Monday, March 29, 2010

Is he dead?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I had written a hoax in this blog recently claiming the Singapore strongman 87 year old Lee Kuan Yew had a massive heart attack, curious of the consequence of it in his tiny island where everything depends on him.

Not surprisingly the hoax caused a storm. The stock market which I heard dropped, was followed immediately by the state controlled press with a report claiming it rose, an obvious attempt to assuage the fears of the business community. One writer wrote that he nearly dumped all his shares to avoid their losing value.

Lee Kuan Yew's son, whom he appointed Prime Minister is not of consequence at all, as most people know. He can be safely ignored. There is nothing he has or can do without his father.

So, as we are very certain of business and political mayhem in Singapore with his death, it is time to warn all those foreign banks and investors in Singapore that it is not safe. Not safe for their investments in an island where everything depends on the old man.

Which reminds me that since the last several months, we have never seen the 87 year old tottering Lee Kuan Yew in public at all. At the time of my hoax, the Prime Ministers' office conveniently reported that he had gone to London, but unlike in the past, there not even a single news report from the state controlled press of his London trip. No pictures of him in London. No pictures of interviews with London luminaries. No nothing.

We all know that when he travels abroad, he is accompanied by several journalists from his Singapore state controlled press who report every word that he utters. In this case, total silence.

You know what I think? His trip to London was a lie. He never left Singapore. He was probably in Singapore all along, dead worried about what would happen to him and his son if the public fell for my story.

I hate to say this, but I beginning to wonder whether in fact he is actually dead! In other dictatorial countries such as North Korea and Soviet Union, since they also control the press like in Singapore, they do not report the death of the dictator sometimes for several months so as not to alarm the public.

In Singapore we know the economy is bound to collapse with his death since the entire island is run by this man.

So my question is, is he dead? And is the Singapore state controlled media deliberately hiding the inevitable fact from us?

If we do not hear anything from the Singapore state controlled press anytime soon, it would have been several months since we last had any news whether the man was breathing.

Remember he is 87.

Perhaps it is time for even more Singaporeans to pack up for New Zealand now, the recent hot favorite for Singapore emigres, and for foreign businessmen and crooks to take their money and get out.

Leaving now is a prudent decision. The Singapore ship will sink with the old man. There is no doubt about it. Better now than too late.

If the brain drain today from Singapore is bad enough now, it will turn into an unstoppable flood the moment news breaks out the man has gone to his Maker.

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Davinder Singh, Lee Kuan Yew's lawyer should not be allowed to escape his wrongdoing.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Davinder Singh of the firm of Drew and Napier of Singapore has blood in his hands. Since his admission to the Singapore Bar in 1982, he has represented Lee Kuan Yew and his family in a shameful long career of misusing the law to bankrupt impoverish and imprison his fellow citizens through the shameless collaboration of Singapore's corrupt judges.

JB Jeyaretnam, one of his principle victims has suffered terribly at his hands ever since Singh was admitted to the Singapore Bar, repeatedly suing Jeyaretnam where it was clear to anyone with eyes, let alone lawyers, that Jeyaretnam was innocent of any wrongdoing.

He saw to it that Jeyaretnam's licence to practice was revoked; he made sure that Jeyaretnam was repeatedly bankrupted, even jailed; he made sure that Jeyaretnam's practice was destroyed, he did all of of this for money, lots of it, thanks to his generous client, the Singapore strongman Lee Kuan Yew.

Although eventually Jeyaretnam was able to pay off these totally illegal amounts demanded of him, thereby releasing him from bankruptcy, he died soon thereafter in 2008.

I came to know of his death while I was incarcerated in a Singapore prison because of my criticism of one of Lee's judges in this blog.

Another helpless victim of this Sikh turbaned lawyer, who would do anything for Lee Kuan Yew's money, was of course Tang Liang Hong.

Tang's only crime was making a public speech, informing his audience in 1997 elections that he had lodged a police report against Lee Kuan Yew. Davinder Singh shamelessly abused the legal system and argued successfully, with the help of Lee's compliant judges, that by this act alone, Tang Liang Hong had defamed Lee Kuan Yew.

Of course that was the end for poor Tang Liang Hong in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore.

Fearing for his life, Tang Liang Hong and his family fled to Australia. In the meantime, Singh successfully managed to freeze all of Tang's assets amounting to several millions of dollars which was promptly paid over to Lee Kuan Yew. Tang Liang Hong now lives in exile in Australia.

More recently we have the series of defamation cases against Dr. Chee Soon Juan where it is clear to anyone that Dr. Chee was merely exercising legitimate criticism of his political opponent Lee Kuan Yew. Yet Lee Kuan Yew, with the use of this lawyer, manages to successfully argue that Dr. Chee defamed Lee Kuan Yew, managed to extract several millions of dollars against him, resulting in him losing his job as a Professor in the Singapore University, promply impoverished and bankrupted.

Davinder Singh stands guilty of misusing the law for his personal gain throughout his entire career since 1982; therefore he is responsible under the criminal law for suborning the cause of justice and stands liable for punishment and imprisonment. It is a crime for someone to deliberately bend the law for personal gain, which he has clearly done repeatedly.

Davinder Singh also stands guilty of civil law under the cause of action of unjust enrichment. The law requires that when a man enriches himself in circumstances where he is not entitled to it, he is required to account for it to his victims.

Davinder Singh also stands liable under legal ethics rules for unethical conduct as a lawyer. It is unethical for a lawyer to pursue a cause of action in circumstances where he knows that it has no merit either in law or in fact. Here we have Singh arguing before the court repeatedly that JB Jeyaretnam defamed Lee Kuan Yew, that Tang Liang Hong defamed Lee Kuan Yew and that Dr. Chee Soon Juan defamed Lee Kuan Yew. He did it not just once but repeatedly; where the facts show, not only that there was no defamation, but even more importantly, he knew there was none.

Recently I had written a hoax in this blog about Lee Kuan Yew's heart attack, and you know the result of it. There was uncertainty throughout the island, there was chaos; had the hoax continued a little longer there would have been a total shutdown of Singapore. By now, the message should be clear to you. If 87 year old Lee Kuan Yew dies, which I expect to happen next week if not sooner, you will see chaos.

I expect a change in government very soon in Singapore. And the new government is not going to take kindly to these criminals such as Singh, who abuse the law under the protection of a dictator. I expect a new Singapore government to hold Davinder Singh to account for his deliberate actions to destroy and demolish his fellow Singaporeans such as JB Jeyaretnam, Tang Liang Hong and Dr. Chee Soon Juan.

I would demand criminal proceedings to be commenced against Davinder Singh under the law for subornation of justice. I would also expect legal proceedings to be brought by the victims of his crimes under civil law amounting to several millions of dollars, every penny that JB Jeyaretnam had to pay, every penny that Tang Liang Hong had to pay and every penny that Dr. Chee had to pay as well as everyone else whose rights he abused under the protection of Lee Kuan Yew.

Since Davinder Singh must be well paid by his master Lee Kuan Yew for all the dirty work he does, he should be able to cough out a fair amount towards the sums lost by his victims. In the event of his being unable to satisfy the entire debt, his law firm, Drew and Napier and every lawyer in it should be made to pay since they too are accomplices in the crimes committed by him.

With 87 year old Lee Kuan Yew's death, which I expect anytime; in any action against Singh, he would be expected to argue that he was only following the laws of Singapore and since it was the judges who decided the cases, he is not to blame.

We should tell him right now that such a defense must fail. Lee Kuan Yew through the abuse of the law and the election system managed to gain one party rule from 1959 till date thereby transforming a democratic island into a Fascist one, with Fascist laws. These laws are unjust under common law, they are not binding in a free and fair democracy.

Davinder Singh, himself very well knew these laws were illegal and unenforcible, and therefore he cannot be permitted to benefit from collaborating with an unjust system.

That is precisely why Hitler's laws never gave any defense to his criminals after his fall. Simply an unjust law is not a basis for any defence at all.

Most recently, a few days ago, Davinder Singh again misused his authority for personal gain by collecting damages of $160,000.00 for his client Lee Kuan Yew from International Herald Tribune in circumstances where, once again, there was no defamation at all.

Unlike very often in the past, I have not seen Davinder Singh's picture recently splashed accross Singapore's state controlled newspapers lately, with descriptions of "best lawyer" and such like.

Is he keeping a low profile as of late? Has it has finally dawned on him that his benefactor is indeed 87 years old? Has he has finally begun to worry about what may happen to him after his master dies?

And what is more, we have not seen Lee Kuan Yew in public lately. Perhaps he is already dead but not wanting the island to breakdown into disorder, the government is not telling us. Or perhaps he is in fact sick and had a heart attack after all.

But whatever may be the case, one thing is certain. 87 year old Lee Kuan Yew's clock is ticking. And when that happens next week if not the next, there is going to be unrest and upheaval in the island. Singaporeans are not going to simply take things quietly. I expect them to want their pound of flesh. And it would be Davinder Singh's that they would be after.

