Saturday, September 30, 2017

Singapore citizens always fail in any other country. Their minds have been destroyed by the Stalinist political system

Ladies and Gentlemen,

          Except for my childhood and about 10 years as a lawyer in the island, I have spent a great part of my life abroad, 7 years in Europe and 26 years now in California USA. I can clearly see the damage that life in Singapore does to your brain. I have also seen a few Singaporeans here and previously in Europe. I can say without hesitation that a Singaporean either in Europe or America is a disappointment. He is a bore. The only things that interests him is perhaps talking about the price of houses and where to eat at which restaurant. Since most Singaporeans who have left the island are ethnic Chinese, they invariably appear pale, effete and weak both physically mind and spirit. You will never see a Singaporean scaling El Capitan or sailing the world. Only Americans and Europeans do that. And he is afraid to speak because he does not want the Singapore rulers to take offense. In other words he has no opinion because he is a bore.

          Once again let me tell you this. It took me a long time before it dawned on me as to why these Singaporeans are so different, so uninteresting, so bereft of any daring or courage compared to Englishmen or Europeans. Their total lack of spontaneity. Their total lack of a spark in the eye. Talking to them is like getting information from an old 1980 computer; you feed in the question and there is a delay before your answer is processed.

          Why are Singaporeans this way? With a little bit of thought the answer would be very clear. It is the stifling political system which prevents a human being from being who you are. In Singapore island, the island wide security apparatus includes island wide surveillance, not dissimilar to North Korea.  Success in that island depends on your pleasing your masters, just as you would please Kim Jong Un, showing unwavering support to the ruling party and their government and in this manner one climbs the ladder to financial and political success.

          But Hey wait a minute. Is it not hard to show loyalty and support to a government which denies you the right to free speech and expression, which denies you the right to free and independent newspapers, which has no rule of law but rule by telephone by which I mean the judge before passing judgment waits for the Prime Minister to tell him how long the sentence should be?

          For example common sense should tell you that there should be nothing wrong for you to peacefully stand alone and hold up a placard with the words "Down Down Prime Minister". No one is harmed. No one is hurt. The island doesn't collapse as a result. But not in Singapore. In that island common sense is upside down. Even if you think there is nothing wrong for the peaceful protester, you have to deliberately make yourself believe that it is wrong and not do it. If you do you are punished.

          For any lawyer to tell the court that he believes the judge is corrupt and a Kangaroo would mean a contempt charge and you would be thrown in jail, even though you, the judge himself and everyone else knows it is perfectly true! In other words the Singapore's rulers have a right to appoint corrupt judges to punish political opponents and you simply have to accept it.

          What happens over time when you live in such a state is this. You slowly begin to realize the hopelessness of your situation. You realize that there is nothing you can do. Whether you like it or not you simply have to submit. You simply have to crawl. You have to resign yourself to your fate and the life that this dictatorship has decided for you.

          Having resigned yourself to this state of hopelessness, the vast majority who either have no means to leave the island or are opportunists, feel that the best policy is "In Rome do as the Romans do". If success in the island depends on your unwavering support for the dictatorship, then why not give it and reap the rewards. The thinking is just the same as what a Russian would have thought under the Soviet Union. If it is profitable to sing praises to Stalin, never mind he is a mass murderer, then why not do it and profit by it.

          So in Singapore today you have an entire citizenry who are daily looking at ways to please the rulers, i.e. the Lee Family and their ruling party. The smart guy in the island is the thoroughly obedient submissive loyal supporter of the establishment. He is a member of the Peoples Association, the branch of the government which you are invited to join, run around doing errands for the government members of parliament and after sufficient crawling and licking their boots, you will be rewarded. In order to accomplish this, you have to engage in some mental gymnastics. Even though you hate the way you have to live, you should publicly declare it is paradise. Even though you have no respect these government appointment lapdog judges, you have to say the island has the best legal system in the world. Even though you have no right to freedom of speech, you have to say that freedom of speech is a very bad thing. And so on and so forth.

          On the other hand, in Alice in Wonderland Singapore, the one who has the courage to stand up against this Stalinist government is considered a fool, who does not know which side the bread is buttered! In any other country, he would a hero.

          And can you imagine someone who has lived a life such as this suddenly coming to America! All he knows is to simply obey like a Labrador Retriever. The problem is this. In Singapore it is good for you to be a Labrador Retriever. But American society has no respect for such people. In any organization, people who have independent minds and opinions are appreciated. And in America people have common sense which is why if you told an American that is a criminal offense to hold up a sign peacefully, he will send you to the mental asylum.

