Monday, May 31, 2010

An offer, one simply cannot accept.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am assuming here of course, that you are an educated discerning proud independent human being.

If so, as things stand, it should be impossible for you to remain in Singapore and do nothing.

You would either leave, as the vast majority are doing, or you would be agitating for human rights, as Dr. Chee Soon Juan and his handful other brave men and women are doing.

But if you merely remained in Singapore and did nothing, you are either an opportunist, which Lee's fascist government relies on to run the government, or you are a foreign opportunist who is there temporarily because the pay is good, or you are a coward or a dummy.

Just look at Lee Kuan Yew's terms under which you have to stay.

One, Lee Kuan Yew and his friends at the top pay themselves millions and a lot more dishonestly and yet you are not allowed to question any of it.

If you did, you will be sued and end up in jail.

Second, the entire media is owned and controlled by the government and therefore you know that at any moment of time, what you hear is propaganda, not news.

The island's media has earned the shameful honor of being 147th least free media in the world as judged by Reporters Without Borders.

Even Sudan has a freer press than Lee's Singapore.

Third, Singapore's judiciary is corrupt and beholden to the government, as shown by the series of court cases against JB Jeyaretnam, Tang Liang Hong and Dr. Chee Soon Juan and myself.

The International Bar Association in it's scathing 72 page report recently condemns it as simply corrupt and equates Singapore's judges to those of North Korea and Burma.

I can of course go on, but you know it yourself.

This is simply not an administration or a country that anyone in the know, can respect.

Yet, Lee Kuan Yew and his friends come out and tell us in his propaganda sheets, the state controlled press, that he wants Singaporeans to stay and serve the country; which prompts the question, why?

Why should they be staying and working in Singapore and paying taxes so Lee Kuan Yew, his son and his cronies can continue to siphon off millions from the state coffers as they do now?

That is why frankly, if you look around, you do not have any real talent in Singapore, no musicians, no great lawyers, no scientists, no athletes, no entertainers, actors, artists, simply nothing.

Anyone with any capability for greatness has gone and left the island or is presently in the process of leaving.

Consider the legal profession in Singapore.

It is telling by itself that only 3,000 lawyers or perhaps even less practice law there even though the country has as many as 5 million people.

As a result of the bad reputation of the administration of justice, it has been simply impossible for the government to attract good students to the study of law.

The result being that today, only very weak incompetent students, who have failed to enter any other faculty end up studying law.

With such students, you can imagine how low the quality of lawyers are in the island.

The reason simply is that no one really wants to be part of a profession such as this, no one that is with any self respect, when from the Chief Justice to every other judge is simply corrupt and shamelessly serve the government, not the law.

Recently, due to the intolerable lack of lawyers, Lee's handpicked Law Minister, in desperation, had introduced legislation to lower the training standards even further for lawyers so as to increase their number.

Even so, this has done nothing to alleviate the lawyer shortage, and the numbers continue falling in a tail spin.

At the end, what you have is this.

A mediocre society, silently living in fear of Lee Kuan Yew in the island.

And who are these people?

First you have the illiterate, unskilled or the old and infirm.

These people are not aware of their rights and they never will.

Examples of these are the ubiquitous Chinese noodle soup purveyors, for a penny a bowl, in their ubiquitous kiosks throughout the island.

They don't speak any English and have never heard of Australia and never will.

They have no great skills to better the island or themselves, and will continue in the island regardless of whether they survive or not, simply because there is nowhere for them to go, and in any case, they don't see anything wrong in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore.

You can say for them, ignorance is bliss.

Second, you have the opportunists.

The government scholars who are sent abroad and return to Singapore to serve Lee Kuan Yew and his government as slaves, albeit, very well paid slaves.

You can consider them as high class prostitutes, for money they will serve anyone, even if he happens to be a dictator.

They know the government is corrupt and is all wrong but since the money is good, they willingly do Lee's dirty work.

For sufficient money, they would even polish the boots of the Emir of Abu Dhabi.

Third, you have the cowards.

These are the ones who are aware of the wrongs in the place but yet remain because they are either afraid to confront the government or afraid to venture abroad.

They stay behind their entire lives complaining but yet do nothing.

