Monday, April 29, 2013

Singapore island won't dare cane arrested graffiti artist Mohamad Khalid Mohamad

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Two days ago, a 32 year old Singaporean Malay Mohamad Khalid Mohamad was arrested by the Lee Kuan Yew no nonsense government for having drawn the words "DEMOCRACY" across a monument along the downtown seafront. Please see Singapore state controlled newspaper Straits times report titled "Security officer charged with vandalizing Cenotaph"

This one party tiny island city state has the infamous and Alice in Wonderland reputation of being a mini North Korea of sorts with some weird and barbaric practices where the official legal punishment for such a minor infraction such as graffiti not only carries a long prison sentence, it may also result in the beating of the victim until his backsides bleed with open wounds.

It was about 20 years ago when the world came to hear of the brutality that goes on in this tiny island city state under Lee Kuan Yew when an American teenager Michael Fay was arrested for vandalizing some cars and was jailed and given some 6 lashes on his backside.

Ever since then Singapore not only had the reputation of a thoroughly barbaric blood cuddling little island, it also became the butt of jokes for stand up comics in all TV stations throughout the free world not to mention the severe loss of tourist trade due to such inane stupidity.

Ever since then, I suppose realizing their mistake in making themselves look nothing but blood cuddling clowns, they have not actually caned anyone accept for a Swiss foreign worker whom they claim was beaten (caned) for having graffitied a train. That too naturally drew a lot of flak from the free world who have outlawed this practice since medieval times. 

The question here is whether they will beat Mohamad. I think it is unlikely. The tiny island city state is not only creating a very bad reputation for itself as a place where there is no rule of law, where the courts are no better than Kangaroo courts. And beating this man now would only cause its reputation to fall even further.

Of course the likelihood of his being let off without a beating is provided the Lee Kuan Yew government and the minions who serve the master use their brains this time. Since one party dictatorships such as this, like North Korea, often act in a bizarre manner since there is no one to question them, perhaps they will beat Mohamad after all and ruin their already bad reputation even further.

With Singapore’s reputation for swift "justice" as well, we will know very soon, will we not.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
Fremont, California, USA
Tel: 510 491 4375

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Singapore. Offer to help cartoonist Leslie Chew and arrested graffiti artist Mohamad Khalid Mohamad obtain asylum in USA

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Lee Kuan Yew and his son's Singapore island government's ongoing persecution of its citizens who criticize their one party dictatorship has seen 2 more arrests lately.

Two days ago, 32 year old Singaporean Mohamad Khalid Mohamad, was arrested when he scrawled the word “democracy” on a Singapore island monument along the beachfront in the downtown area. He has been charged with vandalism which carries not only a long prison sentence but brutal beating at the hands of prison officers (known as caning in Singapore island's terminology).

Such a beating is not only cruel and unusual punishment prohibited under law in all democracies, the lengthy sentence and the expected life long persecution that he will suffer as expected of this vindictive and cowardly island dictatorship, with employment termination, police surveillance and harassment is totally unacceptable by the international community.

Mohamad Khalid Mohamad stands a good chance of permanently moving to the United States through asylum as it can be successfully argued that he is being persecuted simply because he is exercising his fundamental human right of free speech and expression under the Constitution.

Furthermore he is a Malay, a minority racially discriminated by the Lee Kuan Yew government, and the fact that he is forever a marked man in Lee's tiny Singapore island, these arguments together gives him a very good chance at asylum in the USA.

What is even more important for his asylum is the contents of the graffiti. It was not a mere meaningless scribbling, as we see in most graffiti, but the word "Democracy" boldly written. It can be be interpreted as a demand for democracy which Mr. Mohamad finds lacking in his tiny island city state which is for all intents and purposes, nothing but a dictatorship run by the Lee Kuan Yew and Son, the father and son team for the last 52 years. 

See state controlled Straits Times report "Security Officer charged with vandalizing Cenotaph"

A few days before Mr. Mohamad, Leslie Chew, a 37 year old cartoonist was arrested for writing cartoons which offended the Lee Kuan Yew government.

One cartoon, an admirable one especially since Leslie Chew is himself an ethnic Chinese,  had a government official praising foreign Chinese Indian and Caucasian immigrants as having made great contributions to Singapore. Another person asked why Malays were not equally honored to which another said, "racial discrimination". Although ethnic Chinese himself, he was standing up for his racially discriminated Malay fellow citizens.

Anther cartoon pictures the retirement of Singapore island Chief Justice in not so flattering terms.

It is a well known fact in the tiny island of Singapore that Malays are not just discriminated but in fact officially discriminated by the Lee Kuan Yew ethnic Chinese government. Both government and private employers refuse to give them jobs claiming they do not know Mandarin Chinese while there is no reason for them to know it.