          In America and Europe, everyone has the right think and speak openly. And this is why when people think of new ideas and changes, they have a chance to get it implemented thereby improving their own lives as well as society. Free societies always change because everyone is always thinking of new and better ideas. Sometimes it is wrong and the country regresses. But then they realize it, correct their mistakes and move forward. Change is always good for society because change means progress.

          In Singapore island you can have no change at all through the people. If there is going to be change it is because the rulers have decided it. As for you, you have to just sit back and wait for the next orders. In the end, the Singaporean is a boring dummy. And that is why Singaporeans never succeed abroad in the free world. It's because if an American is faced with something really stupid like don't stand on a street protesting, he would instantly ask why not. Whereas a Singaporean brought up under the obedience regime of Singapore would not even imagine of questioning the rule. And if you come to America and live your life simply obeying authority, you will not only fail  in life, you will be a bore and no one would want to be with you.

          Which is why an English boy, an American boy or an Australian boy is far more smarter intelligent and interesting than a Singaporean raised under this Stalinist one party police state.

          I am a very lucky man to have got out of Singapore before my mind was permanently damaged living under such a regime. And that is why I am passing this message to you.

Please spread this message as widely as possible in social media sites. Thank you

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
Fremont San Francisco USA
Tel: 510 491 8525

Saturday, September 16, 2017

The worst thing that happens to you in Singapore is the destruction of your mind

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore is a one party dictatorship run formerly by Lee Kuan Yew since his inception and now by his son Lee Hsien Loong of the Lee Family's political party the Peoples Action Party.

There can be no denial that it is a complete dictatorship run today by the Lee family's Lee Hsien Loong. Every organ of state and everyone is controlled by Lee Hsien Loong and the Peoples Action Party. The party controls the courts and all judges are Kangaroos who willingly punish and destroy political opponents. All newspapers are state owned and put out propaganda on a daily basis. Every head of any government department, every police office every soldier and everyone is required to toe the government line. If anyone openly challenges the state apparatus, they face, like in the former Soviet Union, trumped up charges and removed from their positions or jobs. Dissidents and political opponents are shamed and defamed in the state controlled newspapers. Thousands of moles are deployed all over the island to spy on you and ferret out the detractors to be punished. In Singapore, just as in the former Soviet Union or Nazi Germany no one who is critical of the government can succeed or even exist in the island.

This reason for this total subjugation and obedience required of the citizenry is 2 fold. Firstly the Singapore rulers have no intention of relinquishing power. Lee Kuan Yew's son is determined to rule and the only way to make sure of this is to destroy all political opponents. Stalin did this too. They justify it by claiming that only they are best qualified to rule and therefore it is in the interests of the state to punish any critic, naturally a very convenient argument from their viewpoint.

Secondly they argue that as Singapore is a small tiny island without natural resources, the only way to provide jobs is to attract foreign investment. And since foreign investors prefer dictatorships where the citizens workers have no rights, the subjugation, denial of human rights and repression is actually in their own best interests, a very spurious argument indeed. In other words, not having any human rights is actually in your best interests, is what their preposterous argument is!

The sad truth is that all this denial of human rights and submission of political critics is exactly what foreign investors want. Because they have no rights, a foreign company intending to set up a sweat shop assembly line would find Singapore most attractive; you can ill treat the workers as much as you want and get away with it in maximizing your profits.

Until and unless Singaporeans themselves stand up and demand their rights, this sad state of affairs would continue in the island, fueled by foreign industrialists taking advantage of the helpless powerless and weak Singaporean work force.

As you know in Singapore the citizen has no rights at all. The trade unions are all controlled by the employers and the state, the worker has no rights. There is no rule of law which means the police can pick you up anyone anytime on trumped up charges and finish you off. There is no free speech or expression as it is illegal to speak publicly against the state under Singapore law. There is no right of peaceful assembly under Singapore law. All these repressive measures are designed to stop any open rebellion against the government to entrench their rule forever.

What is most damaging is the result of such government actions on the minds of their people. Because you to always be careful when you speak or to whom you speak, you become some sort of a hypocrite. You are no longer capable of thinking normally. In Singapore you are at all times required to lead a double life. The government is aware that privately a great many people hate the system, they are content to leave you alone as long as you don't make your opinions public. So in public, people are always claiming the government is right, however ridiculous you may think their argument is. In fact they themselves know how ridiculous they sound but they say it anyway. For instance since the government line is that even the smallest peaceful demonstration is dangerous and therefore illegal, this is what the average person repeats. You will not hear anyone arguing that such a law is unjust even though it is obvious to anyone it is.