They will eventually die as quiet timid souls in Singapore afraid to have done anything consequential.

If asked, throwing up their arms in despair, they say change is impossible in Lee's Singapore.

So they do nothing.

Lastly you have the temporary foreign imports.

They come from Australia and elsewhere for a few years which they consider an Asian experience.

They would have gone to Africa if they were given a better opportunity, and considered it an African experience.

They have no respect for Singapore which they already know to be another Burma of the region.

They are not going to be consequential for Singapore one way or another.

And when they go home after a few years, they expose Singapore as nothing more than a tin pot dictatorship, thus further ruining the image of the country overseas, thanks to them.

Lee Kuan Yew by the foregoing has single handedly managed to successfully destroy the prospects of Singapore.

And as long as I continue to write these pages and so are the multitude of other blogs telling you what should be told, day by day, the nonsense put out in the state media of Singapore gets progressively discredited and debunked.

And with that, it becomes increasingly difficult for this fascist administration to continue keeping the truth away from the people.

As I see it, the greatest problem that Lee faces by the revelation of the real truth of Singapore in the Internet, is the problem of emigration.

Today several hundreds of thousands of Singaporeans have successfully managed to permanently leave for numerous western democracies.

For a small city state like Singapore, this has already become a crippling number.

There, they have not only succeeded but have also realised that life is much more rewarding not only financially but in every other way than in Singapore.

This itself becomes a magnet, for they persuade their siblings and parents to join them, they in turn bring their friends and thus a chain of emigres suddenly turns into an unstoppable flood out of tiny Singapore.

And what is worse, these are the cream of Singapore society, the most highly educated and skilled, the very ones Singapore is least able to lose.

With all this bad news, in the midst of million dollar ministers, is anyone surprised that Singapore does not produce any sportsmen, scientists, climbers, sailors, airmen or anyone of any consequence.

I guess, they have all left for western countries.

And I say, very good for them.

Gopalan Nair
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The despondent Singaporean.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

If you live in Singapore you will not notice it like I do, living abroad. Singaporeans are by nature a despondent helpless sort of people. There is hardly any life, adventure or daring about them.

I just called my friend a minute ago in Singapore. How is life there I asked. His answer was gloomy. He says there is no social security, man eat man and dog eat dog, government does not care, business is down, he has heart problems, he is estranged from his children, his former wife has been bad to him, he is 57 years old, he is depressed.

I tried to turn him around the negative thoughts without any success. It is not only him. The general feeling is what to do. We are under the grips of Lee Kuan Yew. You don't stand a chance against Lee. He will finish you off. And what is worse, I am tired.

You don't see anyone saying "I am going to take him on", or "I will fight him". You don't see anyone saying he has a big business idea, a plan to circumvent the world in a hot air balloon, or to walk backwards from Singapore to Kota Bahru backwards.

Nothing. No ambition, no aspirations, no imagination, no nothing. Just waiting for Lee Kuan Yew's next orders. Which brings me to a joke I heard once about Singaporeans. It goes like this. They wanted to understand human behaviour of different peoples.

" They put 2 Americans and a woman on a lonely island. After one month they went to check. One American killed the other and ravished the woman"

"They put 2 Englishmen and a woman in a lonely island. After one month they went to check. Both the Englishmen killed the woman and sodomised each other".

"They put 2 Singaporeans and a blonde in the lonely island. After one month they went to check. Nothing happened. When asked why they did not do anything, both Singaporeans answered that they were waiting for further instructions!".

Gopalan Nair
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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Singapore. Champions coming home? Whose home?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore state owned and controlled newspaper's online edition of My 31, 2010 has the story "Champions coming home". It is the story of 2 ping pong players (Singapore calls them strangely "paddlers") who had represented Singapore in the Moscow games and won medals.

The story's heading "Champions coming home" would make one ask, whose home. You see, both these sportswomen are not Singaporeans in the true sense at all. They were until recently top sportswomen in China when they were induced to come to Singapore, given instant citizenship, in return for several millions of dollars, donned Singapore's colors and represented Singapore.

I suppose if the money was right, they would have represented Mali, Sub Saharan Africa except that it would be rather unusual for Mongoloid yellow skinned Chinese women representing a Negroid African country, not to mention that Mali probably does not have the several millions that tiny Singapore has.