Frankly I don't think there is anything that Singh could do to save himself now. He has hurt too many innocent fellow Singaporeans to please Lee Kuan Yew for far too long. His fate is sealed. I don't think it is going to be very pleasant for him.

There is nothing I can say other than to feel sorry for him. I am sure Lee Kuan Yew who asked Singh to represent him in a shameful career of misusing the law, knew that one day Singh could find himself on the receiving end of the stick. But knowing Lee Kuan Yew demonstrably all these years, he won't have batted an eyelid if Davinder Singh was hung by the same turban around his head.

And that is why, we can all thank our stars that we are not in Davinder Singh's shoes. As the saying goes, we reap what we sow.

I am sure next week or the next, when the 87 year old Lee Kuan Yew dies, Davinder Singh with his wife and children, may try to abscond from Singapore to save himself from the clutches of his fellow angry Singaporeans. He should be stopped from leaving the island.

Gopalan Nair
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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Singapore's cowardly father and son duo strike again.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore's state controlled newspaper Straits Times Online edition of March 25, 2010 has the agonizingly predictable story "IHT apology over article".

Lee Kuan Yew, the Singapore strongman and his son have this time, something which father and son do almost on a routine basis, collected $160,000.00 from the International Herald Tribune, an international newspaper owned by the New York Times, for allegedly defaming them in an op-ed article that Lee Hsien Loong the Prime Minister is his father's son, an article entitled "All in the family".

Lee Kuan Yew's charge was, that by stating Lee Hsien Loong is his father's son, the writer was implying the son did not become Prime Minister through his merits!

Here Lee Kuan Yew's lawyer Davinder Singh did not even have to file a lawsuit. A threat from Lee Kuan Yew of legal action was enough to cause New York Times to buckle under and pay up, in this case $160,000.00.

Which reminds me of Galileo Galilee, the medieval Italian scientist and astronomer at the Italian Inquisition. It seems it was enough for the clergy to show him the instruments of torture for him to admit that the world was flat after all!

This is what Lee Kuan Yew does throughout his career as Singapore's dictator. He regularly sues, sometimes even up to 3 times a year, anyone or anybody who would dare raise even the slightest criticism of his rule; legal actions which he invariably wins because he picks his judges who shamelessly do whatever he wants of them.

In fact, it does not even matter whether or not there was any criticism of him at all. As long as however remotely one can imagine the article to be unflattering, that alone is sufficient for his orders to go out to his lawyer, Davinder Singh to put the paperwork in order, and a similar instruction to his judges, for the predictable result.

And anyone can see that these numerous law suits to punish his victims is hardly helping his reputation, if that was his purpose in these futile legal exercises; instead it is making both father and son look very silly.

Firstly anyone who had any merits would not have bothered about what anyone said of them. I have been called many things, but as I know who I am, it should not bother me. And so should you.

Leaders of countries, even more than others, receive criticism everyday, sometimes in the harshest of terms, but they don't jump to suing their critics, because they know their worth. Respect has to be earned, not forced by court actions.

Second, one would have expected a statesman to have some common sense and understand what the public may think about these court cases.

Anyone reading the IHT article can see there was no defamation at all, let alone an actionable one.

And furthermore, politicians who are in the public eye, are expected to endure much more criticism than an ordinary layman. This is a cardinal principle in a democracy.

That is why President Obama does not sue me even if I was to call him a thief, because he knows he is not, and if he sued me, it is he who going to look silly much more than I.

That is why people around the world take leaders such as President Obama of the United States, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd seriously.

As for this duo, Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew and son; by suing anyone anytime for the slightest thing, they make themselves look silly, a couple of clowns in fact, men who have no merit whatsoever and who are able to remain in power only by abusing the law through corrupt judges.

Both father and son appear not to understand that extracting respect through force is impossible; no matter how much he sues anyone.

And lastly the height of idiocy is this. OK they have successfully sued and collected damages and an apology from New York Times for the IHT article. But what use is that when I have repeated it and said the same thing here. And what about the thousands or even millions out there who are now calling him and his son cowards? Is he going to sue me and everyone else who has said the same thing?

I guess not.

That is why Lee Kuan Yew and his son are not only cowards who hide behind corrupt judges to remain in office, they are also seen as men who lack both ability or wisdom because if they did, they would have seen the futility of this exercise.

For the benefit of those who have not read the International Herald Tribune Article, I am attaching it below. Will someone please tell me why the article is defamatory of Lee Kuan Yew and his son?

And by the way, under the law which Lee Kuan Yew knows, reproducing a libellous article is libel as well.

Therefore since I am repeating the article here, can I expect Lee Kuan Yew to sue me, like he did the New York Times, and the thousands of others who have reproduced it?

Or are Lee Kuan Yew and his son determined to confirm to the world that he will strut around like a prize rooster in his tiny island protected by his Kangaroo judges, whereas outside his island, he is nothing but a weak senile old man with his incompetent son tugging his coattails?

Gopalan Nair
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All in the Family


HONG KONG — Are political dynasties good or bad?

Election time in the Philippines is a regular reminder of the roles that feudal instincts and the family name play in that nation's politics. Benigno Aquino, son of the late President Corazon Aquino, is the front runner to succeed President Gloria Arroyo, daughter of Diosdado Macapagal, a president in the 1960s.

Senate and Congressional contests will see family names of other former presidents and those long prominent in provincial politics and land-owning.

But the Philippines is not unique. Dynastic politics thrives across Asia to an extent found in no other region apart from the Arabian peninsula monarchies.

The list of Asian countries with governments headed by the offspring or spouses of former leaders is striking: Pakistan has Prime Minister Asif Ali Zardari, widower of Benazir Bhutto, herself the daughter of the executed former leader Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. Bangladesh has Sheikh Hasina, daughter of the murdered first prime minister, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman . In Malaysia, Prime Minister Najib Razak is the son of the second prime minister, Abdul Razak. Singapore's Lee Hsien Loong is Lee Kuan Yew's son. In North Korea, Kim Il-sung's son Kim Jong-il commands party, army and country and waiting in the wings is his son Kim Jong-un.

In India, the widow Sonia Gandhi is the power behind the technocrat prime minister, Manmohan Singh, and her son Rahul is showing political promise and being groomed in the hope of leading the Congress party and eventually filling the post of prime minister, first occupied by his great grandfather Jawaharlal Nehru.

In Japan, Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama is the scion of a Kennedy-like political dynasty: His father was a foreign minister, and his grandfather was a prime minister.

Indonesia's last president, Megawati Sukarnoputri, is the daughter of its first, and family ties could well play in the next presidential election when the incumbent, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, must retire. In Myanmar, the durability of the opposition to the military owes much to the name of Aung San Suu Kyi's independence-hero father as well as to her stoicism.

Thailand lacks obvious political dynasties but that is likely because there is already a monarch. South Korea's rough and tumble democracy would seem to leave little scope for dynasties but even there, the political career of Park Chung Hee's daughter, Park Geun Hye, has benefited much from her father's reputation.

With the exception of North Korea, Asian dynasties are a phenomenon of countries that are more or less democratic.

In China, family connections help immensely but the party is still a relatively meritocratic hierarchy. Vietnam is similar. In the Philippines, it is easy to blame dynastic tendencies for the nation's stark economic failures. But its problems go much deeper into the social structure and the way the political system entrenches a selfish elite. It is a symptom not the cause of the malaise.

In India, the Gandhi name has been an important element in ensuring that Congress remains a major national force at a time when the growth of regional, caste and language based parties have added to the problems of governing such a diverse country. In Bangladesh, years of fierce rivalry between Sheikh Hasina, daughter of one murdered president and widow of another, have been a debilitating factor in democratic politics. But their parties needed their family names to provide cohesion and without them there could have been much more overt military intervention. Ms. Megawati was a poor leader but just by being there helped the consolidation of the post-Suharto democracy.

Dynasties can be stultifying too. In Malaysia, the ruling party was once a grassroots organization where upstarts like former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad could flourish but over time it has become a self-perpetuating patronage machine. Too many of the key players are the offspring or relatives of former leaders.

There are more fundamental problems, too. Most current Asian dynasties trace themselves to the post-1945 political transformation. In that sense they have become a crutch, reflecting a failure to devise systems for the transfer of power to new names, faces and ideas.

Dynasties are a poor commentary on the depth of democracy in their countries. Without parties with a coherent organization and a set of ideas, politics becomes about personalities alone and name recognition more important than competence. Parties run by the elite offspring of past heroes easily degenerate into self-serving patronage systems.

So dynastic leadership in Asia's quasi-democracies can provide a focus for nations, a glue for parties, an identity substitute in countries that used to be run by kings and sultans. But it is more a symptom of underlying problems than an example to be followed.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

On second thoughts

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In my last post "My Dear Singaporeans" of March 21, 2010, I had in fact said goodbye to writing here. On second thoughts, perhaps I should not.

