Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Singapore's messing with Gopalan Nair.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Since May of 2008, to say there has been a lot excitement in Gopalan Nair's clashes with Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore, has to be an understatement. And it continues non stop up till now, and there appears no end in sight. And what is even better, is the fact of it all being told to the world in this blog.

Which begs the question, has it been worthwhile for Singapore? I think not. Singapore's determination to continue pursuing me in this manner damages their reputation, if they had any; not mine.

In 2008 they arrested me and sent me to jail for 2 months in Singapore for criticizing judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean where the criticism was justly deserved. My arrest in May of that year, and my refusal to plead guilty which they thought I would, meant the case instead of being just a day, dragged on for 4 full months, which meant the international community being clearly shown the extent of the abuse of the law. Singapore's reputation suffered very badly as a result.

Had they just arrested me and packed me off at the airport, the damage to them would not have been so bad. Similarly if they had had just ignored me as if nothing happened, noone would have known. But no, they were determined to have me punished. But it turned out in the end, very little punishment for Gopalan Nair, much worse for Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore. It appears they completely misjudged me. What did they think I was, another of those Lee Kuan Yew's digits who would freeze with fear merely at the name Lee Kuan Yew?

Immediately after I returned to the US, as I had planned, I withdrew all apologies given to their judges and repeated what I thought of them; simply a bunch of thugs. Instead of just accepting the fact that there is nothing they could do, since I am in the US, they put my picture in their state controlled press and accused me of all sorts of wrongdoing, which by the way allowed me to counter their accusations with my blog, word for word. In the end anyone reading what they say and what I say can only come to one conclusion, that Singapore is a repressive society that uses the law to silence and punish those who criticize. Here again, they lose, I win.

And then I write a false blog to test the reaction of what would happen if Lee Kuan Yew, the man who owns Singapore and everyone in it, dies. True enough the island was shaken, stock market falling and people worrying whether to leave the island with their belongings.

Again out came the condemnation from their state controlled press, and numerous state controlled blogs accusing me of dishonesty. Well any independent reader with an independent mind cannot possibly see any harm in my action. It is what we call freedom of speech. In the end, the result was the same as expected. They did themselves in.

And then the disciplinary proceedings to have me disbarred in their legal system. In doing this they deliberately use their cunning and subterfuge with all sorts of sharp practices designed to deny me any opportunity of defending myself.

This they do by such silly childishness like, not giving me sufficient notice, not allowing me to enter Singapore, not providing my court transcripts and similar unsavoury practices. What does that show to an independent reader; nothing but a government afraid to face the world or face me in a fair tribunal.

By exposing their tomfoolery in this blog, the world can judge for themselves what nefarious activity goes on in that island. Again their loss, not mine.

Very soon, Singapore would publish their forgone conclusion; my disbarment in Singapore. And with it, whether they like it or not, they will have to provide reasons, which, by the way, will give me another cherished opportunity to tear it to shreds and once more expose the depths to which they descend.

It seems, they have no intention of stopping these dirty tricks. And let me tell them if they did not know, that Singapore Dissident is not prepared to accept it quietly either.

As I heard Amrytha Sen, the Nobel Laureate once say in Santa Clara, California, where he spoke, "if they want trouble, I am quite prepared for it". Trouble, you see, is not necessarily a bad thing always.

I will continue writing on the developments on my disbarment case. When that is over, these pages will continue exposing the shameful truth that lurks behind the glittering walls of the Singapore skyscrapers that skirt the shoreline; poverty, fear, repression and abuse of the law.

Gopalan Nair
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Singapore Law Society vs Gopalan Nair; repeated request to let me defend myself

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The following letter is another request to the Singapore Disciplinary Tribunal to give me reasonable time to come to Singapore to defend myself in court. So far the Tribunal has refused, claiming 11 days notice for this is sufficient for me to make all travel arrangements, arrange my work schedule in USA, take leave of absence and travel from Fremont California USA to Singapore.

Second, up till yesterday, April 27, 2010, I had not heard anything about my request for permission to enter Singapore having been banned from entry. Suddenly yesterday they say that I could apply but I need a local Singapore sponsor to personally hand the forms with my photo to their office there. When told them this is impossible, since I have no one in Singapore to do this, they have now withdrawn this demand, but they need the forms sent to them.

Today being April 28, 2010, all this is too late anyway, since the hearing is scheduled for April 30, 2010 Singapore time, 2 days from now.

It seems as if the Singapore authorities are trying hard to keep me away, and if not, why else should they deliberately give me just 11 days to travel from one continent to another and not give me any permission at all, to enter the island but instead wait up till 2 days before the hearing to tell me this.

The Singapore Immigration claim that they sent me an Email on Dec 15, 2010 which I never received. Either they never sent it, or it went to the junk mail box. In any case, even if true, it is incumbent upon them to make sure I receive that communication, and not just remain silent all this while, even though I had sent them numerous Emails asking for that permission.

The reader will see that in these circumstances, if the Singapore government want to show they have even a semblance of the rule of law, they have no choice but to grant the extension of time. They would also have to stop engaging in this pattern of tricks and cunning to prevent me from defending myself, by giving me 11 days notice and not allowing me to enter Singapore.

I have sent the Email to the Tribunal, the ICA and the President of the Singapore Law Society, Sydney Michael Hwang.

Let's see what they have to say now.

Re: DT/12/2009 -

Gopalan Nair Wednesday, April 28, 2010 9:29 PM
From: "Gopalan Nair" To: "Angela CHOPARD" Cc: peterlow@CNPLAW.COM, sswong@CNPLAW.COM, psim@CNPLAW.COM,

Hello Angela Chopard etc,
This message is in addition being sent to counsel for the law Society of Singapore Peter Low (aka Peter Cuthbert Low) and Sydney Michael Hwang, Singapore's President of the Singaporean Law Society.

A full and more detailed letter will follow to all parties. This message will be posted on the Web Site Blog Singapore Dissident so the public can judge once again on the question of Singapore's claim to have the "rule of law".

I request again that the only right thing for you to do is to continue the 30th April 2010 hearing date to 30 days thereafter.

I did not hear anything from the ICA about my permission to enter Singapore until yesterday. Only yesterday I received an Email from them asking that I fill up a form to apply to re-enter Singapore. I did not hear from them at all during all this time. They claim that they sent me an Email about this on Dec 15, 2009. However I never received it. It could have gone to my junk mail but in any case I never received it. You are aware of this since I have all along been complaining to you and to them that they have not given the permission to enter Singapore.

It is in your interest and your image locally and internationally not to be seen as practically denying me a right to represent myself.

In any case, you only sent me the hearing notice on April 19, 2010 leaving me only 11 days to the hearing. This too by any standards is not enough.

I am therefore once again asking that you postpone the hearing date of April 30, 2010 to enable me to attend the hearing in Singapore

Thank you.

Gopalan Nair

Gopalan Nair
39737 Paseo Padre Parkway, Suite A1
Fremont, CA 94538, USA
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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Singapore lawyers shouldn't take this lying down

Ladies and Gentlemen,

If you had any sense of decency or righteousness, Singapore lawyers should not tolerate this law abuse in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore. It is simply unacceptable for lawyers who had spent many years reading the law to have to accept this unashamed abuse of the law by the Singapore dictator Lee Kuan Yew and his friends; and do nothing.

You have seen the repeated misuse of the law to silence political opponents such as JB Jeyaretnam, Dr. Chee Soon Juan, Tang Liang Hong and myself.

No one can expect you to merely stand aside and let this dictator go about misusing the law. Don't forget, you the lawyers of Singapore are the guardians of the public liberties. It is upon you that the burden lies to ensure the law is not misused against it's own people, which is exactly what this dictatorship is doing. It is upon your shoulders that the burden lies to make sure the Constitution is upheld.

I need not repeat the shameless abuse of the law. The repeated defamation actions against JB Jeyaretnam which bankrupted, impoverished and jailed Jeyaretnam. The repeated law suits against Dr. Chee Soon Juan for defamation, repeatedly jailing him for public speaking or protests, and bankrupting him.

Only yesterday I wrote in this blog about the Singapore Law Society in their disciplinary proceedings against me, refusing to permit me to enter Singapore to defend myself there in court. What sort of law is this for them to invite me to attend a court hearing in Singapore, brought against me, but yet refuse to give me permission to enter the island to do so? Remember I am in the USA. Singapore government has banned me from entering the island without permission.

These are blatant abuses of the law that should not be tolerated by anyone.

You lawyers should not take this lying down. How can you look yourself in the mirror if you did?

As it is, Lee Kuan Yew's administration is already hurting for lack of lawyers. Presently there are only about 3,000 lawyers in the entire island. This is so because the Singapore legal profession has lost credibility resulting in increasing numbers leaving the profession and young students refusing to train as lawyers.

Those who are standing up to this law abuse are already winning as evidenced by the extreme shortage of lawyers there and it has begun to seriously hurt Lee and Company. You see, you cannot efficiently run an island with 5 million people with just 3,000 lawyers, especially if it relies on industries such as banking and commerce. As even more lawyers leave the profession, it would require them to accept very poorly qualified people, as the best would refuse to have anything to do with a profession which has lost all credibility.

