Monday, April 19, 2010

Lee Kuan Yew's biggest mistake; adopting the Communist Chinese model.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Observe the similarities of Singapore and Communist China, the product of Lee Kuan Yew's political engineering.

Communist Chinese judiciary always punishes dissidents. They openly abuse the law. So does Lee Kuan Yew's corrupt judges.

Communist China dishes out state controlled propaganda; there is no independent news. Lee Kuan Yew controls the entire press in the island.

Communist China controls all other media. So is the Singapore case.

Communist Chinese workers sympathetic to the Communist party are rewarded. Anyone else critical is punished. Same in Singapore. Davinder Singh, Lee Kuan Yew's defamation lawyer gets rich while Dr. Chee Soon Juan is sacked from his job.

Communist China controls their Internet. But Singapore cannot do it, as it affects trade and everyting else. Singapore will collapse in that eventuality. Singapore is unlike communist China.

Communist China has Mandarin, a language useless in the West. Unlike it, Singapore has English, a language useful in the West. This facilitates brain drain.

Communist China can punish any number of people unjustly with impunity. Chinese cannot leave the country without permission. Tiny Singapore cannot behave that way. There will be disaffection and resentment and people leave.

Communist China can withstand the loss of a million to emigration and still survive. They are huge. Even if a few thousand left Singapore, it will crumble. It is tiny.

Communist China would have shut this blog long ago, had I been a Chinese critic. Singapore cannot do that because it would be seen as a total dictatorship if it did. Appearances are important for Singapore, for Communist China they can handle it.

Communist China had no history of democracy. Tiny Singapore had it and demands it now.

That is why, as each day passes, Lee Kuan Yew digs himself deeper and deeper into his grave, both literally as he is 87 but also he digs Singapore itself into it's grave. There is too much ill will that it simply will not last, not him nor his island.

When he dies, it will be the end for Singapore.

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Anonymous said...

Not only LKY tries to imitate China he is getting more and more mainland Chinese to be citizens here like making Singapore a part of China. You know mainland chinese are more political than Singaporeans, they will finally control the Singapore government instead of being controlled.

Anonymous said...

Yup. That's Puny Singapore compared to the Mighty China in a nutshell. Very well said.


Sunny said...

Harry is worse than communist. Communist when they hate dissident they just shot you die.

But Harry will jailed you and let you die slowly.

Unknown said...

Hi fren.

As much as I don't like what the Lees are doing to Singapore, I think your writing starts to become more and more of anti Singapore, rather than being anti LKY and his cohort. Like it or not, many of us still gave friends and families in Singapore. I hope that Singapore will prosper. I will never wish it to degenerate just because I don't like LKY.

Unknown said...

Hi friend,

I don't like what LKY and his gang are doing to Singapore. But I will never wish bad things for the country no matter what. We have many friends and families over there. I find that your blog is not only against LKY, but becoming more and more anti-Singapore.


Wakeup! said...

Dear Gopalan,

I am an ex-Singaporean too. The point of difference with WAZ is that I do not see your writing as anti-Singapore, but rather, I interpret your writing as a warning to Singaporeans, who are still slumbering in their comfort zones.

Singaporeans are responsible for their own destiny. I am related to a high-post judge in Singapore through marriage. But I am ashamed to have such a relative.
My relatives laughed and joked about my 2nd class citizen status overseas and would delight at me crawling back to Singapore like a humble mouse.

Well, they cannot relate to the life I am living.
I will be happy to see Singapore suffer, and only because I believe that Singapore will re-emerged a better place. A place where pettiness give way to generousity, efficiency includes balance of work, family & leisure time. I hope for a more creative and "complete" Singapore where people have self-esteem, self-confidence and most of all happiness, living with dignity.

These are things which Singaporeans missed out in their current regime. A circuit breaker may be painful, but will at least give hope to future Singaporeana.

Anonymous said...


Singapore is Harry Lee and Harry Lee is Singapore.

Singaporeans are just the people who rent there . . .


Anonymous said...

I am sure Gopolan loves and care about Singapore deep in his heart, why else would he blog everyday about it and even went to prison.
He just does not bear seeing a lousy and inhumane system under a dictator and Singapore definitely deserves something more and better, just like Taiwan, South Korea, Japan etc.

Anonymous said...

Dear Gopalan,

I was reading your post and in particular, following part:

"Communist China would have shut this blog long ago, had I been a Chinese critic"

Not sure if you know or not. While on a biz trip to China recently, tried accessing your blog and it was blocked (from an international hotel's internet facility). I could make it to your site through US VPN though.


Anonymous said...

He just wanna be a president and get rich... Lol

Anonymous said...