As for my reasons, firstly blogging is addictive, and I mean it positively. Once you start writing, it is difficult to stop. There becomes an urge for you to tell your story, and there is the need of those who demand to read it.

Second I had wittingly or otherwise thrust myself into the public eye, particularly the Singaporean one, by my bold style, by getting arrested in Singapore for criticism of the Singapore judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean for shamelessly prostituting her office as judge to please her master Lee Kuan Yew, and so on.

She still today sits as a judge in Singapore without any shame whatsoever for her actions, protected by Lee Kuan Yew's police, safe in her knowledge that as long as her master is alive, she is free to abuse the law at will.

Had I not invited the wrath of Lee Kuan Yew and his men to the extent of they arresting me, with my picture flashed across their state controlled press on a daily basis between May and September 2008, and recently being
called "malicious", "evil", and a "person of bad character" by Lee's Minister of Information Liu Tuck Yew, for my suggesting that his master had a heart attack, thereby increasing my popularity or notoriety, depending on which way you look at it, a thousand fold; had I not done any of this, I think I could have just faded away and no one would have bat an eyelid.

By the force of events, overtaking Gopalan Nair, thanks to Lee Kuan Yew and his government, Singaporeans have over time, become accustomed to the Singapore Dissident and have begun to expect my writing.

In fact even if there was a single human being out there who was looking forward to what I had to say, it would be unfair on my part to just disappear.

Adding to all this, at a time when the ground in Singapore appears slipping from the dictator's grip, as I had been clearly advised by a commenter, any effort spent in precipitating it, however small must and should be an unshirkable duty.

On all accounts, it would appear that I must continue. I am therefore withdrawing my threat to disappear.

Singapore Dissident will therefore continue. My writings may not be that frequent, but it will continue to exist.

Unlike Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore Dissident refuses to die simply because it should not.

Gopalan Nair
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Sunday, March 21, 2010

My dear Singaporeans

Ladies and Gentlemen,

With my last post "The Singapore we knew is dead" of March 18, 2010, this blog will not be posting anymore blog posts for the foreseeable future.

My purpose has been served. I had wanted to highlight the lack of human rights and fundamental freedoms in Singapore and the need for change for betterment of the island.

Being personally aware of the injustices there, and having suffered at the hands of the regime myself; coupled with my present safety from the long arm of the Singapore dictator, being in California; it would have been unforgivable had I remained silent.

With my numerous blog posts commencing December 2006, I think I have said what I have to say. My message should be clear by now. My story had to be told, and I told it.

And by my recent false claim about Lee Kuan Yew's health, which was deliberately done to test the consequences of the fall of the dictator, my prognosis of the dire consequences of his impending death has been roundly proven.

I have said my part. It is the Singapore opposition politicians such as Dr. Chee Soon Juan on whose shoulders the future of Singapore has always lied, not mine. At best I can only provide a minor supportive role at best.

I have no doubt in my mind that the future of Singapore lies in men such as Dr. Chee Soon Juan. I am sure of a new dawn in Singapore very soon.

I want to tell you an anecdote. Being of traditional Indian upbringing, fortune tellers being a part of our society, as a young boy walking along in Serangoon Road Singapore, an old wizardly looking Pakistani man had read my palm and correctly predicted that I will travel over a fair part of the world and be away from Singapore for many long years. But when asked where will I die, he said without hesitation Singapore.

So to Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore Immigration Department that refuses my entry to Singapore, let me use the words of General Douglas MacArthur when he evacuated the Philippines, "I shall return".

Yes, my friends I have no doubt about it, I shall return, simply because Lee Kuan Yew will be dead.

I will also not be posting anymore comments, as this would oftentimes require my response. As I do not intend to be blogging until further notice, this would become inconvenient.

And to those who are pondering over it, let me tell you this, political activism, as well as being an honorable act, both gratifying and rewarding; it can also be fun. I enjoyed every minute of it.

And with that, calling from California, which was captured from Mexico, I would end by saying

Adios Amigo.

Hayward Tower: Cessna 767 Victor XRay, you are cleared for take off Runway 28 Left, right cross wind departure, maintain below 1000 over field, Wind 270 at 8 and gusts 15, Have a nice day.

Gopalan Nair
Fremont, California
March 21, 2010

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Singapore we knew is dead.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The character of Singapore is changing rapidly. Singapore today is some other Singapore. Very soon it will be totally unrecognizable.

Earlier my deliberate false alarm that Lee Kuan Yew was ill ,as expected, caused an uproar, with reactions both welcoming and condemning.

Even so, we have not seen Lee Kuan Yew in public lately at all.

Since everything that matters in that island depends on the old 87 year old octogenarian, who has his finger in every pie, I reckon the city state will collapse and cease to function, the moment he dies.

If that happens I believe we will have a new free and democratic Singapore.

My confidence in this happening has been proven by history repeatedly.

Whenever dictators die, the country usually collapses, because the dictator never allows anyone else any power or political experience, and as a result there comes a political vacuum.

Since no one else has the respect of the people or the experience to go with it, it becomes a free for all, with peoples' pent up anger and grievances suddenly seeing the light of day.

For a while, there will be chaos and upheaval, which eventually settles and change takes place.

History has also shown that you don't need the masses to bring about change.

All you need is a couple of determined men and women with a cause and the rest is history. The population which until now has been dead will suddenly come alive.

My reckoning is Dr. Chee Soon Juan will be the man to look out for when that happens.

His cause is just and the people know it. The government in its attempt to paint him in bad light is finding the going increasingly difficult because it is almost impossible to make a man look bad when it is clear he is not.

This is what I am looking forward to. And it will happen very soon, thank God, since the dictator is 87 after all. And he cannot stop growing older by the day!

But if that change, unfortunately, does not happen and we still have to live under the grip of the dictator's son, Singapore's character, which has already changed will change completely and it will eventually collapse.

And this total collapse will similarly happen very soon.

Several forces working together will ensure this happening.

For one, you have a increasingly growing number of Singaporeans emigrating, for reasons which are both glaring and obvious.

Lack of freedoms, lack of jobs, lack of social welfare, racial discrimination against Malays and Indians, and the list goes on.

Secondly, being English educated, Singaporeans are well suited for migration overseas to the favored English speaking Western countries.

Also Singaporeans even if they do not appear to show much interests in human rights now, they will demand it time since it was part of their British colonial heritage, while it is difficult for a Chinese man in Communist China to understand this since he was never exposed to it at all.

Overseas Singaporeans once they appreciate the freedom and opportunities abroad, will persuade their friends and relatives left behind, to follow suit.

This vicious cycle of Singaporeans leaving permanently will continue, with overseas Singaporeans pulling more and more locals to join them.

I suspect this is already happening as shown by a recent Singapore survey which showed that almost all young Singaporeans expressed a desire to leave Singapore permanently if possible.

Except for the Malay population who are behind in education and skills, and other poorly qualified Chinese and Indians, who will be left behind; the vast majority will leave Singapore, and with Lee Kuan Yew's present policy of bringing in unprecedented numbers of Communist Chinese, Vietnamese, and Burmese; even though they may look like Singaporean Chinese, they are simply not the same.

These human imports will lack the skills that native Singaporeans had no matter how much Lee tries and more importantly it will take several generations for them before they have any real loyalty to their adopted city state, unlike the now absent native Singaporeans.

All these disadvantages will converge to to make Singapore simply less competitive than what little competitiveness it had in the past with the native Singaporeans.

As if all this was not bad enough, Singapore's fertility rate is far below replacement level, which means Lee will have to continue bringing in increasing numbers of foreigners, not only for unskilled work but also for managerial positions in both the public and government sectors.

Singapore may end up, if it has not already, with government ministers and politicians from Communist China, Burma or Vietnam and various other places.

These new immigrant high officials will have to paid enormous amounts in the hope that they will not abandon the city state, since they cannot be expected to have the loyalty and ties you would expect of a true third generation Singaporean.

All this is very bad news. The result of course will be an unrecognizable free for all island city state; unstable, immoral and dictatorial, like a ship which has lost it's heading, and simply drifting blind.

Gopalan Nair
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore, running out of ideas.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As if the the non stop series of bad news for the Singapore strongman from multiple fronts is not enough.

In the latest in bad news for him, the Singapore state controlled newspaper online edition of March 17, 2010 has the story "S'poreans heeding call of NZ".

It was referring to news that an unprecedented number of Singaporeans had applied to move to New Zealand, as many as 4,500, which made up 78% of worldwide inquiries from Jan 15 to March 1, 2010.

For a tiny island city state this number is alarming and destructive.

No small island city state as small as Singapore can withstand such a deep seated widespread desire among its people to leave Lee Kuan Yew's Alice in wonderland island; which has the highest execution rate in the world; which brutally beats its prisoners as lawful punishment (caning); that sends a political dissident Dr. Chee Soon Juan to jail a week at a time almost on a monthly basis just for public speaking; and a city that bans the chewing of gum.

