Monday, July 28, 2008

July 28, 2008; 2 months and 2 days languishing in Singapore

Ladies and Gentlemen,

First Day, Charge of Disorderly Behavior and Insulting Police Officers on 4th July 2008, American Independence Day, at or near Little India Singapore. I deny both charges.

July 24, 2008, Court 6, Subordinate Court Singapore, 9.30am

Case begins in court. 9. 30 am.

If anyone was to read the following narration and was to think that I had just killed 20 people in broad daylight, it is nothing of the sort. You see it is Singapore that you are dealing with, where small petty incidents and taken out of proportion if Lee’s political opponents are involved; taken out of context, twisted and a mountain made of a mole hill.

And not just that, taxpayers money wasted like water; with court cases everyday, state controlled newspapers writing full page twisted biased articles to vilify defame and discredit the offender, hoping to make him look in the eyes of Singaporeans who are gullible enough to believe such nonsense, that the man who had the audacity to criticize Lee and his country, is indeed much worse than Guy Foxe himself; the criminal who set fire to London.

Again and to bring you back to reality, the accusation here is merely that I misbehaved and yelled at police officers. I am sure you will agree that all over the world, people sometimes misbehave and out of frustration or otherwise, call a policeman a pig or a donkey. And sometimes, I am sure you will agree that some policeman; not all; deserve such a scolding. And if that were to occur in any civilized country; the culprit is faced with no more than a warning, admonished and permitted to go his merry way; especially if it is his first time for such an infraction.

You see, policemen are afterall civil servants. They serve us. We pay their wages through our taxes. Therefore the best rule is that we should not insult insult anyone, not just policemen and we should be kind to animals. Similarly policemen should not insult citizens and they too should be kind to all living things.

But not in Singapore. Oh no. Especially if a former opposition politician such as Gopalan Nair were involved; the most minor indiscretion has to be dealt with as if he had committed no less that serial murders. The full extent of the Singapore Police Force and the state controlled newspapers has to be used to vilify and defame him. A warning is never sufficient if Gopalan Nair is involved. A warning may be sufficient for other ordinary men; but Gopalan Nair is not an ordinary man; certainly not in the eyes of this dictatorship. He is one of a few but growing number of Singaporeans and former Singaporeans who feel it is time that Lee and his cronies should be told that Singaporeans should not be treated as slaves any longer. Not just Singaporeans but no one should be treated that way.

So Lee is afraid of what he sees. That is why he reacts this way, with prosecutions and defamation actions whenever he hears any criticism. This is not the reaction of a confident man to criticism. This itself is proof that he fears the growing numbers of people who are now courageously coming out to be counted. Standing up to this dictatorship demanding to be heard even braving arrest prosecution, conviction and imprisonment.

In Lee's Singapore, men such as Gopalan Nair have to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Taxpayer’s money should be spent generously and lavishly for that purpose. He has to be charged. His face has to appear in the state controlled Straits Times on a daily basis with twisted reporting to show him as no better than the devil himself. Not just for one day but on a daily basis. So much so that everyday while I remain in Singapore against my will and walk about the streets, almost every Singaporean recognizes me.

But mind you, that is not to say that I myself did any such thing. I have denied both charges. This much has to be clear.

But the bad news for the Lee government is this. That if the intention of the government is to make me look bad, the effect is just the reverse. On a daily basis now, no less than 20 people approach me and congratulate me on what I have done. And what is worse for the government, after congratulating me and asking me to stand my ground; they curse this government.

They are aware, thank God of the truth.

I am becoming increasing popular in this country while I continue to remain here. And I hope the state controlled Straits Times will continue posting my picture daily on it.

And to remind you once again, the accusation against me is only that I behaved in a disorderly manner, whatever that is and I yelled curses at police officers. I deny those charges. No big deal on any score. This is not theft, murder or high treason. Please keep that in mind. Thanks.

