Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore, running out of ideas.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As if the the non stop series of bad news for the Singapore strongman from multiple fronts is not enough.

In the latest in bad news for him, the Singapore state controlled newspaper online edition of March 17, 2010 has the story "S'poreans heeding call of NZ".

It was referring to news that an unprecedented number of Singaporeans had applied to move to New Zealand, as many as 4,500, which made up 78% of worldwide inquiries from Jan 15 to March 1, 2010.

For a tiny island city state this number is alarming and destructive.

No small island city state as small as Singapore can withstand such a deep seated widespread desire among its people to leave Lee Kuan Yew's Alice in wonderland island; which has the highest execution rate in the world; which brutally beats its prisoners as lawful punishment (caning); that sends a political dissident Dr. Chee Soon Juan to jail a week at a time almost on a monthly basis just for public speaking; and a city that bans the chewing of gum.

If Lee Kuan Yew thinks he can carry on the way he does, he is simply not looking straight. Things are not working for him and however much they dont like it, sooner than later, his state controlled newspapers will have no choice but to tell it as it is.

There is a massive shortage of skilled workers and professionals. Lee Kuan Yew has given the country such a bad name that Singaporeans simply are resigning en masse from government jobs.

The police force is crying out for recruits and left with thoroughly unread and uneducated Malays who have never heard of the Constitution and only know how to carry out any order, quickly and blindly.

As a result, very poorly educated Malays such as the gentleman who arrested me for criticizing Lee's Judge, Abdul Razak bin Zakaria of the Central Police Station are promoted to senior positions. This gentlemen has been made an Assistant Superintendent of Police, a rank equivalent to that of Captain in the Army, even though he did not appear to know much more than a 8th grade teenager!

As knowledge of English is a requirement for government positions, Malaysian Chinese used to fill these positions left vacant by Singaporeans but now even they are not coming.

Singaporeans are so unhappy that they don't want to have any children. The native born population is shrinking and the government simply can't do a thing about it. Instead to keep up the numbers they bring in large numbers of poorly skilled Chinese from Communist China and elsewhere, upsetting the native population even more.

With the Internet and the younger Singaporeans getting emboldened, they are increasingly turning away from this government. Unlike in the past, they have so many opportunities in Singapore and abroad, it is no longer necessary for them to go about as Lee Kuan Yew's dogs.

Singapore scholars on government scholarships studying at universities abroad are breaking their bonds and refusing to return, even though they suffer severe penalties for it.

Prospective students are refusing government scholarships not wanting to serve a government which has lost their respect and it credibility.

I am continuing to do my part in hurting the bully boy Lee. I have been suspended from practicing law, fined and recently even imprisoned in circumstances where anyone with eyes can see it's injustice.

This results in even more people getting very angry and acting in a manner prejudicial to Lee's government.

So has Dr. Chee's actions, so has the actions of the late JB Jeyaretnam and so has the actions of all of us who do what we can to expose the injustices of this despot.

Lee Kuan Yew, to top all the bad news, already has one leg in the grave. He is 87. Recently when I pulled a deliberate hoax of his having a heart attack, my prediction of it's dire effect came true, the island was almost in chaos. This has proved the one thing that everyone fears, his death will cause Singapore untold damage. And what is worse of all, his death is expected anytime.

This causes an ever increasing fear in those among Singaporeans who stand to lose with his death, those with money and high positions through his patronage. These people no longer feel it safe to remain in Singapore and are pulling themselves and their money out of the island now, before it is too late.

If I were Lee Kuan Yew, the best thing to do is to admit that his government is facing serious uncertainly and they cannot continue as they do now. They have to admit that these repressive policies might work in Russia, Cuba or North Korea but it simply is counter productive and detrimental in a country such as Singapore.

Repeatedly jailing Dr. Chee Soon Juan, sending me to jail and disbarring me are simply bad ideas. It hurts Lee's government much more than it hurts us.

Soon I will be disbarred from the Singapore Roll of Lawyers, which will give me another golden opportunity to highlight the dishonesty of such a ruling. And this means that people all over the world, foreign embassies and diplomatic posts in Singapore, universities and human rights organizations will know one more instance of the judicial abuse in that island.

With the Internet, Lee Kuan Yew cannot get away with anything he wants anymore. There is a price to pay and he can no longer afford it. The sooner he realizes it the better. But honestly I think it is too late for him and his government, no matter what he does now.

That has been the fate of one too many despots and those who profit by them.

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Anonymous said...

More inspiration for LKY from the motherland.

Chinese Dissident Lawyer Convicted of Subversion

The whereabouts of Gao Zhisheng, who had carved out an international reputation for taking on controversial legal cases, such as government land seizures, has been the subject of intense speculation since he disappeared last year.

Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi said in response to a reporter's question: "Gao Zhisheng has been sentenced for committing the crime of subverting state power,"

Anonymous said...

The question is whether NZ will want more Singaporean migrants.