If Lee Kuan Yew thinks he can carry on the way he does, he is simply not looking straight. Things are not working for him and however much they dont like it, sooner than later, his state controlled newspapers will have no choice but to tell it as it is.

There is a massive shortage of skilled workers and professionals. Lee Kuan Yew has given the country such a bad name that Singaporeans simply are resigning en masse from government jobs.

The police force is crying out for recruits and left with thoroughly unread and uneducated Malays who have never heard of the Constitution and only know how to carry out any order, quickly and blindly.

As a result, very poorly educated Malays such as the gentleman who arrested me for criticizing Lee's Judge, Abdul Razak bin Zakaria of the Central Police Station are promoted to senior positions. This gentlemen has been made an Assistant Superintendent of Police, a rank equivalent to that of Captain in the Army, even though he did not appear to know much more than a 8th grade teenager!

As knowledge of English is a requirement for government positions, Malaysian Chinese used to fill these positions left vacant by Singaporeans but now even they are not coming.

Singaporeans are so unhappy that they don't want to have any children. The native born population is shrinking and the government simply can't do a thing about it. Instead to keep up the numbers they bring in large numbers of poorly skilled Chinese from Communist China and elsewhere, upsetting the native population even more.

With the Internet and the younger Singaporeans getting emboldened, they are increasingly turning away from this government. Unlike in the past, they have so many opportunities in Singapore and abroad, it is no longer necessary for them to go about as Lee Kuan Yew's dogs.

Singapore scholars on government scholarships studying at universities abroad are breaking their bonds and refusing to return, even though they suffer severe penalties for it.

Prospective students are refusing government scholarships not wanting to serve a government which has lost their respect and it credibility.

I am continuing to do my part in hurting the bully boy Lee. I have been suspended from practicing law, fined and recently even imprisoned in circumstances where anyone with eyes can see it's injustice.

This results in even more people getting very angry and acting in a manner prejudicial to Lee's government.

So has Dr. Chee's actions, so has the actions of the late JB Jeyaretnam and so has the actions of all of us who do what we can to expose the injustices of this despot.

Lee Kuan Yew, to top all the bad news, already has one leg in the grave. He is 87. Recently when I pulled a deliberate hoax of his having a heart attack, my prediction of it's dire effect came true, the island was almost in chaos. This has proved the one thing that everyone fears, his death will cause Singapore untold damage. And what is worse of all, his death is expected anytime.

This causes an ever increasing fear in those among Singaporeans who stand to lose with his death, those with money and high positions through his patronage. These people no longer feel it safe to remain in Singapore and are pulling themselves and their money out of the island now, before it is too late.

If I were Lee Kuan Yew, the best thing to do is to admit that his government is facing serious uncertainly and they cannot continue as they do now. They have to admit that these repressive policies might work in Russia, Cuba or North Korea but it simply is counter productive and detrimental in a country such as Singapore.

Repeatedly jailing Dr. Chee Soon Juan, sending me to jail and disbarring me are simply bad ideas. It hurts Lee's government much more than it hurts us.

Soon I will be disbarred from the Singapore Roll of Lawyers, which will give me another golden opportunity to highlight the dishonesty of such a ruling. And this means that people all over the world, foreign embassies and diplomatic posts in Singapore, universities and human rights organizations will know one more instance of the judicial abuse in that island.

With the Internet, Lee Kuan Yew cannot get away with anything he wants anymore. There is a price to pay and he can no longer afford it. The sooner he realizes it the better. But honestly I think it is too late for him and his government, no matter what he does now.

That has been the fate of one too many despots and those who profit by them.

Gopalan Nair
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Monday, March 15, 2010

By the way, how many lawyers are there now in Lee Kuan Yew's island?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

And by the way, how many lawyers are there now in Lee Kuan Yew's island of 5 million people? 3,500? I guess that answers quite a few questions, does it not?

Gopalan Nair
39737 Paseo Padre Parkway, Suite A1
Fremont, CA 94538, USA
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Singapore Lee Kuan Yew's funny newspaper reports on their funny judges

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore state controlled newspaper the Straits Times on line edition of March 16, 2010 has this entertaining story titled "Judges stay independent".

It is amusing reading indeed. After decades of misusing the law by these corrupt judges who work for Lee Kuan Yew both in the High Court and the Subordinate Court in his Singapore to demolish his political opponents, this story shamelessly says these same judges are "independent".

I am sure they know the meaning of the word "independent" and if they use it in this case, what else can they be doing other than providing entertainment?

They have over decades sent JB Jeyaretnam, Lee's political opponent to jail, impoverished him with million dollar damage awards, ruined his law practice and eventually killed him with a heart attack. Yet according to his newspapers, they are "independent".

They have bankrupted and chased Tang Liang Hong another of Lee's political opponent out of the island entirely all because he publicly disclosed making a police report against the Singaporean despot. Yet according to this comical newspaper, these judges are "independent".

They have repeatedly sued bankrupted and jailed and continue punishing Dr. Chee soon Juan, a PhD in Nueropsychology who speaks out for freedom in the island. Yet these same judges, according to this funny newspaper are "independent".

If Singapore's newspapers are trying to provide some entertainment by this article, let me say it is in bad taste. It is no fun when so many honest decent human beings have been unjustly punished and victimized by abusing the law as is Singapore's sad legal story of shame.

If indeed these disgraceful judges are "independent", then Adolf Hitler was a saint and I am the Pope.

Gopalan Nair
39737 Paseo Padre Parkway, Suite A1
Fremont, CA 94538, USA
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Romania should ignore Singapore

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The one party island city state of Singapore's state controlled newspaper the Straits Times online edition of March 15, 2010 has the story "Probe must be thorough".

It refers to the daily pathetic public lynching of the former highest ranking diplomat of the Government of Romania in Singapore, Dr. Silviu Ionescu in this state controlled newspaper in circumstances where he had left the country earlier.

Singapore is deliberately washing the dirty linen of the Romanian diplomat in public, referring to his private life in the newspapers, deliberately wanting to shame the diplomat.

It shows malice and ill will on Singapore's part both against the former diplomat and the Romanian government.

Romania should not tolerate this.

Almost daily for the last 2 months the Singapore mouthpiece newspaper has been reporting on so called Coroners Inquiry hearings being held there on a fatal hit and run accident which this Singapore one party state claims was committed by the former Romanian diplomat, who is now back in his country. He on his part has denied he has anything to do with it.

But the difficulty with this case is this. Singapore is a one party Leninist state where Lee Kuan Yew controls everything, the courts, the law, the newspapers, everything. There are no human rights to speak of and almost on a monthly basis Lee orders his courts to send a political dissident in Singapore Dr. Chee Soon Juan to jail for a week at a time, sometimes more, simply because he spoke in public.

In Lee's Singapore, you cannot speak in public unless you get a permit from him. But the problem is, even if you applied he will not give it!

Lee Kuan Yew is 87 years old, half deaf and senile. He sleeps most of the time.

As he controls the courts and the judges, he can abuse the law anytime he wants and send anyone to jail anytime he wants. If you criticise him, he can also bankrupt you through the courts as has been the case suffered by many in the past.

Gopalan Nair, myself was sent to jail in Singapore while I was temporarily there for a visit in 2008 for 2 months because he did not like the criticism Nair had declared against his judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean who was publicly biased in his favor in a another defamation trial against the victimized Doctor whom he sends to jail for speaking in public.

Singapore law has been thoroughly discredited and it is well known that Lee can manipulate it any way he wants.

With these disgraceful background circumstances, this state controlled newspaper report has Singapore's (or rather Lee Kuan Yew's) Minister for Law K Shanmugam demanding of the Romanian government "that they should seriously consider the guilty finding of the Singapore court" on Dr. Silviu Inonescu for the hit and run accident.

The minster says "the gravity of the Dec 15, 2009 hit and run accident case last year warranted a thorough investigation on the Romanian government's part". That "the evidence laid out in the coroners inquiry (in Singapore) is there for all to see". "We expect the report (Singapore's) to be taken seriously". That the "Romanian authorities should take the appropriate steps".

I would strongly recommend the Romanian government to dispose of the Singapore Coroner's Inquiry report where it belongs; that is in the rubbish bin.

I would also strongly recommend the Romanian government not to give in at all to this request (which is actually a demand) by the Singapore tin pot tyrant. Romania should not forget that Singapore deliberately insulted their government by brazenly shaming and belittling Dr. Silvisu Ionescu in it's state controlled press when such a pattern of insults and mockery was totally uncalled for, especially against the representative of the Romanian government.

The proper response in cases where a foreign diplomat is involved is to exercise restraint and not go about the way Singapore did by deliberately shaming the former diplomat by reporting on his personal matters which were totally irrelevant and should never have been mentioned.