Malays are also kept out of senior military positions and are completely barred from being pilots in the air force presumably because Lee Kuan Yew is afraid that one of them might do a kamikaze or jihad and crash his plane into Lee Kuan Yew's house in Oxley Road. See state controlled Straits Times report "Singapore Cartoonist questioned by police over drawing"

To Leslie Chew too I offer to help him move to the USA. He stands a good chance in succeeding in an asylum claim as he is merely exercising his freedom of expression, a right given to him under the constitution, and the excuses to arrest him by the island's government claiming it unsettles the racial harmony in the island is simply humbug. If indeed anyone is unsettling the island's racial harmony, it is not Mr. Chew but the island government itself by deliberately and systematically suppressing the rights of the Malays and treating them as second class citizens.

Here is what you have to do. As both of you are Singapore citizens and can travel to US visa free, fly to San Francisco, where I am. When you arrive at airport immigration and customs control, please do not tell them that you are applying for asylum. If you do you will be taken into custody initially and interviewed by an asylum officer for a credible fear interview and then released.  

There is no need for you to go through this. Simply tell them that you are coming for a short holiday. You will then be allowed to leave the airport. Once outside, you can then file the asylum application which will be heard by an asylum officer directly without your having to go through the credible fear interview first. Remember this. It is very important.

Once outside, contact me. My office is

Gopalan Nair Attorneys
39737 Paseo Padre Parkway, Suite A1,
Fremont, CA 934538
Tel: 510 657 6107

Fremont is only about 20 miles or so from San Francisco.

One last point. There is no danger to you in filing asylum. The US State Department or the US government does not disclose your filing asylum to the Singapore island government or anyone else. No one will know that you ever filed asylum. Once you get asylum, after one year you can apply for permanent residence and five years thereafter, become US citizens.

And once you are citizens, you can apply for your parents to join you. If you are married, your spouse and children under 21 can join you once you have obtained asylum provided you have included their names in the application.

America is a huge wide country and your prospects are simply unlimited. The sky is the limit. All you have to do is to grab it. Which is why the US continues to be the most attractive country to go to. Here everyone can make it, if they only try. Which is why I have come to America; because I refused to dance to the tune of a tin pot island dictator.

Americans are the kind of people such as Mohamad Khalid Mohamad and Leslie Chew, people with some guts and some self respect, not like the many other Singapore islanders who eat humble pie in the island to please Lee Kuan Yew and company, although I can see that more and more are becoming emboldened like both of you are.

It may be difficult but if possible do not plead guilty to these nonsensical charges. If you remain adamant and refuse to budge, and if Lee and Company are forced to send you to jail, it will only make your case stronger.

I have a great deal of experience in these cases and my unique understanding of the workings of the father and son team, Lee Kuan Yew and son, who have been running that tiny island for the last 52 years makes me excellently qualified to represent you. And what better qualification can there be for me, when I too have gone through these very experiences that you are now going through.

I appear frequently at the Asylum Office and the Immigration Court in San Francisco and Asylum Officers and Immigration Judges know me as an attorney appearing before them.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
Fremont, California, USA
Tel: 510 491 4375

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Singapore. Obedience extracted through defamation lawsuits is not sustainable

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Lee Kuan Yew's one party state government of Singapore Island has a dubious history of filing defamation of character lawsuits against its critics in their Kangaroo Courts to silence criticism. They also hold a dubious world record of never having lost even a single one in the entire history of the Island since 1959!  In fact their handpicked judges are so predictable; Lee knows he has won even before he ever steps into the courtroom.

This practice of using the law and their Kangaroo Courts has been so well fine tuned, it works like clockwork. The government scours over the Internet (all print newspapers are state controlled and therefore will contain no criticism) looking for any critical writing. Once identified, the government either goes to their lawyer Davinder Singh of Drew and Napier, one of the island’s largest law firms who then writes to the targeted victim to apologize and remove the offending writing. If the writing had suggested that their Kangaroo Courts were corrupt, the Attorney General writes the same letter threatening contempt proceedings.

These sorts of disgraceful attempts to stifle dissent had much more effect in the past, as invariably they took the hapless victim to court and either bankrupted him or jailed him.

Over a period of time, the government has been finding that this practice of silencing your citizens is really not producing the desired result and in fact counters productive.

Singaporeans were becoming more emboldened and were simply leaving for settlement abroad instead of tolerating this nonsense resulting in the world's highest brain drain, something which is disastrous for a tiny island with a tiny population.

Realizing this, Lee Kuan Yew and his Ministers went on repeated world tours of the capitals and cities where Singaporeans had emigrated to coax them to return but no one did. I think the Singapore government now realizes that those who have left will simply not return and have therefore given up their world tours to dissuade the Diaspora.

Realizing the harm it is doing, they appear to be going slow on the defamation letters, preferring only to give warnings now and once an apology is forthcoming, they let him go. This new policy has actually emboldened many to speak their mind, since they know, very probably, all the government needs is an apology. And after all, they would have managed to get their message across.