In court at commencement of the trial, Gopalan Nair asks for full names of Judge, Prosecutor and Investigating Officer for the record. Suprisingly all of them refuse to give their full names. Prosecutor is prepared to say only that he is Peter Koy. Prosecutor is Chinese. They usually have a full Chinese name as well. The Judge is prepared only to say that he is James Leong and refuses to give his full name. In the case of Investigating Officer in the case, he uses a completely false name. He claims to be S Vicki. He wishes to remain to be entirely incognito.

When I pressed the Prosecutor that he should not attempt to hide his true identity, that these are legal proceedings and he should give his full name, his answer was that he uses the name of Peter Koy only, that is how he appears in court and that he sees no necessity to give his full name to Gopalan Nair or to anyone else! Imagine that! These are legal proceedings and he is refusing to give his full name; and not only that, the Judge is himself trying to hide his true identity. Even he is not prepared, in legal proceedings, mind you, to give his full name. He stands by his position that there is n need to fully identify himself even though these are legal proceedings in court. As for the Investigating Officer, he is determined to hide his identity completely. I understand from some court documents that his name is indeed S. Vikneshwaran, Investigating Officer Central Police Division, HQ, but why he should be so determined to remain under false pretenses like a thief is indeed mind-boggling.

I do not know why the Judge, the Prosecutor in court and the Investigating Officer are all so determined not to provide their true names! Mr. Peter Koy, the prosecutor, the Judge in this case, Mr. James Leong and the gentleman who goes around under an entirely false name, Investigating Officer Vicki all must have some compelling reason to hide their identities. Or else why the great reluctance in stating who they are?

As to why they are so determined to hide their true names in official legal proceedings at any cost, is left entirely up to you. I have since discovered through my research that the Judge is actually Mr. James Leong Kui Yiu and the prosecutor is Peter Koy Su Hua. The Investigating Officer is S Vikneshwaran of the Central Police Division. I intend to ask him when he testifies again what his true name is and that going around, as S Vicki will not do at any cost. It will be interesting to see how he answers.

As for the Assistant to the Investigating Officer, I was informed that he is Tony Thien! Again full name was not provided despite my asking.

Since the court was quite prepared to allow all government parties in the case to go around under false or incomplete names, I then asked the court, admittedly facetiously, that since this was so, perhaps they should change my name in all court proceedings to Gordon, since any other name would do! I pointed out that what is sauce for the goose should be sauce for the gander after all. The Singapore constitution does require equality under the law and if it is all right for judge, prosecutor and police officers in the court to be going around under false pretences, and incomplete names, why then should I not be permitted now to be called Gordon instead in all court proceedings.

As expected, and you would have guessed this much, the court denied my request. Gordon was not allowed for me, but the prosecutor can use an incomplete name, the Judge can do the same, the Investigating Officer can use an entirely false name but in my case, Gordon was not permitted. Please do not misunderstand me. I am very proud of my full name Gopalan Nair and would rather die than be called something else. But for the sake of testing the equality of persons before then law, it was quite clear that it was one rule for the Judge, the Prosecutor and the Investigating Officer but entirely another for the Singaporean Dissident, Gopalan Nair.

A point needs to be clarified on the state controlled Straits Times report on me, of July 25 2008. It said without more that I asked the court to address me as Gordon in court proceedings. This is not entirely correct. I only asked that this be done, after the judge insisted that he, James Leong was not prepared to tell us who he is, the prosecutor was not similarly prepared and neither was the Investigating Officer. For the record, I am Gopalan Nair, and very proud to be none other than Gopalan Nair, now and always.

I then asked that the Investigating Officer, being a prosecution witness, not be permitted to remain in court during the proceedings. It is well known that in the past in Dr. Chee's cases, it was found that the Investigating Officer sat in court during the proceedings, listened to the evidence, and was subsequently found to be coaching other prosecution witnesses who were yet to testify. This is a serious abuse of process. My request was granted, surprisingly, with the prosecutor Mr. Peter Koy Su Hua confirming that the prosecutor will not be present in court while others testify.

My application for the other police witness Mr. Tony Thien to be sequestrated was disallowed on the grounds that he has to help the prosecutor with administrative duties. The judge had directed the prosecutor to order him not to relay any information to other police witnesses but to what extent he would keep that word, one does not know at this stage.