This sort of behaviour should not be tolerated by any country when attacked by another.

Since the law is routinely abused in Singapore, there is no guarantee that every one of those witnesses were coached to give false witness before Singapore courts which Lee uses any way he wants.

Singapore legal system simply has been discredited. It holds no respect any more. In these circumstances, Romania should continue to ignore this city state which does no longer has the rule of law.

In any case, Romania is a Member of the European Union which demands that it's citizens be accorded the rule of law. Since Ionescu is a Romanian citizen and a EU citizen, in the shameful circumstances of Singapore's reputation, Romania is absolved from cooperating with Singapore.

Romania should ignore this Lee Kuan Yew's handpicked Tamil Singapore Law Minister K Shanmugam. K Shanumugam can be fired anytime by Lee Kuan Yew at will.

As he has no leadership qualities and no supporters in Singapore, in this case he will be destined to the Indian quarter of Singapore, Serangoon Road for purveying Indian mealies.

That will be his fate, the moment Lee Kuan Yew has finished with him.

Gopalan Nair
39737 Paseo Padre Parkway, Suite A1
Fremont, CA 94538, USA
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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Passport counter closed! A rush to get out of Singapore?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore official government state controlled newspaper the Straits Times online edition of Mar 13, 2010 has the troubling story "Passport service on hold".

This state controlled newspaper says "In an unprecedented move, the Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) has suspended over the counter passport applications".

Now passports will only be available by mail. The staff at the Department can no longer handle this unprecedented huge demand for Singapore passports. Simply too many Singaporeans need to get out of Singapore and they want to leave immediately.

This government newspaper says "the move is due to an overwhelming surge in customers".

The report does not give any reasons for this "overwhelming surge in (Singapore passports)" but surely one can guess.

The truth is, Singaporeans simply want out.

They want to get out of Singapore permanently with their families and live in Western countries like Australia.

And they want to do it now. Can anyone blame them?

My blog post of March 6, 2010 intended as a hoax on the heart attack of the Singapore strongman Lee Kuan Yew attracted an unprecedented large number of responses.

In fact I believe the entire island city state, entirely dependent on this 87 year old man with one foot in his grave, were for the first time, through my false blog post, rudely reminded of the calamitous consequences on them of his death.

For the first time, they knew that if the old Dear Leader were to go, their Singapore dollar will lose it's value, foreign companies will leave the island, Singaporeans with money will export it elsewhere, there will be massive unemployment, the stock market will collapse and that will be the end of the ordinary Singaporean family.

It will be none other than Doomsday.

And my blog post of March 6, 2010 for the first time, made that painfully clear.

It was an excellent shock therapy for showing Singaporeans they will surely be utterly ruined if the Singapore strongman were to die, which he will very soon, since he is a very very old man, senile weak in body and spirit.

In hindsight, I managed to do tremendous good by confronting Singaporeans with this dire reality which they are living under everyday, like a ticking time bomb.

And then suddenly, we have this report from Singapore's state controlled newspaper the Straits Times that the passport office is closed for counter services because far too many people want to apply for passports.

Had it been any other time, this sudden need for travel out of Singapore would seem strange. It is true, school holidays come at this time, but never has the surge in passport applications been so great as to have to close counter passport services.

I think the truth is already before us. We know, just as this government has admitted, the ever mounting flood of immigration out of the island city state has become unstoppable; because people are not happy with the misuse of the law, not happy with the control of the press, not happy over the denial of free speech and expression, not happy over the routine jailing of Dr. Chee Soon Juan for public speaking, not happy over sending Gopalan Nair to jail, not happy over Admiral Lui Tuck Yew referring to Gopalan Nair as "contemptuous" because he wrote a false blog post on Lee Kuan Yew's "massive heart attack".

But now, with Gopalan Nair's false blog of March 06, 2010 of "Lee Kuan Yew and his massive heart attack" which caused a massive scare throughout the island, Singaporeans are no longer confident in this government.

After reading Gopalan Nair's blog post, they are now certain the entire country will indeed collapse and disintegrate with the death of their 87 year old Dear Leader which is really round the corner.

Therefore they are desperately trying to leave the island as quickly as possible, which I think resulted in this unbearable rush for Singapore passports.

I think the writing is in the wall. With the 87 year old Dear Leader Lee Kuan Yew's death, Singapore will collapse. Banking will collapse. The currency will collapse. Your assets will collapse.

Of course, I would like you to stay in Singapore to fight this regime for democracy, but if I just said that I would not be honest.

The truth is it is no longer safe neither for you or your children in the present circumstances in this island being run by this 87 year old despot.

If you were far sighted, you cannot escape leaving Singapore now, just as those who are now rushing for Singapore passports.

As you know the entire island city state of Singapore read my bog post of March 6, 2010, especially Lee Kuan Yew and his government who went through it word for word.

They are angry at me for having said it. As you know I merely said the truth.

Gopalan Nair
39737 Paseo Padre Parkway, Suite A1
Fremont, CA 94538, USA
Tel: 510 657 6107
Fax: 510 657 6914

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Singapore's unbecoming response to my blog post of Lee Suffering a heart attack.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore's state owned and controlled newspaper or propaganda sheet, which ever way you look at it, the Straits Times online edition of March 13, 2010 has this story "Ministry of Information Communications and the Arts. Netizens can self regulate. Minister praises the sceptical reaction to claim that MM was ill" about my deliberately incorrect claim about Lee Kuan Yew's illness.

I have to say, this uncontrollable outburst by this island city state, Singapore; a so called first world country is totally unbecoming and totally disproportionate to my blog post about Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew.

In fact I am going to totally ignore Singapore's high ranking officer, Minister for Information Communication and the Arts, Lui Tuck Yew, a handpicked toady of Lee Kuan Yew.

On March 6, 2010 in this blog "Singapore Dissident", I wrote the following blog post which all of Singapore has read "Singapore strongman 87 year old Lee Kuan Yew suffers massive heart attack".

This report was deliberately untrue and posted by me to show the calamitous consequence of such a happening in Singapore, a dictatorship, with everything and everybody dependent on this tottering old 87 year old man, now hard of hearing and losing both his mind and body with age, and one foot in the grave.

Since this was a deliberate act to test the reaction in Singapore and nothing more, it was important to correct this report by revealing it's untruth quickly, which I did the next day in the same blog by adding the words to the title "Update; March 7, 2010, this is a hoax"

On the same day I wrote another blog "My last post about Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew was a hoax. However it was deliberate."

According to this Singapore government state controlled official mouthpiece, this Minister in Lee Kuan Yew's government, in response, says "Secondly when he (Gopalan Nair) confessed that it was a hoax, many sites actually came out to condemn him roundly and many netizens themselves did so".

Anyone knowing any English would know that my correction of my earlier deliberate untrue blog posting, was hardly a "confession".

In the English Language "confession" means, "to tell or make known (as something wrong or damaging to oneself) Websters 9th Collegiate Dictionary.

In other words it is something that a criminal does to admit his crime.

I have not done anything wrong to make a confession. I intended it. I haven't confessed to anything.

Of course, Singaporeans who have some understanding of English would realize that.

When asked to a question in Parliament why the government of Singapore did not come out with an official response immediately, he answers that he did not want to "dignify the hoax with a formal response" then.

Well what is that he is doing now in Parliament? Was he not "dignifying" my hoax, with his answer in the parliament of the island city state?

If he did not want to "dignify" my hoax, would it not have been better not to reply at all?

Why the need to direct his state controlled newspapers to publish his response? Who is he trying to fool?

And then he goes on to state that I (Gopalan Nair), should be "treated with the contempt he deserves. All it shows is the character of the man"!

Surely this Minister is being carried away by his anger!

What did I do to deserve such "contempt"! And why is my "character" so bad just because I wrote a fictitious blog post in this blog! One would have thought I was a serial murderer, having just slit the throats of 20 people in broad daylight!

We all understand of course that Lui Tuck Yew, this handpicked government scholar placed in the position of Minister by Lee Kuan Yew, as is the fashion for all other Ministers in the island city state, is trying very hard to please his master.

But surely the need to show "contempt" for me is a bit too much.

What it does in fact show is that this island city state is so insecure and so totally dependant on this tottering old 87 year old man for survival that if in fact he were to die, the small island will indeed collapse.

And that is why any attempt by anyone to even suggest such an unthinkable event, has to be discredited with everything at their disposal.

Surely I have proven my point.

And as for me, I am not going to "dignify" such an outburst of a Minister in an island city state, a response thoroughly unbecoming of a so- called city state, which it likes to think is First World.

It is more like something you would expect of some Third World banana republic in Sub Saharan Africa.

I am simply going to ignore him. And that my friends is what he deserves.

Gopalan Nair
39737 Paseo Padre Parkway, Suite A1
Fremont, CA 94538, USA
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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lee Kuan Yew's comedy house, his "Singapore Parliament" becomes even funnier.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Of Singapore's state owned and controlled newspapers of which the Straits Times is the biggest, in it's online edition of March 12, 2010 has the story "Changes to political system".