The latest threat by the government was only last week. A Singaporean cartoonist Leslie Chew had drawn about the government's deliberate policy of racially discriminating the Island's Malay community, which by the way happens to be a fact.

Another cartoon described the retiring of the Island's Chief Justice in unflattering terms. For his trouble, he got a letter from a lawyer threatening him with a lawsuit and another from the Attorney General threatening to charge him for contempt of court. Had he apologized like they wanted, they would have probably let him go, but because he refused, he was arrested and kept overnight at the police station and interrogated.

I am sure if he apologized they would drop everything but it would be interesting to see what they would do this time, if he remained stubborn.

Please see last Fridays Yahoo News headed "Singapore Cartoonist arrested for alleged sedition"

The Yahoo News article also refers to series of recent such cases against the island's critics. In January the government sent a lawyers letter to Alex Au who complained of corruption in the Singapore government involving the purchase of computers by a company owned by Lee Kuan Yew's ruling party PAP. He received a lawyer’s letter to which he immediately apologized after which the government let him go.

Not long before that Tamasek Review, a Singapore blog had written about the island's law minister, a Tamil, having an affair with a Chinese woman in his party, a fact well known in public circles. He immediately sent out a lawyer’s letter to which they too apologized and the matter was once again dropped.

Recently there was an instance of the court showing leniency of a Chinese national who used a car in the airport parking lot to kill someone. He was given a mere 25 months in jail when others would have been either hanged or given a life sentence. Naturally Internet blogs in the island were up in arms about this. The government sent lawyer’s letters to these various blogs who all apologized and no further action were taken.

Singapore Island government is wasting its time in such a pointless exercise. Merely because someone ceases and apologizes, does not mean that he now believes the government version. If this cartoonist thinks the government ill treats Malays, he is not suddenly going to think otherwise, just because the government says so. If the blogger really thought there was corruption in Lee Kuan Yew’s ruling PAP party in the sale of the computers, he is not going to think otherwise just because he got the lawyers letter.

In fact, contrary to what the government would think, this cartoonist would now be even more certain and determined in his belief that the government really does racially discriminate.

These people whom the government goes against all live in Singapore. In fact any of these people would be able to leave the island if they want to as all of them are highly qualified and would be a prize to any free country with their qualifications and talent.

I reckon the only reason why they don’t' leave is due to a sense of loyalty and patriotism. Sadly those like them who stay are a very small minority because most qualified capable Singaporeans who have a choice of leaving, do indeed leave, as there is no need to endure this stupidity on the part of the government and their Kangaroo Courts.

In 1991, I left Singapore when it became clear that this government would continue victimizing and punishing me because I refused to submit. First there were the covert messages warning me to stop espousing opposition politics. The there was a contempt of court charge because I made a speech at a election rally in 1991 criticizing the manner of appointment of Subordinate Court judges. I had to pay a hefty fine.

Then there were repeated Law Society actions to harass me with threats of discipline, which finally resulted in my being found guilty of contempt of court merely for writing a letter to the Attorney General demanding an explanation over their actions against the opposition politician JB Jeyaretnam. That was the final straw. I left the island permanently for United States in December of 1991 and obtained political asylum.

Just like me, thousands of educated professionals have all left mostly quietly for Australia, New Zealand Canada and the UK.

The government is clearly in a quandary. All this while they have been getting away by intimidation and threats to silence the opposition but with time, the islanders are getting emboldened because they are no longer in the helpless state they were in the past.

Today they can leave if they want. And if all the educated professionals left, what would Lee Kuan Yew and his son do? On the other hand, they cannot allow freedom of expression either. If they did, both father and son would be unseated that very instant. They are simply caught between a rock and a hard place.  

You must have noticed that they leave me alone. It is simply because I live in the USA and they don't have the benefit of their Kangaroo judges and police thugs here. But thanks to the Internet, my message still reaches the entire Singapore population. Isn’t that nice.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
Fremont, California, USA
Tel: 510 491 4375


Monday, April 22, 2013

Singapore Island Quixotic attempts to stop the incoming tide

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Two days ago, there was, as it has already become a routine event in Singapore Island, torrential rain during which the island once again flooded. The only difference was, this time, the flood had extended beyond the usual places of the Bukit Timah, Thomson Road and Serangoon areas; it was island wide, with flooding even happening n Jurong and Toa Payoh.

None of this should have been surprising to Singapore strongman, 92 year old Lee Kuan Yew and his son, the Prime Minister (you can say, all in the family), and their handpicked nincompoop scholars who run the show, but apparently it did not!

They, these government scholars, went on merrily in their building spree of skyscrapers in their overcrowded tiny island without even considering that it is in most places only a few inches above sea level, and that if Al Gore was right about global warming, the place should rename itself from Singapore Island City to Underwater City immediately.