In every other country, the best students enter the legal profession. In Singapore, only the worst students end up in law. What you get is weak lawyers and a weak administration of justice.

The lawyers presently practicing in Singapore can do their part by themselves resigning in even greater numbers from the profession thereby reducing the number of lawyers there even further. I am also asking prospective students not to enter the legal profession there, if you want to live with your conscience.

If law is what to practice, do it elsewhere, not in Singapore.

To all engaged in the law in Singapore I make this plea. Search your hearts and you will see that practising in Singapore is hurting your conscience and by remaining in the profession you are permitting Lee Kuan Yew and his son to abuse the law at will as they now do.

In fact by continuing to practice there, you are in fact collaborating with a fascist regime which denies human rights.

Don't stand for it. Resign from the profession. This itself will be the greatest protest you will make to show your displeasure.

Make sure the lawyer population diminishes to less than 2,000. By this, you will cause this government to rethink their repressive actions.

Do your part. Resign from the Singapore legal profession. And let us see how Lee Kuan Yew manages that. As it is, with no more than 3,000 lawyers in an island of 5 million, Singapore is barely able to function.

In fact I myself have been greatly responsible for the dearth of lawyers there. In the 1980s when I was practicing law there, when the Singapore government shamelessly abused the law by a handful of well publicised cases against me to have me politically silenced, my refusal to cringe and surrender resulted in the Singapore administration having to go through lengthy court cases to have me punished.

In the process with their misuse of the law being repeatedly exposed in their state controlled press, many lawyers of my time simply packed up and left Singapore and went to Australia.

Now, with this case against me, where the injustice cries out in your face, I hope at least a few more lawyers will pack up and leave the profession or better still the country. That is what I am looking forward to.

This blog post is being sent to the following:

1)Ng-Goh Siew (Mrs), Immigration and checkpoint authority:
2)Angela Chopard, Singapore Disciplinary Tribunal:
3)Yogeswari d/o N Vadivellu, Singapore Disciplinary Tribunal:
4) Peter Low (aka Peter Cuthbert Low) of Colin Ng and Partners, Lee Kuan Yew's lawyer deployed to argue for the Singaporean Law Society to have me disbarred:

Gopalan Nair
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Monday, April 26, 2010

Heads I win, tails you lose, says Singapore Law Society to Gopalan Nair

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It seems according to Singapore's "rule of law", Gopalan Nair simply cannot win. What the Singapore Disciplinary Tribunal is telling me is simply this, Heads they Win, Tails I lose. On April 19, 2010, for the first time, a few days ago, in my ongoing professional ethics prosecution to have me disbarred in the Singapore Legal System, which by the way is a forgone conclusion, they had written to me ordering me to attend a court hearing in Singapore on April 30, 2010 at 11 am.

Just as a reminder to those who may have forgotten, I live in Fremont California, USA, near San Francisco; not in Singapore.

Naturally anyone in their rights senses would have appreciated that if you expect a Defendant (that is myself) in a court case to fly in from another continent, half way around the world to another country, one would give him more than a mere 11 days to do it; because 11 days was all there is from April 19, 2010 to the hearing date in Singapore of April 30, 2010.

After all Gopalan Nair has a job or a business to attend to, leave of absence has to be arranged, and you have to make arrangements to fly for 18 hours to Singapore.

What is worse in this case, the Singapore government had banned me from entering Singapore without permission and surely if the Tribunal was serious about my attending their court case, they should arrange for this permission from the Singapore Immigration and Customs Authority.

I had in the past requested the Tribunal which has the conduct of these proceedings to arrange these matters including the obtaining of the necessary permission since it is their duty to ensure that I am given a fair opportunity to defend these proceedings. The Tribunal however have felt that all this is not at all their responsibility and have said plainly that if I needed anything from anyone, I should apply to them and not to the Tribunal. As far as they are concerned, they are not interested.

Since the Tribunal does not appear likely to change their idea of their responsibilities anytime soon, I gave notice to the Immigration and Customs Authority of Singapore by sending them a copy of my blog post dated April 20, 2010 "Law Society of Singapore vs. Gopalan Nair. Singapore's legal system the joke of the century", informing them that I needed their permission to enter Singapore on April 30, 2010 to appear in court. I had copied this Email to the Tribunal and the Solicitor for the Singapore Law Society as well to let them know.

I followed this up by an additional Email to them, on April 22, 2010, copied to the Disciplinary Tribunal and Colin Ng and Partners, the lawyers for the Singapore Law society, titled "Law Society of Singapore vs Gopalan Nair. Request for Adjournment of Summons Date of April 30, 2010 at 11 am in Singapore" a request that the April 30 date be postponed for 30 days since I wished to attend in Singapore for the hearing and the notice was far too short, a mere 11 days!

Today April 26, 2010, California time, I received an Email and a fax from the Singapore Disciplinary Tribunal the following:

"The Disciplinary Tribunal has considered your application for a 30 day adjournment of the hearing of the summons application dated April 15, 2010 (which by the way was received by me only on the 19th of April, 2010), which is fixed for hearing fro Friday April 30, 2010. The Disciplinary Tribunal is of the view that sufficient notice has been given and is therefore rejecting the application for an adjournment. (Parenthesis mine)

Separately kindly be reminded that if you wish to attend the Disciplinary Tribunal hearing, you are required to apply to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) directly for permission to re-enter Singapore."

Up till now, the Singapore Immigration and Customs Authority have refused to give me any permission to enter the island.

I hope ladies and gentlemen reading this, you appreciate the chicanery and plum pudding tomfoolery, that the Singapore authorities are trying to dish out here.

On the one hand, they give Gopalan Nair notice of 11 days of a court hearing in Singapore which he has to attend when he lives in Fremont, California, USA.

Second, even if Gopalan Nair wanted to fly to Singapore anyway, he cannot, simply because their colleagues at the Singapore Immigration and Customs Authority refuse to give him permission to enter the island and will arrest him and send him to jail if he did.

I am not sure what you call this game that Singapore is trying to play, Catch 22, or Around the Mulberry Bush, but you know what I mean. One simply cannot win when Lee Kuan Yew is after you, never mind how stupid they make themselves appear in the process.

Its like telling me, come here if you dare but we will get you if you do. I am sorry to tell Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore that I don't want to play this game, which I know I am going to lose. Unless you give me the necessary permissions and the necessary guarantees, I am not going to come to Singapore to play your game. If you want to play, play yourself.

Singapore can still correct their errors if they want by giving me the necessary permission and guarantees of safe passage; postpone the hearing date to a reasonable time ahead so that I can realistically make arrangements to travel to Singapore and by doing this, they would be seen as showing at least some modicum of fairness. Please keep in mind, I am still wanting to attend the hearing.

If you do not do what anyone reading this would see as a necessity, the Singapore Legal System and their government would only be confirming again for the umpteenth time that they are just a corrupt organization abusing the law to silence their political opponents.

And in the end, whatever judgement you come out with at the end of this Tribunal hearing of Singapore Law Society vs Gopalan Nair, would be worth no better than a piece of trash.

From the rather bizarre way that the Singapore Legal Administration goes about things, I am quite sure they would not be giving me any permission to enter Singapore and neither would they be prepared to give me sufficient time to attend the court hearing.

Which serves my purposes very well indeed since it would show the world yet again that this is a corrupt administration; the International Bar Association was right when they said it's judges are corrupt and the rule of law is absent; the world will look even poorly on Singapore's legal system; there will be less use of the Singapore courts and arbitration by international litigants; even more Singapore lawyers would resign from the law in disgust; the legal population will shrink to less than the present minuscule 3,000 and even less young people would want to enter a profession that stands thoroughly disgraced.

So let me tell the Singapore Disciplinary Tribunal that if they thought they got me in a fix, no it is the other way round I am afraid. It is in fact Gopalan Nair telling the Singapore Disciplinary Tribunal, Heads Gopalan Nair wins, Tails Singapore Law Society (Lee Kuan Yew) loses.

This blog post is being sent to the following:

1)Ng-Goh Siew (Mrs), Immigration and checkpoint authority:
2)Angela Chopard, Singapore Disciplinary Tribunal:
3)Yogeswari d/o N Vadivellu, Singapore Disciplinary Tribunal:
4) Peter Low (aka Peter Cuthbert Low) of Colin Ng and Partners, Lee Kuan Yew's lawyer deployed to argue for the Singaporean Law Society to have me disbarred:

Gopalan Nair
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Friday, April 23, 2010

Singapore judges who retire in shame.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In Singapore, unlike anywhere else, judges always retire in secrecy. Their whereabouts are not usually revealed and nothing further is heard of them thereafter.

Some manage to go abroad but no one knows where exactly they are or what they do. Some remain in Singapore to live out the remaining years of their lives but in almost total secrecy.

Take TS Sinnathuray, Lee Kuan Yew's handpicked right hand man, responsible for an entire disgraceful career of using the law to silence, bankrupt and imprison his master's (Lee Kuan Yew's) political opponents.

Recall he was the judge to repeatedly bankrupt and fine the late JB Jeyaretanm to please Lee Kuan Yew. He appeared to have no conscience at all.

