Monday, April 12, 2010

Singapore's dictator Lee Kuan Yew threatens his citizens with 3 years jail if they criticize him.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore's state controlled newspaper, a mouthpiece of the Singaporean dictator Lee Kuan Yew, "Today", of April 08, 2010 has the story "Poison letters hit Senkang".

It tells of someone in Singapore writing a one page letter size leaflet headed "The truth that every citizen must know" which he distributed widely in mailboxes of residents in a Singaporean suburb Senkang.

In the first paragraph, titled "PAP is corrupted collectively" he talks about Lee Kuan Yew, his family and his friends in high places being corrupt by illegally siphoning off the state's assets and are therefore corrupt.

The second paragraph, "The PAP has betrayed the people of Singapore", refers to PAP, Lee Kuan Yew's political party, betraying the people by importing cheap labor from neighbouring impoverished countries, to keep wages low thereby disadvantaging locals and benefiting foreigners.

The third paragraph titled "A real case of our citizens being driven to suicide", he alludes to Chen Ru Guan, a father of 2 young children, a truly sad case where he kills himself by jumping onto a running train out of poverty.

The writer holds Lee Kuan Yew responsible for his death and warns of the danger of Lee and his friends absconding when the government collapses; reminding us that we should not let that happen and hold these criminals to account.

By the way, this danger of Lee and his friends running away is something I have also said here. I think it is a real possibility which should not be allowed to happen, that is, they should be arrested and prevented from leaving the island.

The writer's leaflet is similar to what I have been writing in these pages all along, which is, that Lee is corrupt and stealing our money right under our very noses and we should put a stop to this theft right now.

Singapore's constitution gives the right to speak freely under the freedom of speech clause; this writer is completely within his rights to write this, indeed we should commend him for exercising his civic duty as a citizen by showing an interest in how his island is run.

But as Lee Kuan Yew would want you to believe, all that freedom only applies in democracies.

Singapore's eternal dictator has no intention of ever allowing you to exercise these rights which are already yours by the way, because if you were to do it, Lee Kuan Yew, his son and his close friends will no longer be in power, as the very basis of their rule is illegal because it does not conform to the Constitution.

So he does what he has always done for the last 50 years in power; he threatens to send you to jail for a long long time, if you criticize him, as is shamefully written in this newspaper report; released obviously under his instructions.

The article itself is interesting reading by itself, a Singaporean version of Orwellion Doublespeak, not for the truth or the lack of it, but on the manipulative use of language to make a totally harmless act look sinister and evil.

Look at these examples. The title of the Singapore article is "Poison pen letters hit Senkang". A disinterested reader may ask why a leaflet critical of Lee Kuan Yew should be termed a "poison letter".

A check with Wikipedia dictionary does not have any word "Poison letter" although it has "poison pen letter" which means a letter which makes malicious or abusive accusations against another usually in anonymity.

In this case, Lee Kuan Yew and his propaganda machine, the Today paper, are trying to argue that the writer had made malicious accusations about Lee Kuan Yew's government.

But pray tell me, why should a citizen complaining about the actions of his government turn his criticism into being "malicious" and therefore a "poison letter"?

Why should it not be just plain criticism as in any other democracy in lawful compliance with Article 14 of the Singapore Constitution of freedom of speech and expression?

The first line of the Singapore government report (Today newspaper) points out that this "poison letter" (this phrase is repeatedly quoted so as to impress the reader of it's illegality) was written even before the date of the General Election, suggesting very conveniently that in Singapore, political criticism is only allowed during elections and therefore this writer's leaflet is premature!

Why? Why should criticism only be allowed during elections and not at other times.

We all thought, I hope, that the right to criticise is perennial, not seasonal!

Convenient distortion of language here again.

Gorge Orwell would have been thrilled!

And then it says "the police said that a report has been made and investigations are in progress"!

Why should this be a police case?

What crime has the writer of this criticism committed? Nothing.

But in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore, any sort of criticism, as long as it is directed at him is illegal and warrants a long prison sentence.

