Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lee Kuan Yew's comedy house, his "Singapore Parliament" becomes even funnier.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Of Singapore's state owned and controlled newspapers of which the Straits Times is the biggest, in it's online edition of March 12, 2010 has the story "Changes to political system".

An unsympathetic observer of the real Singapore, had he been asked what he thought of Lee Kuan Yew's Parliament House, he may have called it a theater, because what goes on in there is not real political debates, it is simply theatrics; simply make believe.

It is a comedy, and if it is already funny, it is going to get even funnier.

According to the Constitution of Singapore as it was originally written, Singapore was to be a democracy, with representatives free and fairly elected by their citizens who will represent their interests in Parliament.

Just as any other democracy in England Australia or Iceland.

But we all know by now that Singapore's eternal leader, Lee Kuan Yew has other plans. He disapproves of the whole concept and the provisions of democracy in that supreme document has in fact turned out to be a hindrance.

He is going to rule whether anybody likes it or not and anyone in Parliament better do as he says or he is out. Simple as that.

And since he is the island's superman who controls everything and everyone under pain of imprisonment or impoverishment through the courts, anyone who doesn't sing his tune has no place in Parliament, period.

That is why anyone who really believes in democracy like the late JB Jeyaretnam or Dr. Chee Soon Juan of today will never have the chance to represent anyone in politics, because they are people who have independent minds, and they will not sing his tune.

But since it becoming an international embarrassment to be called a one party state, which Singapore really is, as Lee wants to attract foreign banking insurance and commerce; he has to do something to give the impression of democracy but which in reality it is not.

He does this by selecting opposition politicians to support his policies but who agree to publicly claim they are opposition politicians. Lee Kuan Yew presently has 2of them, one Low Thia Khiang of the Workers Party and Chiam See Tong of the SDA, thoroughly harmless individuals from whom Lee has nothing to fear.

These 2 will never challenge Lee Kuan Yew on any real issue and if faced with one, they will invariably back off. In return, as PAP supporters in reality but in appearance opposition members, Lee gets what he wants and they get what they want.

They will never be sued or jailed as real opposition politicians would be, they will get their salaries from Lee Kuan Yew and live happy peaceful lives. As for Lee, he does not have to fear any threat from them. You scratch my back and I scratch yours, as the saying goes.

But as such pretenders like the 2 are hard to find, and with only 2 of them in Parliament with his overwhelming 82 members from his party, the general public impression both in Singapore and elsewhere is that it is still of a one party state.

He desperately wants to paint a facade of democracy but at the same time, still control everything and everyone. The classic case of having the cake and eating it as well.

So to come round it, and to give the impression of more debate, according to this state controlled newspaper report, he is going to legislate new law to allow up to 18Nominated MPs into Parliament, according to him, to debate more views and policies and have "more diverse views in Parliament".

But this is not democracy at all if you really look at it. These nominated MPs will have no power whatsoever because they do not represent anyone since they were not elected by anyone.

Moreover as is the case of the few Nominated MPs that we already have, they will all be PAP supporters in reality anyway who will be acting like opposition politicians.

They will speak on topics selected by PAP but give the impression that it was their own, but since they have no power, and neither do they represent anyone, having been nominated, all they speak would be of no consequence whatsoever, just simply hot air.

In Singapore colloquially it is called "Wayang" the name for a Malay drama.

But of course, Lee Kuan Yew with his state controlled press will conveniently report of democratic vibrant debates and immediately declare that Singapore is the healthiest democracy in all Asia if not all the world!

While the real people who should be in Parliament such as Dr. Chee Soon Juan will never get a chance and will instead be labelled a thief, a fraud and any other insult that comes to Lee Kuan Yew's mind, and periodically sent to prison for speaking without a permit.

Hollywood should come and visit the Singapore Parliament some day as there is some real acting talent in it.

You have to have at least some acting skills to put on a serious face arguing policies when in fact it was all stage managed by Lee Kuan Yew.

And what is also funny is that Lee Kuan Yew in his arrogance thinks that no one knows any better and he can play this game hoodwinking his people at will.

But that is where he is simply wrong. Singapore is hurting very badly under his arbitrary rule.

And no one is being fooled, except for himself.

The ones who are aware are not taking kindly to his hijacking the island for his own benefit.

People are leaving, resignations from the government is mounting and he is left with people with a lack of education or experience who cannot see the joke of it at all.

And that is why, with each day passing, he finds it harder and harder to function as a government.

