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Singapore's Malay police officer Assistant Superintendant of Police Abdul Razak bin Zakaria, Telephone Mobile (65) 9756 7953

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Assistant Superintendent of Police Abdul Razak bin Zakaria, mobile telephone number (65)9756 7953 is a police officer at Central Police Station Singapore, a senior rank, the main man responsible for my arrest and interrogation in the city state in 2008 for criticizing Singapore Lee Kuan Yew's judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean for bias, resulting in my incarceration for 2 months.

He was a particularly distasteful character, completely devoid of any principles, eager to carry out any orders of his master Lee in the obvious hope of promotion and career, a particularly disgraceful way to make a living.

I had already written about his confiscating my note book from my Singapore hotel room while I was in handcuffs, his noting my Email password and sending out numerous Emails either himself or through others as directed by the recently sacked Attorney General of Singapore Walter Woon Cheong Ming to various Singapore judges and ministers falsely purporting to be mine, and then torturing me for 8 days at odd hours of the night, kept in solitary confinement in his police station and forcing me to confess to sending those Emails, which I refused to do even under torture.

He is a particularly cruel man, a man without any scruples or human dignity, best suited for his dirty job to please his master.

But this blog is about his superstitions and how he is very likely suffering under it, every minute.

Abdul Razak bin Zakaria is a Malay Muslim, who are by tradition and culture superstitious. As Muslims he has to pray at least once a week on Friday noon, and if possible daily.

Telling a lie before God when under oath is a particularly serious sacrilege and these Malay Muslims believe that to be reminded before others to tell the truth after having taken the oath, and lying thereafter is particularly heinous under Allah.

They believe this to be the most serious blasphemy and not only the culprit but the entire family as well as their children will suffer sickness, misfortune and suffering.

There is according to Islam, no absolution, no forgiveness from such a deliberate sacrilege before Allah. And this is made all the worse when a Malay Muslim does the act during the month of Holy Month of Ramadan.

In 2008, I was tried in the High Court of Singapore before Lee Kuan Yew's judge Kan Ting Chiu. Abdul Razak bin Zakaria as the arresting and investigating officer was the principle witness.

I was particularly lucky because the trial and my cross examination of this Malay Muslim occurred during this Muslim Holy Month of Ramadan that I mentioned.

Abdul Razak bin Zakaria was in a bind.

After Abdul Razak Zakaria had taken the oath under Allah to tell the truth and the prosecution had finished with the examination, I asked him the following questions:

1. Are you a Muslim? He answered yes.
2. Is this the month of Ramadan and a fasting month? He answered yes.
3. Is this the most Holy month of the Muslim calender? The answer is yes.
4. Are you fasting? He answered yes.
5. Do you know that you have taken the oath before Allah to tell the truth? He answered yes.
6. Is it especially important during this month of Ramadan that you tell the truth while under oath to Allah? He answers yes.
7. Are you aware that as a Muslim when you take the oath to Allah and lie, not only you but also your family and children will suffer the wrath of God for ever? He answers yes.
8. This punishment of Allah can last not only this generation but also several generations hereafter? He answers yes.

At this time, I was stopped by Lee Kuan Yew's prosecutor and his judge that I should stop asking this man about his religion. But the harm was already done.

Abdul Razak bin Zakaria was visibly shaken. He had just taken the oath as a Muslim to tell the truth before God and I had in public, in front others reminded him of the fact that he has to speak the truth and if he did not, under these circumstances, he will suffer the terrible wrath of his God, Allah.

I think ever since then, every time this man prays, i.e. the Namaz, he is troubled by what happened with me in court in Singapore in 2008.

I am sure he lied. To my questions whether he had sent the Emails purporting to be mine he denied it, he denied being directed by the Attorney General to falsely accuse me of these Emails, he denied being directed by the Attorney General to interrogate me for several days, he denied that anyone higher up had directed him to do anything, he claimed that he was merely investigating this case because the Attorney General had received an Email purporting to be mine etc.

All this testimony under oath to his God, Allah was a lie. They were lies under oath shamelessly told as a Muslim having just taken the oath to tell the truth.

I am not sure if he is getting sick very often these days. I am not sure whether his wife is suffering from an illness of sorts. I am not sure if his children are sick, they are getting bad grades, they are drug takers, they are turning into dropouts. I am not sure if Lee Kuan Yew will have him sacked from his job.

I am not sure of any of this. This man, a Malay Muslim who prays to his God Allah knows.

And I feel sorry for him.

You might want to call him on his cell phone Singapore (65) 9756 7953 and ask him yourself.

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Anonymous said...

After GIC made its disastrous investments in UBS and Citigroup, U.S. investment guru Jim Rogers predicted that it will lose a lot of money:

“They’re making a big mistake; these banks have many more problems still ahead. They should wait until these companies are really on the ropes a few years from now . . . and trading at $5 a share.”

He minced no words in questioning the intelligence of GIC fund managers:

“I know these people, and they have never given me the impression that they’re smarter than anyone else. They have gigantic amounts of money, but they’ve made a bad judgment in these cases.”

And, still no accounting from the LKY-LHL-HC clique.

After all, they say, why do we need to explain anything to department store dummies.

Anonymous said...

GIC’s Chairman Lee Kuan Yew appeared to be unfazed by the prospect of an impending UBS collapse. In an interview with Channel News Asia last year, he said:

“When we invest, we are investing for 10, 15, 20 years. You may look as if you are making a big loss today, but you have not borrowed money to invest. You will ride the storm, the company recovers, your shares go up.”

This guy is a f*cking stupid. He is a lawyer and fancies himself as a money manager.

Investing for the long term, my ass - he must have heard of Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns, ...

The losers of this idiot's policies are the people who depend on CPF and the young.

Dosen't anyone have the courage to tell the emperor that he has no clothes!!!!

Anonymous said...

darth vader is at it again.

poor elderly man sleeping in his bed at night with thoughts of lee kuan yew and singapore running through his brain.

so much anger it is quite shameful and sad.

Anonymous said...

Lying under oath is not a sacrilege in Islam but also in Christianity.

Many many people who are more afraid to this Harry Lee are lying even deliberately falsely swearing in the name of God.

I know most people second guess if God exists but I do know that God exists. I would not call a belief in God as superstitious. However I would call fear to harry lee as superstitious.

This is one of the main reason why I hate this harry lee and his familee. They demanded to be placed above the principle of faith. These are godless people who worship only themselves.

Shame on them.


Anonymous said...

all liars will have their place in the lake of fire!! buhahaha!lky goh ct you are only human. one day you will meet your creator.