"Mediacorp (the umbrella organization owned by the Singaporean dictator Lee Kuan Yew) understands that this case falls under the Sedition Act where the offender could be fined up to $5,000.00 and/or given a maximum jail term of 3 years", states the article.

Under Section 3(a) of the Singapore Sedition Act,
3. —(1) A seditious tendency is a tendency —

(a) to bring into hatred or contempt or to excite disaffection against the Government;

Therefore according to Lee Kuan Yew, his son and his relatives and friends in the government, merely criticizing him would amount to bringing hatred or contempt to the government, therefore qualifying for a 3 year prison sentence.

But anyone with any common sense will tell you that cannot be because the Constitution specifically permits criticism of the government as expected in any democracy.

And by the way, this Act has no place in today's Singapore as it is an archaic colonial law enacted by the British rulers of the old, who would throw anyone in prison or beat him if he uttered any disaffection to the Crown.

But Lee Kuan Yew is not the British Crown, and today is not 1920, but 2010. Lee Kuan Yew is a crook stealing his people's money and he should not be allowed to get away with a law such as this.

And then it refers to KC Ong, the poor Singaporean 40 year old woman who went into a fit and and ran off to warn Lee Kuan Yew's government offices, his police officers and the newspapers about this "crime" which she discovered in that harmless leaflet.

She says "the comments made were subjective, and they cannot represent the voice of the masses". I did not know that any criticism of the government must "represent the voice of the masses" and otherwise they are proscribed!

And then this woman, a classic production of Lee Kuan Yew's 50 years of living in fear, says "it is not an appropriate way of airing one's disaffection" as if there are other lawful ways to do it, and writing a leaflet and stuffing it in mailboxes is not!

Threatening Singapore citizens with long jail terms for criticizing their government is the normal way that dictatorships all over the world including Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore govern.

I am not any smarter than any Singaporean or any less, but I can tell you this.

Not just me alone but thousands of Singaporeans can see through this nonsense in Lee Kuan Yew's newspaper article as nothing but another shameful action to drumbeat fear in his people to silence them.

And if the Singaporeans can see this too, it is sad they do nothing about it but hold their peace and let the dictator get his way.

Those Singaporeans who can see the shameless abuse of this government and remain silent are themselves a shameful lot. They should be ashamed, their children should similarly ashamed to have such parents willingly live under such a bully.

As for the writer of this leaflet, I say Bravo. I hope the writings in this blog had something to do to push him to write and distribute. To him and to others with some humanity and compassion, and not just courage, I say, well done.

1. Continue writing these leaflets and distributing them into mailboxes.
2. Distribute them in street corners in full view of the public and the police.
3. Hold up placards and leaflets calling for a stop to the theft of Singaporeans' assets by Lee Kuan Yew and his family and minions.
4. Demand a stop to second class citizenship for Singaporeans and first class for foreigners.
5. Demand jobs for Singaporeans first before anyone else.
6. Demand a stop to police harassment and bullying.
7. Demand a stop to corruption in the Singapore judiciary.

Finally I wish to show gratitude for the writer of this leaflet by this.

If you are arrested and charged in Lee Kuan Yew's courts, you would be hurting him much more than your suffering because, your case would be headline news around the world.

The world will look upon your arrest as another instance of the abuse of the law and a confirmation that Singapore is nothing more than a dictatorship pure and simple.

By your arrest you would be furthering the cause not only for yourself, but of future generations of Singaporeans clamouring for freedom and making sure that this dictatorial government finds itself one foot closer to it's grave.

Well done Sir. If ever there is a need for you to come to the USA, I will represent your asylum case free of charge.

Your case would almost certainly be a success as you would have been punished by reason of your political beliefs by this intolerant regime.

Singapore already has a bad human rights record and that fact alone puts you far ahead in your case.

Remember, you have me on your side. Good show.

As for this blog, Singapore Dissident, under the Singapore definition of the Sedition Act, this blog is thoroughly seditious to the core, Dr. Chee Soon Juan is completely seditious too and happily seditious people are showing a healthy increase in numbers in Lee Kuan Yew's island.