An unsympathetic observer of the real Singapore, had he been asked what he thought of Lee Kuan Yew's Parliament House, he may have called it a theater, because what goes on in there is not real political debates, it is simply theatrics; simply make believe.

It is a comedy, and if it is already funny, it is going to get even funnier.

According to the Constitution of Singapore as it was originally written, Singapore was to be a democracy, with representatives free and fairly elected by their citizens who will represent their interests in Parliament.

Just as any other democracy in England Australia or Iceland.

But we all know by now that Singapore's eternal leader, Lee Kuan Yew has other plans. He disapproves of the whole concept and the provisions of democracy in that supreme document has in fact turned out to be a hindrance.

He is going to rule whether anybody likes it or not and anyone in Parliament better do as he says or he is out. Simple as that.

And since he is the island's superman who controls everything and everyone under pain of imprisonment or impoverishment through the courts, anyone who doesn't sing his tune has no place in Parliament, period.

That is why anyone who really believes in democracy like the late JB Jeyaretnam or Dr. Chee Soon Juan of today will never have the chance to represent anyone in politics, because they are people who have independent minds, and they will not sing his tune.

But since it becoming an international embarrassment to be called a one party state, which Singapore really is, as Lee wants to attract foreign banking insurance and commerce; he has to do something to give the impression of democracy but which in reality it is not.

He does this by selecting opposition politicians to support his policies but who agree to publicly claim they are opposition politicians. Lee Kuan Yew presently has 2of them, one Low Thia Khiang of the Workers Party and Chiam See Tong of the SDA, thoroughly harmless individuals from whom Lee has nothing to fear.

These 2 will never challenge Lee Kuan Yew on any real issue and if faced with one, they will invariably back off. In return, as PAP supporters in reality but in appearance opposition members, Lee gets what he wants and they get what they want.

They will never be sued or jailed as real opposition politicians would be, they will get their salaries from Lee Kuan Yew and live happy peaceful lives. As for Lee, he does not have to fear any threat from them. You scratch my back and I scratch yours, as the saying goes.

But as such pretenders like the 2 are hard to find, and with only 2 of them in Parliament with his overwhelming 82 members from his party, the general public impression both in Singapore and elsewhere is that it is still of a one party state.

He desperately wants to paint a facade of democracy but at the same time, still control everything and everyone. The classic case of having the cake and eating it as well.

So to come round it, and to give the impression of more debate, according to this state controlled newspaper report, he is going to legislate new law to allow up to 18Nominated MPs into Parliament, according to him, to debate more views and policies and have "more diverse views in Parliament".

But this is not democracy at all if you really look at it. These nominated MPs will have no power whatsoever because they do not represent anyone since they were not elected by anyone.

Moreover as is the case of the few Nominated MPs that we already have, they will all be PAP supporters in reality anyway who will be acting like opposition politicians.

They will speak on topics selected by PAP but give the impression that it was their own, but since they have no power, and neither do they represent anyone, having been nominated, all they speak would be of no consequence whatsoever, just simply hot air.

In Singapore colloquially it is called "Wayang" the name for a Malay drama.

But of course, Lee Kuan Yew with his state controlled press will conveniently report of democratic vibrant debates and immediately declare that Singapore is the healthiest democracy in all Asia if not all the world!

While the real people who should be in Parliament such as Dr. Chee Soon Juan will never get a chance and will instead be labelled a thief, a fraud and any other insult that comes to Lee Kuan Yew's mind, and periodically sent to prison for speaking without a permit.

Hollywood should come and visit the Singapore Parliament some day as there is some real acting talent in it.

You have to have at least some acting skills to put on a serious face arguing policies when in fact it was all stage managed by Lee Kuan Yew.

And what is also funny is that Lee Kuan Yew in his arrogance thinks that no one knows any better and he can play this game hoodwinking his people at will.

But that is where he is simply wrong. Singapore is hurting very badly under his arbitrary rule.

And no one is being fooled, except for himself.

The ones who are aware are not taking kindly to his hijacking the island for his own benefit.

People are leaving, resignations from the government is mounting and he is left with people with a lack of education or experience who cannot see the joke of it at all.

And that is why, with each day passing, he finds it harder and harder to function as a government.

Gopalan Nair
39737 Paseo Padre Parkway, Suite A1
Fremont, CA 94538, USA
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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Trying Ionescu in the Singapore press.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore's state owned and controlled newspaper the Straits Times online edition of Mar 11, 2010 has the story, "Ionescu's conduct flawed" the latest in a long series of daily juicy instalments about Dr. Silviu Ionescu's reports from the presently ongoing Singaporean Coroner's inquiry accusing him of absconding from a fatal hit and run accident.

Really the question is not whether the man is guilty or not, but how his guilt is being proven, Singapore style and the very bad taste it leaves in the mouth.

What is also shown is the rather lowly way Singapore government, this so called Lee Kuan Yew's first world one, behaves in this whole long drawn saga, as if they don't care anymore for acceptable behaviour among nation states, and similarly that of Romania as if they don't care much for the friendship of this tiny island republic either.

You should never forget that Silviu Ionescu was a Class A diplomat representing Romania in Singapore. And it is customary among nation states to accord each other that modicum of respect due, expected in diplomatic behaviour.

One would have thought therefore, that even if Ionescu turned out to be a serial killer, still certain norms of behaviour would be expected.

Even if this is about a man, it is also connected to relations between nation states, in this case the government of Romania.

And in such matters, a state is more restrained than if they were dealing with Ionescu, private citizen.

One would have expected them to request Romania to lift immunity and if this was not possible, they would have lodged the most formal of protests normal in accepted diplomatic relations.

But one would not expect any government, as in Singapore's case, to use their state controlled press to report the details of an ongoing Coroners inquiry in circumstances where it is almost as if they are trying Ionescu for what he is accused to have done in his absence and playing it out for the pleasure of the Singapore public.

In fact, if one has followed this shameful spectacle so far, Ionescu has already been tried and summarily been found guilty. Had he been in Singapore, they would have locked him up and thrown away the key.

And lest you forget, the man was the highest ranking officer of the government of Romania, and these proceedings is not even a trial, it is just a Coroners inquiry!

As for the Romanian government, they too appear determined to smack their thumb at the Singapore government. They don't seem to care the least if relations between them and Singapore deteriorate and business and trade collapses. It would have been easy for them to hand over Ionescu to Singapore, but they appear to have simply said no, to this tiny island city state.

Ionescu it appears is probably guilty of this accident, but disgracing him, his office as a diplomat and disgracing the government of Romania is not going to bring any happiness to anyone, least of all the relatives of the dead man.

I have never seen any other government worth its salt and reputation behave in such a gangster- like manner that they do now.

It is as if they are taking great pleasure by making sure that every Singaporean considers Ionescu, a Romanian diplomat the monster and they do it in daily instalments through their state controlled newspapers.

I am sure the government of Romania is disappointed with Silviu Ionescu but I sure they think even less of the government of Singapore, one that is prepared to stoop so low.

Gopalan Nair
39737 Paseo Padre Parkway, Suite A1
Fremont, CA 94538, USA
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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Singapore least corrupt nation! Really?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore's official state controlled newspaper the Straits Times online edition of March 09, 2010, has this article, "Singapore least corrupt nation".

It is a story based on an assessment of corruption levels of South East Asian countries by a Hong Kong based organization called PERC, an organization whom many suspect is itself corrupt, depending on how one defines corruption.

PERC, it appears, caters exclusively for the interests of multinational businesses, advising them on places in the world to invest and where not to.

As expected of these businessmen, their bottom line is of course the dollar, nothing else; not human rights, not human decency, not social justice, nothing; nothing but the dollar.

So what else did you expect of them? They would naturally say Singapore is corruption free because their clients are able to trade and function without having to bribe Tom Dick and Harry. Very good for business, surely.

But is this the only definition of corruption? What about other forms of corruption? What if everyone in the island is corruption free, except for one man, who is free to be as corrupt as he wants with total impunity?

Does not the meaning of the word include someone who pays himself millions and millions of dollars like Singapore's tottering 87 year old octogenarian, Lee Kuan Yew?

Does corruption not include paying his family members and friends and cronies similar outrageous amounts?

In fact, this plain and simple theft of Singaporeans money at will by Lee, is the worst form of corruption that you can possibly imagine.

And on this reckoning Singapore is the most corrupted society in the world, let alone South East Asia because this form of theft amounting to daylight robbery, by the head of a country, Lee Kuan Yew, happens only in Singapore; nowhere else.

And what is worse, this 87 year old man who practically owns everything in the small island city state will misuse the law courts and have you arrested and jailed if you were to make the slightest of objections.