It appears all their education these Lee scholars received at taxpayer expense did not teach them anything about global warming or they deliberately ignored it to please their master. Either way they have made a fool of themselves let alone letting down their people whom they govern with an iron fist.

In their latest pathetic attempt to solve the unsolvable question of rising sea level and flooding, they have decided to become even more silly than they already are by claiming, in effect that they are going to stop the incoming tide through, such nonsense as, rooftop gardens and flood barricades.

In yesterdays state controlled Asiaone report titled "More flood protection for some projects”, they say “For instance, all industrial, institutional, commercial and residential projects with land sizes larger than 0.2ha - or about the size of Liat Towers or Tong Building in Orchard Road - will have to include features to slow down and retain rainwater. This may be in the form of detention tanks, retention ponds and rain gardens." See

Its like Don Quixote trying to bend a windmill by leaning on it!

Let me tell our 92 year old tin pot tyrant, Lee Kuan Yew, who will arrest anyone who criticizes him, that all this is just plain nonsense. It simply will not work. It is simply too late for Singapore Island which is just a few inches above water to keep the tide out.

Once again, here comes my global warming lecture. Atmospheric temperature is rising above the island as a result of global warming. This means the hot air can contain more water vapor. When it condenses a deluge of water falls from the sky. And this water simply cannot flow out to sea, because at high tide, it is the other way around. The sea wants to come in.

And the most important fact; the temperature continues to rise day by day, which means more and more flooding, deeper and deeper floods and less and less of tiny Singapore island being habitable. If today you have a foot high flood, next year it will be two feet and more. It is something you cannot stop, not with retension ponds or even the rain dance.

Second sea water temperature rises. This means it expands. And this means the water level rises. And to add to it, the polar icecaps are melting causing even higher sea level.

Three, you have two tides a day. Certain times when the Sun and Moon are aligned and closer to Earth, you get higher tides due to gravity. When these high tides and rainfall coincide, the water has nowhere to go. In fact at these times, it is the sea that encroaches into the tiny island.

You can build as many retention ponds and do the rain dance and samba if you want, but it will do you no good. It is too late pal. The sea is finally coming in. Accept that fact. Realize that you will have to live more and more days in a year in your island submerged and underwater.

I realize that many Singaporeans are emigrating because of their dislike of Lee Kuan Yew and his one party dictatorship but I am surprised why even more do not leave on account of the far too frequent flooding, a problem even graver than anything else.

Since the island has in my view already become intolerably hot and humid, and now with these regular days of flooding, I expect even more to say good bye to Lee Kuan Yew and his island for the first flight out.  

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
Fremont, California, USA
Tel: 510 491 4375

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Video. Singapore. Hilarious video by Gabriel Inglesias.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

You are going to enjoy this video by comedian Gabriel Inglesias .

He talks about his recent trip to Singapore and what they will do to you if you misbehave.

Have a good laugh.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
Fremont, California, USA

Singapore schools only produce dumb followers

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The worst place to educate your children is in Singapore Island schools. It can only produce dumb feeble minded followers, not independent thinking robust men and women with ideas. The problem lies in the way of life and thought process of Singaporeans after 52 years under the Lee Kuan Yew dictatorship.

In Singapore, the path to success lies not only in ability but equally so in your loyalty to the Lee Kuan Yew government. Every schoolboy is drilled from a young age by his parents as well as in school to show support for the government. It is hammered into their minds that they should not, even if they privately thought so, ever criticize the government and the Lee Kuan Yew family in particular.

If someone in Singapore is stupid enough to openly criticize the government or accuse the Lee family of nepotism or corruption, he is doomed from that point. His deviant behavior (according to the Singapore mindset) and thinking is reported to the authorities by the large network of clandestine secret police from which point his life and career takes an immediate turn for the worse.

If a student, he would probably get bad grades or denied a scholarship. Even if he graduates, it is unlikely the government would employ him. Not just that, his entire social life also changes. His friends among whom reports were already made begin to shun him. He loses friends. His erstwhile friends remind him to say away, for their own sakes; as such dangerous association would hurt them as well. From that point any application he makes for anything is subject to additional scrutiny and denials become the norm.

With the constant barrage of warnings and advisals of the need to stay within the fence of Lee Kuan Yew and company, with the added state propaganda of how good and marvelous Lee Kuan Yew and his government is, and the clear rewards that his bootlickers enjoy with cushy jobs and lavish lifestyles, only an idiot will not join the Lee Kuan Yew Bandwagon. With all these advantages of supporting the Lee Kuan Yew government and so many punishments if you were to oppose, truly, one has to be insane not to join them. And after a time, it changes the way you think. Like the Orwellian Winston in the novel 1984, two and two becomes five, not only in pretense but in reality too. And you would say, perhaps that it was indeed Lee Kuan Yew who invented the aeroplane!

