Friday, March 5, 2010

Singapore politicians meaningless words

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore official state controlled newspaper online edition of March 3, 2010 has this story "Budget debate. Ideas on raising productivity".

And as expected of these Lee Kuan Yew Singaporean handpicked millionaire ministers, it turned out to be just another case of hollow meaningless words, nothing more than that.

If there is a medal for the most boring propaganda sheet in the world, it has to go to Singapore's press. One gets tired of hearing these unqualified, incompetent inexperienced people lecturing us on how to live our lives while their only qualification is constant grovelling before their Dear Leader.

The story says "a new council will be set up to make Singaporeans more innovative and productive", "they had several ways to help white collar workers", "they will spend more on research to turn small and medium sized industries to go global and become giants", etcetra etcetra ad nausium.

But you know what, the entire story did not have even a single actual plan to carry it out.

If that is all what this Singaporean state controlled newspaper intended to say, why say it at all, since there is nothing there!

And why waste the readers time to have to read it!

Let me tell you this much. Singapore's productivity is doomed to continue falling and that is simply unavoidable.

It is impossible to raise workers productivity in the island simply because the workers have no incentive to do it.

You can only increase productivity by giving workers an incentive to do so, an chance for a better opportunity, a chance to better themselves, a chance to make a meaningful career with prospects. If not, no one would want to work harder simply because some half witted million dollar minister, a Lee Kuan Yew toady tells you so.

Here is the problem. If you pay a waiter $1,000.00 a month and his prospects for advancement are zero, he is not going to work harder or better at his job, simply because there is no reason to.

On the other hand, if you have a system where he can make tips over his salary, being pleasant can help to boost your wages.

At the same time, if evening classes are available for him at no expense to him to learn to be a pilot, a doctor or a marine biologist, he might be a pleasanter and better human being as well as a waiter.

Why, because he has hope. In Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore of today where he has no hope whatsoever other than either being a waiter for $1,000.00 or a taxi driver for the same amount, he will continue to be just a low productivity worker in both cases.

In fact, he will continue as a low productivity worker all his life. This man has no prospects whatsoever to better himself. He is simply in a rut, created by Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore.

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Anonymous said...

As you probably know - introducing tipping is often debated here but never gains support as it is supposedly "unSingaporean" -code for "we are too stingy too pay a bit more for good service" - as a result service in Singapore continues to slide which can only impact tourist numbers.
Personally I shudder everytime I see a taxi driver here accelarate away form an open mouthed tourist because the cabby doesnt want to take them where they want to go

Sunny said...

In PAP, only one man politician. He is Lee Kuan Yew.

The rest is Technocrats.

Anonymous said...

what new ways to increase productivity? just increase working hours without increasing pay lor. bring in foreigners willing to accept lower pay. so smart so brilliant . they deserve their 3 million a year dont they? i pui !