So the poor subjugated and terrified Singaporeans quietly go about their lives careful not to take any bribes from anyone and at the same time, unable and incapable of complaining when their top man himself, Lee Kuan Yew steals any amout he wants.

If PERC were honest about what they were saying, they would admit that Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew, whose official salary is $3.7 million a year officially and secretly much more, is the worst corrupted individual that ever lived.

Lee Kuan Yew's "corruption free" Singapore brings another tyrant to mind, King Reza Khan of Iran, the Shah's father. It seems when he came to power he refused to tolerate any corruption at all. In fact he was so successful, corruption was totally erased from the face of Iran leaving only one corrupted individual left, Reza Khan himself who owned everything in Iran.

Just as in Singapore noone is corrupt except for one man, Lee Kuan Yew who owns all of Singapore.

As for me, I would prefer any time to live in a country even with some corruption where at least the Head of State is honest. In Singapore it is the other way around. A page from Alice in Wonderland.

Gopalan Nair
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(Update: March 9, 2010, this is a joke. I am having fun) Latest: Lee Kuan Yew slips and falls on ice in Fleet Street, London!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This is the latest. Lee Kuan Yew, the Singapore strongman, Singapore's version of dear Fidel or our Dear Leader Kim Jung Il, who is presently in London, the UK capital, slipped on ice while walking along Fleet Street at the Chancery Lane junction.

The jolt it appears, resulted in the unexpected consequence of his losing his false teeth, of which reports reveal that he had complete sets of upper and lower jaws.

It is uncertain how the teeth became dislodged from his mouth!

His teeth it seems flung out of his mouth in the jolt, falling on ice, and his bodyguards, all 10 of them flown from Singapore to make sure no one shoots him while there, scrambled to search for them (the teeth) but in vain.

As Fleet Street, runs beside the Thames; unfortunately the teeth, both sets of them, fell into the river, and for the rest of the day, the poor dictator was at pains to speak because without teeth, surely one has to sound somewhat garbled.

As a result it appears that his speeches to the London luminaries went down rather badly which bad situation was compounded by the fact that the bad news about him was known by Londoners, that is he is Kim Jung Il's clone. You understand what I mean.

The British being a freedom loving people do not look kindly at dictators.

It seems instead of being welcomed, the same Londoners began chanting slogans, and after a while began chanting "down with the dictator", very bad for his reputation.

As if this was not enough, in the meantime, news had spread to him that Gopalan Nair, who reportedly does not like him very much, sitting in Fremont California had the temerity to falsely claim that he had a heart attack, resulting in everyone in the island city state scrambling to keep their bank accounts safe and many more wondering whether to leave the island permanently or to stay.

He has also been told that the Singapore Secret Service, in conjunction with his Fifth Column has been working double time to label Gopalan Nair as a complete monster, who has out to wreck havoc in his island city state, but unfortunately for him, Singaporeans have better sense than that and realize that Nair's action was long overdue to expose the dangers of dictatorships.

In fact the dictator it is told was boiling with rage when the truth was told, that is, the vast majority of Singaporeans appreciated Nair for writing the truth about Singapore, as evidenced by the congratulations and accolades he received which outnumbered the dissenting voices 2 to 1.

In fact the numerous Singaporeans were pleading that Gopalan Nair please return to Singapore as his writings brings a breath of fresh air and spontaneity to the stifling political atmosphere in the island.

In fact many Singaporeans volunteered to provide Nair with a ready supply of Chivas Regal, the Scotch that he prefers, straight with a bit of water, at 98% Fahrenheit.

It seems Lee got even more upset and was boiling when told that Gopalan Nair was enjoying every minute of his sudden popularity, and is unable to hold back his hilarity to see so many Singaporeans or rather his agents up in arms against him.

But the good news is, all the fuss has once again propelled Gopalan Nair into the limelight and made him so very popular in that island state even though Gopalan Nair has left that island a long time ago, and what is more, he is an American Citizen; an achievement indeed.

It has been rumoured Gopalan Nair enjoys publicity and this overwhelming coverage of him and his reputation has really made his day. And with this blog post, Gopalan Nair is looking forward to even more of it. In the meantime, he has poured himself a tot of Scotch.

Gopalan Nair wants to thank the Singapore state controlled Media for putting up his picture once again in the paper, although a better picture could have been selected than that, and making him all the more important in that island state.

It appears from reliable sources that every single human being today in that island has heard of Gopalan Nair and has an opinion about him one way or the other, it does not matter which way.

Thank you very much.

As for good old Lee Kuan Yew's teeth, they are unfortunately gone and unless you engage Royal Navy divers to look for them under the Thames, they are lost forever.

Gopalan Nair
39737 Paseo Padre Parkway, Suite A1
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Monday, March 8, 2010

Singapore. The danger of living under an 87 year old dictator

Ladies and Gentlemen,

My recent post of March 06, 2010 in this blog (Update: March 07, 2010, this is a hoax) Singapore strongman 87 year old Lee Kuan Yew suffers massive heart attack has proved my point.

It is unsafe for any society to live under a dictator, especially a dictator that happens to be 87 years old.

87 year old men do drop dead, and when they do, dictatorships usually descend into uncertainty and very often into total chaos; bad for any society to have to face. And that is why I have been clamouring for Singaporeans to realize the precarious position they are in with an 87 year old tin pot, Singapore's version of Dear Leader.

As for my false blog post about the man's heart attack, I have had a flood of comments, the vast majority of whom have thanked me for writing it and reminding them of the thin ice of political uncertainty, over which they walk today.

Any article such as mine, not someone writing for any major newspaper would have just been ignored anywhere else. But that was not what happened in Singapore. I have read that numerous local blogs including Asiaone, a Singapore state owned newspaper have commented on it.

Perhaps I am more important than I thought?

Or perhaps, which I think is the correct explanation is; Singapore is so fragile, so politically unstable, so unprepared having lived under one man for the last 50 years, that if in fact Lee Kuan Yew did have a massive heart attack, Singapore as what you know today will totally disintegrate, collapse; if this much upheaval can be caused merely by a blog post from a former Singaporean who does not even live there!

Let this blog post and the consequences of it being up for even less than a day, be a warning not only to Singaporeans but also to all foreign businesses in the island city state. It is simply not safe. And now is the time for reckoning.

I made sure that the hoax which I perpetrated did not stay too long. The point I wanted to make to Singapore, a country that I was born in and want to see changed, is that it sadly is ephemeral, not something that is on solid ground; everything and everybody is dependant on one 87 year old man, Lee Kuan Yew.

And with his likely demise sooner than later, Singaporeans better be prepared for what is to come, and it is not going to be pretty.

And let me reiterate again what is to come, my humble blog post being a warning. People with money will transfer their funds abroad. Foreign companies will depart. There will be a run on the banks. Lee Kuan Yew's men at the top will flee for their money and even for their lives. Belinda Ang Saw Ean, Lee Kuan Yew's judge, responsible for human rights violations, will flee for her life, as well as her money.

Even larger countries cannot withstand such an upheaval, let alone tiny island city state of Singapore.

The people of Singapore should take a page from this and see for themselves the precarious position they are in. Doing nothing merely postpones the fateful date. If you care for stability of Singapore, you should act now. Realise the danger that you are living in. Lee Kuan Yew cannot help you after he is dead.

The time in now to engage in public protests, demanding your human rights which you have been denied. You need to empower yourselves to take charge. Inaction is clearly unsafe.

Finally I extend my gratitude to the overwhelming number of people who had thanked me for writing this article for reminding them of the fragility and uncertainty under which they live under the 87 year old Singapore version of Kim Jung Il.

By the way, we know that Kim Jung Il is in failing health. But unlike Singapore, North Korea being a closed society will seamlessly serve his son. Singapore is not North Korea and Lee Kuan Yew is not Kim Jung Il, even if he wants to be.

Gopalan Nair
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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Singapore. My last post about Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew was a hoax. However it was deliberate.

Updated:March 07, 2010, 1715 hrs, Pacific Standard Time.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

My last post in this blog, Saturday, March 6, 2010 "Singapore strongman 87 year old Lee Kuan Yew suffers massive heart attack", was a hoax. But the hoax was deliberately written by me. It was a deliberate attempt to highlight how tenuous Singapore really is, with all power in the island vested in one man, and the dire consequences to the island of his parting.

And especially so as he is 87.

I have received no less than 40 comments to it, with so many readers really bowled over as to what will happen. What calamity, what disaster, what misfortune! In fact it appears the Singapore General Hospital had its security tightened and the stock market is vary and keeping a watch on developments!

Is it not stupid that a mere blog like mine, which is not a major newspaper and not a news source of any major importance can be taken so seriously and cause such worry and uncertainly. I must say the overwhelming reaction to my humble blog about the Dear Leader is gratifying.

I wonder whether the recently sacked Lee Kuan Yew's Attorney General Woon Seong Ming, who is going to teach law in Singapore University, to which position he is amply qualified since it is a Singapore University after all, and not one in a democracy; will be coming out with his swan song of a lawsuit or a prosecution against me of some kind?

