Sunday, March 7, 2010

Singapore. My last post about Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew was a hoax. However it was deliberate.

Updated:March 07, 2010, 1715 hrs, Pacific Standard Time.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

My last post in this blog, Saturday, March 6, 2010 "Singapore strongman 87 year old Lee Kuan Yew suffers massive heart attack", was a hoax. But the hoax was deliberately written by me. It was a deliberate attempt to highlight how tenuous Singapore really is, with all power in the island vested in one man, and the dire consequences to the island of his parting.

And especially so as he is 87.

I have received no less than 40 comments to it, with so many readers really bowled over as to what will happen. What calamity, what disaster, what misfortune! In fact it appears the Singapore General Hospital had its security tightened and the stock market is vary and keeping a watch on developments!

Is it not stupid that a mere blog like mine, which is not a major newspaper and not a news source of any major importance can be taken so seriously and cause such worry and uncertainly. I must say the overwhelming reaction to my humble blog about the Dear Leader is gratifying.

I wonder whether the recently sacked Lee Kuan Yew's Attorney General Woon Seong Ming, who is going to teach law in Singapore University, to which position he is amply qualified since it is a Singapore University after all, and not one in a democracy; will be coming out with his swan song of a lawsuit or a prosecution against me of some kind?

You never know, if he does a good job of suing me or prosecuting me this time, Lee may allow him to keep his job.

This overwhelming reaction is characteristic not among the democracies of the world which can weather the death of anyone but of Stalinist dictatorships.

You will see the same agitation and worry when Kim Jung Il kicks the bucket and so will the Cubans when Raul Castro or Fidel does the same to it.

This is what I have been telling Singaporeans all along. I do not really know one way or the other whether Lee Kuan Yew has had any heart attacks because even if he did, as is the custom in Stalinist closed societies, you are not going to be told of it.

At the same time, I do not know if the 87 year old octogenarian had run the mile in under 3 minutes yesterday.

In fact I don't know anything. And neither do you. And that my friends is the story of living in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore.

And let me tell you something. Even though I made up everything I said about Dear Leader about his heart attack, and none of it is true, I can assure you that the scenario that I painted assuming that he dies is completely correct.

And even if he did not have the heart attack yesterday and is not housed in the Intensive Care Cardiac Unit of Singapore General Hospital at present, if in fact that had happened, which I am sure is likely to happen this week or next, given his being a tottering old man of 87 years of age, all that I said is going to happen very soon.

Noone can live forever.

Those with money will begin transferring it abroad, there will be a run on the banks, his corrupt friends at the top will be leaving with their money and their lives, there will be demonstrations at the junctions of Geylang Road and Mountbatten Road and Orchard Road and Patterson Road. There will be mayhem. And it will happen soon.

My advice to those in Singapore with their cerebrums intact is this, if you can stand and protest the system, do it for your own good. Bring about a new Singapore. One that does not rely completely on an 87 year old tin pot.

If not pack up your belongings and your families and fly Qantas to Australia or some other safer country. Singapore is not longer safe.

And now, as someone had intimated, since this report of his having a heart attack was a deliberate fabrication, I have been advised that Lee Kuan Yew, as is the custom of Stalinist strongmen around the world, will either sue me or if he cannot do it, shoot me.

I am holding my breath.

Postscript: I think my writing the hoax about Dear Leader Lee Kuan Yew may in fact contribute to his demise sooner, due to the stress of it. Stress and tension contribute to heart attacks, especially in 87 year old men.

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Anonymous said...

GN "I do not really know one way or the other whether Lee Kuan Yew has had any heart attacks because even if he did ..."

He does not have a heart,

except for scholars, FTs, Deng and the PRC.

Anonymous said...

The New York Times
As China’s economy recovers, employers are competing to hire low-skilled workers, but many of China’s best and brightest, its college graduates, are facing a long stretch of unemployment.

Don't worry, graduates from the PRC. LKY and his FT policy will take care of you.

Please come to Singapore immediately. Scholarships and houses await you all.

Chandrika Nair said...

I guess you people are sick to create such hoax. Probably an idle mind is a devil's playground. Without him this country will go nowhere. I hope MM Lee, he lives forever. He is in my prayer.

Anonymous said...

With one stroke you have the whole international and local Singapore community reading your blog.
Even the PAP Ministers I heard were reading up your blog this morning.
You got them by their balls.

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous of Mar 07, 0553,

If this much upheaval is caused by my writing, then I think Lee Kuan Yew has no choice but to live forever!

Anonymous said...

You just made me waste my bottle of Moet! :(

To think I celebrated for nothing. Oh well, time to faster get one more bottle before he truly kick the bucket.

Anonymous said...

Notwithstanding, I'll take a bet with anyone at odds of 1:1 that LKY will drop dead or be incapacitated within this year 2010. Bets to be settled on 1.1.2011.

With a pacer and stents on his chest and heart and at age 87, how long more can he last?

Pl call me to place your bets max $500 per person

Anonymous said...

screw you.

I almost dump all my shares.

Anonymous said...


I would rather have LKY to live as long as possible.

His death is a sure thing and Singapore's downhill spiral too.

Too many people have sold their soul to this fascist in Singapore.
So in a way they deserve the coming trend.

"Fascism is the convergence of governmental and corporation power"-Benito Mussolini, Italian dictator and fascist


Anonymous said...

Chandrika Nair says "I hope MM Lee, he lives forever."

This the life expectancy at birth for Singapore
male: 79.37 years
female: 84.78 years (2009 est.)

At 87, your beloved tyrant has lived longer that the actuarial stats suggest.