It is not possible, even if the government wanted to reverse the damage done to the minds of citizens even if you wanted to. The government cannot by decree merely order Singaporeans to think independently from now on. 

What this creates is a generation of zombies. People who are capable of only doing as they are told and nothing more. Such a country never achieved greatness and with even neighboring countries realizing the fact that their citizens are their most important asset, Singapore will fall back even further and further in the global race of competition.

The problem is that Singaporeans should not be afraid to openly say that Lee Kuan Yew's annual salary of $3.7 million is theft and corruption. They should not be afraid to say that the newspapers are state controlled propaganda. They should not be afraid to say that Singaporeans are nothing but slaves under the Lee Kuan Yew government. But unfortunately in every single instance, they are simply afraid. And this fear is what is holding the island back.

So any parent reading this, should if possible educate their child abroad in democratic countries because if you do not, you are doing the worst possible harm to their minds which becomes irreversible and remains with them for the rest of their lives.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
Fremont, California, USA
Tel: 510 491 4375

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore an obedience trained island

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is both a boon and a curse, but in the end, a serious impediment to advancement.

Lee Kuan Yew in his 52 years of one party rule has successfully managed to fine tune the Singapore mindset into creating an entire island of mindless conformists, followers and bootlickers.

In Singapore people are incapable of thinking independently on matters politic or their daily lives, because they fear their government. As a result their thought process only extends to matters of survival only, such as your daily career, how much money you can make, your comforts such as electricity food and transport.

An outsider would find it unbelievable that a Singaporean will not dare question Lee Kuan Yew or his son on their astronomical and illegal $3.7 million dollar salary paid out of taxpayers money which is outright corruption. Again unbelievably taboo subjects are, matters relating the lack of human rights such as freedom of speech, expression, or the rule of law, which to an outsider would seem outrageous.  If you openly dared utter any criticism openly in Lee Kuan Yew’s Singapore about any of this, you will be punished.

Even though Singapore denies freedom of speech expression and assembly no Singaporean in his right mind dares to protest. There may be a few daredevils who may utter an occasional mild watered down criticism and may even have got away with it, but any more robust attack would have landed them in jail and tortured.  

How has Lee Kuan Yew managed to create such a dog obedient society? It is by the simple expedient of the carrot and the stick. Since Singapore’s early days, every single political opponent has been publicly abused and persecuted and in this way, it has had a chilling effect on anyone even remotely contemplating challenging the government.

JB Jeyaretnam, a former staunch Lee Kuan Yew critic, has been repeatedly used as a punching bag for this purpose. Each time he criticizes the government, a defamation of character lawsuit follows. He is then brought before a Kangaroo judge who predictably punishes him with debilitating damages awards of several hundred thousands of dollars after which he is bankrupted and denied the right to practice his law profession.  

In fact, by a strange reasoning, the government appreciates such critics like Jeyartnam, Chee Soon Juan, myself and many others as they need a constant supply of victims whom they can periodically use to keep their Singaporean population in check. They rely on the old Chinese adage that you kill a few chickens to frighten the monkeys.   

The message clearly is that for a peaceful life in Singapore Island, simply mind your own business and don't meddle. Loyalty to Lee Kuan Yew has its rewards. Just look around you. His ministers earn millions and government connected businessmen enjoy lavish lifestyles. Why rock the boat when submission and subservience can be so profitable.

One cannot deny that having such a subservient population has some advantages. One such advantage is that you don’t see disruption to daily life as you see in other democracies. There are no strikes or work stoppages. Singaporeans, out of fear, simply do as they are told like obedience trained dogs. The machines run as programmed, the trains run, the buses run and everyone knows his place and his job. The island functions like clockwork.  

But the down side of this monotonous efficiency, which is disastrous to the island’s future, is its boredom, its lack of divergent thinking or innovation. You end up with an entire island population who do not have any strong views about anything. For a modern society such as Singapore to move ahead, it is not enough to have citizens like obedient German Shepherds, you need thinking people.

Society advances through new ideas and thinking outside the box, which for the successfully brainwashed Singaporean is not possible. If all you have is a society of German Shepherds or Cocker Spaniels who know how high to jump when told, you are only going to have a stagnant society, a society incapable of blazing new trials and new directions. A society of rigidity and boredom.

The educated of the island can see what has happened and flee to the West. The numbers leaving are huge, sustained and mounting. The government finding themselves helpless to stop it, simply go into a denial mode and merely prohibits their state controlled newspapers from reporting such news. But whether they report it or not, the fact is, Singapore is losing it’s best and brightest at an alarming rate and this is destroying the island.  