After the above exchanges in the morning, came another shocker.

The prosecution now, on the first day of trial, requests leave to serve on me amended charges. Although the prosecution had all the time in the world, since my arrest on July 4th 2008, American Independence Day, they wait until the day of the trial, July 24, 2008, 20 full days later, to surprise me with amended charges.

Naturally I object. The rule of law is very clear. The prosecutor is required to give notice to the Defendant of the charges he has to meet in sufficient time, for trial preparation. It is entirely unacceptable to surprise the Defendant with charges to which he had no time to address. I strenuously object. But the prosecutor argues that I should proceed and defend myself to them because according to him, the changes are minor and therefore such a practice of handing in amended charges at the last minute is permissible.

Thank God I am a lawyer and not a layman even though for the purposes of this trial, I am a layman. Had I been a layman in the true sense with no legal training at all, this prosecutor would have got away with it.

The court orders that the trial itself start on Monday, July 28, 2008 except for the testimony of Dr. Cheong which will be heard that day, and about which I explain below.

The first witness was supposed to be Doctor Gabriel Choeng of the Raffles Medical Group, A and E Department. Another surprise. Prosecutor Peter Koy Su Hua suddenly produces a medical report of this doctor and serves it on me; the first time I have ever seen it. He then says that unbeknown st to me, Dr. Cheong has to leave the country for a year on Sunday night, 2 days later and that I should cross-examine him on his testimony that very day or else he will not be available for a long time!

What in Heavens! The police had from July 4th 2008 to give me the police report and they spring another surprise on the day of the trial with a medical report and a request that I conduct a cross examination of the doctor that very day, right away!

Upon my vigorous objection, the Judge agreed to have the doctor's testimony to be taken on August 6th, 2008, which happens to be a trial date for this case. Not wanting to wait that long, and being faced with an impossible situation, I reluctantly agreed to do my best that afternoon, after I had consulted my legal help, Mr. Chia Ti Lik.

Afternoon 2.30 pm. Court No 6, Subordinate Court, same day

2 amended charges, one for disorderly conduct and another for insulting police officers are read to me. I plead not guilty.

The charges are that on or about 10.30 pm on July 4th 2008 at a place known as Little India Singapore which is an area where the Indian community is concentrated, I had behaved disorderly in that I had gesticulated with my hands (whatever that means) and I had insulted police officers by using expletives at them. These 2 charges are not only baseless, they are absurd. I had no reason for doing this and no motive whatsoever. As to why the police are charging me with this, only they know. I have all along denied these charges and have clearly stated that I intend to fully dispute them.

Doctor Gabriel Cheong, of Raffles Medical Group, A and E Department now takes the stand. He was the doctor who first examined me at Cantonment Police Station during the early hours of the morning after my arrest on July 25, 2008 while I was in custody.

The doctor is referred to his medical report prepared by him. In summary it states as follows. He saw me at 0125 hours on July 5th 2008. The examination was completed at 0133 hours. That he was asked to examine me for injuries and to take a sample of my blood for alcohol analysis. That I had told him that I was forced to the ground by police officers and that my spectacles were damaged. That I had complained of pain to my wrists from the use of handcuffs. That I was clinically ambulant. That he noted alcoholic breath. That he noted superficial abrasions over both my wrists. That there was no evidence of bruising or cuts on the rest of my body during examination. That he deemed me fit to be locked up. That he took a blood sample at 0128 hours. That testing of the blood was carried out by Center for Forensic Science. That the results are still pending at the time of the report.

The prosecutor then asked the doctor to summarize his findings. The doctor repeats what is in the report. He states that I had full range of motion with both hands, left shoulder and elbow. And then he repeats what is in his medical report. For the first time, he states that he noticed an abrasion on my right eyebrow.

To the prosecutor’s question as to why he did not mention the abrasion on the right eyebrow, his answer was that he was only concerned with life threatening injuries and that he was not looking for other lesser injuries. He did however say that I had tenderness on both elbows as well, although this too did not appear in his medical report.

