Monday, April 5, 2010

Singapore. Reform Party's Kenneth Jeyaretnam, in bed with the PAP.

Update 04/06/10: I had earlier written "It may be too early to judge Mr. Jeyaretnam's intentions but if his collaborating with Dr. Chee Soon Juan is anything to go by, it is real damper on the hopes of Singaporeans. Certainly on mine".

This was a typo. It should have read, "It may be too early to judge Mr. Jeyaretnam's intentions but if his collaborating with Chiam See Tong is anything to go by, it is real damper on the hopes of Singaporeans. Certainly on mine".

A reader who wished to remain anonymous pointed that out. I have corrected it below. Thank you.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore's state controlled newspaper the Straits Times online edition of April 5, 2010 has the story "Joint opposition walkabout." It tells of Kenneth Jeyaretnam, the son of the late true freedom fighter for the people's rights JB Jeyaretnam, campaigning together with Chiam See Tong of the Singapore Democratic Alliance in their meeting residents in the run up to the impending parliamentary elections.

I fear, this news is a terrible let down. If Kenneth Jeyaretnam is going to be another Chaim See Tong, the diluted version of Singapore opposition politics, we might as well discount Kenneth Jeyartanm doing anything real for the cause of democracy.

Anyone knowing Singapore politics knows that Chiam See Tong of the Singapore Democratic Alliance and Low Thia Khiang are as good as PAP members, being opposition politicians in name only.

They do no real good for the cause of democracy. They have never demanded the PAP to respect the Constitution, never demanded the PAP to respect the people's right to any of the their fundamental rights, such as freedom of speech and expression or any other basic human rights which the PAP denies it's citizens.

They have never questioned the PAP MPS salaries, never questioned the PAP government's highest execution rate in the world, the state sanctioned beatings (which are called canings) and the lack of independence of the judiciary and state interference in Singapore's legal process.

Neither have they questioned the misuse of the police force to silence and intimidate the opposition or the lack of an independent press and the silencing of the press by state compliant judges.

In fact Low Thia Khiang and Chiam See Tong have been content all these decades in office as opposition members to merely skirt the main issues that really matter, which prevent democracy from ever taking root in Singapore and instead they discuss the size of parking lots or the number of immigrants or the cost of HDB flats.

But they conveniently blind themselves to the fact that all these questions are pointless if the people themselves are not allowed to question anything for fear of being to sent to jail for public speaking without a government permit, or being bankrupted through defamation actions for legitimate criticism.

What good are these questions about the cost of HDB flats when the fundamental rights of the people are denied where they are unable to speak freely for fear of defamation actions, unable to speak in public unless they have a permit which is denied, unable to assemble freely and unable to read independent news in Singapore for lack of a free press.

If Kenneth Jeyaretnam's purpose is to be another Chiam See Tong, he is not only letting himself down, he is badly letting down his legendary father, who would be turning in his grave had he known that all that his son can do is to be another Chiam See Tong.

I am sure many of us, certainly myself, had looked toward Kenneth Jeyaretnam as a beacon of hope to fight for the people's rights as a true defender of the people just as his father was, a shining example of an honest decent man who wanted to do the best for his people.

I am afraid if Kenneth Jeyaretnam intends to be another Chiam See Tong, then we can all assume that there is going to be another opposition member in Parliament in Singapore, in the likes of Chiam See Tong and Low Thia Khiang.

In fact I would not be surprised if the PAP themselves makes sure that Kenneth Jeyaretnam wins a seat as this will be a feather in the cap for Lee Kuan Yew to tell the world that the Singapore is indeed a multi party democracy and the opposition in Parliament has grown with another entrant, Kenneth Jeyaretnam.

I can tell you that it would have made no difference to the PAP if in fact you had 25of the sort like Chima See Tong, enabling the PAP to tell the world that they have finally become a two party state, while these opposition goons such as Low Thia Khiang and Chiam See Tong will debate parking lots and HDB prices while the PAP will continue jailing anyone who spoke publicly, sued into bankruptcy anyone who criticised them and prevented anyone engaging in peaceful assembly even though the Constitution specifically allows it.