On the whole there is something distasteful about it all. On the one hand, it is shameful for a country such as Singapore which has no sportsmen at all to be pretending to have suddenly sprouted world class sportsmen. I suppose, if you have to live in fear of Lee Kuan Yew as Singaporeans do, it is hard to run fast, jump high or throw far enough. Second, it is even more distasteful as the dishonesty becomes even more clearer; since in choosing Chinese women from China, it is plainly an attempt to hoodwink the observer, since one could mistake them for Singaporeans. You see they don't buy African runners to represent Singapore to run the mile.

In fact there is not even the remotest connection between a Chinese woman from mainland China to any Singaporean; it is as if comparing a Hottentot with an Ang Mo Kio, a district in Singapore's resident.

Come on guys. You are not fooling anyone. By this you are only reinforcing the fact that Singapore can never produce sportsmen, writers, thinkers, innovators, actors, entertainers, simply nothing. All they can do is to constantly look over the shoulder to see if Lee Kuan Yew is watching and if he is, to wet their pants.

Gopalan Nair
39737 Paseo Padre Parkway, Suite A1
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Singapore. Another 200 "yes sir" lawyers admitted to the Bar

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Anyone who had taken some trouble to investigate Singapore would have known it's rather unusual situation. On the one hand, the Singapore constitution gives various rights as one would expect in any other part of the world, such as freedom of assembly or speech. Yet anyone, including the prime example of Singaporean dissident Dr. Chee Soon Juan is repeatedly sent to jail just because he exercised these rights. And what is worse, not even one lawyer in it's minuscule law procession of 3,000 members, in a country of 5 million, feels it necessary to challenge the government on it!

Singapore's state owned and controlled newspaper the Straits times on line edition of May 30, 2010 has the story "Shun arrogance, CJ". It claims that more than 200 new lawyers have been admitted to the Singapore Bar. First of all we do not know if this story is in fact true, as just as in other state controlled newspapers of dictatorships around the world, very often these stories are mere propaganda. But even if it was true, first it shows that the profession is in fact shrinking, not increasing.

Even if a miserable 200 were admitted, many of the presently practicing lawyers are either resigning or dying because in the former case they are disgusted with the lack of the rule of law in Lee's Singapore and in the latter, most of the lawyers in Singapore's diminishing legal profession are very old, with very few new entrants.

As the Singapore state legal service, a large prosecuting arm of the Lee Kuan Yew government, is ever necessary to destroy the political opposition in the island, it is constantly necessary to recruit more and more disgusting men and women lawyers, with no scruples whatsoever to do his dirty work.

Out of the 200 who have been admitted, very probably the majority if not all would be seconded to this dirty business, which one could call Lee's enforcers. Together with Lee Kuan Yew's police force, these disgraceful lawyers would be required for the dirty work of destroying the political opposition, for money, very large sums of money. This is done through false trumped up charges and misusing the law.

If there are any lawyers left from this shameful group, they would end of in the Lee Kuan Yew affiliated law firms such as Drew and Napier and Allen and Gledhill. In return for not questioning Lee's abuse of the law and authority and becoming card carrying members of his political party, these faithful dogs would be paid very well on government contracts and bribes.

Among the 200 of these lawyers, if anyone really intended to get into the law in Singapore and really defend the rights of their clients, he is either naive or insane. First of all, he is not going to get any work, and if he did, he would probably be struck off the Bar in no time for failing to tow Lee's line.

According to this government story in this state controlled press, Chief Justice Chan Sek Keong, a card carrying member of Lee Kuan Yew's government, ever willing to say anything that Lee wants to hear at any moment of time, says lawyers should never stop learning. I thought, and I am sure you did too, that that was plain common sense and there was no need to mention it. After all it applies to everyone. Doctors should not stop learning, so with engineers, so with air conditioning technicians. An innane statement like that coming from the Chief Justice in the island tells you the extent of his competence.

And this nonsense appears to have been repeated by his side kick, another card carrying member of the Peoples Action Party, Wong Meng Meng, the Vice President of the Singaporean Law Society.