You will not hear anyone saying that there should be a free press because the government line is that a free press will result in fake news and therefore free press is bad and only state news agencies  are true. You will not hear anyone in the island questioning the arbitrary manner in which Singapore police arrest and detain people since the government argument is that Singapore police are good people and would do only right and therefore they should not be questioned.

Numerous political dissidents have been arrested charged with imaginary crimes and put away. the government claims that all these people are criminals and even though it is clearly evident that they are innocent, their only fault being to challenge the government, nevertheless the judges are still right, they are not corrupt and these political detractors deserve what they got.

Take the law and lawyers. Every single lawyer knows that every single judge in Singapore is corrupt and is a tool of the state to punish critics. But not one lawyer would dare to openly say so or do anything about it. In fact they go about their daily work as if Singapore had the best legal system in the world. And in a system where every single judge is corrupt and misuses his office to please Lee Kuan Yew's son and their henchmen, not a single lawyer would openly dare to say so for fear of losing their livelihoods and impoverished. Although the lawyers know these judges are corrupt and a criminal with any indication of open political unhappiness has no chance in the world before these judges, yet they make no demand for jury trials as the jury system has been abolished so as to make sure that the Lee government can make sure of court verdicts.

As a result of having to live this way in fear and submission, you can see how the people's minds are completely destroyed. The normal human behavior is to say what you think. But living in Singapore under this dictatorship over the years makes your thought process skewed. You can no longer be a rational normal logical person. Even though you hate the establishment, you have to say they are good. You have to be one person in public and another in private 24 hours a day.

If you go to Singapore today you would not be able to find a person to openly tell you what he thinks. Quite often if you confront him with these questions, he politely slides away by one excuse or another. He understands that the way to survive in the island is to keep your mouth shut and mind your own business. Then there are others who are the most disgraceful. These are the ones who hate the system like everyone else, but in order to advance in their careers, they have to join the state ruling party's official organ for such purposes, the Peoples Association. The hope and idea is that if you join and participate in the Peoples Association long enough, the establishment would be pleased and reward you, either by money, by career advancement or by inviting you to join the government. This lot is the most disgusting. They are literally hypocrites and not ashamed of it. They will run around under the establishment coat tails because it is profitable. It does not matter if the people have no rights, it does not matter if the workers are exploited, it does not matter if innocent honest civic minded citizens are put away by Kangaroo courts. All that matters is for them to advance and to do so, it requires them to ingratiate towards the rulers.

You can imagine why these people are therefore the least productive in the world. If you are incapable of doing what you think is right, or speaking your mind, and thinking of new ideas to improve your occupation or profession but instead are only concerned of looking good before your masters, no change can come from you and no good can come from you. You are effectively only capable of following. You are incapable of thinking for yourself and acting on your personal beliefs and ideas.

This sort of society holds the island back. No change can possibly come from the people. Any change has to come from the rulers because only they are allowed to think for themselves. Big Brother will decide for you. Your job is only obedience.

I suppose after your mind is completely destroyed in this manner, it is possible that you may not even notice it if you live there. But if you happen to move to a Western country, you will feel completely at a loss. No American or Western employer will want to have anything to do with you because instead of doing what is right, you will be spending your entire time trying to score points with your boss. A Western employer is not looking for Labrador retriever, he is looking for an independent thinking worker who will do what is best for his job, even if it means telling the boss off.

I have repeatedly advised Singaporean parents to emigrate to the west with their children. It is bad enough if the parents themselves have been turned into zombies by the state apparatus, you don't want to punish your children to the same fate. In the US and the West, independent thinking is encouraged. It is a crucial asset to advance in your life and career. It develops your ability to think openly and independently. It enables you to know that you need not grovel before anyone for your future. It teaches you that there is nothing wrong in individual opinion and the ability to realize it.

I strongly advise Singapore parents to move to the west as soon as possible. If you delay too long it may be too late and your children's minds would be irreparably permanently damaged.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
Fremont San Francisco USA
Tel 510 491 8525

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Nazi Germany and Singapore. Striking similarities

Ladies and Gentlemen,

From 1933 to the beginning of the Second World War, Hitler's Nazi Germany was the most powerful country in Europe. From the ashes of the First World War it built itself into a powerful military machine and the most successful economy in Europe under Adolf Hitler. Minus the executions and mass murders, the way Nazi Germany rose to power has striking similarities to the late Singaporean dictator Lee Kuan Yew and now his son who has stepped into his shoes.

Hitler's promise to the masses in Germany's poor was his promise of bread and work. This was a powerful message that created mass support for his movement. Lee Kuan Yew too in the 1950s promised food and work. They both managed to do that.