You really don’t need a discerning society if all you had were low level, low skilled and low wage assembly line workers. But unfortunately, this is no longer the case. The island has progressed into more of a middle class society, many having tertiary qualifications. Such a society unfortunately requires thinking people, not a bunch of obedience trained poodles.

Such mind control by Lee Kuan Yew turning the island people into obedient poodles, while at the same time demanding a society that relies on international commerce banking and insurance is like trying to match a round plug into a square hole. It simply does not match.

Lee Kuan Yew’s problem is this. If he decides to loosen his control, he would be toppled. On the other hand, if he continues in his dogged determination out of insecurity, to keep his people as obedience trained poodles, the educated will continue to leave and his island will continue to stagnate without any vibrancy whatsoever.

I am sure Lee Kuan Yew too sees this, but it appears he has no answer.  

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
Fremont, California, USA
Tel: 510 491 4375

Monday, April 8, 2013

Singapore Island suffers without Rule of Law

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Reading the state controlled newspapers of the island-the government disallows independent newspapers- you see the Islands major problems as the uncontrollable brain drain to the West, the lack of babies being born and its aging population who are dying.

To replenish the languishing population, the despotic government of Lee Kuan Yew the father who has ruled without interruption and an iron grip from 1959, despite claiming to have stepped down but nevertheless continuing to receive millions in salary with his son the Prime Minister whom he appointed, bring in daily plane loads of Chinese from China.

You might find this puzzling. What, don't they have those sparkling modern skyscrapers that line the waterfront, have they not claimed to be the 4th richest country in the world and so on and so forth; and if so why are local Singaporeans in such a desperate hurry to escape the island? Are they mad?

No they are not. They wish to leave because the island run by this father and son team is simply morally bankrupt. They simply pretend to be a great country but underneath they are simply rotten. Here are the rotten facts.

Lee Kuan Yew and his son pay not only themselves but every one of their ministers millions of dollars ($3.7 million to be exact and much more secretly) every year and they call this a salary. Ordinary people would call it corruption.

The island is supposed to have a constitution but ever single article in it is openly broken. There is no freedom of speech, expression, assembly or anything else. And if you were to do any of these acts, which by the way you are rightfully entitled to do; you are promptly arrested, brought before their Kangaroo Courts and simply jailed or bankrupted.

Even though the island claims to be a multi racial country, any relationship to it and multi racialism had vanished long ago. Today there are hardly a handful of Malays or Indians in the island, more like a curiosity, with the vast majority of 80% being Chinese, the race preferred by the totalitarian father and son. And I must add, as a second choice he would prefer people who look Chinese even though they are not; Burmese, Vietnamese, even Koreans.  

It is not certain why he prefers Chinese or people of Mongoloid ancestry. It may be that like Hitler he believes in some sort of Chinese or Mongoloid supremacy over others, or he may believe that such people are more subservient to authority making them easily controllable, one can only guess. But it is clear that both science and history has shown that such theories are simply nonsense as Hitler had found out very quickly to his chagrin.

And if you were to object to any of these abuses, you are immediately arrested and dealt with, leaving you no possible prospect of ever succeeding in the island. You will be marked forever.

Success in the Lee Kuan Yew’s island requires not necessarily ability and competence in what you do, as in other open democracies, but on being recognized by the father and son government. If you are lucky enough to have their recognition, your future is simply milk and honey forever.

The trick lies in always being recognized with your loyalty to them at any one time beyond question and never ever doing a thing which they would disapprove.

Success in your career, in the courts and in every thing else in the island depends entirely on the patronage and support of Lee Kuan Yew and his son government. If you have some other ideas, it is better for you to know sooner than later that Singapore is not the place for you.

It is a society that simply does not support diversity of opinion. If you are a person who wants to promote freedom of speech, the right to peaceful assembly, the right to an independent press, the rule of law and such things, you are in the wrong place entirely. You would be arrested, sacked from your job, jailed and victimized for the rest of your life in his island. Singaporeans of today have no other opinion than that of the Lee ruling family government.

It is these characteristics which continue to hold Singapore back and will sooner than later ensure its doom. Independence of thinking and spirit is not possible in the island; only conformity is allowed. Success requires toeing the line and conforming to the prevailing mindset. In Singapore it is not possible to be a nail sticking out because you would be promptly hammered into place.

It is these traits of Singapore life under the father and son Lee team which makes it uncomfortable for those who still have a brain in their heads. An education is of no use if you cannot use it to think. Being unable to live and think the way they want and formulate and promote ideas contrarian to that of the despots, life becomes intolerable and thinking Singaporeans simply leave for the West.

In their place many foreigners come in, very often being deceived by the state controlled propaganda into thinking the island is something else than what it is, only to realize very soon after arriving that living there is not much different from living in Communist China or Cuba and they too, leave as quickly as they came.