What NZ needs are entrepreneurs, not workers chasing after Kiwi jobs.

Also, Singaporeans working at executive level may not have the transferable skills to move to similar jobs in NZ because of different work culture.

Perhaps the more hardworking Singaporeans are able to scrap a living in NZ, but are they able to survive in a democracy that produce more Olympic medals than richer more populated Singapore.

Are Singaporeans willing to unlearn the unique culture of Singapore and embrace NZ's?

Good luck!

Sunny said...

Soon or later this old man will get retribution for his bad deeds.

Just watch!

The time is nearer.

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous March 17,

Well said. Singapore gives a bad name to lions. You know these weak effete Singaporeans have the temerity to call themselves "lions" in sports, becasue they call themselves "lion city". I think all that the New Zealand All Blacks Rugby have to do is to sing the Hakka. I am very sure that alone will have these Singaporean version of "lions" running for their lives! No need even to play. Lions indeed. Lion city?

Gopalan Nair said...

Correction. New Zealand Haka is spelt with one K, not two. Haka, not Hakka.

Check it out in video.

Hakka refers to a Chinese ethnic group.


Anonymous said...

Come on Nair, why beat up on a malay(Abdul Razak bin Zakaria) and especially his race by belittling, after all you should know better, this man is just doing his f*ing job because as you said "he did not appear to know much more than a 8th grade teenager!"
I have no problem with you trashing those in power positions. I am not asking you to tone down your rhetoric but you are bullying those that are nothing and also running out of idea to trash your nemesis LKY.

come to some common sense would you?

Anonymous said...

The Economist

"Profitable ideas can come from anywhere. An innovative society is one that hedges its bets by having as many thoughts - and thinkers - as possible."

But, not in Singapore.

Profitable ideas can only come from the Lee family.

All thoughts only originate from the Singapore's Confucius wannabee, the Dear Leader.

And these thoughts are dutifully implemented by his cadre of department store dummies, aka the Scholars, under the guidance of Dear Leader's number one son.

Sad. Truly sad!

Anonymous said...

Can someone put up a 'clock' that shows each day how old, oops, sorry, how young LKY is.

Anonymous said...

Bhattal 1st foreigner to join Nomura board

According to British daily Financial Times, "Bhattal, who was born in India (would)... become the first non-Japanese to join Nomura's executive management board".

Hmmm. They couldn't find a scholar from Singapore.

Shock horror, an Indian. Is leegenics wrong?

Leegenics: to the Singlish-speaking hordes, that's LKY's eugenics.

Anonymous said...

Are Singapore scholars really that great? Why do Singaporeans still attach superhuman status to scholars.

To me, a scholar is just as capable of making mistakes as you and I. They are not super-humans. In fact, they are just the opposite. Over the years, I noticed that a poly grad can do the same job better than a scholar. A scholar is paralyzed by excess money and status to perform his functions.

Are they able to communicate properly?

Are they able to think out of the box? "No U-turn syndrome"

How do Singapore manage dissident voices and militant unions?

Anonymous said...

Errata on the earlier post
"How do Singapore manage dissident voices and militant unions?"

Should read "

How do Singapore scholars manage dissident voices and militant unions?"

My response.
What the current batch of PAP white shirts do is to either discredit/bankrupt/detain them or co-opt them into PAP $merry$ club.

See how JBJ's sons became PAP merry men.

Unfortunately, all these white shirts and turncoats are incapable of finding solutions.

Since the voters are so meek, they are easy punching bags. "No more Good Years!!!"

Better migrate.

Anonymous said...

GN, I'm sure you must have read TOC's article about your hoax. They called for a boycott of your blog.

It looks like only the opposite has turned out to be true.

To Anonymous on Wed Mar 17, 10:53:00 AM PDT:

I was actually thrilled to read GN's comments about Malay policemen because I have the same experiences with them. They are just as racist towards Indians as the Chinese Give them a uniform and watch how they will also abuse their power. So, I think GN was not off topic because this is really about the power that they are prone to abuse as well.

In Singapore, we have been treating Malays with kid gloves and that has to change because they too are accountable for their actions like everyone else.

Gopalan Nair said...

To anonymous March 17, 10.53,

I cannot understand why you say I should not complain becasue Abdul Razak Zakaria is merely doing his job! If his job includes perverting the cause of justice, lying under oath and arresting Lee Kuan Yew's victims because it furthers his career, should I still not compalain because he is doing his job? And further, you say he is merely a police officer. Thats wrong. He is a very serior officer, Assistant Superintendat of Police to be exact.

Your argument that he was merely doing his job, was dismissed way back in 1948 at the Nuremburg War Crimes Trials.

Thanks. I have posted his mobile telephone number in an earlier blog. You may want to contact him.

Gopalan Nair said...

To anonymous March 18, 0941,

I have not read the TOC article about me but of course they are entitled to say as they please.

But I want to assure you that you have misunderstood me if you thought I was a racist.