And this man has gone on to say that Singapore lawyers are the elite profession in the island, because they are paid well. Sure, if you are a boot licking Singaporean Lee's yes sir man, sure you are earning well.

But all this is simply unreal. The fact is, thank God, the vast majority of Singaporeans still have some principles about them. That is why the Singapore legal profession, no matter what they do, just finds it impossible to attract new entrants. And mind you, the reason is not because it is not well paid. Just as a good looking prostitute who can earn millions in no time, lawyers who work at Lee Kuan Yew's bidding to abuse the Constitution and silence the political opposition also do well financially. But what sort of men and women are these, disgusting creatures, anyway.

We should together tell this Lee sidekick Wong Meng Meng that most self respecting Singaporeans simply refuse to stoop so low for money like he would do; they simply refuse to become lawyers in Lee Kuan Yew's card carrying bunch of lawyers.

And that is why the Singapore Law Society refuses to tell the public exactly how many lawyers there are at any moment of time, simply because the Singapore legal profession is shrinking and will continue to shrink.

You may get 200 or so pathetic dogs willing to wag their tails for money, in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore but I can assure you that this number is not enough and with time, and with my blog and Dr. Chee Soon Juan's blog, we are managing to keep away the vast number of good people from ever going anywhere near a disgraced legal profession such as yours.

And you would have guessed that in this situation, where the legal profession in Singapore stands disgraced, the quality of students entering the profession weakens. Today in Singapore only those who are unable to get into any other faculty in Singapore chose to study law, as opposed to the brightest and most able in other countries who become lawyers.

In other countries you need a passion for the law to become a lawyer. In Singapore what you need is a complete lack of a conscience and any self respect.

Gopalan Nair
39737 Paseo Padre Parkway, Suite A1
Fremont, CA 94538, USA
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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Singapore. Is this Lee Kuan Yew's great international city state?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Sometimes I wonder, is this what Lee Kuan Yew and his Prime Minister son of Singapore claim as an international world class city?

Just look a it.

You have a judiciary which is publicly known to routinely misuse the law to persecute political opposition.

You have a civil service that requires you to deny services to the political opposition by targeting them for victimization in such manner as denying promotions, dismissal from the service, denying their children any privileges.

An entire public which is afraid to express political opposition openly for fear of reprisals from Lee Kuan Yew and his son.

A media completely controlled and fully owned by the government.

A one party state where the entire Parliament is controlled by Lee Kuan Yew, all 84 members.

A country where Malays and Indians, native born citizens, are racially discriminated in housing, jobs, education and language.

A society which is denied to discuss anything about race because of the fear of indefinite detention without trial.

A country where the Prime Minister and his father, Lee Kuan Yew pay themselves millions in salary and steal even more secretly under the table.

A Prime Minister the son of Lee Kuan Yew who is mocked and ridiculed by laughter and sneers by Charlie Rose, the American Talk show host on his suing numerous people for criticizing himself or his father. He is made to look like a fool.

A country which jails a blogger (Gopalan Nair) for criticizing a Singapore judge.

A country which sends 3 men to jail for wearing T Shirts with pictures of kangaroos in judicial robes. (The Kangaroo T shirt case, with Kangaroo judge Judith Prakash)

A country that has no babies being born.

A country where almost every capable young man escapes for permanent residence overseas.

A country which beats their citizens as a form of punishment.

A country that hangs teenage petty drug offenders.

A country that requires a permit to speak in public. If not go to jail

A country that requires a permit to walk in groups. If not go to jail

This is not a respectable country. It is a stupid country. With a silly people that tolerate it.

Where the rest of the world have a good laugh when you mention Singapore.

And now the rot has taken root.

Singaporeans already abroad, realising what life is like there, are persuading those left behind to join them, causing an ever increasing brain drain as each day passes.

The Internet is causing ever more damage to the credibility of this government.

As Lee tries to solve the problem by bringing in new immigrants, this only further damages their reputation, as returning foreigners, finding out the truth of the abuses in the island, publicize it to their own people. Thus it further damages Singapore's already broken image abroad.

Is this Lee Kuan Yew's bustling international city state, like London or New York? Is it? Who are you trying to kid?