For Singapore to succeed, it needs highly qualified people, the best there is. Unfortunately without credibility, which they have lost in their lack of the rule of law, no one either respects the island or its system of government. As a result they have no choice but to continue with only second rate people who eat humble pie and sing to any tune because they have no choice having just come out from the slums of Beijing and Chengdu.

You can see the benefits of insisting upon and respecting the rule of law and the Constitution in the USA. The best qualified people from all over the world vie and compete hard to come to the USA. And once there, they stay and build their careers and their families, bringing their relatives and loved one to join them. Each one of them is proud to be an American citizen. And the reason for this is simply this; they respect the USA, it legal system, it's respect for the Constitution and the realization that this is country of laws and it is not based on the patronage or recognition of some father and son who rule the place as dictators while they paying themselves millions.

If you run an island with Kangaroo Courts and openly violate the Constitution, you will not retain your skilled and honest citizens capable of formulating ideas, and neither would you attract such foreigners.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney At Law
A Singaporean in Exile
Fremont, California, USA
Tel: 510 491 4375

Friday, April 5, 2013

Singapore's stand up comedian, the Prime Minister

Ladies and Gentlemen,

When people say that the Singaporean Prime Minister is where he is just because he is the son of his father, Lee Kuan Yew- in other words nepotism-they are proven right once again as shown by his recent altogether downright stupid behavior during his recent US visit before a selected group of American businessmen during dinner. This is not how a leader of any country with brains in his head would behave.

Please see the article "Singapore's Prime minister is funny" in the Foreign Affairs Magazine

The article reads:

On Tuesday, Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Long visited the United States and met with President Obama. That night, in a speech to U.S. businessmen, Lee told a few jokes about China.
AP reports:
He drew laughs - and some groans - with his quips, including one about China's environmental problems.
"Beijing residents joke that to get a free smoke all they have to do is open their windows!" Lee said.
He then alluded to thousands of pig carcasses recently fished from Chinese rivers.
"(In) Shanghai, if you want some pork soup, you just turn on the tap," he said.
His audience appeared doubtful if that was good taste, until he added, "That's their joke, not mine!"

It is completely unacceptable for a leader of a country to insult another country, let alone make jokes about them, indeed a superpower, which is seen here completely in bad taste.

To openly say that all Beijing residents need to do for a smoke is to open their windows! We all know that China is struggling under a pollution problem but to take advantage of their misery and makes jokes about it is to rub salt into the wounds. Any ordinary person would not do it to another let alone a leader of a country against the Chinese people.

China had a serious problem with pigs being slaughtered and left to float down their Yangtze River recently. It was a problem which the Chinese were trying to overcome, but again to make fun of them in their time of calamity is not just wrong, it is down right stupid for a so called statesman. Lee’s son was not acting as a statesman. He was a clown.

Other than the fact of his being a downright clown for a Prime Minister of a country, have you thought of what he does in Washington DC, the capital of a respected democracy, compared to what he does at home.

In Singapore, even the slightest criticism about him would inevitably result in a letter from his attorney threatening to sue you for defamation in his Kangaroo Courts. And when he does it, you simply have no chance in the world of getting off. Yet he feels free to go to another country, Washington DC and publicly defame the Peoples Republic of China, their people and their politicians knowing full well that no one will be suing him for what he had just said.

Is he not behaving as a cowardly small time thug and bully who dare to insult anyone he wants outside his Kangaroo Courts Island whereas inside it, he will threaten, jail and bankrupt anyone who does do the same to him.

When asked by Charlie Rose, an American TV host why he sues everyone for the slightest criticism, his answer was that he considers himself a Chinese leader, who under Chinese thinking, would lose his authority to rule if anyone criticized him unpunished. So I am going to Email this to his Prime Ministers Office in Singapore, and see if he would feel his authority to rule will be compromised since I have called him an idiotic clown in this article which will be read not only by thousands of people in Singapore island and elsewhere throughout the world?

Will he sue me?

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
Fremont, California, USA
Tel: 510 491 4375

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Singapore losing it's battle with Singaporeans

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Yesterday there was a report on Singapore’s mixed race families in their state controlled newspaper Straits Times.

One was an establishment connected Singapore Chinese woman, I believe it was Straughn (her husband’s name) who had married an American with 2 sons both half Chinese and half American. According to her, her greatest test was to decide whether her sons would chose to be Singaporean or American when time comes for them to serve the Singapore army. So much patriotism or rather the lack of it, from the Singapore establishment Chinese woman.

Her lack of Singaporeanism seems out of place especially when we very often see her praising the Lee Kuan Yew style authoritarianism as the best political system man has ever created. Naturally, if you want to be establishment and enjoy the rewards of Lee Kuan Yew's largesse, I suppose you would have to sing the tune, haven't you. My purpose of pointing out this woman was to show the type of people who are now populating the island; a woman lacking principles.