You never know, if he does a good job of suing me or prosecuting me this time, Lee may allow him to keep his job.

This overwhelming reaction is characteristic not among the democracies of the world which can weather the death of anyone but of Stalinist dictatorships.

You will see the same agitation and worry when Kim Jung Il kicks the bucket and so will the Cubans when Raul Castro or Fidel does the same to it.

This is what I have been telling Singaporeans all along. I do not really know one way or the other whether Lee Kuan Yew has had any heart attacks because even if he did, as is the custom in Stalinist closed societies, you are not going to be told of it.

At the same time, I do not know if the 87 year old octogenarian had run the mile in under 3 minutes yesterday.

In fact I don't know anything. And neither do you. And that my friends is the story of living in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore.

And let me tell you something. Even though I made up everything I said about Dear Leader about his heart attack, and none of it is true, I can assure you that the scenario that I painted assuming that he dies is completely correct.

And even if he did not have the heart attack yesterday and is not housed in the Intensive Care Cardiac Unit of Singapore General Hospital at present, if in fact that had happened, which I am sure is likely to happen this week or next, given his being a tottering old man of 87 years of age, all that I said is going to happen very soon.

Noone can live forever.

Those with money will begin transferring it abroad, there will be a run on the banks, his corrupt friends at the top will be leaving with their money and their lives, there will be demonstrations at the junctions of Geylang Road and Mountbatten Road and Orchard Road and Patterson Road. There will be mayhem. And it will happen soon.

My advice to those in Singapore with their cerebrums intact is this, if you can stand and protest the system, do it for your own good. Bring about a new Singapore. One that does not rely completely on an 87 year old tin pot.

If not pack up your belongings and your families and fly Qantas to Australia or some other safer country. Singapore is not longer safe.

And now, as someone had intimated, since this report of his having a heart attack was a deliberate fabrication, I have been advised that Lee Kuan Yew, as is the custom of Stalinist strongmen around the world, will either sue me or if he cannot do it, shoot me.

I am holding my breath.

Postscript: I think my writing the hoax about Dear Leader Lee Kuan Yew may in fact contribute to his demise sooner, due to the stress of it. Stress and tension contribute to heart attacks, especially in 87 year old men.

Gopalan Nair
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Saturday, March 6, 2010

(Update: March 07, 2010, this is a hoax) Singapore strongman 87 year old Lee Kuan Yew suffers massive heart attack

Ladies and Gentlemen,

According to latest reports received from Singapore a few minutes ago, the 87 year old Singapore strongman, Lee Kuan Yew, had suffered a massive heart attack at 9.34 pm yesterday Singapore time.

He is reported to be presently in the Intensive Care Cardiac Unit of the Singapore General Hospital under sedation and respiration, carefully watched by a team of doctors, with his son whom he appointed the Prime Minister and his 2 other children beside him.

It is understood his wife is also in the same hospital in a coma now for several years.

It is uncertain if he can recover at his age, and the pacemaker which he has in his heart is believed to have contributed to it.

According to reports, the pacemaker malfunctioned triggering this massive heart attack.

With the entire country run by this one man, the fear that business leaders and bankers had for very long may have finally come true; that such a happening can destroy the business confidence and cause total destruction in the small island city state.

The reason for the lack of confidence is due to the general lack of confidence in his son's, the prime minister's capacity to govern thereby creating a power vacuum with no single person able to assume control in the island.

In fact reports have been coming in that some investors have already started transferring their funds overseas creating a fear there could be a run on the banks.

There are reports that several top officials who have amassed fortunes under Lee Kuan Yew's patronage and connections have begun to have the jitters and started moving their funds overseas.

A few high ranking civil servants and judges who were responsible for human rights abuses against his political opponents have also been on alert ready to leave the island any minute.

Reports have also been coming in that peaceful protesters and demonstrators have begun assembling in small pockets at the Geylang and Mountbatten Road junction and the Orchard Road and Patterson Road junction holding placards
reading "Democracy" and "Down With the Dictator" and chanting slogans.

The situation is very fluid and I will be reporting on the situation as it unfolds. There have been numerous telephone calls to the Prime Ministers Office and the Singapore newspaper the Straits Times for information.

Gopalan Nair
Fremont, California
March 06, 2010

Singapore's Malay police officer Assistant Superintendant of Police Abdul Razak bin Zakaria, Telephone Mobile (65) 9756 7953

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Assistant Superintendent of Police Abdul Razak bin Zakaria, mobile telephone number (65)9756 7953 is a police officer at Central Police Station Singapore, a senior rank, the main man responsible for my arrest and interrogation in the city state in 2008 for criticizing Singapore Lee Kuan Yew's judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean for bias, resulting in my incarceration for 2 months.

He was a particularly distasteful character, completely devoid of any principles, eager to carry out any orders of his master Lee in the obvious hope of promotion and career, a particularly disgraceful way to make a living.

I had already written about his confiscating my note book from my Singapore hotel room while I was in handcuffs, his noting my Email password and sending out numerous Emails either himself or through others as directed by the recently sacked Attorney General of Singapore Walter Woon Cheong Ming to various Singapore judges and ministers falsely purporting to be mine, and then torturing me for 8 days at odd hours of the night, kept in solitary confinement in his police station and forcing me to confess to sending those Emails, which I refused to do even under torture.

He is a particularly cruel man, a man without any scruples or human dignity, best suited for his dirty job to please his master.

But this blog is about his superstitions and how he is very likely suffering under it, every minute.

Abdul Razak bin Zakaria is a Malay Muslim, who are by tradition and culture superstitious. As Muslims he has to pray at least once a week on Friday noon, and if possible daily.

Telling a lie before God when under oath is a particularly serious sacrilege and these Malay Muslims believe that to be reminded before others to tell the truth after having taken the oath, and lying thereafter is particularly heinous under Allah.

They believe this to be the most serious blasphemy and not only the culprit but the entire family as well as their children will suffer sickness, misfortune and suffering.

There is according to Islam, no absolution, no forgiveness from such a deliberate sacrilege before Allah. And this is made all the worse when a Malay Muslim does the act during the month of Holy Month of Ramadan.

In 2008, I was tried in the High Court of Singapore before Lee Kuan Yew's judge Kan Ting Chiu. Abdul Razak bin Zakaria as the arresting and investigating officer was the principle witness.

I was particularly lucky because the trial and my cross examination of this Malay Muslim occurred during this Muslim Holy Month of Ramadan that I mentioned.

Abdul Razak bin Zakaria was in a bind.

After Abdul Razak Zakaria had taken the oath under Allah to tell the truth and the prosecution had finished with the examination, I asked him the following questions:

1. Are you a Muslim? He answered yes.
2. Is this the month of Ramadan and a fasting month? He answered yes.
3. Is this the most Holy month of the Muslim calender? The answer is yes.
4. Are you fasting? He answered yes.
5. Do you know that you have taken the oath before Allah to tell the truth? He answered yes.
6. Is it especially important during this month of Ramadan that you tell the truth while under oath to Allah? He answers yes.
7. Are you aware that as a Muslim when you take the oath to Allah and lie, not only you but also your family and children will suffer the wrath of God for ever? He answers yes.
8. This punishment of Allah can last not only this generation but also several generations hereafter? He answers yes.

At this time, I was stopped by Lee Kuan Yew's prosecutor and his judge that I should stop asking this man about his religion. But the harm was already done.

Abdul Razak bin Zakaria was visibly shaken. He had just taken the oath as a Muslim to tell the truth before God and I had in public, in front others reminded him of the fact that he has to speak the truth and if he did not, under these circumstances, he will suffer the terrible wrath of his God, Allah.

I think ever since then, every time this man prays, i.e. the Namaz, he is troubled by what happened with me in court in Singapore in 2008.

I am sure he lied. To my questions whether he had sent the Emails purporting to be mine he denied it, he denied being directed by the Attorney General to falsely accuse me of these Emails, he denied being directed by the Attorney General to interrogate me for several days, he denied that anyone higher up had directed him to do anything, he claimed that he was merely investigating this case because the Attorney General had received an Email purporting to be mine etc.

All this testimony under oath to his God, Allah was a lie. They were lies under oath shamelessly told as a Muslim having just taken the oath to tell the truth.

I am not sure if he is getting sick very often these days. I am not sure whether his wife is suffering from an illness of sorts. I am not sure if his children are sick, they are getting bad grades, they are drug takers, they are turning into dropouts. I am not sure if Lee Kuan Yew will have him sacked from his job.

I am not sure of any of this. This man, a Malay Muslim who prays to his God Allah knows.

And I feel sorry for him.

You might want to call him on his cell phone Singapore (65) 9756 7953 and ask him yourself.

Gopalan Nair
39737 Paseo Padre Parkway, Suite A1
Fremont, CA 94538, USA
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