Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Singapore least corrupt nation! Really?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore's official state controlled newspaper the Straits Times online edition of March 09, 2010, has this article, "Singapore least corrupt nation".

It is a story based on an assessment of corruption levels of South East Asian countries by a Hong Kong based organization called PERC, an organization whom many suspect is itself corrupt, depending on how one defines corruption.

PERC, it appears, caters exclusively for the interests of multinational businesses, advising them on places in the world to invest and where not to.

As expected of these businessmen, their bottom line is of course the dollar, nothing else; not human rights, not human decency, not social justice, nothing; nothing but the dollar.

So what else did you expect of them? They would naturally say Singapore is corruption free because their clients are able to trade and function without having to bribe Tom Dick and Harry. Very good for business, surely.

But is this the only definition of corruption? What about other forms of corruption? What if everyone in the island is corruption free, except for one man, who is free to be as corrupt as he wants with total impunity?

Does not the meaning of the word include someone who pays himself millions and millions of dollars like Singapore's tottering 87 year old octogenarian, Lee Kuan Yew?

Does corruption not include paying his family members and friends and cronies similar outrageous amounts?

In fact, this plain and simple theft of Singaporeans money at will by Lee, is the worst form of corruption that you can possibly imagine.

And on this reckoning Singapore is the most corrupted society in the world, let alone South East Asia because this form of theft amounting to daylight robbery, by the head of a country, Lee Kuan Yew, happens only in Singapore; nowhere else.

And what is worse, this 87 year old man who practically owns everything in the small island city state will misuse the law courts and have you arrested and jailed if you were to make the slightest of objections.

So the poor subjugated and terrified Singaporeans quietly go about their lives careful not to take any bribes from anyone and at the same time, unable and incapable of complaining when their top man himself, Lee Kuan Yew steals any amout he wants.

If PERC were honest about what they were saying, they would admit that Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew, whose official salary is $3.7 million a year officially and secretly much more, is the worst corrupted individual that ever lived.

Lee Kuan Yew's "corruption free" Singapore brings another tyrant to mind, King Reza Khan of Iran, the Shah's father. It seems when he came to power he refused to tolerate any corruption at all. In fact he was so successful, corruption was totally erased from the face of Iran leaving only one corrupted individual left, Reza Khan himself who owned everything in Iran.

Just as in Singapore noone is corrupt except for one man, Lee Kuan Yew who owns all of Singapore.

As for me, I would prefer any time to live in a country even with some corruption where at least the Head of State is honest. In Singapore it is the other way around. A page from Alice in Wonderland.

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SimpletonSpeak said...

If the mini$ters can quietly give themselves a 8% payrise last year, where is the corruption ....... tell me.

Nobody knows = No corruption.

Singapore is laundaring money for the Indonesian corrupt (Andy Xie left his job for this whistle-blowing), Burmaese junta, Chinese little emperors and North Korea dynastic ruler. I only name a few, there are many other moneyed clients just that people do not know.

Nobody knows = No corruption.

The son of the Strongman Harry Lee the UK-trained ruffian, need to use money to buy the influence he lacks when he was voted 100% to be PM.

Nobody knows = No corruption.

Finally, Sands Casino suddenly have money given by equally financial-crisis-struck Singapore property magnates to continue the landmark project, where does the money comes from?

Nobody knows = No corruption.

You see, the PAP people wear schoolboy white at national day, so white that it is pure and not corrupt.

The departmental stores dummies know this = No corruption too.

Singapore Lumber One Again.

Anonymous said...

You are right. LKY is so corrupted and dictatorial that no one dare to expose him.

Anonymous said...

Will LKY come out and list his assets.

The people would like to know how much he has amassed since he became PM, SM and MM.

Or is this a state secret?

Anonymous said...

creating posts to pay themselves 3 million per year is robbery.

Anonymous said...

Not until Lee is thrown out into the sea will the whole world see just how much damage he has left in his wake. That old man seems to be good at sweeping the dirt under the carpet. An overpaid dirt sweeper indeed, who doesn't even do his job properly.