Chandrika Nair,
You poor naive simpleton. When the inevitable happens, what is Singapore going to do. This 87-year old man has his finger in every pie and his passing will leave a serious void.

What are you going to do? Migrate to Australia or NZ like all the other people from Singapore?

Anonymous said...

GN "At the same time, I do not know if the 87 year old octogenarian had run the mile in under 3 minutes yesterday."

Get real will you. He takes his inspiration from Mao (who did his annual swim) and swims the Singapore river.

Anonymous said...

A previous poster said something important about young people (repeated below). My question to the old people of Singapore, is how can you allow this 87-year old geriatric squander your childrens future away. Don't you care about them?

The older people in Singapore have benefited from LKY's policies.

But the young are so screwed:

(1) Have to serve NS with the loss of 2 years
(2) CPF suffering from losses at GIC and TH
(3) Can't afford HDB housing
(4) Losing jobs to FTs.

Anonymous said...

How does it feel to be the most hated man in Singapore (at least in PAP circles).


Keep the bastards honest.

Anonymous said...

"If this much upheaval is caused by my writing, then I think Lee Kuan Yew has no choice but to live forever!"

You do understand that there are actually quite a number of people who take your writing as 'false hope', right? In fact, I felt really disappointed after it was revealed as a hoax.

Anonymous said...

FAMILEE & PAPARTY are reading every word of your blog.

The old man is furious.

ed said...

You overestimate Confucian societies Gopalan.

You forget that under Stalin's rule, when he dropped off the twig, millions cried despite his being responsible for millions of deaths. People tend to make sense of reality within the perspectival auspices of their leaders, and especially when they've had as long a run as Lee, and have their personalities reduced to the point that they can confuse economic affluence as reason enough to laud themselves as a great civilisation.

There are no true democrats in singapore, only fascists whom seek greater advantages for the previously advantaged. This bespeaks gross self-absorption and not much can be expected of such a people.

One ought to complement their attention to the blogging world with an on-the-street interaction with singapore's 'heartlanders', such as I have. You'll see another picture if you do.

One of the final goals of Confucianism is harmony after a people have internalised the morality of the rulers. Ask yourself if that has not already happened in singapore by what is said and felt by people and what is not.

As for this hoax you put out, I don't see anything significant has been achieved. You have just proved what people already know. At the end of the day, most of the prominent on the oppositional side of things have as much insight as that of a gnat. They serve the same function as Kings and Queens in that the masses invest in them that which they hope to be as opposed to said Kings and Queens serving the function of directing their attention to that which they are unawares. You people simply validate the masses for what they are, and in the hallowed glow of your prominence, spouting what the masses think, they are gratified. Speak on that which does not pander to their self-absorbed interests, and then you'll know their true nature.

You're a confucian mate, for not realising these things.

Anonymous said...

Death is a sure thing why wish our enemy a sure thing that would befall him. Wish him a long good life so that he would not be repentant and change his ways so that when death finally comes he would have no excuse.

A a cow may be pampered lavishly with sake, massaged all the time only to be butchered in the end to be sold as the premium Kobe beef.

Nah don't wish Harry Lee death, wish him long good life so he will add to his crimes. Let's us not go after vengeance. God's is much much worse.

Death will not give recognition to Harry Lee even if he was the ruler of the entire world.


Anonymous said...

I think it is better for him to die of heart attack. If he still wants to cling on to power (as SM, then MM), he should know sooner or later he will become senile or suffer dementia (it's a common sign of aging, no one can escape that - recall Rajaratnam) then he will look like an old fool and history will remember him differently. All the former great Prime Ministers of the British Parliament either retired from politics or remained as MP, e.g. Margaret Thatcher, Winston Churchill, even the great Benjamin Disreali and David Lloyd George.

Anonymous said...

Good job Mr Nair! I think you have illustrated your point very well. I only wished it was true (the part on LKY dying)!

Anonymous said...

Long Live Lee Kuan Yew.

Maybe he can play chess with fellow eternal friends- Stalin, Kim Il Sung and Mao Zedong.

The new policy of PAP is to ensure his longevity. He needs to answer to the missing CPF money, and like the capitan of the Titanic, the last to switch off the light. ha3ha2ha5. (LKY's laugh)

Le Plen Revenge said...


You have been naughty.

One more hoax about Lee's health from you and he may burst a few blood vessels in anger.



Anonymous said...

The reaction from an American blogger

A balanced write-up. Compare this to the reactions from the cadre of department-store-dummies.

Joshua said...

I'm pretty sure SPF, SOCOM and the like have contingencies in place in case something like this happens.

Anonymous said...

LKY's life

PM -> SM -> MM -> DM

DM - Departed Minister.

They will be building statues in his honour. His will be the statute at the waterfront, the airport, outside parliament, etc.

And, because of his service to the country, the DM post will have a annual honorarium of $5 million payable to his sons and grand kids, and then the great grand kids, and ... you get the drift.

You think I am joking.

This nation of cowardly (but money hungry) dofuses will never dare question the followers of The Dear Leader.

Anonymous said...

Joshua said...

I'm pretty sure SPF, SOCOM and the like have contingencies in place in case something like this happens.


So, tell us.

Or is it going to be curfews and martial law.

After all the current prime minister is a Brigadier General.

Anonymous said...

Well one thought kept spinning through my mind.. When the man is really gone, will his family leave this sad place, bring tons of our hard earned $$$ to other countries, or the monocractic lives on.. ????

Anonymous said...

... Aren't all hoaxes deliberate?

Jac said...

Just a quick thought. What if Mr Lee is already dead, and all the press conferences and TV interviews/ footages we have seen are pre-recorded?

We would never know since none of us has seen him in person lately.