At my question whether such injuries to my right eyebrow could have been caused by forcefully pushing me to the ground, the doctor agreed that it is impossible to hypothesize as to what amounts to excessive force, as was my contention that I was thrown to the floor with excessive force.

However to my question to the doctor as to how I behaved with him during his medical examination, his answer was that I did not behave disorderly before him, that I was polite to him and to all intends and purposes I behaved towards him like a gentleman. Moreover the medical report on my blood analysis from Health Sciences Authority dated July 08, 2008 states my blood alcohol level to be 24 mg per 100 ml. This report categorically proves that I was not drunk at all, and what is more, I am even fit to drive a car. The alcohol limit for drunk driving, as you know is 35mg per 100ml.

The case was adjourned to Monday July 28, 2008. I will be writing on what transpired on this day in my next blog post, hopefully tomorrow.

Gopalan Nair

Monday, July 21, 2008

Singapore. July 21, 2008, another day in court

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This was another day in court.

2.15 pm, Subordinate Court Singapore, Court No. 6. This was the application for my lawyer Mr. Chia to withdraw from further representing me. From my previous blog, you can see the reasons for Mr. Chia's withdrawal. It is with my consent. He is a good man and a good lawyer.

Court granted his application to withdraw from representing me for all matters including the High Court blogging matter.

The disorderly behaviour allegation case against me will start as scheduled on Thursday July 24, 2008 at 9 am in Court 6, Subordinate Court. Full continuous dates have been given for this case at my request. This way, the case will end sooner.

My renewed application to permit me to travel to the US to take care of my affairs in the US was again denied. Although I made a strong plea to permit me to travel in the light of the fact that I have been here almost 2 months now, the court refused the request. The court's argument was that the disorderly behaviour case is scheduled on this Thursday, so no prejudice is suffered by me. The court completely ignored the fact that the blogging case is fixed for hearing only on September 08, 2008, which is more than a month away.

The prosecutor had suggested that he will try to move the Sept 08, 2008 blogging case forward to an earlier date but he could make no promises.

It is interesting to note that in this disorderly behaviour matter, there are 2 charges against me. One that I behaved in a disorderly matter on 4th July 2008, American Independence Day along a street in Singapore. Their allegation is to quote their exact words " I had gesticulated with my arms!". Why would I want to do that for Heavens' sake! How exactly I "gesticulated" is not stated.

The other allegation is that I insulted the police officers in bad language. In Singapore, it is an offense to insult a police officer. Although I deny having insulted anyone or "gesticulated" as they claim, it is interesting to note that the Singapore police have very delicate nerves indeed. An American police officer would not have minded if anyone insulted them, as this happens almost on a daily basis, but apparently not so with the Singapore police. It would appear that in the case of Singaporean police, the moment they hear any insult, they immediately melt, cry baby and forthwith commence legal proceedings to punish the offender. A terrible waste of tax payers money, I would have thought. Have they ever thought of employing more robust police officers with greater tolerance to the daily rigours of life, and not weaklings? Perhaps not.

In any case, has Singapore any laws prohibiting police officers from insulting innocent bystanders? I doubt it, in Singapore; Lee's police state!

These police officers all seemed thoroughly ignorant souls. No knowledge of the laws, no knowledge of the Constitution and worst of all, no self respect. They appeared to function only to carry out orders, regardless of the justification, reasonableness or otherwise of that order.

Therefor what can one expect from these men anyway. As the saying goes, if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

Rest assured, I will be disputing this false accusation of disorderliness and of insulting anyone.

I did not get the name of the Judge sitting today in Court No. 6 Subordinate Court. The government prosecutor or the District Attorney was Mr. Peter Koy. Next time I will manage to get his full name.

Gopalan Nair

Saturday, July 19, 2008

New blog posts

Ladies and Gentlemen,

To those who have written asking that I continue blogging while in Singapore I ask for pardon. I have already very clearly expressed my stand on these matters which is well known. My position has not and will not change.