Another mixed race family was a Chinese South African father, with an Black African mother and her mixed race child. Another was a Singaporean Malay man and a Japanese woman with their mixed race child.

None of these recent immigrants, carefully selected based on their Chinese race or other Mongoloid races (Lee Kuan Yew wants to keep the island Chinese looking or as close to it as possible); know anything of what Singapore was, its history, its evolution from the earlier colonial period till today. They simply knew nothing of Singapore before they stepped foot on the island. If in the future they know anything, they would know nothing else except what Lee has written as his history.

And as Gorge Orwell has correctly said in 1984, "He who controls the present controls the past, and he who controls the past controls the future" or something to that effect.

Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore has assiduously followed Orwell to the letter. Today's Singaporean history that this half race Chinese American or this half race Singapore Japanese or African Chinese is that Singapore was created entirely by Lee Kuan Yew who so courageously and single handedly brought this small island from being nothing but mosquito infested swamp to it's becoming a sky scraper city of today.

I suppose if Lee Kuan Yew could get away with it, as Big Brother did in 1984, he would claim that it was he who invented the aeroplane, the submarine and the internal combustion engine!

JB Jeyaretnam, Chee Soon Juan, Lim Chin Siong, Tang Liang Hong, Chia Thye Poh and many others, people who fought for Singapore’s freedom and it's interests, according to Lee Kuan Yew's books either never existed or if they did, were all, like Chee Soon Juan, no better than child molesters and serial killers.

The insurmountable problem that Lee Kuan Yew and his Singapore government faces is that their people are not as dumb as he has imagined.

The repeated lawsuits against JB Jeyaretnam when the law was deliberately and shamelessly distorted for the sole purpose of destroying a political opponent, the repeated abuse of the law to destroy Chee Soon Juan, the repeated abuse of the law to disbar lawyers, the re-writing of the law to silence dissent and the use of the Internal Security Act to imprison political opponents without trial is all, unfortunately for Lee Kuan Yew, fresh on the minds of native Singaporeans who have lived through these disgraceful years. Of course being educated and capable of earning a living anywhere in the world, they leave in droves for settlement abroad.

Without let up, the huge brain drain of Singaporeans from their tiny island, who know the extent to which it has descended into nothing but a dictatorship where one lives at the mercy of the government, continues unabated. As they leave for settlement in the West, they send their children for education abroad, of which not a single one returns to Singapore.

At the same time, we have, despite every effort made to encourage Singaporeans to marry and procreate, even going to the ludicrous extent of singing sexy songs on late night TV and radio to persuade love making, not a single one wants to marry, let alone have children. The island has the lowest birth rate in the world.

Singapore armed forces which is entirely conscript based, whose barracks stand empty for lack of soldiers. Why, first because there are no children being born and second the few remaining young men are all trying every means possible to stay out of uniform.

The causes of the problems the Lee Kuan Yew family government faces should be clear to anyone. An English educated person capable of earning a living anywhere would want to live in a country one can respect. In a country where one has hope. And in a country where you don't have to compromise your principles to earn a living.

On can respect countries such as Australia, Canada and the United States because one can depend on their rule of law. At anytime one can expect justice in their courts no matter who you happen to be.

At any time you can expect to be able to read the news, by which I mean real news, not propaganda. At any time, you can persuade others to your point of view without having to fear the government punishing you for your disobedience.

You may or you may not like what goes on in America but at least you have the right to openly criticize and attack your opponent without having to fear an immediate defamation lawsuit and bankruptcy the next minute.

Which is why Lee Kuan Yew and his friends who make up the Singapore government are mere insecure bullies who feel safe only if every one of their opponents is destroyed? And to accomplish that objective, he uses corrupt judges and policemen, on the one hand paid millions, and on the other hand ignorant sixth grade dropouts to round up his opponents for punishment.

If North Korea is the world's stupidest place, Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore is only one notch better, not more than that. In North Korea, you have an overfed tin pot tyrant bullying everyone in sight and in Singapore you have another tin pot tyrant and small time thug, Lee Kuan Yew threatening anyone who dares. The only difference is, you cannot escape from North Korea, while you can from Singapore, which explains the record breaking exodus of people leaving. 

Singapore, it should be clear has lost its battle with its people. They simply don't want to co-operate. They have had enough. They are leaving. And Singapore has to contend with these third rate recent arrivals, a half Chinese American who will probably choose to be a full time American while his elite Singaporean establishment mother sings praises to the totalitarianism regime for money; the half African Singaporean and the half Japanese Singaporean who knew nothing about Singapore except that Lee Kuan Yew created it. 

For Singapore, the game is lost. I, Gopalan Nair, a Singaporean by birth had left long ago, in 1991. Just as I, thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of Singaporeans who actually know Singapore had left the island from the 1970s up till now and continuing.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
Fremont, California, USA
Tel: 510 491 4375