Gopalan Nair
39737 Paseo Padre Parkway, Suite A1
Fremont, CA 94538, USA
Tel: 510 657 6107
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Monday, May 24, 2010

Singapore. Scraping the barrel for good people.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Success in Singapore strangely usually requires a person to possess what we would generally consider inferior human qualities; a lack of courage and honor. Weak minded unscrupulous individuals are particularly suited in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore. Here are examples of Singapore's unusual men and women role models.

Leslie Fong was the editor of Singapore's state owned and controlled newspaper for decades and he was recently moved to Singapore Press Holdings as it's marketing manager.

Fong studied at Raffles Institution where he joined the Straits Times in 1969 after completing the Higher School certificate.

His entire career as Straits Times editor was nothing more or less than turning it into Lee Kuan Yew's and his government's effective mouthpiece. Over 3 decades his job was to praise the PAP and Lee Kuan Yew, and put out complete propaganda, print false reports of the PAP's successes while discrediting and defaming the opposition. While at it he forgot completely his duty for professionalism, impartiality in reporting and sold himself and his soul lock stock and barrel to Lee Kuan Yew.

If he believed in Lee Kuan Yew style fascism, he should honestly have become a politician and promoted his beliefs in it. But instead, just as so many other "leaders" of Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore, he chooses instead to debase his profession under false pretences, to further his master's goals.

In return Lee Kuan Yew takes good care of him, a lifetime steady job and salary, he had no worries whatsoever, he leads a quiet comfortable life, in return for abusing his profession and his conscience for money. Today he still carries on the servile boot licking in his position as Marketing Manager of the Singapore Press Holdings.

I am not sure how comfortable it is for him when he looks himself in the mirror or does he feel no shame at all, I do not know. But in Singapore, he is held out as a success story. Someone, according to Lee Kuan Yew, that Singapore parents should urge their children to emulate.

Let's look at another Singapore success story, the Singapore Judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean. She is highly praised and rewarded by Lee Kuan Yew as one of his best judges. In any other country such a woman would not even be allowed to practice.

In Singapore's bizarre philosophy, it does not matter how unethical and dishonest she is; what matters is how much she has done to keep Lee Kuan Yew in power.

Her shameful record as a judge includes repeatedly bankrupting Dr. Chee Soon Juan and ordering him to pay several hundred thousand dollars and sending him to jail all because he criticised Lee Kuan Yew.

She has earned the notoriety of giving Lee Kuan Yew's defamation case to her master even without any trial at all; Dr. Chee Soon Juan being denied a court hearing, disallowed to call any witnesses and deciding the case in her private Chambers in private consultation with Lee Kuan Yew's lawyer Davinder Singh. Yet this is the sort of woman held out as a Singaporean role model, which mothers should urge their daughters to follow.

Then you have the rest of society, the lawyers, the civil servants and the policemen, who definitely know that it is all wrong, but simply go along either because they have no choice or because they are afraid to question authority.

Today people of Singapore with the benefit of the Internet have easy access to the truth. They are made fully aware that these disgraceful men and women, these Fongs and Belinda Ang Saw Eans are a disgraceful lot and worthy of scorn, not respect.

That is why in Singapore today you do not see anything new happening. Everyone, except for a few handful of men and women like Dr. Chee Soon Juan are all dull and unexciting. Singapore does not have entertainers, no sportsmen, no philosophers, no political dissidents, no mountaineers, no inventions, simply nothing. Of course there are no troublemakers. There was one, but he left for Fremont California, USA.

But that is not to say that Singapore does not produce interesting capable thinking men and women, of course it does.

The problem is, none of such desirable men and women, who by the way are simply ordinary human beings who you would find in any other society in the world, want to remain in Singapore. They have all left the island.

The best and brightest of Singaporeans are not in Lee Kuan Yew's fear ridden boring Singapore, they are in Sydney, in Melbourne, in London, in Frankfurt, in Paris, in Madrid, in Barcelona, in Tel Aviv, in Helsinki, in Stockholm and of course also in Fremont, California, USA.

And while the best continue to leave, Lee Kuan Yew and his million dollar ministers struggle to keep the puppet show going, they keep up the facade of success using their state controlled newspapers to hash out the daily dose of propaganda.