And Mr. Kenneth Jeyaretnam will have a nice long career as an opposition politician, making his speeches in Parliament that the PAP will promptly ignore while he takes his salary every month and goes home to his family every day as a good Singaporeans do.

Lee Kuan Yew has a word for opposition politicians like them, "Constructive Responsible Opposition".

I remember Kenneth Jeyaretnam having spoken some stirring words when he first announced his entry into politics like "Don't be afraid of the PAP" and such like. Perhaps all that was nothing more than hot air.

It may be too early to judge Mr. Jeyaretnam's intentions but if his collaborating with Chiam See Tong is anything to go by, it is real damper on the hopes of Singaporeans. Certainly on mine.

If my fears are true, it is a sad day for freedom. And I say what a waste; the man appears to have a good eduction.

History appears to be repeating itself. Winston Randolf Churchill never came anything near the achievements of his illustrious father Winston Spencer Churchill and the Mahatma Gandhi never had any children of any consequence.

Greatness it seems is usually not passed on to the offspring.

I hope I am not proven true, but we could have another progeny of the great JB Jeyaretnam who turns out not to be of consequence to anyone.

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Anonymous said...


ParLEEment said...

Dear Gopalan,

It will indeed be a sad day for Singaporeans if LEE cap another feather trophy on his head by adding the other JBJ's son to the list of his puppets. (The first one is already a LEE puppet)

And perhaps Singaporeans will have what they want in parliament - a non-confrontational opposition version of Dr Chee, aka a LEE puppet.

The winner takes it all, when everyone in the parliament are all LEE men and women.

Have Singaporeans became so brainwashed under the LEE strongman that they will vote for acceptable opposition members like Chiam Jr (oops Kenneth) and his alliance.

But luckily, Singaporeans are not suffering as much because they are able to cross the Causeway to save money.

Perhaps the Singapore rot is more serious than I thought. I am thinking of Malaysia's irelevant MCA Party, where they just elected a questionable president.

Finally, is LEE dead? My champaign is getting warm.

Old Bird Party said...

"Singapore - Forever Young" - sound old and crony already.

See what the tired old folks controlling Singaporeans are saying in the media.

(To think that I used to buy what these people said - *Pui*)

Singapore's DNA to be a young city-state is the key that will enable the country to thrive.

Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean made this point as he addressed more than 250 undergraduates at a forum on Monday.

The forum was organised by the National University of Singapore (NUS) Student's Political Association.

It was an audience fit for the topic at hand - "Singapore - Forever Young".

After 45 years of independence, Singapore is still a considerably young nation.

Anonymous said...

Dear Gopalan thank you for telling the truth like it is.

You might be interested in reading this article 'Did Low Thia Khiang backstab his mentor JBJ?' --

Sunny said...

"If I cannot beat them, I joint them so what".

This is the attitude of Singapore oppositions. They have no balls to fight PAP.

Except S..

Anonymous said...

I read on his facebook that Kenneth Jeyaratnam thinks that there is no racism in Singapore and so minorities in the alternative parties don't have to worry that they will not get elected because of their race.

What do you think, Mr Gopalan Nair?

In my opinion, this man is not his father's son by a mile.

Anonymous said...

Did PAP invite Kenneth Jeyaratnam to start a subsidiary party called Reform Party?

Is it because PAP know somehow that it's brand ame among the voters of Singapore is tarnished, that it needs an acceptable "opposition" to remain in power?

If I am Lee Kuan Yew, I will be worried about emerging opposition political parties that are "PAP" enough to keep Singaporeans "relaxed" and confident about voting them but different enough not to be seen as PAP.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for the late JBJ. He is a warrior that is not matched by his two sons. At least not in the near future.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you would want to write a post about this recent ST article, Mr Nair.

I find it really funny how walking in a group is considered a crime.

Anonymous said...

People of Singapore, you lose, again.

Acquittals overturned

A HIGH Court judge on Thursday overturned a district judge's acquittal of five opposition figures for taking part in an illegal street procession in 2007.

Justice Choo Han Teck ordered District Judge John Ng, who acquitted the five leaders and supporters of the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) last October, to record the conviction.