I have said that becasue of the rather low level of education among the Singapore Malays, as compared to the other races, coupled with the total lack of knowledge among Singaporeans of their rights, almost every Malay in the Singpaore Police is incapable of undertanding their duties, thinking it merely to obey orders.

This is something anyone can see.

No offense was meant to Malays as a race, my blog was referring only to Malays in the police force.

In other respects, Malays are a warm and generous people, much more than Singaporean Chinese or Indians, of whom I am one, anytime.

For instance, if I wanted to take a wife in Singapore, I would go for a Malay woman anytime over anyone else. They have a charm and grace over any other woman on this Earth, Americans including.

And I have always been out on the lookout for an exceptionally beautiful one.

Anonymous said...

LKY would soon be left alone with an empty island after these persecuted refugees (termed quitters by the regime) left for greener pastures, if not for the fact that he actively seek out new PRC friends. But I doubt these PRC friends are that dumb, haha.

Anonymous said...

Look what I found.


It is a long article, but I lifted the last paragraph here, because I believe this blogger has made an important point.

"All this talk about him discrediting the opposition, and endangering internet freedom. If you truly see it that way, then you need to think this through. If his “political point is overshadowed by the backlash from ordinary Singaporeans”, it is only because ordinary Singaporeans can’t get past their egos and embrace the true message of Nair’s stunt. If you can’t abandon your views of it being “deliberate misinformation”, perhaps you need to take things easy. Why so serious?"

Anonymous said...

From the same link. Scary observations - for LKY-LHL :)

"So why, oh why, did the masses fall for the prank? Simple. It’s not because Nair published it. He’s not THAT credible. It’s because that’s the kind of news we want to read.

We want to go to Google News and read that the DICKtator has fallen victim to a cardiac episode.

We want to log on and have people tell us “hey did you hear about LKY?”

And we want to read about it online because that means the mainstream media is every bit as incompetent as we say it is.

And most importantly, it is because everyone wanted it to be true.

Because we are, either so deprived of entertainment that we gobble up any sort of garbage that pops up on the internet, or so repulsed(or infatuated) with the old man that any news of his demise, genuine or falsified, makes our hearts flutter(sink) and our smiles widen(vanish).

Proof of that lies in Remy’s editorial, where he mentions the lengths TOC went to attain any more information. Writers were mobilised and emails were sent to the PM’s office, SGH and Nair himself.

Now, leaving aside that TOC’s purpose is to report such stories, not even the editors can deny that they were excited at the prospect of a Singapore without LKY.

They were excited to be one of the first, if not the first, medium to gain confirmation of the story."

Anonymous said...

For your information the malay in singapore not originally from Malaysia ,they are from Indonesia. please check the facts.

Anonymous said...

To Singaporeans on the island,

Never be willing slaves and running dogs of Harry Lee. You are worth more than that.

If you could persevere and keep your good soul then persevere keeping your good soul yours.

If you couldn't stand Harry Lee and his familee abuses then

Be an activist and if that's too scary


Renaldi, once a poor foreign student in Singapore

a victim of Harry Lee regime, targeted, abused including starved in NUH for three full days and defamed schizophrenic(refusing all medication or doctor consultation went on to do and finish a full 7 semester tertiary degree elsewhere). NTU sent me a fake letter saying that my doctor deemed me well enough to resume my study a few years after I started a tertiary degree elsewhere. What doctor??!!

Anonymous said...

PAP when run out of ideas steals from the population at large ideas through their secret police network. For your information any good ideas you have better patent them in case the PAP claims it is theirs. The TRUTH is the TRUTH. What the million dollars salary paid to the ministers is to run these network of secret polices.

Anonymous said...

To both Gopalan & Renaldi,

Your messages are deaf on proud Singaporeans who still think they are fortunate to live in great peace and prosperity.

From the Singaporean perspective, what both of you are doing are nothing more than mocking "helpless" Singaporeans. They need a leader from within. But they are disappointed with those who stand up so far. (Which is not surprising.)

In fact, do not expect Singaporeans to "grow up" anytime soon, years of living under a protection of a nanny state have evolve them into "defenseless" either workers or puppets of the island chief.

Consider that Singapore boosts itself as international cosmopolitan, this is just a thin veneer hiding the constant inoculation of the feeding tube from the central authority.

They cannot hear.

Gabriel Leung said...

You refer the new generation of young Singaporeans. Equipped with the internet and real time information, perhaps they can make a change.

But all over the MRT,buses, and streets, I see delinquent youths. Are they going to be the warriors in your predicted revolution?

Anonymous said...

nz has natural scenic beauty , space and nice cool weather. your money is not held back as if you are young child by the goverment.if i was not so established in my career in singapore, i would leave too. maybe when i retire i will leave taking my cpf. in singapore , you cannot even express any discontent with pap. for example why loan 5 billion to indon. the money wont even help poor indonesians ;the corrupt officials and generals will pocket all of it. when dr chee sj asked why loan indon it is libel. i want to know why pap why?