching them, 24 hours a day.

I am not a slave. I live in America.
I do not know why you wish to live as slaves. I will not. If you did not know yet, I live in America. I don't have to listen to Bush and he cannot steal my money like Lee does.

Good luck my friends.

Gopalan Nair
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Anonymous said...

help help! i dun wan be a slave to sing government!!

Retired Civil Servant said...

From a retired civil servant:

Shortly after my retirement, I tripped to Jakarta to visit some relatives in Bandung. Along the way, the airport taxi-driver pointed to me the many new buildings and other infrastructures and said" Everything you see here belongs to the Suharto Family,either himself, his wife or his children!" Is the same thing happening here right under our very own noses?Are Singaporeans aware and are they objecting? In Suharto's case, it took a people-power revolution to stop it a decade ago just like it took a similar revolution to overthrow Marcos 2 decades ago. What about LKY's case? Can a people-power revolution ever happen in a nation of sheep?

impy said...

you seem to equate high salaries with corruption. aren't high salaries supposed to curb corruption? in the recent case of loong's son making comments about a fellow officer who went awol, was it not reported? wasn't loong's son disciplined for his actions. it goes to show that the lee family is not above the law. what's so wrong about cpf? you make a 18% contribution, your employer makes a further 13%. these funds are available to you at retirement. you can also invest it and use it to pay your medical bills. sounds pretty good to me. I pay very little income tax. americans pay about a third of their salaries. that's exorbitant. I do have to pay for my flat over the next 25 yrs, but I can sell it next year for a profit of 100k. is housing cheaper in california? are americans debt free or debt ridden. look at the recent subprime situation. I'm sure you're making a lot of money in america, probably a hell of a lot more that when you were in singapore. but on the whole, don't you think singaporeans are doing pretty well for themselves? look at all the hawkers driving mercedes benzes. Isin't poverty a big problem there? maybe you don't notice because indian americans aren't doing so badly there. but take a look around you. there are millions of homeless ppl around. singapore ain't that bad if you can overlook some things which are really not that important for the majority of us.

Anonymous said...

I am proud to be a Singaporean and I know of many many other proud Singaporeans...what u wrote is so shallow and discriminating..and I was shocked to learn that u are actually a lawyer!..Oh my oh my..aiyoh, great that u gave up your Singaporean citizenship..
bye bye!!!

Anonymous said...

hey i sent u a post yesterday...u didnt post my comments? have freedom of speech anot?

Twista88 said...

With regards to what 'impy' said about corruption and to prevent it by paying high salaries. Let me ask 'impy' a question, is there a price for integrity?? No matter what ever names you may call them, Minister,Permanent secretary,etc. They are still CIVIL SERVANTS and their main objective is to serve the nation and its people who voted for them and not gain power,control us and become rich.

With regards to PM Lee's son case, lets look at it this way,the matter only surfaced because his son had posted it all over the internet,which means that thousands are aware of what had happened.Don't you think that covering it up would be the most difficult thing to do as the public may become suspicious,so that's why procedures had to be followed and he was punished. The punishment wasn't that severe too.
Now if PM Lee's son had not posted the incident over the internet and making it known to the world at large,but rather broke the chain command w/o referring the matter to his direct supervisors first and instead chose to write in to the Minister of Defense over a small issue,do you think he would be punished? If this was done by a layman in service,then yes. But for him....?? You think about it!

As far as CPF and tax is concerned;

Firstly-Holding the CPF is alright as we may use it to purchase a flat,pay medical bills,etc. Even when the government holds the CPF when we retire is because they do not want us to splurge irresponsibly when we are old and eventually seek assistance from them.Bear in mind we are not a welfare state and the government does not belief in giving out free funding to anyone as this are tax payers money.Except for their undisputed salary.

Secondly-In US,cars and housing are cheap as compared to SG, furthermore pls do not have a misconception that you may become rich by buying and selling flats in SG, those days are over and now such things are regulated by HDB and CPF board.In terms of income tax in SG,yes I would agree it is little,why,because the government is able to recover the loss from low taxation from its ever expensive houses and cars.Living standard here is high,people are always hesitant to spend extra,fearing in other price or fare hikes.Don't forget all the ERP gantries coming up.Education here is okay, but mostly the cream of the crop gain admission into higher end faculties in NUS,education here is reserved more for the elite rather than the general public.If you are not in the system the you are no where,try obtaining a degree externally and see if you are given the status you deserve in the Public Service.Our education system only knows how to filter students who are eligible for 'O' levels or stop them at 'N' levels.Such filtering has adverse effect on a persons education.

Thirdly-As far as who drives a Mercedes Benz,is not important,there are professionals who can afford cars but would rather utilize public transport as SG is a small coutry and does not require private transport.When it comes to beggars these are issues which the world governments are trying to combat.Singapore being a very small nation was able to successfully combat one of the many problems we were facing.

Fourthly-As far as the subprime crisis is concerned, it was because banks were issuing loans to individuals who cannot justify their loans,resulting in no payment and the bank falling into severe debts.In SG we are facing the same problems,our banks made many wrong choices,retirees have invested in the banks having their faith in SG but as a outcome,it failed.Even our IR may not be bolstering our economy as predicted by the SG government.
There are some issues which are not fully in our control.

That's all I have to say,in future please do a little homework with some logic prior to making a statement.If you are from NUS,then I can understand why the foolishness.



Anonymous said...

"Bush cannot steal my money"? Looks like the govt did steal US taxpayers money, and gave $100s of billions to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the big banks, etc.

And if you equate high salaries, then Wall Street is the most corrupt cesspool on the planet. Oh, we already knew that!

I'll stay here, singing in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.
You can't have one man, one family in power for over fifty years. I understand people living in Singapore are unable to critique inside Singapore. However if anyone can provide evidence of healthy dissent being allowed I will be amazed.