I am a student here in Singapore. I'm Secondary 4 in Normal Academic Stream this year. You see, I don't like Lee Kuan Yew at all too but I wish the country would prosper in future. How many people are successful and how many are not in Singapore ya see? Not a lot, most of them went overseas to work because the works being occupied by 'foreign talents' and Chinese Immigrants. You know that we say the pledge every morning in schools right and say that to build a democratic country, why do we not have democracy in Singapore? Democracy is part of the freedom and our right itself. If you say the country's a democratic country, why do we NOT have our freedom of speech? Most that go and have their Freedom of Speech in Singapore were sent to jail most likely by undercover means. I understand some people are scared to go against the government and stuff but we have rights still. Why do other countries such as the USA and outside countries too accept long hair and stuff, why does Singapore take it so seriously!? Why!? Cause we want to look like gentlemen’s and it is the rules in Singapore? Well, we can still be gentlemen’s and look good in fashion sense! It does not mean having long hair means you’re a gangster or a short and unacceptable hair trend means you’re a gangster; well proper gentlemen’s too can have it! Why build the Casino when people in our country are in need of money? It's to obviously attract more foreigners into coming to Singapore. Why the US Press does receives so little money while the Press in Singapore receives more money and not just more but millions of dollars and the governments and prime ministers as well. You can't say the man in white is always right!!! In every country, there must be some right and wrong and there must be some advantages and disadvantages. IF YOU SAY YOU'RE ALWAYS RIGHT, YOU'RE JUST BEING A HYPOCRITE!!! Don't you ever dare say that there is no corruption in Singapore!!! You want to know what, there must be corruption in every country and that the government are hiding it by all means. Well, whatever it is I’ve said. We have rights and rights still to choose what’s better for the country!We can't let this happen and I agree with you as well!

Unknown said...

LKY once said in an interview with China TV saying that Singapore like a mansion and surrounded by squatters . It's humiliate country like Indonesia and Malaysia.
LKY please open your old damn eyes and seeing what's your squatters have develop now days?

Unknown said...

Singapore is a trading port. Trading ports proper. The speed of prosperity is quickened by directions from LKY in the period after chaos thanks to Japanese occupation. Whoever takes over suddenly, thanks to the atomic bomb drop that got the Japs out suddenly, had lots of followers focussed on recovery and rebuilding. The pace could have been different but no quicker than LKY's timely leadership. Speed alone was post-war industrial build-up. The speed leaves an impression that one man did it all. And that impression is similar to beliefs in deities and the heavens. And emperors in dynasties were made to believe they are saints and gods. Until the tide turns and people cannot hang on to what they saw was successful build-up. Then Mao Tze Dong in China had the same feeling - that he was god. And that was given by the people. Who needed a god. For a sense of security. The followers of too many people for economic gains and belief in a better life, fore-saking family values and family building is the cause of the impending crisis. Critics and supporters alike both keep focussing on the narrow view that everything comes down to the one who started. Because its more convenient to zoom in on one man. And that made him actually believe he is god. Singapore is a port. Trading is the survival. Immigration is the key to growth, whatever the management style. Look at other ports. Corruptions come and go, systems come and go. Speeches and thoughts come and go. The biggest factor in accelerating growth is technology. Particularly the engine and plastics. So Singapore will thrive. Because it is a trading port. Now its over-traded, too many ships, too much money changing hands. That Singapore has become so poor a nation that is left with just money. Which the government termed resources. Money is a an exchange medium. What use if it cannot buy babies, and land. And water from the rivers. It will still thrive as a port. All else is rhetoric. To claim credit, you have own all the issues whether good or undesirable. Concept of god is a luxury. Fools hang on to it. One man did not do it all. Only more convenient to believe it is so. By people lazy to stretch the mind. Including lazy leaders sounding intellectual. Lazy in doing the hard work of simp lying complexities so that the populace can comprehend and follow with a sense of security. Lazy due to over-reliance on meritocracy, alone.

Anonymous said...

Singapore has become just another unsustainable city , with a government who hope rich people will come and live , where democracy and freedom of speech are extremely limited .
Without food and water no city is sustainable , even less when it has no natural resources and has an excessive population .
As countries around develop there will be less and less cheap labour for countries like Singapore , and the population is not equipped to do all types of jobs .
The idea of allowing immigration to keep a young population is false as the worlds population is ageing.
With just one simple city to organise , there are too many government officials , civil servants and government linked companies , the whole place is inefficient .
Singapore's natural resource consumption is excessive and unnecessary , especially the resources consumed by the construction industry , and the energy used to treat water with osmosis units.
Also without a choice of political parties and ideas , democracy has been eroded and it will be difficult to establish a real democracy in the long term