It was he that fined me $8,000.00 in 1991 for a statements I made at an election rally in the Bukit Merah elections of that year, totally harmless statements, such as the need for reform in the system of appointing Subordinate Court judges.

Numerous foreign newspapers were fined hundreds of thousands of dollars merely for having made unflattering remarks about Lee Kuan Yew.

Recently Singapore's state controlled newspapers reported him being awarded a medal for good work as a judge. Other than that, nothing more has been heard of him. Noone knows even where he exactly lives in Singapore.

GP Selvam, a Tamil, was another such man. In about 1993, while I was in the US, 3 Singapore judges, one of whom was this man, had ordered be suspended from practicing law there for 2 years merely for questioning the then Attorney General of Singapore, Tan Boon Tiek on certain developments about the late JB Jeyaretnam.

Today he runs a law practice in Singapore in partnership with his wife also a Tamil, his daughter and her Tamil lawyer husband. Apparently he does well out of government contracts given to him by Lee's government, no doubt the reward for all the years of dirty work faithfully carried out to silence and put away Lee's critics.

He too lives a quiet obscure life. Nothing much is heard about him.

The pattern for Lee Kuan Yew seems to be to use such men and women with neither principles nor a conscience, who do his dirty work misusing the law to destroy his political opponents.

Once that is done, he literally puts them out to grass, like an old workhorse who has done his bidding and now put out to grass the remaining years of their pathetic lives.

One reason why nothing much is said about men such as TS Sinnathuray is perhaps also for their own good. After all, if Sinnathuray is seen often in public, would not another Singaporean disgusted by his evil manifestation, may even throw a brick at him, or even worse.

If you live in shame, you have to do it in secret. There is no other way out for them. One may even feel sorry for them. It is bad enough for people like TS Sinnathuray to have to struggle with their conscience. What is worse is to have to hide from their fellow citizens the rest of their lives.

Gopalan Nair
39737 Paseo Padre Parkway, Suite A1
Fremont, CA 94538, USA
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Law Society of Singapore vs Gopalan Nair. Singapore's Immigration Department responds

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I had written in my April 20, 2010, Singapore Dissident blog "Law Society of Singapore vs Gopalan Nair. Singapore's legal system the joke of the century" pointing out how nonsensical it was for the Singapore Disciplinary Tribunal who have recently ordered me to come to Singapore to attend a court hearing on April 30, 2010, when they themselves had only recently banned me from ever entering the country with threats that I would be sent to jail again if I did.

I sent this blog post via Email on the same day to the Singapore Immigration and Customs Authority who were the ones who had placed the ban.

Two days later on April 22, 2010, Singapore Immigrations and Customs Authority sent me the following Email:

"Please refer to your Email dated April 22, 2010. The matter is receiving attention. Your Email has been forwarded to the relevant officer who will reply to you in due course. Sincerely, Ng-Goh Siew Lee (Mrs), Senior Customer Relations Executive"

In response to her letter I wrote the following to her on April 23, 2010

"Thank you for your response. What do you mean by due course? We have only 8 days left! (i.e. 8 days up till April 30, 2010, the hearing date in Singapore) (Parenthesis mine)

Up till now, April 23, 2010, 10.10pm California time, April 24, 2010, 2.10 pm Singapore time, I have not heard anything more from them or any other Singapore official on my extension of time request for April 30, 2010 hearing or on any other terms I had suggested.

Gopalan Nair
39737 Paseo Padre Parkway, Suite A1
Fremont, CA 94538, USA
Tel: 510 657 6107
Fax: 510 657 6914

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Law Society of Singapore vs Gopalan Nair. Request for Adjournment of Summons Date of April 30, 2010, at 11am in Singapore

Ladies and Gentlemen,
For the sake of good order, I have officially sent the following Email to the relevant Singapore parties asking for an adjournment of the April 30, 2010 Summons date in Singapore. As the request is a reasonable one, we shall wait and see if they grant it.

Gopalan Nair
Fremont, California, USA

Request for Adjournment of Summons Date of April 30, 2010, at 11am in Singapore

Friday, April 23, 2010 2:46 AM

From: "Gopalan Nair"
Add sender to Contacts


Ng-Goh Siew (Mrs): Immigration and Checkpoints Authority Singapore
Angela Chopard: Disciplinary Tribunal Singapore
Yogeswari Daughter of N Vadivellu: Disciplinary Tribunal Singapore
Peter Low (aka Peter Cuthbert Low): Singapore lawyer representing Singapore Law Society

I presently live in Fremont, California, USA

I intend to come to Singapore to attend the Summons Application which requires my attendance there on April 30, 2010 at 11 am.

I am asking that the date of this Summons requiring my attendance in Singapore be changed to a date at least 30 days from today for the following reasons.

I was not informed of this hearing date of April 30, 2010 in Singapore in a timely manner.

Since I do not live in Singapore but in California USA, I would need sufficient time to make travel arrangements to travel there.

I was infomed first time of this summons in a letter which I received on April 19, 2010 at my office in California, USA. This would have left only 11 days for me to travel there and therefore the notice of 11 days was completely inadequate. I therefore ask the date of the Summons hearing in Singapore to to be postponed for 30 days for me to make the necessary travel plans.

If you do not give me the time requested, you would be seen as if you are deiberatley trying to avoid my presence at the Summons hearing in Singapore, thereby making any decision on this case patently unreliable and flawed for lacking due process.

In addition I am asking for a gaurantee that I will not be harmed while in Singapore by the government of Singapore or arrested and jailed; that you will allow me to enter the country peacefully and leave it immediately after the hearing in Singapore on April 30, 2010 at 11 am.

Further I am asking you to pay for my travel expenses to and from Fremont California to Singapore, reasonable hotel expenses and room and board while in Singapore.

Please let me have your answer whether you are agreeable to all the above terms or to one or more of them.

Since April 30, 2010 is fast approcahing, I request an immediate response from you without delay.

You were already put on notice to my claim in the Email that I sent you yesterday which was a blog post from my blog Singapore Dissident dated April 21, 2010.

Thank You.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Law Society of Singapore vs Gopalan Nair. Singapore's legal system, the joke of the century.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

If Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore government and their Law Society are keen to cheer us up with some entrainment in these gloomy times with the world beset with wars and financial upheavals, they are succeeding very well indeed.

And after reading what I am about to say, if anyone had even any lingering doubts that the Singapore Legal System is rotten to the core, as stridently declared by the International Bar Association's 75 page report on Singapore, then that person cannot possibly have a straight face.

I have just received in my office in Fremont, California, USA, from the Law Society of Singapore, represented by Colin Ng and Partners, the firm who are prosecuting me, a huge box of papers, files and documents which presumably they are going to rely on to disbar me.

Since the issues in my case are very simple, such as, did I "insult" Judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean, a Singapore judge in my blog and should that result in my disbarment; I fail to see how all that paper, several thousand pages perhaps, almost entirely irrelevant, should have anything to do with my case, but in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore anything is possible and why should I complain if that is what they do.

It is simply a huge waste, not only of the Singapore taxpayers money not to mention the harm done to the timber resources of the world in that wasted reams upon reams of paper.

It contains large chunks if not all of my testimony in the Singapore courts which went on for several long days in Singapore in 2008, with numerous witnesses and numerous copies of the blog posts in this blog. An utter waste of the Singapore tax payers time and money.

In addition to that box, I have also received by Courier Mail a letter from this law firm that a hearing has been fixed to be heard at the Disciplinary Conference Room Singapore on Friday April 30, 2010 at 11.00 am which I am required to attend.

Seperately, with reference to the same hearing date in Singapore on April 30, 2010 in Singapore, I had received a letter from the Disciplinary Committee of Singapore in my office in California, USA on April 19, 2010 via fax and Email, also stating that "the Disciplinary Tribunal has directed the parties (including me) to attend the hearing of the Summons application.....on April 30, 2010 at 11 am" in Singapore.

Now you will recall that on Nov 26, 2008, when I was deported from Singapore after having spent 2 months in jail there for having made some unflattering remarks about Lee Kuan Yew's judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean in this blog, I was deported from Singapore, prohibited from ever returning to Singapore unless I had the written permission of the Singapore government. In fact if I ever came to Singapore without permission, I stand to be arrested and sent to jail up to 2 years.

A deportation order was stamped in my American passport and a seperate similar order was handed to me prohibiting me from ever entering Singapore, before I left Singapore at the Immigration and Customs Authority office.

Can anyone with a head on his shoulders take the trouble to tell me how in Heavens can I come to Singapore from California USA on April 30th 2010 to appear at the Conference Room of the Disciplinary Tribunal in Singapore at 11 am, when I don't have any permission to do so, and what is worse, I will be arrested on sight if I ever landed there and thrown in jail!

You will recall from my earlier posts here, that I had written on numerous occasions not only to Lee Kuan Yew's immigration authorities but also to the Disciplinary Tribunal asking for permission to enter Singapore for my trial which is to be held from May 17, 2010 to May 21, 2010.

Except for an Email from Ng-Goh Siew Lee (Mrs) of the Singapore Immigration department dated Nov 13, 2009, acknowledging receipt of my letter, I have not received any permission to travel to Singapore at all!

