Saturday, January 16, 2010

News "Singapore style"

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am not sure who it was who said "When you run out of good news, just put out propaganda". For totalitarian regimes such as Singapore, that is the established doctrine. Another country like Singapore, North Korea has an absolute prohibition on bad news in their state controlled press. And North Korea has lasted all these years despite this, despite this total control over the news.

But what Singapore’s dictator, Lee Kuan Yew whose intelligence is diminishing rapidly in my opinion, fails to understand that Singapore is not North Korea and will never be.

For one, a North Korean cannot leave his country, he is locked in. The borders are closed. They don't have any English, only Korean. No foreign information can enter the country. The people are effectively kept in the dark. Since the people know no better, they willingly accept the nonsense in their state controlled press.

But Lee Kuan Yew should know that Singapore is different. It has Internet access and people can go to Australia if they want. And if you treat them as if they were imbeciles, it is not they but you, who is one, Lee Kuan Yew being the biggest imbecile of all for not realizing this.

Take for instance the Singapore state controlled newspaper report "More S'poreans returning", Straits Times online edition Jan 12, 2010. It has a picture of a few Chinese looking people allegedly outside Camden Park, London; we don't know how far this is true, presumably at a Singapore organized function there.

It says "more overseas Singaporeans are also returning". According to it, there are 180,000 Singaporeans living abroad (presumably this does not count Singaporeans who have given up their citizenship and taken out their CPF) (parenthesis mine), and that “many of them are making inquiries to return”. But the report fails to mention the great many of them or who they are, except for 2 miserable individuals.

In one case, there is a Miss Teo Hui Sin, who had gone to Harvard but yet could not find any jobs in the US after trying. Finally having no prospects in the US, she gave up, returned and is now working at Singapore’s Ministry of Finance.

Miss Teo, as you can see, is a very bad example of the sorts that decide to return. First, if she cannot get a job in the US even with a Harvard qualification, she must be an imbecile of sorts.

Second, the very fact that she has tried very hard to get a job in the US, shows that she never had any interest in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore in the first place.

And third, her return to Singapore is not because she is proud of the island, it is because she is probably incompetent and has no choice in the matter. She is apparently a spineless woman without ability or ideals. Her sort is after all best in Singapore, not the US.

Another lame example is Mr. Chia Wee Boon who, believe it or not, "returned home from the US to be Chief Operating Officer at NCS, as he wanted to help the company succeed in the global arena. Previously he was with Hewlett Packard". This man is one individual who has to have his head examined. His altruism, if you can call it that, appears completely misplaced!

I would have understood a man who returns from the US to help a Children’s Charity in Singapore to succeed. But this man has come all the way back to Singapore to help "NCS succeed in the global marketplace" (assuming NCS is a for profit company)!

If from all the so called numerous returnees to Singapore, according to this state controlled press, they can only find these 2 pathetic examples; of one individual who cannot get a job even with a Harvard degree and another who wants “NCS to succeed in the global marketplace”, Singapore is obviously having a hard time, getting anyone to return.

Mr. Gan Kim Yong, Lee Kuan Yew's Manpower Minister, whom one can routinely see in various poses in the state controlled press, with his hands gesturing, claims that the global downturn is causing many Singaporeans to return.

Obviously he does not understand that it is not the economy that has caused and is causing the massive brain drain from Singapore; it is the political repression and the lack of a free society.

The article claims that various organizations have been set us using tax payers’ money to entice Singaporeans to return like Overseas Singapore Unit to organize functions in Melbourne and London.

I can tell you that that is just a waste of tax payers’ money. No amount of parties and functions in San Francisco and London can make anyone return. The obstacle is simply Lee Kuan yew and his stupidity that is the obstacle.

Then Mr. Gan says that no matter where Singaporeans have relocated he has to keep them connected with Singapore. Has he ever thought that they don't want to be connected? That is why they left Singapore in the first place.

And then Gan says that "Singapore has established a great place to do business due their successful policy on talent". Frankly I don't know what he is talking about. Singapore’s talent is leaving the small island en masse and instead it gets the half qualified Mandarin speaking English deficient from mainland China. Is this Gan's idea of a “successful strategy on talent"?

And then he says that foreign capital is attracted to Singapore because they have a strong global talent. I suppose his definition of a strong global talent are Indians from India and Chinese from China who have decided on Singapore because they have been denied entry to Australia and Canada, their first choice for settlement. These are simply second rate rejects that you find in Singapore.

Singapore’s propaganda machine is working overtime here.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Chia Wee Boon leaves HP to join a subsidiary of SingTel.

Hard to break the umbilical cord?

People from HK and Taiwan try and get jobs in the private sector.

Singaporeans are happy to become public servants. Can't blame him - just look at the salaries paid to ministers.

Anonymous said...

Beware of clickjacking!

To understand lky's Singapore propaganda one needs to read between the lines. The title is making it all too obvious that too many have been leaving!!! and this news is their attempt to prevent more from leaving rather than to persuade those abroad from returning
Singapore has a third world political system that doesn't respect people as human being with rights. It's all about lky and his and his family lust for money and power.


Anonymous said...

"Ms Teo Hui Sin, a Harvard-educated Singaporean, applied for several jobs in the US but had difficulty in getting one there. This eventually accelerated her return home. She has since accepted a position at the Ministry of Finance."

Congratulations to Ms Teo for getting into Harvard and completing her degree.

But the episode, highlights a broader problem.

Despite all their academic successes, Singaporean graduates (either from local or foreign universities) are not sought after for important jobs outside Singapore.

Western employers value more things than just academic prowess, such as the ability to think and the courage to communicate ideas.

It is hard for young people in the 20's, whose lives been subject, since birth, to two-decades of brainwashing in LKY's system, to suddenly wake-up and become risk-takers, entrepreneurs, and come up with original ideas that they are willing to communicate with confidence.

Singapore, has been labeled as the home of the "kiasu" people, and the young are happy to continue this tradition.