Hitler learnt from Benito Mussolini the governance through Fascism. The idea was for the state to control every organ of power in the land. They control the press, controls trade unions or better still abolish them, control TV and Radio, deny free speech and assembly, kill anyone who dares to criticize you, conduct show trials with Kangaroo judges to punish dissidents, destroy the weak minded or biologically or genetically inferior peoples, use propaganda to promote your achievements. This is what Nazi Germany did to rise to power.

And this is exactly what Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore under his son's control does. In Singapore anyone who publicly criticizes the ruling government is destroyed. JB Jeyaretnam who for years dared to challenge the government was repeatedly persecuted in Kangaroo courts in show trials and accused of all sorts of trumped up charges, removed from office, bankrupted and impoverished and destroyed. The same fate suffered by another prominent opposition politician who similarly dared to criticize, brought before Kangaroo courts in show trials, vilified and defamed, thrown out of his job, jailed and bankrupted into poverty.

Countless others too numerous to mention suffered the same fate.

I too suffered. From 1984 to 1991 I was in Singapore engaged in opposition politics. Repeatedly harassed, repeatedly charged with trumped up false charges, brought before show trials with Kangaroo judges, defamed and impoverished. Instead of continuing to allow them to abuse me, I left the country permanently in 1991 for California USA where I am now a citizen.

The purpose of these show trials to shame and punish political opponents is for a purpose much more important. It is to silence and intimidate every other citizen into submission. The intent is to instill fear and forcing them to accept the authority of Adolf Hitler and Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew and his son today. This is the most important purpose of these show trials that are routinely conducted in Singapore island today.

Under Hitler's Germany, the people were aware of the brutality and injustice of the Nazi Government. But they were powerless to resist because if you do you will be killed. It is the same in Singapore of today. Singaporeans are fully aware that they are living under a dictatorship where they have no rights at all, totally under the mercy of these Kangaroo courts controlled by Lee Kuan Yew's sons and his Peoples Action Party. But they are powerless to resist because if they do, they fear they will suffer the  dire fate of other political dissidents of the past such as JB Jeyaretnam and Chee Soon Juan. As a result they fear to stand up to their government.

Both Hitler and Lee Kuan Yew knew that the priorities of both the Germans of 1933 and Singaporeans of the 1950s was work and food. Human rights and such niceties did not appear high in their list of desirables. So Hitler burnt books on democracy and other social theories. The people should just concentrate on work and making a living, not philosophizing. Lee Kuan Yew did the same. Singapore university no longer teaches subjects like philosophy or democracy or if they still do, it is placed in book shelves you will not find. The point was for the Singaporean to go home to watch his television and eat at the hawkers center and leave such things as politics to Lee Kuan Yew's friends and not go around minding other peoples business.

I have to say this policy has worked. Today it is impossible for you to speak to any Singaporean who has any concern about the way he lives. He has no idea of any of that. His mind has been successfully adjusted by long years of behavior training to concentrate only on his job, food and daily pleasures. The thinking man does not exist in Singapore as he did not exist in Nazi Germany.

Many Germans knew what Hitler was doing to his people. As a result large numbers of the best scientists and academics and professionals, many of them Jews as well as ethnic Germans left Germany, many to the US. As a result Hitler lost a large portion of his highly educated citizens. However many Germans stayed despite knowing Hitler's repression. It is the same situation today in Singapore. Thousands of highly educated Singaporeans disgusted with what Lee Kuan Yew's son is doing to Singapore have emigrated to the West, although many still have decided to stay.

The exodus from tiny Singapore  of it's educated is so large and especially crippling for a tiny island like Singapore. There is not a single major western country where you will not find the Singapore diaspora. London, New York San Francisco (where I live), Sydney Melbourne, Frankfurt Brussels Vancouver Toronto Auckland and every major city has a growing Singapore population. Germany could handle it because they are a much larger country. For a depletion of it's population from tiny Singapore at this rate has to be a catastrophe.

In Germany the only political view point was the National Socialist Party of Hitler. That was the only political party or philosophy allowed. In Singapore it is the PAP. No other party is really allowed. It is not that other parties do not officially exist, they do. But they are nothing. No one dares to join them, say anything openly and they are other than at election time, comprised of only one member, it's founder. There are no other members.

In Hitler's Germany they were more honest instead of the hypocrisy you find in Singapore. In Hitler's Germany other political parties were not allowed. If you did, you will be shot.

Adolf Hitler did not see any need for any human rights. After all he will take care of you. Why should you have any rights. Therefore a German under Nazi Germany did not have a free press. You read only what was published by the German state newspapers under propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels. You are not allowed to demonstrate in public or speak ill of Adolf Hitler, since according to Hitler, he was such a nice man and how could possibly anyone have anything to complain! In any case if you demonstrated you will either be shot, deported or sent to concentration camp.