Even though it remains the primary responsibility of Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore Disciplinary Tribunal, to arrange this so as to ensure that I can attend their hearings, they have told me not to bother them anymore and whatever I needed has to be directed to the Singapore Immigration authorities.

So as the matter now stands, I have been ordered to travel from California, USA to Singapore to appear before a Tribunal there on the 30th of April 2010 at 11am, even though they themselves have ordered me never to set foot in Singapore and if I did, sent to jail for 2 years!

And not just this. Up till April 19, 2010, I had never been informed by anyone of a hearing date of April 30, 2010. If they seriously expected me to appear at their hearing date in Singapore on April 30, 2010, should they not have informed me of this earlier, since I would have to purchase an airline ticket for travel before that date and a mere 10 days notice is surely not enough for someone to make arrangements to travel half way around the globe to Singapore! Which makes me think that perhaps they would prefer not to see me in Singapore at all!

Don't you think there is something wrong with this whole thing! How do you order someone to attend a hearing in Singapore while at the same time you refuse to give him permission to do it and what is more, you threaten to send him to jail if he ever came!

Is this what Lee Kuan Yew and his Tamil side kick, the Minister for Law K Shanmugam means as an example of their "best legal system in the world" and their "rule of law".

Is this a joke or do they really mean it?

We have had numerous examples of Singaporean "justice" to keep us entertained for some time.

Recently we have had the Kangaroo T Shirt case where Lee Kuan Yew's judge Judith Prakash sends 3 young men to jail merely for wearing T shirts engraved with pictures of kangaroos in judicial robes. Sending them to jail was bad enough but what was even worse was the fact that they were not within any courtroom at all!

Then we had my case when I was sent to jail for 2 months for criticizing Lee Kuan Yew's judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean for abusing the law to please her master, Lee Kuan Yew.

Then we had Dr. Chee Soon Juan being sent to jail numerous times for "speaking" in public because in that island, you need a permit to engage in the God given right to speak publicly!

Only a few days ago we had the case of 3 men from the Singapore Democratic Party sent to jail for merely walking along the road, which they term "a procession" and which in Lee Kuan Yew's island, a permit again is required. Only in Singapore would someone need a government permit to walk along the street in groups!

Even earlier we had the case of the same judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean allowing Lee Kuan Yew to win a defamation suit agsisnt Dr. Chee Soon Juan when the trial itself was conducted in her private office under closed doors with the Defendant prevented from calling any witnesses and when he objected and walked out of her office in protest, the judge and Lee Kuan Yew's lawyer privately had a meeting of sorts (Singaporean trial) and awarded the case to her boss (Lee Kuan Yew) after a few minutes!

But none of these legal procedures, amusing as they are, in Lee Kuan Yew's "rule of law" island can beat what they are doing to me.

In my case, they are in effect ordering me to enter Singapore on April 30, 2010 to attend a court hearing there, when they had previously ordered me never to enter their country and I will be arrested and sent to jail if I did!

Can anyone tell me a more interesting legal system that what that island of Singapore has, which not even Alice in Wonderland can beat?

Not wanting to spend any additional time sending them separate Emails to ask them what sort of joke are they trying to pull here, let me send this Blog post as an Email to all the relevant members of Lee Kuan Yew's rather entertaining group of people:

1)Ng-Goh Siew (Mrs), Immigration and checkpoint authority:
2)Angela Chopard, Singapore Disciplinary Tribunal:
3)Yogeswari d/o N Vadivellu, Singapore Disciplinary Tribunal:
4) Peter Low (aka Peter Cuthbert Low) of Colin Ng and Partners, Lee Kuan Yew's lawyer deployed to argue for the Singaporean Law Society to have me disbarred:

Gopalan Nair
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Monday, April 19, 2010

Lee Kuan Yew's biggest mistake; adopting the Communist Chinese model.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Observe the similarities of Singapore and Communist China, the product of Lee Kuan Yew's political engineering.

Communist Chinese judiciary always punishes dissidents. They openly abuse the law. So does Lee Kuan Yew's corrupt judges.

Communist China dishes out state controlled propaganda; there is no independent news. Lee Kuan Yew controls the entire press in the island.

Communist China controls all other media. So is the Singapore case.

Communist Chinese workers sympathetic to the Communist party are rewarded. Anyone else critical is punished. Same in Singapore. Davinder Singh, Lee Kuan Yew's defamation lawyer gets rich while Dr. Chee Soon Juan is sacked from his job.

Communist China controls their Internet. But Singapore cannot do it, as it affects trade and everyting else. Singapore will collapse in that eventuality. Singapore is unlike communist China.

Communist China has Mandarin, a language useless in the West. Unlike it, Singapore has English, a language useful in the West. This facilitates brain drain.

Communist China can punish any number of people unjustly with impunity. Chinese cannot leave the country without permission. Tiny Singapore cannot behave that way. There will be disaffection and resentment and people leave.

Communist China can withstand the loss of a million to emigration and still survive. They are huge. Even if a few thousand left Singapore, it will crumble. It is tiny.

Communist China would have shut this blog long ago, had I been a Chinese critic. Singapore cannot do that because it would be seen as a total dictatorship if it did. Appearances are important for Singapore, for Communist China they can handle it.

Communist China had no history of democracy. Tiny Singapore had it and demands it now.

That is why, as each day passes, Lee Kuan Yew digs himself deeper and deeper into his grave, both literally as he is 87 but also he digs Singapore itself into it's grave. There is too much ill will that it simply will not last, not him nor his island.

When he dies, it will be the end for Singapore.

Gopalan Nair
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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Singapore's fast diminishing prospects.

Update: April 19, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The answer that Singapore Lee Kuan Yew's son, the Prime Minister of Singapore, whom his father appointed to that position, gave Charlie Rose, the American Talk Show host on April 14, 2010, see to the question, “And what's the most important lesson he (Lee Kuan Yew) taught you” is telling of the gloomy future for the island. His answer was “Never say die. Never give up”.

No doubt very good advice from any father to son, but I am afraid, in this case the horse is dead and no amount of flogging will revive him.

Singapore is too late to be saved, and no amount of determination and tenacity from either father or son can help it.

And these are the red-light danger signs that will be the downfall of this Lee Kuan Yew Singapore dictatorship.

Number One Red-light: Lee Kuan Yew has managed to rule the island this long time from 1959 through nothing but force and intimidation.

So far it has worked. Those of my father’s generation who came from India and China had only one thing in their minds; to make a living. They did not care what sort of government it was or how it was run.

They had little education and their ambitions ran as far as being fed, at least most of them. With a population like that who are not demanding by any standards, any English educated lawyer like Lee Kuan Yew could have got away with murder.

It is not the same now. With the Internet and a younger population who are getting more and more emboldened to demand their rights, complimented by the Internet, they are no longer the ones content to have just the basics like their parents. And they are not going to be content with any propaganda thrown at them by the father and son team that run this government.

Number Two Red-light: Children are not being born in sufficient numbers even to replace the dying.

This is a clear sign that Singaporeans have lost faith in this administration and see no advantage in bringing up a family in an island in which they have lost all faith.

Number Three Red-light: Educated Singaporeans departing Singapore for permanent residence overseas has turned into a growing unstoppable flood. With a small population and a small island, such a massive brain drain is simply untenable for government. My friends within Singapore tell me that this flood of departing Singaporeans is spread across all the entire spectrum departments, not simply confined to any one.

The Civil Service is having a difficult time trying to replace the top echelon of public servants who are simply resigning their positions, withdrawing their savings and moving to Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

The same fate is being suffered by the Ministry of Education, the Singapore Police Force, the Singapore Legal Service and every other public sector in the island.

And even more hurting is the composition of those leaving. They are the best and highest educated Singaporeans in the island, the ones the government can least afford to lose. Simply the cream of the crop. The ones capable of thinking unlike those who are only capable of following.

Number Four Red-light: In fact for a country that is not undergoing a military conflict, a famine or a civil war, such a large section of Singaporeans leaving is unprecedented. The reason for this continuing massive brain drain is Lee Kuan Yew himself. For 50 years he has seen it fit to stay in power by abusing the law using corrupt judges to punish his political opponents causing the legal system in Singapore to be thoroughly discredited to the extent that today, no one in Singapore or even the rest of the world has any confidence in its impartiality.

Corruption is carried out by Lee Kuan Yew and his family and friends on a massive scale. First they pay themselves several million dollars a year each officially and call it a salary and secretly steal even more millions in a government with no monetary transparency at all. And with Lee Kuan Yew being able to successfully sue anyone who questions this theft, they continue to steal as much as they want.

It is this sort of abuse of government and mismanagement that drives good honest citizens from their home to seek a life elsewhere.

With Singaporeans in spite of being tax payers, yet realizing that they have no say in how the country is run and in fact run the risk of being sued and sent to jail if they question government authority naturally do not see Singapore as an attractive place to live in. Had they wanted this system, they could as well have gone to Cuba or North Korea.

This massive emigration is irremediably damaging Lee Kuan Yew's government.

Number five Red-light: Those Singaporeans leaving will surely pull other Singaporeans with them abroad. Once Singaporeans who have not had a life of freedom in Singapore see what living free really is, will no doubt persuade other Singaporeans to join them in Australia, New Zealand and Canada, not only continuing but aggravating the vicious cycle of emigration out of Singapore.