However, while in Singapore, except for writing on what is happening to my cases in court and other personal matters, I will not be blogging like I used to in the past for obvious reasons. You have seen the depths to which this government will go to silence criticism and I do not wish to attract anymore attacks from them while here; my main intention being at present to return home to America soonest possible.

I will of course continue in my fight to increase awareness of the plight of Singaporeans from abroad and to work for freedom in other ways; but while in Singapore, being at the mercy of this government, I have to act with caution.

I trust you will understand and forgive me while I handle these cases that have been thrown at me.

Thank you.

Gopalan Nair

July 19, 2008, Singapore

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The latest position is like this.

On 2.15 pm, Monday 21, 2008, at Subordinate Court No. 6, my lawyer Mr. Chia Ti Lik will apply to withdraw from further representing me in the July 4, 2008 disorderly behaviour case. I will represent myself. Mr. Chia is a good man and an excellent lawyer. Unfortunately his work load is too heavy at present to deal with this. This withdrawal application has my full approval. Thanks Mr. Chia.

Mr. Chia had earlier applied in Court 3 Subordinate Court on July 16, 2008 during the Pre Trial Conference for the disorderly matter for my passport to be released to me to attend to my matters in the US pending trial. This application was refused. I will be making a renewed application for this in Court 6, Subordinate Court on July 21, 2008. My application is supported by the US Embassy who have given a letter to the Court supporting my application.

I understand from the US Embassy that US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will be in Singapore on July 24, 2008. I also understand that the US State Department at the highest levels is being briefed daily daily on my matter. I have asked the US Embassy to put my case to the Secretary of State while she is here.

I have received dates for the disorderly behaviour trial. They are in the Subordinate Court as follows. The dates includes many half dates and intervals between dates. This is because Mr. Chia had other matters to attend and therefore dates were unavailable. Since I will be conducting my own trial, I will ask for earlier uninterrupted dates to speed up the matter.

Dates as follows: All hearings in Court 6, Subordinate Court. July 24 full day, July 28, 9am to 1 pm, July 29 2.30 to 5 pm, July 30, 2.30 to 5 pm, July 31 9 am to 5 pm whole day, August 6, 9 am to 5 pm whole day.

High Court Blogging trial, Sept 8th to the 19th, High Court.

I will be disputing the disorderly charge and the charge that I insulted police officers. My stand will be that I was neither disorderly or insulted anyone on 4th July 2008, American Independence Day.

As for the the blogging trial that I insulted Judge Belinda Ang in my blog (the blogging case) , my stand will be that I insulted no one. I wrote a blog and I am entitled under my right to freedom of speech to say what I say during the 3 day trial of May 26 to May 28, 2008 in the High Court. The words that I used in the blog clearly meant in the English language that judge Belinda Ang had abused her authority, and it was not meant to be understood in any other sense. If in fact the selection of my words, although proper in the English language, was harsh I apologize to Judge Belinda Ang for it. However my stand will continue to be that in the English language, it was a proper use of the words to describe her actions.

As to her conduct of the case, I intend to stand by what I have said. She did not appear to be impartial at all, and Dr. Chee Soon Juan and his sister and the SDP was not given any real opportunity to put their case forward. That will continue to be my stand.

I cannot understand the Singapore Government in pursuing these matters against me. If indeed it is to punish me, it would be indeed a useless exercise. After all I am an American citizen. I will be returning to the the US after all, despite my punishment. And any amount of punishment cannot change the way I think. Any punishment meted out to me will not change my impression of the Singapore authoritarian government and Singapore's using the courts to silence Singaporeans yearning for democracy and freedom.

On the other hand, if it is an attempt to intimidate any other Singaporean from speaking up against injustices, it is clearly a failure. As you know, 19 Singaporean protesters have stood up against this government to voice their disaffection, during the Ta Boleh Tahan March 15, 2008 Parliment House protest, for which all of them have been charged in court. I was in Court 24 on July 18, 2008 in Court 24 for their pre trial conferences. Far from being intimidated, they have all been seen to be in very high spirits and look as if they are all ready to take on these unjust laws yet again. And what is more, all signs indicate that more and more young people are coming forward to stand up to repression and intimidation, their hearts emboldened and strengthened by this outrage against them.