So let us all say something particularly seditious to Lee Kuan Yew. Hey Harry Lee Kuan Yew, you are a crook and a thief and a liar. How about that!

By the way, the reader will see my reference invariably to Lee Kuan Yew and not to his government.

Anyone who knows Singapore knows why of course; because Lee Kuan Yew is Singapore and Singapore is Lee Kuan Yew.

Remember my recent hoax of "Lee Kuan Yew's massive heart attack"? The island nearly almost came to a standstill!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Gopalan,

- POINT 1 -

After reading the comments on the Facebook "Bring Dr Silviu Ionescu Back to Singapore!!"

I believe most of the writers are Singaporeans, from the style of writing.

I find the same unthinking, assume-too-much Singaporeans parroting each other in wanting to take REVENGE for the accident victim in the case involving the alleged Romanian diplomat.

Has Singaporeans became confused JUSTICE with REVENGE, because there is no JUSTICE System in Singapore.

- POINT 2 -

So far, only kings and emperors enjoy language prohibiting lèse majesté, so is Lee Kuan Yew a Singapore king? I thought he is probably the Clown King in his tiny island of dummies. (Which educated citizen want this to happen without taking to the streets)

I will be looking forward to this evening's Four Corners program where a journolist questions 18-year jail for insulting the Thai king and how this will affect Thailand's future when the crown prince take over. This prince is a playboy, take nude female photos in the palace, etc. I feel sad for the Thai people.

I expect the transscripts availiable at

Anonymous said...

BTW, where is LKY these few days? Never heard from him for quite a while...

Anonymous said...

Real men throw punches, sissies slap.

In a National Day Rally years later PM Goh Chok Tong, said "You may also have heard this old story about Loong {Referring to DPM Lee}. In case you have not, I'll tell you now.

”Back in 1990, Loong had a quarrel with Richard Hu. S. Dhanabalan sided with Richard. Loong lost his temper.

”He reached across the table and gave Dhanabalan a tight slap. The whole Cabinet was thrown into commotion.

Anonymous said...

Has any reader of this blog got a copy of the 'poison letter' so it can be displayed here? I, for one, would like to judge for myself if the letter is truly poisonous. I will be grateful even if the image is of low quality but the writing must be legible.

Anonymous said...

Far from disparaging KC Ong and her type, you should be encouraging such behaviour. She is a fine exemplar of the useful idiot - and idiot useful to your cause. Had not her shrill shrieks reached the ears of Harry's mouthpiece, not many in the little red snot would have come to know that there are others brazen enough to disseminate the truth, i.e. other than Dr. Chee and the SDP. The more the propaganda press publishes such stories, the more accustomed Singaporeans will become to the alternative point of view. It will also give confidence to those who are tentative about distributing flyers containing the alternative news. Mr. Nair, people like KC Ong can be of benefit to you even though they do not recognize it. You don't need to meet them head on.

Sunny said...

That is why I told you this old man is a coward politician.

Cannot take ctiticism.

Hey Harry! Don't throw stone at others if you stay in glass house.

What a shame!

Anonymous said...

Has any reader of this blog got a copy of the 'poison letter' so it can be displayed here? I, for one, would like to judge for myself if the letter is truly poisonous. I will be grateful even if the image is of low quality but the writing must be legible.


Anonymous said...

Actually, I will give credit to Lee Kuan Yew for this latest tightening of "law" concerning criticism to himself.

I cannot think of any conman who has created a country of educated folks who actually believe in the newspaper reports, have faith in Singapore laws, have confidence in the Policing System, trust the politicans to do the right thing even when there is not checks anda balances. Yes, they still holding on to the dream that "tomorrow will be better".

Yesterday, I prayed for America because market fundamentalism and democracy fundamentalism have override the common good for the country.

Today, I will pray for Singapore, because they have "gone to the deep end" of doing nothing to check the powers of fellow humans.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @0930. Many thanks for the link.

Now I have read it, all I can say is that the Singapore press has a strange notion of poison. The criticism in the flyer is mild and the language is restrained. If LKY was offended by it, the trouble lies solely with him. A person with see-through thin skin should never be a politician.