In Singapore too there are no human rights, no right to free speech, expression and assembly. The reasoning I assume is the same as Hitler. Since Lee Kuan Yew's son is only going to do good for you, why in Heaven's should you have any reason to complain. The reasoning is, that after all he will provide housing in the state owned Housing agency the HDB. He will provide jobs by attracting foreigners to set up factories in the island. He will build roads, infra structure, make sure you have access to daily needs. Then why the need to protest and criticize? That is why the PAP government of Singapore does not allow any human rights in the island.

Hitler abolished trade unions because the leaders of industry wanted a free reign on workers. As a result industry succeeded and Nazi Germany began to produce an immense amount of goods for the rest of Europe becoming the richest economy in Europe. Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore today is no different. Singapore workers have no rights and their unions are powerless. The plan is to make manufacturing in Singapore so attractive to foreigners. When workers are powerless, surely it is very very attractive to foreign businesses. This way businesses set up in Singapore at sweat shop wages while workers are unable to make ends meet. The only ones who profit are the Lee family and their friends and foreign businesses. The locals have to struggle to survive and there is nothing they can do.

This sort of abuse simply cannot last. If it lasted in 1933 Europe it was because Nazi Germany did not have Internet. Singapore has. What this means is that Singaporeans today do not have to accept this nonsense. Which is why the mass emigration brain drain is so large from tiny Singapore, they are desperately short of workers to man their businesses. Because of the bad reputation they have the only ones who would tolerate coming to Singapore to work are Chinese Communists from Communist China. But these are hardly qualified workers because they do not speak any English. So with fewer and fewer qualified workers and locals becoming increasing disgruntled and unhappy, you have not only a dwindling work force but an unhappy and unproductive one at that.

As long as the Singapore government is determined to be a carbon copy of Nazi Germany, it is bound to fail as Hitler did, although for different reasons.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in exile
Fremont San Francisco California USA
Tel: 510 491 8525

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Singapore's Stalinist one party state government holds the island back

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is Singapore's internationally well known bad reputation, as an authoritarian Stalinist one party island state that is what is holding its progress back. The latest reports state a growing number of local citizens leaving the island for settlement in Western democracies. This would be bad enough for any country, but for an already tiny island with a tiny local population, as the human deluge continues, the Singaporean would soon become extinct in the Singapore!

At the same time, the island has the world's lowest birth rate. For an already tiny population, this means literally extinction of the Singaporean race.

In that already tiny population, the aging component is very large. In fact more than 30% or so are above 60s and soon they will all die.

With massive outward emigration, lowest birth rate in the world and an aging population in an already tiny island, question is, is Singapore going to last very long?

The state apparatus have tried hard over decades to persuade Singaporeans not to leave and to have more children but they have totally failed. They have tried tax incentive, large cash gifts and even career promotions all to noting. Why do Singaporeans hate their own country so much as to refuse to have any children and dying to flee from it?

The way they do it as was the style in the former Soviet Union. Stalin murdered anyone who disagreed with him leaving only compliant bootlickers. In Singapore they don't kill dissidents but they make sure that you are punished for life. In Soviet Union they used to have show trials where dissidents are put on trial made to confess and then shot. In Singapore although they don't shoot you, the purpose is the same. They arrest dissidents, have show trials before kangaroo judges, disgraced and vilified and then cast away. These dissidents served a purpose in soviet Union to frighten everyone into toeing the line. The same purpose is achieved in Singapore. Men such as JB Jeyaretnam are charged in trumped up charges, abused and vilified before the courts and then impoverished and cast away. The purpose is not only to punish JB Jeyaretnam but more importantly, just as in the Soviet Union, to threaten everyone else to obey without question.

Although the Soviet Union got away with it for many years, Lee Kuan Yew and his descendants are stupid to think that it will work in this day and age in an island like Singapore. Under Stalin, his dissidents have nowhere to go. They could not leave the Soviet Union. They either get in line or perish. But this style is useless in Singapore in the 21st century in the Internet age. If you make life miserable for people, they will leave. And not just that, the very best people would leave since they are the ones with the qualifications that the West needs.

Let me give you my personal example. From around the mid eighties to 1991, while I was practicing law in Singapore and agitating for democracy, the state began a series of criminal charges, professional misconduct charges and other means against me, obviously to silence me. And their style was just as it was in the Soviet Union, publicly claiming in the state controlled press that I was a criminal, prominently displaying my picture in all the state controlled newspapers as an evil person, putting me before their Kangaroo judges in show trials and convict fine and jail me. The hope of course was that I would stop agitating, realize that it is useless, and stop being a thorn on their side. That is what happened in the Soviet Union and that is what normally happens in Singapore island.