All this is happening with the backdrop of the 72 page scathing report of the International Bar Association which clearly spells out the fact that the Singapore judiciary is an instrument of political repression against Singaporeans in order to perpetuate the Lee Kuan Yew Regime. The Guardian newspaper of London has only yesterday come up with an article stating the government of Singapore uses its so called economic success as an excuse to deny their people their human rights. Of course Lee Kuan Yew and the Mr. Teo, the Singapore High Commissioner to London have come up with the same old lame excuse that Singapore is unique, being Asian, small and multi racial, and therefore not suited to Western norms of human rights.

I will tell this to Mr. Lee and the High Commissioner. Human beings are human beings whether Asian, Australian or Eskimo. And being humans they are all entitled to human rights. And by the way human rights is universal. It is not particularly only for Europeans or Americans.

So stop trying to pull wool over our eyes. We are not babies.

Gopalan Nair

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Announcement July 8th 2008 Singapore

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Kindly be advised that I will not be holding any protest. Please ignore my earlier announcement. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. Your support is deeply appreciated. I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you.
Gopalan Nair

Monday, July 7, 2008

July 4th, Singapore. Independance Day

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Not satisfied with having arrested me for just writing a blog in criticism of the Judge Belinda Ang in the Lee Kuan Yew vs. Dr. Chee Soon Juan case respecting her bias during the 3 days May 26 2008 to May 28 2008, now the Singapore Police have resorted to beating me up.

I suppose they are not satisfied with the fact that I have not relented and withdrawn my accusation that this Judge was clearly biased during the trial to favor Mr. Lee Kuan Yew and his son. But no matter what, the fact remains what it is. No amount of police brutality against me can change the facts. Neither can it make me say that 2 and 2 is 5, simply because it is not.

Judge Belinda Ang was biased. There is no doubt about it. She behaved that way for all to see. If no Singaporean mentioned it, it was because they are afraid. They live in a police state. They live in fear and in subjugation. I do not live that way. I am a free man. And I will say what I saw.

If Singapore continues to claim that it is a first world country, after this, that statement is only useful during a round of beer at a lively party. After this Singapore is no better useful than for the butt of a solid joke.

On July 4th, 2008, Independence Day, at about 11 pm, I was passing by Race Course Road Little India. I earlier had a small Scotch in celebration. And why not, it was after all the 4th of July, 2008, even if I was in Singapore. Just before reaching the junction of Bukit Timah Road, I hear loud calls asking me to stop. Looking back, I see about 4 people in civilian clothes. They confront me and ask who I was. And where I was going. Surely I have no reason to give any information. They appeared no better than thugs. Gangsters. I refused to give my name. Or any information.

The next minute, these cowardly unruly ill mannered ungentlemanly and gangster like persons in plain clothes, force me down to the floor. They man handle me. They hurt me. They shove my fact to the hard tarmac floor. They use their boots to kick me while I am in the floor. A Malay officer is especially brutal. He hurts me badly. They abuse me by calling me bastard and other dirty names. They intentionally cause sever pain and hurt me. And all for what? Just because I did not oblige them with my name? In the physical encounter, with about 10 policemen in plainclothes overcoming me, they have obviously won the physical fight. But in the moral question, they have failed miserably. They were thugs. Singapore government thugs. Lee Kuan Yew thugs. Another example of Lee's first world country.

The newspapers all owned by Lee Kuan Yew and his government can of course conveniently say anything they want about the incident. What else do you expect of a state controlled monopoly of news media? I have been falsely accused of touching the police car, and shouting abuses at the police. None of that ever happened. I was walking peacefully along the street, when these state sponsored thugs in civilian clothes ask me to stop etc.

This is what I am going to tell the Singapore government. I, Gopalan Nair am deliberately being singled out for victimization. We all know that on that day, Friday July 4th 2008 at 11 pm at night, there would have been hundreds if not thousands of Singaporean who may have a little to drink who may have behaved not necessarily as a proper English gentlemen, so to speak. I am sure there have been countless arrests. But you know, none of them would have made the headlines in the Singapore press. They would all have been given warnings and let off.