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LEE said...

If this continues, the Muppet Show will go broke.

I think Singapore parLEEment has the most expensive puppets in the world.

But the fact that the people keep quiet makes educated Singaporeans the biggest clowns in the world as well.

Seriously speaking, my little son (unknown to PAP because he is born overseas) saw a picture of LEE and reckoned that he looked like an orang-utan. Does anyone here think that way too?

Anonymous said...

Keep bowing at the altar of Emperor Lee and Little Lee.

Ong Teng Cheong was an honorable man.

The department store dummies deserve what they get.

president Ong indicated that he had asked for this audit based on the principle that as an elected president, he was bound to protect the national reserves, and the only way of doing so would be to know what reserves (both cash and asset) the government owned.

Anonymous said...

Among the five former presidents who have died, Ong Teng Cheong is the only one who did not receive a state funeral, leading to speculations on the PAP's motives behind this ceremonial omission.

From the Propaganda Times, "...the policy on state funerals was "still evolving" and is decided on a case-by-case basis by the Prime Minister and the cabinet."

So, will LKY get a state funeral.

Let's put it to a ballot, using ballot papers without serial numbers, and see what the response is.

Anonymous said...

China v. Google

This is what someone said on the WSJ blog.

"Come on China, all this shows is YOU are AFRAID of people thinking for themselves and YOU losing control.

The government in China is a bunch of elitists who think they are gods."

See any parallels to Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Mr Gandhi Ambalam, Ms Chee Siok Chin, and Dr Chee were fined the maximum amount of $2,000 ($1,000 for each charged) and sentenced to 2 weeks' jail in default.

Mr Chong Kai Xiong, Ms Go Hui Leng, Mr Muhammad Shafi'ie Syahmi, Mr Carl Lang Chin Kah, Mr Mohamed Jufrie, Mr Seelan Palay, and Mr John Tan Liang Joo were each fined a total of $1,800 for the two charges and 12 days' imprisonment in default convicted of two charges for assembly and procession.

Anonymous said...

... saw a picture of LEE and reckoned that he looked like an orang-utan. Does anyone here think that way too?

LKY is of the Mongoloid race.

But since you bring up orang-utan, here are some titbits.

"Although orangutans are generally passive, aggression toward other orangutans is very common; they are solitary animals and can be fiercely territorial. Immature males will try to mate with any female, and may succeed in forcibly copulating with her if she is also immature and not strong enough to fend him off."

LKY must be taking out his sexual frustrations on Singapore's opposition.

Anonymous said...

Those who attack GN are secretly envious of him.

- Unlike them, he has got all his CPF money from the clutches of LKY-LHL
- Unlike them, he lives in a free country where he can, if he chooses to, criticise the President of the USA.
- Their sons have to serve NS.
- They have to live in expensive HDB flats, while he can afford a house with a garden.
- Unlike them, he can speak and write proper English.
- Unlike them, he has migrated out of the mind-numbing pressure cooker (It's a nice place if you are an FT)
- Unlike them, he can own a car, even a BMW 7 ($80,000) [Had to add this as the department store dummies can only judge the world by material goods.

I am not a supporter of 'fat boy' GN, but I support his right to question and express his points of view. I can choose to reject him or his ilk. at the ballot

If only more people in Singapore did, you could have avoided the horrible fate that await you and your children.

Goh Keng Swee, Rajaratnam, Ong Teng Cheong, etc all played crucial roles in building modern Singapore -- but why does LKY usurp all the credit and bestow power upon his son and his incompetent daughter-in-law, HC.

(If the English language in this post is too complex, someone please translate it into Singlish.)

LEE said...

Of LEE and orang-utan

Take a look at this pic (

An orangutan is an animal but LEE is a #@%&%!%%$#____________.

LEE's face lack the alpha male's prominent cheek pads “flanges”. That is why he has to resort to underhand ways, like suing people and jailing bloggers.

Thanks to the internet, I am not sued or jailed yet in LEEapore.

Is it true that a LEEyer has taken long sick leave when Renci monk wants to appeal. I smell a HARRY rat here. It seems like no one can be influential or more popular than LEE, otherwise, there will be a character assassination against that person. But a LEE-connected person like an ex-NKF chief is revived.

Anonymous said...

LKY crony who worked IN Malaysia as a bank CEO was ask to leave the banks,why because she swindle the bank money.All the temasek reps are the same like his master LKY.

Anonymous said...

Singapore government is a FRAUD.