In his October judgment, Judge Ng, referring to dictionary definitions of the word, argued that he did not consider what they had done a 'procession'.

He noted that the SDP five had walked mainly on pedestrian pathways, made ad hoc stops for toilet breaks, and walked 'casually', sometimes singly or in pairs.

But, the learned Justice Choo Han Teck disagreed.
'A group of five in whatever formation may not create the impression of a group 'in a compact body marching in close formation', but can nonetheless be a procession.'

Laughing stock of the world. Judge Ng used the Oxford dictionary.

Justice Choo used Chairman Mao's (oops, I meant Dear Leader, LKY's.)

Anonymous said...

People of Singapore, you lose, again.

Too right!

LKY and his effeminate son control all aspects of your life:

- Where you live
- What you speak
- How many children you can have
- Delay your CPF
- The courts
- The schools
- The Police
- Your thoughts
- ...

Anonymous said...

and your can believe whatever God you worship as long as you obey and fear Harry Lee and his familee more.

There's no free MIND in Singapore
There's no free SPIRIT in Singapore

There's only freeleedom in Singapore. Freedom Harry Lee style LOL

I'm gonna treat anybody the day this bastard or his pinky die


Anonymous said...

Is pinky gay?

One hears a lot of rumours that pinky Lee like grandpa Lee is gay.

Those who did NS with him considered him to be a sissy.

Who says Singapore has no imagination - what other country has a gay PM, who used to be a gay BG.

Inquiring minds want to know.

Anonymous said...

The Singaporeans have became so brainwashed by the PAP that they will only accept an Opposition that can continues PAP lies and run down Singapore bit by bit through shallow policies on the run. (There is not enough dissident voices to question policies in Parliament)

What a sad state of a 1st World wannabe.

The best solution to move from 3rd world to 1st World is to migrate, take out the CPF. Forgot LKY's formula.

Buy a $400k house in NZ,
buy 2 cars for $30k.
Save the remaining money in a term deposit learning 6%
Find work: earning $40k per year in NZ is not a problem if Singaporeans are willing to work.

And enjoy the joy of living for once.

Unknown said...

Dear Gopalan,

Thank you for this entry - it spoke volumes to be and I am in complete agreement with your views. I was thoroughly excited when news came out of Kenneth's running for the elections, but was a bit dampened by his comments that we shd not fear the PAP, that he wld win a seat without getting into any legal battles with the PAP, etc. Indeed, that is a strategic way of getting into Parliament, but in making such statements that he will presumably stay true to, he has already drawn lines for him to stay within, in his fight for democracy - in fact, at this stage, while he claims that that is what he is fighting for, there isn't much compelling evidence in his favour, save for his being JBJ's son.

I sincerely hope that Kenneth does in fact bring about a new era for Singaporean politics, in line with what his father had for so long and so passionately been fighting for.

Anonymous said...

@ Shalini. What complete BS! Why it is admirable to GET INTO legal tussles when one can achieve the same thing or more without doing so? JBJ, bless his soul, and Chee Soon Juan, have been tarred and mangled so badly by the PAP that regular Singaporeans are terrified of being associated with them, much less dare to vote for them.

KJ's strategy of staying within the law will win over more voters. Confrontational politics and big-mouthed speakers will get nowhere. It is the IDEAS that will get voters. And KJ has them.

This is the way forward, and it's not a cope out by KJ and his party! Mark my words, people in their teens and 20s will be attracted to RP's style of politics. If not this election, the next....

Bolly Dolly said...

Wow, everyone here writes so "much" under the veil of anonymity. As it stands, there is nothing of him saying that race does not have to worry

To Sunny, I have nothing much to say to you except that you obviously haven't been attending the opposition rallies or at least you could watch them on youtube, before sounding like a true ignoramus to the rest who do not need to commment.

As for "Anonymous said...

I read on his facebook that Kenneth Jeyaratnam thinks that there is no racism in Singapore and so minorities in the alternative parties don't have to worry that they will not get elected because of their race."

???? There is no such thing on his facebook so don't just make things up. I have been following his page since he started it.