Number Six Red-light: Realizing the dangers of massive emigration, Lee Kuan Yew, his son and other ministers have travelled to the capitals of the world of London, New York (very recently), Melbourne and elsewhere putting out free shows, handing out free food and other extravagances at the Singapore taxpayers expense to lure those Singaporeans abroad who had left in disgust at Lee Kuan Yew's excesses to return. But no one is biting. Other than being a mere loss to the tax payer, no one wants to come back.

Number Seven Red-light: Singapore is nothing more than a one man show. Singapore strongman Lee Kuan Yew calls the shots to everything and everybody in Singapore.

It is nothing more than a classic dictatorship. Not his son, not anyone else in the government can replace Lee Kuan Yew.

I had proven this point myself not too long ago when I put out a hoax that Lee Kuan Yew had a massive heart attack and was warded in hospital. Immediately thereafter I had gotten countless enquiries and bloggers were jubilant that the dictator was dead.

I understand the Singapore stock market fell resulting in the Singapore state controlled press putting out a statement immediately thereafter that the stock market had risen and the Prime Minister's office put out a report that Lee Kuan Yew was in London. However there was no corroboration of any sort of Lee Kuan Yew being in London.

Therefore there can be no doubt that there will be massive civil and political unrest in Singapore when the 87 year old Lee Kuan Yew dies. I suspect also a massive drain of funds out of Singapore and the Singapore dollar and its economy collapsing.

Number Eight Red-light: As a remedial measure in desperation to the diminishing population, Lee Kuan Yew has begun to increase the population by indiscriminate large imports of immigrants from Communist China and other neighboring countries.

These human imports will simply not solve the problem of brain drain. Firstly, immigrants from Mandarin speaking Communist China will not help run the administration, commerce and tourism which rely on English, not Chinese Mandarin.

These Chinese imports cannot replace the civil servants that leave, the lawyers that leave, the hotel manager that leaves and the Singapore Airlines ramp foreman that leaves. They can perhaps help as dishwashers in the ubiquitous hawker food stalls or Chinese massage parlous in the Geylang District of the island which is the center for prostitution and vice establishments but they are useless in working in important managerial positions that are being lost at lightning speed.

Malaysian Chinese who are unhappy with their government and who speak English do also form a major sector of the immigrants recently brought into the island but they are not a reliable component of the immigrant pool.

Very often they are the ones who had wanted to go to Australia and the West but because they were not accepted in the countries of their choice, instead accept the Singapore invitation as a second choice.

The Malaysian Chinese being Singapore’s neighbors are of course aware that Lee Kuan Yew is Singapore’s dictator and the island is his dictatorship and they are uncomfortable with having to live without any voice at all. Given the chance for a better life elsewhere, they would be the first to leave.

Number Nine Red-light: Then there are those from countries such as India who are really not aware of what really goes on in the island, being misinformed by Lee Kuan Yew's propaganda abroad that Singapore is a democracy. Once they find out the truth, which they will in about a year if not more, they too will pack up and leave for the West or back home to India.

And as immigrants from India come to Singapore from a free and democratic background as India is, it is impossible to make them submit to any dictator anywhere; no matter how much they get paid for it.

Lee Kuan Yew managed to suppress Singaporeans through 50 years of intimidation and repression. The new immigrants to Singapore from India are not the same sort of submissive sheep that Lee Kuan Yew can even imagine to push around. They too will pack up and leave sooner than later.

Number Ten Red-light: Lee Kuan Yew will never get Australians and Europeans of any sort to come to Singapore and tow the Lee Kuan Yew line in any numbers. That must be quite obvious.

Number Eleven Red-light: Lee Kuan Yew has made certain that he has made a fool not only of himself but of all Singaporeans by repeatedly suing his opponents in his courts using corrupt judges and claiming that to be a victory. He has done the same by his corruption of stealing millions of dollars of state funds and calling it a salary.

Number Twelve Red-light: Lee Kuan Yew by appointing his son as Prime Minister and Ho Ching to run Tumasek has shown the world that Singapore is run by nepotism, not on the basis of merits. It discredits the government in the eyes not only of local Singaporeans but by people all over the world.

These unfortunate actions by him have alienated many European nations and people thereby damaging future business and commerce relations with them. This will continue to hurt the interests of Singapore abroad.

It is good to hear that Lee Kuan Yew has taught his son never to give up, but I am afraid no amount of tenacity and determination of the father or the son can save the island.

The father has made sure that Singapore is doomed to fail. Alas, Singapore will die with the father.

Gopalan Nair
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Friday, April 16, 2010

Lee Kuan Yew's son, worries for his life.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Lee Kuan Yew's son, whom his father appointed the Prime Minister of Singapore has said some very interesting things while speaking to Charlie Rose on his American talk show on April 14, 2010. See, and my previous post "Lee Kuan Yew's son claims Singapore is a Confucian society, not a democracy".

But one thing from his Charlie Rose show, that seems evident although unintended, is the worry that he appears to show about his future, indeed his safety and his life, when his father who is 87 years old soon dies.

Nearing the end of the interview he says, "And he has made a system (a Singapore political system) which went on without him and which will endure beyond him".(Paranthesis mine). This statement was entirely unsolicited by Charlie Rose. There was no reason for him to say it. But he did.

The reason as I see it, is that he knows the exact opposite to be true. Singapore as Singaporeans know is a one man show, that is Lee Kuan Yew and no one else; which has been the case since 1959 when his father first came to power.

Singapore will collapse, literally collapse, when Lee Kuan Yew dies which is soon to happen. He knows it.

As for him and the various minions who run around doing his bidding, such as every single minister and every judge, survive and exist entirely because of him. One word from him and the next minute, anyone or all of them will be history, removed, silenced and kaput.

If these people are able to do anything at all all this time since Lee Kuan Yew's moving over to be Minister Mentor is because he is still around and calls all the shots, regardless of his political title. It is as simple as that.

None of these Lee Kuan Yew's minions in government are leaders on their own right, every single one being a handpicked expendable bureaucrat.

But this is a fact he has to hide as much as possible from the international community, because if they know how fragile the island really is which depends on one man to run the show, they may well pull out their assets and businesses right now, close shop and move to a more stable location like Australia.

So his need to make this statement which he knows to be untrue, Singaporeans know to be untrue and the discerning world audience also know to be untrue. But since dictatorships all over the world try to survive on disinformation as long as they can, which is really not very long, this son of Lee Kuan Yew tries to hoodwink the Americans with this lie.

Singapore will not only become unstable after Lee Kuan Yew's demise, it will simply collapse. Recall, I tested my theory not too long ago with my hoax on Lee Kuan Yew's heart attack and you know what happened. There was a mini upset in the island just because I said it. What happens if the report had not come not from me but from Reuters? I tell you, there would be no one left in the island.

That is why I say his son is afraid, very afraid as to what will happen to him after his father dies which will happen very soon, literally this week or the next. Whether you pack your bags and leave now is a decision only you can make, not I.

About Burma he says "But I suspect a few people who make the decisions, they have decided that this is an existential thing for them. If they are out, it is not just the country and the government has changed, but where do I go and which jail will I be in and my children and my jewels and my billions?"

What he says of Burma is true as it has become now a question of survival for them and the dire consequences to them if overthrown. But is he talking only of the Burmese military junta or is he also referring to himself?

He knows that now, it is also, a question of survival for him, his family and friends, his jewels and his billions if he was ever overthrown. He knows he will have to answer to the Singaporeans for his abuse of the law, throwing innocent people in jail and unjustly enriching himself by the billions. Oh yes, just as for the Burmese military elite, he too worries and for him too, it is a question of survival. That is why he clings on to power by the only way he knows, by brute force and a corrupt judiciary to punish his detractors.

You can see why I say, this Lee Kuan Yew's son, worries at night.

Gopalan Nair
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Lee Kuan Yew's son claims Singapore is a Confucian society, not a democracy.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am referring to the recent April 14, 2010 interview Lee Kuan Yew's son had in the US on the TV Show Charlie Rose,, when he said Singapore is governed on the precepts of Confucianism, when asked about nepotism.

I am sure not only the Indians and the Malays but even almost all the Chinese in the island always thought that Singapore is based on the principles of democracy (or at least it should be) and the Constitution of the island which derived from the British model, with the principles of freedom of speech, assembly, a free press, and an accountable government.

But now this son of Lee Kuan Yew who is the Prime Minister of the island claims that that is not the case, that it is in fact run on Confucianism. Not being an authority on the subject, I believe its basic foundations rest on the belief that the the citizens should respect authority.

That in fact explains why Lee Kuan Yew and his son sues anyone who criticizes them and sent me to jail as well, becasue I and several other foreign newspapers and JB Jeyaretnam and Dr. Chee Soon Juan did not show him and his father the necessary Confusion respect as a Confucian gentleman is supposed to do.

Lee Kuan Yew's son's statement on Singapore being Confucian, was a startling revelation. So far his father had never confessed to this fact, even though everyone knew this before, but this time his son finally admits openly to practicing Confucianism, changing everyone's concept of Singapore once and for all.