One other thing, LHL has a baby face. However, that is not what Singaporeans should be worried about. It is his baby mind dreaming up malicious acts if he does not get all his way after the demise of LKY.

Anonymous said...

Referring to POINT 2 of my posting (1st comment on this page)

Australia may be a small country, but I admire the government-funded TV station for risking their Thai Bureau to tell the world about Thailand's monarchy.

I hope that ABC will also do the same in Singapore in future.

Errata: It is the Foreign Correspondence program, and not 4 Corners, which I stated earlier.
----------14 Apr 2010------------
The ABC’s foreign correspondent Eric Campbell risks prosecution and incarceration if he returns to Thailand, following the broadcast of a report containing criticism of the Thai royal family.

The report was aired on last night’s Foreign Correspondent programme, and painted an unflattering picture of the royal family, with particular reference to the extravagant habits of Thailand’s Crown Prince Vajiralongkorn. Thailand has had strict laws against lèse majesté since 1908, making it a criminal offence to damage the dignity and prestige of the Thai royal family by “expos[ing] the King to any sort of accusation or action”.

According to The Age, the ABC evacuated members of its bureau in Thailand before Campbell’s report was aired on ABC TV. It remains unclear to what extent the broadcaster’s operations in Thailand will be affected by the potential violation of the lèse majesté prohibition.

”It’s basically a story that can only be done by people who don’t live and work in Thailand,” Campbell said. ”The downside is unfortunately I can never go back to Thailand.”

It would not be the first time that an Australian has been involved in a controversy over a violation of Thailand’s lèse majesté laws. In January 2009, Harry Nicolaides, an Australian writer, was sentenced to three years in prison for a passage in one of his novels which portrayed a fictional prince in an unflattering light. Nicolaides was pardoned the following month.

Thailand’s orientation toward news outlets has been heavily scrutinised in the last two weeks, with concerns over the extent of the government’s media crackdown in the wake of anti-government protests.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

hey guys,TALKING & COMPLAINING HERE?!! EAT YOUR HEARTS OUT!!! seem like the whinning babies are people here, because u dare talk but what else thereafter? EMPTY VESSELS MAKE THE MOST NOISE!

Anonymous said...

Lee Kuan Yew should die faster man...i HATE him!

Anonymous said...

watch this everyone

Amanda said...

Hi there, Can you please answer something that has been bugging me? Can Singapore's sedition act be used on foreigners like yourself? I would think not, but just thought you might know more.

And if I am wrong and it can be used on ANYONE in the world, outside of singapore, whether or not they are citizens - what is your view of Singapore extraditing these foreigners to face charges on sedition? Can it be done? Would other countries comply?


Gopalan Nair said...


Anyone regardless of nationality can be arrested and tried in Singapore for any offense committed within Singapore, and if he departed Singapore after he committed the offense can be extradited.

However for extradition, it must be proven that the crime committed in Singapore is also a crime in the foreign country.

If Singapore was to try to extradite somone for sedition, they are probably not going to succeed because a foreign judge has very probably no respect for Singapore's laws such as this, which is well known as a tool to silence political dissent against the Lee Kuan Yew dictatorship.

Singapore laws have lost credibility.

Amanda said...

Thank you for answering!

BTW, why hasn't the Int Criminal Tribune @ The Hague stepped in if there really have been offences done by the PAP/LKY? I don't understand why those who claim he violated the laws can't stand as witnesses? Can you explain please, thanks!

Jessie said...

That's very interesting re:sedition act. What about if a foreign publication printed something bad/seditious about the government, but printed it on foreign soil, so it wasn't distributed or sold in Singapore. Does the sedition act extend to them too? These foreigners can be arrested and charged and (tried to be) extradited?

Anonymous said...

Sir I would like to propose that we convene an international common law court to bring Lee K Y to justice under the and have an iinternational citizen'swarrant of arrest issued for him for crimes against state and his people. All we need are 12 brave international citizens of the world. Even the pope and the English queen have received such warrants issued against them, why not Lee K.Y.? What do you say?