But surely in the eyes of this pathetic Singapore government who are at the butt end of jokes all over the free world, Gopalan Nair has to be singled out. Gopalan Nair had to be punished. A mountain has to made out of a molehill. His name has to be splashed all over the Singapore propaganda press. He has to be made to look like a real criminal, just because he did not have the decency to respond to some thug looking characters who wanted to know who he was.

Any way, the answer is not guilty once again. We have no free press here. All I can do is to use this blog of mine to tell my side of the story which I will continue to do. The Singapore dictator cannot intimidate me. I will not allow it.

And mind you, the entire action against me makes no sense. If the intent is to shut me up and keep me quite, it will not work. I will return to California and write and agitate with increased vigor the fact of the of the lack of any freedom in this island republic.

I understand the Far Eastern Economic Review is being sued. But unlike the Far Eastern Economic Review who can be prevented from circulating within Singapore, my blog cannot be stopped. No matter what my message will be coming through with heightened intensity to Singapore.

And what is worse, I had been just another blogger before my arrest on May 31, 2008. With my arrest by this government, I have been propelled into international fame, where now I will be taken much more seriously internationally than if I had been left alone for my blog post of May 29, 2008, the blog post which has made me internationally famous.

I am grateful to the US Embassy and the US State Department which is monitoring my case at the highest levels in Washington. I know that I have the US Government behind me in all this. I know I am not alone.

I also know that I have the entire free world who cherish their freedom behind me in this. Truly I am not alone.

I wish to thank those supporters out there particularly for their financial support. I was at Block 292 Bishan, at 9 am, yesterday, Sunday, with the Singapore Democratic Party helping them with distributing their leaflets and selling their books and literature to the public. At the location, I am particularly grateful to a supporter who handed me a very generous donation to help me sustain myself in Singapore during this ordeal. Not only to this supporter but to the countless other supporters who have given me both financial and moral support, I wish to say a heartfelt thank you for your kindness.

As you know, I have no choice in this matter. It is not possible for me to apologize to this Singapore government or to anyone else to seek mercy. I continue to stand by what I had said in my blog namely that Judge Belinda Ang was not a judge at all during the 3 days while she sat in judgment in the Lee Kuan Yew vs. Dr. Chee case. I would of course gladly apologize for the choice of words used, but the essence of the meaning of what I said remains intact and correct, for which I cannot apologize.

I am sorry that I was not able to be at Parliament House for my protest to demand that this government either give me a speedy trial or let me go home. I will have to see the outcome of the Pre Trial Conference tomorrow before I make a decision. Also there is the matter of the investigation against me for the alleged disorderly behavior.

All in all I intend to hang in there and not give up. Every political action has a price. In this case, I am lucky I am an American citizen. At least this dictatorial Lee Kuan Yew regime cannot have a hold on me forever, unlike the plight of my fellow Singaporeans who remain citizens.

They on the other hand they cannot escape the Lee Kuan Yew grip, unless they themselves decide they no longer are prepared to be enslaved.

Thanks to all.

Gopalan Nair
Imprisoned in the island paradise, Singapore
Against my will

Friday, July 4, 2008

Give me a trial or let me go NOW!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today is the 40th day since my arrival in Singapore on May 26, 2008. I expected to remain in Singapore only until June 3rd, 2008 i.e. for only 9 days for a short holiday and to witness the Lee Kuan Yew vs Dr. Chee Soon Juan defamation case.

On May 29, 2008 I wrote a blog criticizing the judge in the case of Lee Kuan Yew vs Dr. Chee Soon Juan Juan which was heard from May 26, 2008 to May 28, 2008. My article critical of Judge Belinda Ang appeared in this blog.

On May 31, 2008 5 plain clothes policemen and women from Cantonment Police Station arrested me from my hotel, the Broadway Hotel at Serangoon Road at 9 pm.