And if this is so, then surely, should he not completley re-write the Constitution to reflect this fact, and why are we all continuing to pretend that it is democracy?

You cannot help but watch the video to see first hand what this man is actually saying. Some of the astounding parts, I paraphrase below:

Charlie Rose: How do you measure your commitment to democracy
Son: Legitimacy of government, how Singapore works, a better life

Rose: Is it a Jeffersonian style of government
Son: No we do not equate with American systems

Rose: Your father Mentor, you the son, your wife Tumasik? You seem to be very sensitive to the word nepotism
Son: We are very sensitive. The whole system is based of meritocracy, you are where you are not because of your father. If anyone thought I am where I am because of my father, my entire credibility will be destroyed, then I am not fit to govern. It is based on the Confusion precept, first you should have the moral authority to govern, then you form policies. Otherwise I should be kicked out.

Rose: Your defamation case against International Herald Tribune?
Son: They apologised and paid damages

Rose: (Laughing) So if anyone mentions nepotism, you will sue them?
Son: Yes

Rose: Have you sued others?
Son: Bloomberg apologized and paid damages

Rose: Are you sending a signal to others not to mention nepotism?
Son: We are saying that they can say what they want, but be prepared to prove it, otherwise they will lose and pay damages.

With this interview in the US, like both him and his father does all over the world, he is making the Singapore public look imbeciles, prepared to live under this father and son Confusion dictatorship and when everything they say is just simply humbug.

Firstly, Singapore is not a Confucion society, it is a democracy. (At least it is supposed to be)

Second, when he talks about suing people, he fails to mention that he engages in this cowardly practice only in Singapore, not anywhere else.

Third, he fails to mention that he and his father has not lost a single case they undertook against their opponents in the entire history of Singapore. In other words all his judges are corrupt or Confucian, whichever way you want to call them, and they are beholden to the father and son and will give away every case to them. So it is no great success when they win each time hands down in their Singapore.

Fourth, Singapore is not based on meritocracy, it is based on nepotism as his shown by his being the Prime Minister of Singapore and it is run by a bunch of opportunists who have lost all sense of decency and moral fibre. The way to success in Singapore is either through your relationship either blood or marriage to the Lee Kuan Yew household, or through boot licking such as the Tamil Minister for Law K Shanmugam, a Lee Kuan Yew minion, makes a living.

As proof, Lee Kuan Yew's son went to school, was given a scholarship to England by his father's government, was made a Brigadier General, the highest position in the Singapore Army within a couple of years by his father, was immediately made an MP by ensuring that noone else can challenge him at elections, was immediately thereafter made a Deputy Prime Minister, and immediately thereafter Prime Minister.

Someone should ask him, if this is not nepotism, what is it?

Gopalan Nair
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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Singapore Democratic Party's call for unity is impossible.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In the April 14, 2010 article of the Singapore Democrats, the blog of the Singapore opposition party, "SDP repeats call for unity", Dr. Chee Soon Juan called for opposition unity in a recently held seminar by the Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats (CALD) and the Liberal International in Singapore.

Such an aim is surely both laudatory and highly desirable but in the peculiar context of Singapore, alas, impossible.

The reason simply is the glaring fact that the minuscule opposition parties there have completely contrarian objectives.

For instance the 2 other established but minuscule parties, the Workers Party of Low Thia Khiang and the Singapore Democratic Alliance of Chiam See Tong do not really aspire any real political change in Singapore. They never have for an entire decade if not more.

They are quite happy with Lee Kuan Yew running the show, with no human rights at all, with no free press, with no freedom of speech or expression, in fact with no democracy at all; content over the decades to merely make a few objections here and there over some insignificant matters; indifferent whether anything really happens as a result; and happily going home and returning for another day of these useless speeches.

They are not, and never fought for any real change in Singapore and they never will. If you were to ask why, the answer simply is that if they did really challenge Lee Kuan Yew in areas where it matters, they would no longer be Members of Parliament; they would have been sued, bankrupted, imprisoned, impoverished and discarded in Lee Kuan Yew's garbage bins of history. In other words they would have gone the way of the Dinosaurs or to take a more recent example, the way of the late JB Jeyaretnam, which understandably neither Low Thia Khiang or Chiam See Tong wants.

Not needing any other examples, the very fact that these two are still opposition Members of Parliament in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore, is proof enough that they are no use for the cause of freedom.

Then we have the Singapore Democratic Party and Dr. Chee Soon Juan. He on the other hand is not a Member of Parliament. In fact he can never be one in his entire lifetime as long as Lee Kuan Yew is around, having been sued, bankrupted and repeatedly jailed and called a long list of names by Lee such as thief, gangster and you name it.

Anyone can see why Dr. Chee is treated so differently from the other two, Low Thia Khiang and Chiam See Tong; the former is the genuine product, unlike the latter 2 which are very poor imitations.

Dr. Chee really wants to bring about democratic change in Singapore while Lee Kuan Yew is determined that he should not have it. Low and Chiam however are harmless from Lee's point of view, pose no real threat to him, and in fact serve a valuable purpose by showing the world that Singapore is a multi party democracy, when in actual fact, nothing can be further from the truth.

Now we have a new entrant to the rather incongruous political scene in the island, Kenneth Jeyaretnam. Alas, as it stands up till now, he appears to be another Low Thia Khiang or Chiam See Tong. Of course we haven't seen very much of him being a newcomer, but if the signs are anything to go by, he seems to be another fixture, nothing more.

The fundamental difference between these diverse characters is that on the one hand, Chee wants to bring real democratic change, while the others have no such intention at all.

And the actions necessary to bring about real change, such as civil disobedience, protests, demanding a free press, demanding the right to free speech and real political activism for a democratic Singapore are anathema to Chiam, Low and I suspect Kenneth Jeyaretnam being actions they are not prepared to adopt, but actions essential for any real change to happen.

You see, there is no point in making a speech in Parliament or elsewhere if you could be sued for several hundreds of thousands of dollars through a compliant judiciary. Surely you can see my point from this example alone.

I would recommend instead that Singaporeans, regardless of which party one belongs, should search your hearts and ask whether you really want change. If you do, then do whatever it takes to bring that about within the moral law of humanity, not the laws of the dictatorship.

And the only political party in Singapore who has the honesty to admit the need for change and the courage to physically demand it is the Singapore Democratic Party. You can join it and fight for what is just or you could do it in your groups independently.

Until and unless Low and Chiam are prepared to be honest for a change and do what is expected of them by fighting for real change, I predict not only that there would be no such unity among these opposition groups in Singapore; in fact such unity in Singapore is impossible.

Gopalan Nair
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Monday, April 12, 2010

Singapore's dictator Lee Kuan Yew threatens his citizens with 3 years jail if they criticize him.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore's state controlled newspaper, a mouthpiece of the Singaporean dictator Lee Kuan Yew, "Today", of April 08, 2010 has the story "Poison letters hit Senkang".

It tells of someone in Singapore writing a one page letter size leaflet headed "The truth that every citizen must know" which he distributed widely in mailboxes of residents in a Singaporean suburb Senkang.

In the first paragraph, titled "PAP is corrupted collectively" he talks about Lee Kuan Yew, his family and his friends in high places being corrupt by illegally siphoning off the state's assets and are therefore corrupt.

The second paragraph, "The PAP has betrayed the people of Singapore", refers to PAP, Lee Kuan Yew's political party, betraying the people by importing cheap labor from neighbouring impoverished countries, to keep wages low thereby disadvantaging locals and benefiting foreigners.

The third paragraph titled "A real case of our citizens being driven to suicide", he alludes to Chen Ru Guan, a father of 2 young children, a truly sad case where he kills himself by jumping onto a running train out of poverty.

The writer holds Lee Kuan Yew responsible for his death and warns of the danger of Lee and his friends absconding when the government collapses; reminding us that we should not let that happen and hold these criminals to account.

By the way, this danger of Lee and his friends running away is something I have also said here. I think it is a real possibility which should not be allowed to happen, that is, they should be arrested and prevented from leaving the island.

The writer's leaflet is similar to what I have been writing in these pages all along, which is, that Lee is corrupt and stealing our money right under our very noses and we should put a stop to this theft right now.

Singapore's constitution gives the right to speak freely under the freedom of speech clause; this writer is completely within his rights to write this, indeed we should commend him for exercising his civic duty as a citizen by showing an interest in how his island is run.

But as Lee Kuan Yew would want you to believe, all that freedom only applies in democracies.

Singapore's eternal dictator has no intention of ever allowing you to exercise these rights which are already yours by the way, because if you were to do it, Lee Kuan Yew, his son and his close friends will no longer be in power, as the very basis of their rule is illegal because it does not conform to the Constitution.

So he does what he has always done for the last 50 years in power; he threatens to send you to jail for a long long time, if you criticize him, as is shamefully written in this newspaper report; released obviously under his instructions.

The article itself is interesting reading by itself, a Singaporean version of Orwellion Doublespeak, not for the truth or the lack of it, but on the manipulative use of language to make a totally harmless act look sinister and evil.

Look at these examples. The title of the Singapore article is "Poison pen letters hit Senkang". A disinterested reader may ask why a leaflet critical of Lee Kuan Yew should be termed a "poison letter".