After all people of Singapore are not stupid. They can see that I am no criminal. They can see that my only fault is my refusal to submit to their dictatorship. So eventually not wanting to allow them to abuse me for the rest of my life, I just left for the US and obtained asylum. I personally know that after I left, there was a massive surge of highly educated Singaporeans leaving the island. And since then the emigration rate has surged to higher and higher levels. So if they thought that by abusing my rights, they could benefit, it has turned out the opposite. By thinking that you can go around bullying people, you hurt yourself more than anyone. As can be seen with the massive numbers leaving the island today which is literally destroying the island about which there is nothing they can do.

And even from San Francisco I continue to expose this regime. In the Soviet times, if you are a critic, regardless of whether you are in the country or outside you will be murdered. We have seen Stalin going after his opponents like Trotsky in Mexico for instance. Bulgarian secret agents had murdered a dissident walking along London bridge not too long ago. More recently Putin has murdered his opponents in London. As for Singapore, although they are prepared to use trumped up charges to destroy you within their island, they are not prepared to kill you overseas. I have been living in United States for the past 25 years but so far no Singapore agent has ever tried to kill me.

You can see the foolishness of their methods. Within Singapore, they use every dirty trick to destroy anyone who is against them. But if you leave, they do nothing. And this fact which is known to all works as an engine to persuade even more Singaporeans to leave the island.

The Singapore model is basically a Stalinist economy. The Soviet Union under Marxist philosophy tried very hard to mould their citizens into believing that the State was everything. The only way to be a model citizen was to obey and serve the state. And those who thought otherwise had no place in that country. It is just the same today in Singapore. The Singapore government has no need for thinkers and philosophers with ideas to better the way they live. What they want is for people to unconditionally accept that the state is right, the sate will create jobs and in obedience you will be forever happy. This was the model Singapore citizen that they want.

The main goal of Singapore is tow fold. Firstly to make Singapore the most attractive place in the world for foreign businesses. And the way to make it most attractive is to deny workers rights, allow the employers to pay you any pittance they want, and a workforce that have no rights whatsoever in total obedience. In this manner, Singapore's Lee family who rule the country hope that more foreign businesses would continue to come to Singapore, provide more employment to Singaporeans so that the economy will progress to enable the Lee family and their friends to continue in power and continue raking their corrupt millions.

This as you can see is a very selfish goal. They are not interested in nurturing independent thinkers who might be able to create change for the better and progressively advance with the constant clash of new ideas and policies. All they want is to continue their present system of silencing their citizens so that it continues a paradise for foreign businesses in Singapore. And most importantly, they want no change.

What they are saying is that they know best. They would plan. They would attract  new foreign businesses. As for you, just keep quiet and do your work, that's all.

For any educated person such a life becomes distasteful very soon. Why shouldn't I have my own ideas about Singapore, why should  not be allowed to speak openly without fear of arrest and victimization? Why cant I live the way any Australian New Zealander or American lives. Why should I have to listen to the boredom of the state everyday?

The government does not realize that the most important thing for an island such as this to progress is a good reputation. Singapore unfortunately has a very bad reputation. Which is one reason why everyone wants to leave. Everyone knows that it has no rule of law, the courts are an instrument of oppression presided over by corrupt Kangaroo judges, it has harsh criminal system where people are hanged in massive numbers, beaten to the bone in a punishment called caning. It has no right to free speech or expression and it has a defamation regime where Kangaroo courts jail and impoverish you for criticism of the Lee family rulers.

As they continue in this disgusting manner the island would soon be devoid of any locals. What they would have are the recently imported Chinese nationals from China who are brought in to make up the numbers for those leaving. If you look at the figures, you would know that there is no massive outward migration from the UK, Australia, New Zealand, or any Western European country as it is in Singapore. The question is why and the answer is simple. The British are proud of Britain, the Australians are proud of Australia. They have proud state institutions and a robust rule of law. They have no desire to leave. While the ordinary Singapore lives in fear of his rulers and hate the way they have to live. That is why they leave and will continue to leave.

And unless they kill me in California, I will continue to write these pages which will persuade even one more Singaporean to leave the island and condemn it for the rest of his life. I am not going anywhere. I am still in San Francisco and so will this blog Singapore Dissident. I think it is my defiance that angers these petty small time thugs in Singapore the most.

If you like what I write please continue to publish this post on all and every social media possible. Although the Singapore opposition may not be able to achieve an instant revolution, slowly and steadily by attrition we are seeing the collapse of this Lee family Singapore regime. Just as tomorrow 5 more families will leave to be replaced by 5 more from Communist China.