The Singapore government in this case is being being deliberately malicious and small minded in wanting to hurt me unnecessarily by refusing to proceed with this case in an expeditious manner. It has now been already been 40 days since my arrival in Singapore and I still have not had a trial yet. The Singapore government very well knows that this sort of delay is especially hurting to a foreigner who is waiting here while his affairs in his home country are being neglected. This sort of delay causes untold misery to a foreigner, which itself amounts to severe punishment.

The Singapore government is being deliberately malicious in refusing to proceed with this case in an expeditious manner and is intentionally causing me severe harm by dragging this case on unnecessarily.

This Singapore government is aware that I have my personal business to attend to in the USA and I have to go on with my life, which happens to be in the USA. Not in Singapore. While here, I have no proper accommodation, no right to work or no means of survival. Yet knowing this, this heartless and unjust Singapore government deliberately drags their feet with this case instead of giving a a trial immediately or alternately dropping all charges and letting me go home.

Let me make this very clear. When I attended the 3 day case before Judge Belinda Ang, there was no doubt in my mind at all that she was clearly biased as biased can be, and completely and utterly unfair towards Dr. Chee Soo Juan. In court she was not presiding as a judge at all, but was being merely a spokesman or spokeswoman for Lee Kuan Yew and his son to ensure that they get to say whatever they want and at the same time to ensure that Dr. Chee was not given any effective means to put his case forward. It was not a trial, but a charade, a sham, an opera and a make believe of the most disgusting sort.

The Singapore government in their effort to use the law courts as a means to remain in power can do whatever they want. But they cannot try to make me say things which are not true. They cannot and will not succeed in making me lie. No matter what, they cannot compel me to say that what happened in the Singapore High Court was indeed a fair trial. It was not.

The police had seized my personal notebook containing my Email password and either themselves or through their agents sent Emails to this judge Ang and are now trying to blame it on me. I have not sent any emails to this judge Ang. I did post 2 blog posts about the matter. Sending emails by seizing my personal particulars to a judge and then trying to blame it on me shows the depths of desperation and dishonesty to which this pathetic government will go to prove their point. By lies and dishonesty.

Look here, Singapore government. There was no need for me to send any Emails to Judge Ang. I had made my position that this judge was biased and unjust very clearly in my blog. If she wanted to, she could read it. I couldn't care less. But there was no need for me to send her any Emails. I had already made my point that she was biased and unjust. Sending her any emails was totally unnecessary. So Singapore government, this is my message to you. Stop being infantile and stupid. Grow up. This is not how a first world country should behave.

I wish to make it clear that I am not going to permit this silly government intolerant of dissent to intentionally punish me by making me remain in Singapore unnecessarily. You may try such strong arm tactics with others but you will not try that with me. My having to remain in Singapore for an extended period is causing me very severe harm. The bad reputation that Singapore has throughout the world as a country which abuses the law for it's political ends is getting progressively worse by these false charges against me. In fact it is hitting rock bottom.

Therefore as from Monday, July 7th 2008, 9am, I will be holding a one man protest in front of Singapore Parliament demanding that I be given a trial immediately or I be allowed to go home. This Belinda Ang business has gone on long enough and I am not prepared to wait any longer. I intend to do this every day until I get a trial date or I am allowed to go home.

Also as from the said date, Monday July 7th, 2008 from 3 pm in the afternoon, I intend to hold a one man protest outside Takashimaya Shopping Center, Orchard Road for the same purpose. I am unable to continue financially being forced to remain in Singapore during this time. I will therefore willingly accept your financial donations to keep me alive in Singapore while I am being kept against my will.

I invite all bloggers, writers, concerned citizens, foreigners, people who cherish freedom, journalists, cameramen, citizens, video cameramen and everyone else to please come forward and give me your support during this difficult time.

Please also give as much publicity and coverage to this case as possible. The world must keep aware of the injustice that this Singapore government is meting out to free speech and expression.

I am going to force this government to give me a trial without any further delay. Give me a trial now or else drop your false charges and let me go home.

Shame on you.

Gopalan Nair
in Singapore
held against my will