A check with Wikipedia dictionary does not have any word "Poison letter" although it has "poison pen letter" which means a letter which makes malicious or abusive accusations against another usually in anonymity.

In this case, Lee Kuan Yew and his propaganda machine, the Today paper, are trying to argue that the writer had made malicious accusations about Lee Kuan Yew's government.

But pray tell me, why should a citizen complaining about the actions of his government turn his criticism into being "malicious" and therefore a "poison letter"?

Why should it not be just plain criticism as in any other democracy in lawful compliance with Article 14 of the Singapore Constitution of freedom of speech and expression?

The first line of the Singapore government report (Today newspaper) points out that this "poison letter" (this phrase is repeatedly quoted so as to impress the reader of it's illegality) was written even before the date of the General Election, suggesting very conveniently that in Singapore, political criticism is only allowed during elections and therefore this writer's leaflet is premature!

Why? Why should criticism only be allowed during elections and not at other times.

We all thought, I hope, that the right to criticise is perennial, not seasonal!

Convenient distortion of language here again.

Gorge Orwell would have been thrilled!

And then it says "the police said that a report has been made and investigations are in progress"!

Why should this be a police case?

What crime has the writer of this criticism committed? Nothing.

But in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore, any sort of criticism, as long as it is directed at him is illegal and warrants a long prison sentence.

"Mediacorp (the umbrella organization owned by the Singaporean dictator Lee Kuan Yew) understands that this case falls under the Sedition Act where the offender could be fined up to $5,000.00 and/or given a maximum jail term of 3 years", states the article.

Under Section 3(a) of the Singapore Sedition Act,
3. —(1) A seditious tendency is a tendency —

(a) to bring into hatred or contempt or to excite disaffection against the Government;

Therefore according to Lee Kuan Yew, his son and his relatives and friends in the government, merely criticizing him would amount to bringing hatred or contempt to the government, therefore qualifying for a 3 year prison sentence.

But anyone with any common sense will tell you that cannot be because the Constitution specifically permits criticism of the government as expected in any democracy.

And by the way, this Act has no place in today's Singapore as it is an archaic colonial law enacted by the British rulers of the old, who would throw anyone in prison or beat him if he uttered any disaffection to the Crown.

But Lee Kuan Yew is not the British Crown, and today is not 1920, but 2010. Lee Kuan Yew is a crook stealing his people's money and he should not be allowed to get away with a law such as this.

And then it refers to KC Ong, the poor Singaporean 40 year old woman who went into a fit and and ran off to warn Lee Kuan Yew's government offices, his police officers and the newspapers about this "crime" which she discovered in that harmless leaflet.

She says "the comments made were subjective, and they cannot represent the voice of the masses". I did not know that any criticism of the government must "represent the voice of the masses" and otherwise they are proscribed!

And then this woman, a classic production of Lee Kuan Yew's 50 years of living in fear, says "it is not an appropriate way of airing one's disaffection" as if there are other lawful ways to do it, and writing a leaflet and stuffing it in mailboxes is not!

Threatening Singapore citizens with long jail terms for criticizing their government is the normal way that dictatorships all over the world including Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore govern.

I am not any smarter than any Singaporean or any less, but I can tell you this.

Not just me alone but thousands of Singaporeans can see through this nonsense in Lee Kuan Yew's newspaper article as nothing but another shameful action to drumbeat fear in his people to silence them.

And if the Singaporeans can see this too, it is sad they do nothing about it but hold their peace and let the dictator get his way.

Those Singaporeans who can see the shameless abuse of this government and remain silent are themselves a shameful lot. They should be ashamed, their children should similarly ashamed to have such parents willingly live under such a bully.

As for the writer of this leaflet, I say Bravo. I hope the writings in this blog had something to do to push him to write and distribute. To him and to others with some humanity and compassion, and not just courage, I say, well done.

1. Continue writing these leaflets and distributing them into mailboxes.
2. Distribute them in street corners in full view of the public and the police.
3. Hold up placards and leaflets calling for a stop to the theft of Singaporeans' assets by Lee Kuan Yew and his family and minions.
4. Demand a stop to second class citizenship for Singaporeans and first class for foreigners.
5. Demand jobs for Singaporeans first before anyone else.
6. Demand a stop to police harassment and bullying.
7. Demand a stop to corruption in the Singapore judiciary.

Finally I wish to show gratitude for the writer of this leaflet by this.

If you are arrested and charged in Lee Kuan Yew's courts, you would be hurting him much more than your suffering because, your case would be headline news around the world.

The world will look upon your arrest as another instance of the abuse of the law and a confirmation that Singapore is nothing more than a dictatorship pure and simple.

By your arrest you would be furthering the cause not only for yourself, but of future generations of Singaporeans clamouring for freedom and making sure that this dictatorial government finds itself one foot closer to it's grave.

Well done Sir. If ever there is a need for you to come to the USA, I will represent your asylum case free of charge.

Your case would almost certainly be a success as you would have been punished by reason of your political beliefs by this intolerant regime.

Singapore already has a bad human rights record and that fact alone puts you far ahead in your case.

Remember, you have me on your side. Good show.

As for this blog, Singapore Dissident, under the Singapore definition of the Sedition Act, this blog is thoroughly seditious to the core, Dr. Chee Soon Juan is completely seditious too and happily seditious people are showing a healthy increase in numbers in Lee Kuan Yew's island.

So let us all say something particularly seditious to Lee Kuan Yew. Hey Harry Lee Kuan Yew, you are a crook and a thief and a liar. How about that!

By the way, the reader will see my reference invariably to Lee Kuan Yew and not to his government.

Anyone who knows Singapore knows why of course; because Lee Kuan Yew is Singapore and Singapore is Lee Kuan Yew.

Remember my recent hoax of "Lee Kuan Yew's massive heart attack"? The island nearly almost came to a standstill!

Gopalan Nair
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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Singapore. Silviu Ionescu

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The cardinal issues surrounding Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore government's demand that Silviu Ionescu, the former Romanian diplomat accused by Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore of a fatal hit and run accident in Lee's island is not only whether he was guilty of the accident; it is equally important whether he will get a fair trial in Singapore.

In democracies the cardinal rule is whether a defendant will get a fair trial; not whether you believe he committed the crime.

In countries that uphold the rule of law, the admirable time honored rule had always been that even Adolf Hitler is entitled to a fair trial. If that is impossible, then he deserves to go free.

The rule has always been, in democracies, that a million guilty men should go scott free lest one innocent person is denied justice. That is British jurisprudence, American jurisprudence, European jurisprudence. That is the bedrock upon which freedom itself rests.

Consider Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore. It is known throughout the world as a country that uses the law to demolish political opponents of Lee Kuan Yew. JB Jeyaretnam, Tang Liang Hong, Dr. Chee Soon Juan and myself has experienced this first hand. Singapore law is what Lee Kuan Yew instructs his judges to do at any particular moment of time. Singapore law is Lee Kuan yew's plaything. It is his tool to silence anyone he does not like. His judiciary is corrupt and will do anyting he says. Singapore to quote Silviu Ionescu himself has a "human rights problem". And that is something the world is already aware; and is the major problem in this case.

In the case of Ionescu, we have heard the Singapore Coroner has found him guilty. But the question is not whether the verdict of the Singapore Coroner is just; but whether anyone in the present disgraceful position that the Singapore government and it's courts find themselves in; the question is whether anyone will believe the judgment of the Singapore Coroner. That is the million dollar question. And that is where Singapore fails miserably. And that is where the advantage lies for Ionescu and Romania.

Dr. Silviu Ionescu may well have been guilty of the fatal hit and run accident, as Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore claims. But the bigger question is not whether he is guilty, it is whether he will get a fair trial in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore.

Singapore's shameful history has shown that Lee Kuan Yew and his minions in government would be prepared to tailor any evidence they want anytime to finish off anyone they want. Do you recall the late President of Singapore Devan Nair? Lee Kuan Yew claimed that Nair was drunk, fondled Dayak women in Sarawak and other unimaginably crude and preposterous accusations against him. On the other hand there was universal condemnation of Lee Kuan Yew by the free world who did not believe one word of what Lee Kuan Yew has said. It was the same with JB Jeyaretnam and even myself.

The question is this. If Lee Kuan Yew who has been running Singapore as he pleases for the last 50 years including the judiciary has so been thoroughly discredited as he is, what guarantee is there that in this case, the entire case against Dr. Ionescu has not been stage managed? What guarantee is there that every single witness brought forth to the Coroners Inquiry was not doing it at the behest of Lee Kuan Yew. What guarantee is there that Lee Kuan Yew himself did not give orders to the Singapore Coroner to come up with the guilty verdict?

What guarantee that none of this shameful nefarious activity in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore had never occurred, but is entirely a product of Lee Kuan Yew's orders? What guarantee is there that Lee Kuan Yew had a personal vendetta against this former diplomat because he was reporting badly on Singapore's human rights record as he claims? What guarantee is there?

The Romanian government is trying hard to keep cordial relations with Singapore naturally. But very politely the Romanian government should tell Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore that it's reputation has been tarnished beyond help by Lee Kuan Yew's abuses in his island, that there is no guaranteed that Dr. Ionescu will ever get a fair trial and Lee Kuan Yew and his son should simply bugger off.