Gopalan Nair
A Singaporean in Exile
Attorney at law
Fremont San Francisco California
Tel: 510 491 8525

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Gopalan Nair's advice to Singaporeans from San Francisco California, leave Singapore for your sake and your children's sake

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore's state controlled propaganda newspaper, Channel News Asia of Sept 2 2017 has the story "Commentary: More Singaporeans going abroad but are no less Singaporean for it" As expected with state controlled propaganda anywhere, when it is bad news, they usually spin it for a good face. Just as in the former propaganda organs Soviet Union's Pravda and Izvetsia, they used to state that grain production had increased 100 fold when no such thing ever happened.

In this Singapore report, the only truth is indeed more Singaporeans are leaving the island for settlement abroad. What is not true is that any one of them has any desire to continue their Singapore connection. The vast majority are a one way ticket case, who say good riddance to the Lee family and their island fiefdom.

In fact since the past 30 years or so, the numbers leaving Singapore have been steadily increasing relative to the increasing education levels in the island. This desire to leave the island is both unstoppable and inevitable and the reasons should be obvious to anyone. Singapore is a dictatorship plain and simple for anyone to see. Although it may be possible to hoodwink some foreigners into thinking otherwise, if you are a Singaporean living in the  island, very soon you will begin to see what it really is. And when you realize what it really is, you will begin to have a burning desire to leave the island as quick as possible.

Let me remind you what the Lee family's Singapore really is.

The state propaganda apparatus tells you that you have the rule of law. And the Constitution states that it should have rule of law. Nothing can be further from the truth. What you have is Kangaroo courts with compliant judges who will invariably punish and destroy any political opponent on trumped up charges brought by this government. In fact these judges are more politicians than judges who keep the ruling party, the PAP in power, in return for a secure career and handsome wages. These judges are the most unscrupulous characters, the dregs of society who are prepared to prostitute themselves and punish their fellow citizens because it is profitable. They have no morals or character whatsoever. From the island's disgraceful history you can see the list of good men and women who were all destroyed by these political courts, from JB Jeyaretnam to Chee Soon Juan. Singaporeans are fully aware that their courts have gone to the dogs, but they cannot say it openly because if they do, these Kangaroo judges would destroy them. So they smirk and wink in private on the state of their courts but openly put up a straight face. In effect these Singaporeans are hypocrites but in the face the ruination that they face at the hands of this dictatorship, what else can they do?

And then the Constitution states there should be freedom of speech. But if people are allowed to criticize this government freely, they know that their political grip on power would come to an end. So they amend the Constitution by stating there is freedom of speech only if you get a government permit. But the truth is, even if you applied you will never get it. Therefore in effect there is no freedom of speech at all. This legal amendment is clearly unconstitutional. There is no reason why peaceful speech should be criminalized. Any honest court anywhere in the world would have struck down such a clearly nonsensical provision. Not in Singapore. The judges are perfectly willing to go on with the abuse and willingly declare that freedom of speech is a criminal offense.

And then you have the prohibition of even peaceful freedom of assembly. Nowhere in the world except perhaps in North Korea is it illegal to peacefully gather in public protest where no harm is occasioned to anyone. But not in Singapore. In Singapore even a perfectly peaceful protest is illegal and these government judges are perfectly happy to say it is so.

Every organ of state, every government department or institution is run by the cronies and henchmen of the ruling party. If you are foolish enough to publicly state your opposition to the regime, you will never get a job either in state organs or even in the private sector. It you are already working for a state sector, or a government linked private organization, you would be immediately fired. Even if you are working for a private organization, government thugs and goons would require your employers to have you sacked. You have simply no hope of a career or any success in the island if you are an open critic.

Singaporeans who presently live in the island have realized a long time ago that in order to survive in the island, you have to adopt the attitude of a hypocrite, some sort of a Jekyll and Hyde. Publicly you have to state that the Lee family's government is all good and perfect, and this way you would be able to keep your job. Otherwise you are in for a lot of trouble. I find this a very disgraceful and distasteful way to live. Why should you have to sell your independence and your opinions for a livelihood. Why should I not be able to think what I want, say what I want or act the way I want provided I am not harming anyone else or breaking any law? It is this realization that is forcing hundreds and thousands of Singaporeans to leave the island for settlement aboard.

And this demand that you submit to the Lee ruling family's wishes, not only ruins your minds, it destroys the minds of your children. Growing up in Lee's Singapore, a child is told that he should keep his mouth shut and not publicly criticize to succeed in his career. And what sort of a life is that? Such a child grows up a coward, a timid soul who is forever tailoring his ideas to whoever is in power. Such a cowardly attitude drummed into their heads over many years, eventually results in a person only capable of following, never leading. Such a malevolent upbringing not only ruins his mind, it also produces and entire society of timid souls.

Singapore's greatest existential threat today is the dying off of the Singaporean in Singapore island! This might sound a strange statement but it is true. As the average Singaporean is more educated, he begins to see very soon what his island really is. It dawns on him that living and working in Singapore is only for the benefit of the Lee family, not his own. He can live in that island only as long as he is prepared to allow the Lee family's grip on power. If he questions it, he is finished. He begins to realize that this is a disgusting way to live and wants no part of it. He does not want his son or daughter to grow up a brain washed zombie to please the Lee family. So at the first opportunity he leaves. And that is what you see today, the massive outward flow of Singaporeans for settlement to the West.

I have been living in the San Francisco bay area, California USA for the past 26 years. I cannot be a happier man anywhere else. Here in California my success depends entirely on my own ability. If I have ideas and they are viable, there is no reason why I cannot make a success of it. There is no need for me here to support any political party or receive the patronage of anyone. There is no need for me to grovel at the feet of any Lee family member or crony. I have my rights to be who I am and there is no need to lick anyone's boots. Not so in Singapore island under the Lee family government.

Singapore is a good place only for those who do not care much for their right to self determination, self respect or their right to be free. While the local educated and skilled Singaporean disgusted at the way they have to live, leave the island, the Singaporean component of the island is greatly reduced. From an already tiny number, the numbers drop precipitously. Today although there are no specific numbers, many people widely believe that there are more Singaporeans living abroad than in Singapore island. You have vast numbers of Singaporeans in every Western country in the world, in Canada, Australia, United States, New Zealand, Germany and almost every other country in the world. And almost to last man, every single person who has left has cut his connection to the island permanently. This is because, after coming to the West, the Singaporean realizes how much better life is here. For once he can be completely free. He can say what he wants, do what he wants and pursue his career without having to worry whether the Lee family is pleased. Singapore children in the West can have the best education in the world, an education where you are able to think freely and not a society where you are constantly monitored and surveilled to ensure that you are still support the Lee family.

And the ones who have left become a catalyst to draw even more Singaporeans to the West. After realizing how much better life is in the West, he persuades his brothers and sisters and friends to join him in the West. This results in a multiplier effect several times over, with just one Singaporean in the West resulting in 10 more Singaporeans to leave the island.

Singapore only continues to survive today only by the massive importation of foreigners. Foreigners bring in new businesses, and foreign labor work in these businesses. For foreign businesses Singapore continues to be a paradise. Foreign businessmen in Singapore do not care whether the island has any human rights whatsoever. All they are concerned is to make as much money as they can while they temporarily do business in the island. In order to run their businesses they use the dwindling number of unskilled and uneducated Singaporeans. Additionally they use massive numbers of foreign workers who work at sweat shop wages. This sort of exploitation of the workers is encouraged by the Lee family government and their cronies who profit from it. Singapore has become another Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Saudi Arabia where massive numbers of low cost immigrant labor serve to benefit the tiny ruling class and their cronies. The only ones who benefit in Singapore are the Lee ruling family, their relatives and friends in high places and the opportunists who devoid of all moral character, lick the boots of those in high places. In addition foreign businessmen make money for their foreign businesses paying low wages to exploited locals and foreign workers.

The Lee family government is already hurting badly. The lack of Singaporean men has meant that national service is not having sufficient numbers for military service. Barracks are becoming empty and the falling numbers has meant a danger to national security. Elementary schools are being closed due to the falling numbers attending. To make matters worse, the island has the lowest birth rate in the world and even without massive emigration, the almost zero birth rate would effectively destroy the Singaporean identity. To make up the numbers, the government has had no choice but to import massive numbers of Chinese nationals from Communist China with an immediate grant of Singapore citizenship. They prefer to bring in Peoples Republic of China nationals since looking at them, one would not know if they were Singaporeans or other people, since being ethnic Chinese, they look alike. As a result of this, Singapore has lost it's Singaporean identity. What you see today in the island is a Peoples Republic of China city in Singapore with the culture, norms and behaviors of citizens of the peoples Republic of China. The numbers of Malays whose island it originally was and the Indian population have become so small, they are almost non existent. As the Lee family are ethnic Chinese, they have shown that they prefer ethnic Chinese to anyone else.

Anyone with any ability to think independently and have a mind of his own is going to be miserable. That is why, if you can, you should leave in even greater numbers.

To the reader: If you like what I write, please disseminate widely in every social media platform so that as many people would read this and leave the island in even greater numbers.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
Fremont San Francisco California USA
Tel: 510 491 8525