Please do not mistake my stand here as showing indifference to the dead man's family. No my sympathies cries out for them. But here, Lee Kuan Yew has shot himself in the foot. His judiciary has been discredited in the eyes of the world. And neither Romania nor Dr. Ionescu should be expected to have anything to do with them.

It would have been different if it was the UK or Australia. But Singapore is not like the UK or Australia. It's courts are like those of North Korea. Had this happened in North Korea, Romania would not have handed him over to Kim Jong Il. Neither should they hand him to Lee Kuan Yew.

These are not democracies. These are dictatorships whose courts do anything the dictator wants.

It is the height of ironies for Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore to tell the Romanian government that Dr. Silviu Ionescu had tarnished it's reputation! Let me ask what about the reputation of Singapore? Is it not a case of the pot calling the kettle black?

Gopalan Nair
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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Singapore woman "shocked" to see anti PAP poster

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Nowhere in the world, other than of course North Korea and Burma, would anybody be "shocked" to read a document critical of their government; a government which they themselves demonstrably elected into power; except of course the poor brainwashed timid downtrodden pathetic cowards in Singapore.

Singapore's state controlled newspaper the Straits Times Online edition of April 08, 2010 has the story "Anti PAP fliers in some estates". It is a story about leaflets being found in some residential mailboxes containing language which was not entirely flattering of Singaporean dictator Lee Kuan Yew, his sons and those in his government.

Since this fact has been important enough to be reported in the newspapers of Lee Kuan Yew's state controlled press, I can assure you the document in question is totally harmless and in any other country would have been totally ignored by the authorities.

If you really wanted to know, the document referred to Lee Kuan Yew and his government as a bunch of crooks siphoning off the state's resources and cash and the unacceptably large number of immigrants from the Peoples Republic of China who are depriving the locals of jobs.

Big deal, you would have thought.

But not so in Lee Kuan Yew's dictatorship. In fact one woman, Ms. K C. Ong who is 40 years old, and works as an administrator was so shocked to have received the piece of paper in her mailbox, she immediately telephoned Lee Kuan Yew's political party as well as his newspapers to alert them of this alarming occurrence, alarming in the Singaporean sense of course.

She was reported to have said "I was shocked when I saw the flier. I think it is not appropriate for such content to be circulated this way. It's one thing seeing such things on the Internet, but another thing seeing the hard copy".

Although I fail to realize what difference there is between seeing it on the Internet or on a sheet of paper, I think it is best to leave her alone.

Poor Ms KC Ong is beyond redemption. She is one of those thousands whose brains has been sent to the cleaners for decades by Lee Kuan Yew which finally produces a specimen of a creature which appears as a human but in effect, a rabbit or a mouse or something else, timid and fearful.

Of course you see the likes of KC Ong in North Korea but that is understandable. It is a closed society which does not permit outside information in the country. But why should there be the likes of KC Ong, in an island which has the Internet with the Singapore passport acceptable for travel outside the island?

But the good news is that even though Lee Kuan Yew's 50 years of control has resulted in such damage, as you see in the poor terrified, 40 year old KC Ong, there is a growing number of younger generation of people such as the writer of the leaflet who has the muscle to write it and distribute it.

He is undoubtedly a hero. In an island where even the slightest criticism of Lee Kuan Yew can land you in all kinds of trouble, this man has to a hero, in the Singaporean context.

I congratulate the writer and the distributor of it. It is high time this is has been done. Please continue. I ask Dr. Chee Soon Juan to arrange to lend a hand for further distribution of them. Do it throughout the island. Island wide mass distribution of fliers. Men and women with pride and courage to stand in street corners distributing them. With loud hailers speeches. If Lee Kuan Yew wants to prosecute, he will have to prosecute thousands. Do it now.

It is not undeserving glory for me to take at least partial credit for this; I believe that my writings here in this blog had something to do with such a happening, certainly a pleasant surprise in Lee Kuan Yew's fear ridden Singapore.

Don't stop now. Escalate. You have justice on your side.

Gopalan Nair
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Monday, April 5, 2010

Singapore. Reform Party's Kenneth Jeyaretnam, in bed with the PAP.

Update 04/06/10: I had earlier written "It may be too early to judge Mr. Jeyaretnam's intentions but if his collaborating with Dr. Chee Soon Juan is anything to go by, it is real damper on the hopes of Singaporeans. Certainly on mine".

This was a typo. It should have read, "It may be too early to judge Mr. Jeyaretnam's intentions but if his collaborating with Chiam See Tong is anything to go by, it is real damper on the hopes of Singaporeans. Certainly on mine".

A reader who wished to remain anonymous pointed that out. I have corrected it below. Thank you.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore's state controlled newspaper the Straits Times online edition of April 5, 2010 has the story "Joint opposition walkabout." It tells of Kenneth Jeyaretnam, the son of the late true freedom fighter for the people's rights JB Jeyaretnam, campaigning together with Chiam See Tong of the Singapore Democratic Alliance in their meeting residents in the run up to the impending parliamentary elections.

I fear, this news is a terrible let down. If Kenneth Jeyaretnam is going to be another Chaim See Tong, the diluted version of Singapore opposition politics, we might as well discount Kenneth Jeyartanm doing anything real for the cause of democracy.

Anyone knowing Singapore politics knows that Chiam See Tong of the Singapore Democratic Alliance and Low Thia Khiang are as good as PAP members, being opposition politicians in name only.

They do no real good for the cause of democracy. They have never demanded the PAP to respect the Constitution, never demanded the PAP to respect the people's right to any of the their fundamental rights, such as freedom of speech and expression or any other basic human rights which the PAP denies it's citizens.

They have never questioned the PAP MPS salaries, never questioned the PAP government's highest execution rate in the world, the state sanctioned beatings (which are called canings) and the lack of independence of the judiciary and state interference in Singapore's legal process.

Neither have they questioned the misuse of the police force to silence and intimidate the opposition or the lack of an independent press and the silencing of the press by state compliant judges.

In fact Low Thia Khiang and Chiam See Tong have been content all these decades in office as opposition members to merely skirt the main issues that really matter, which prevent democracy from ever taking root in Singapore and instead they discuss the size of parking lots or the number of immigrants or the cost of HDB flats.

But they conveniently blind themselves to the fact that all these questions are pointless if the people themselves are not allowed to question anything for fear of being to sent to jail for public speaking without a government permit, or being bankrupted through defamation actions for legitimate criticism.

What good are these questions about the cost of HDB flats when the fundamental rights of the people are denied where they are unable to speak freely for fear of defamation actions, unable to speak in public unless they have a permit which is denied, unable to assemble freely and unable to read independent news in Singapore for lack of a free press.

If Kenneth Jeyaretnam's purpose is to be another Chiam See Tong, he is not only letting himself down, he is badly letting down his legendary father, who would be turning in his grave had he known that all that his son can do is to be another Chiam See Tong.

I am sure many of us, certainly myself, had looked toward Kenneth Jeyaretnam as a beacon of hope to fight for the people's rights as a true defender of the people just as his father was, a shining example of an honest decent man who wanted to do the best for his people.

I am afraid if Kenneth Jeyaretnam intends to be another Chiam See Tong, then we can all assume that there is going to be another opposition member in Parliament in Singapore, in the likes of Chiam See Tong and Low Thia Khiang.

In fact I would not be surprised if the PAP themselves makes sure that Kenneth Jeyaretnam wins a seat as this will be a feather in the cap for Lee Kuan Yew to tell the world that the Singapore is indeed a multi party democracy and the opposition in Parliament has grown with another entrant, Kenneth Jeyaretnam.

I can tell you that it would have made no difference to the PAP if in fact you had 25of the sort like Chima See Tong, enabling the PAP to tell the world that they have finally become a two party state, while these opposition goons such as Low Thia Khiang and Chiam See Tong will debate parking lots and HDB prices while the PAP will continue jailing anyone who spoke publicly, sued into bankruptcy anyone who criticised them and prevented anyone engaging in peaceful assembly even though the Constitution specifically allows it.

And Mr. Kenneth Jeyaretnam will have a nice long career as an opposition politician, making his speeches in Parliament that the PAP will promptly ignore while he takes his salary every month and goes home to his family every day as a good Singaporeans do.

Lee Kuan Yew has a word for opposition politicians like them, "Constructive Responsible Opposition".

I remember Kenneth Jeyaretnam having spoken some stirring words when he first announced his entry into politics like "Don't be afraid of the PAP" and such like. Perhaps all that was nothing more than hot air.

It may be too early to judge Mr. Jeyaretnam's intentions but if his collaborating with Chiam See Tong is anything to go by, it is real damper on the hopes of Singaporeans. Certainly on mine.

If my fears are true, it is a sad day for freedom. And I say what a waste; the man appears to have a good eduction.

History appears to be repeating itself. Winston Randolf Churchill never came anything near the achievements of his illustrious father Winston Spencer Churchill and the Mahatma Gandhi never had any children of any consequence.

Greatness it seems is usually not passed on to the offspring.

I hope I am not proven true, but we could have another progeny of the great JB Jeyaretnam who turns out not to be of consequence to anyone.

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