They are scraping the barrel for good people. While the Internet, their unrelenting enemy never fails with the truth.

Gopalan Nair
39737 Paseo Padre Parkway, Suite A1
Fremont, CA 94538, USA
Tel: 510 657 6107
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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Singapore, the myth and reality

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Several reports paint one picture of the city state; that it is the most competitive, that it has high GDP, that living standards are high. On the other hand, we also hear the island does not produce sufficient babies and if left alone, it's population will decline, that the majority of young people want to leave the country permanently, that emigration from the island with a population small as it is and shrinking is mounting with as much as a 1000 people every year leaving.

We also hear that the legal profession there has less than 3,000 members, a number totally inadequate with the country's population at 5 million. There is 2 people every day taking their own lives and homelessness is on the rise.

Unless I am not seeing something, these figures appear at cross purposes. It simply cannot be.

The truth I think is more like this. If there is business being done, it is not Singaporean, it is foreign. With unlimited free access to foreign companies and foreign workers, because of low taxation, good infra structure and facilities, companies from all over the world relocate their business to Singapore and do business there. If people are running the companies, it is not Singaporeans but foreigners. And if there is some success, it is the foreigners that make it happen.

Had I been an engineer and not a lawyer serving the Northern California community with a practice since the last 13 years, I too would not have minded going to Singapore for a few years if the pay was good. Just like I would not have minded a few years in Angola, Antigua or Afghanistan. After all when I am done, I can go home to where I live and call home. And this is how the foreigners working in Singapore think. While in Singapore temporarily, they of course contribute to the business statistics of the island, but they are there only for the moment, not permanently. And they can never be expected to perform the way a Singaporean would have done, if there were any.

As for Singaporeans in Singapore, they have no success in anything. By far they do the low paying jobs, live hand to mouth and they don't see any of the real or imaginary successes that the Singapore state controlled press churn out everyday.

The average Singaporean is poorly educated, unable to understand anything about human rights, unable to realize that he is being taken for a ride by Lee Kuan Yew and company and blissfully continue their daily lives blindly accepting any amount of arrogance lies and deceit thrown at them by their masters.

There are of course a few who know the truth but none of them stay in Singapore. At the first opportunity they are catching the first flight out.

The truth unfortunately is this. The numbers of young army deserters are mounting, there are insufficient entrants to every single occupation and profession, the civil service has insufficient entrants with the quality of their applicants continuing to fall, and so with every other government and civil sector.

Take this example. Hakikat Rai son of Harmurat Rai was a Straits Times sports reporter. He is 63 years old. A recent check on his whereabouts revealed he is still working as a sports reporter with Singapore state controlled newspapers, this time with Media Corp. A look at the poor quality of writing in Singapore's papers explains why. Singapore simply cannot find enough people to join the paper which forces them to re-employ men who should have retired a long time ago. Similarly only a few months ago did we read that as many as 500 or so retired civil servants, in their 60s, 70s and even 80s were asked to continue working for the service.

Singaporean young people are simply not coming forward, or they don't have the qualifications or they are simply non existent, forcing Lee Kuan Yew to beg tottering old men and women with a foot in the grave to please continue working. This doesn't say much for Singapore's success.

SS Nair, also in his 60s, works in Singapore's UOB Bank in Battery Road as a Security Manager, one of the few Indians in a sea of Chinese faces there, on a yearly renewal contract at the pleasure of the Bank. In any other country, he would be doing something else at his age, such as having fun in the beach, but not in Singapore for 2 reasons. First, he has to continue working because in the Singapore of today, with no public support or pensions whatsoever, it is impossible for him to retire. Second, with the population declining and the real repression of the rulers now public knowledge, no one wants to work in Singapore preferring to emigrate instead to Australia, the only ones remaining being those half witted characters who have no idea what is happening to them, or those simply incapable of leaving.

The Army barracks I heard are half empty, with insufficient babies being born.

True, you would have the island trudging along for a bit with the help of foreigners, but real progress, I doubt very much. As I see it the rot consequent upon the powers at the top denying human rights, the corruption and nepotism, the lack of transparency at all levels, the neglect of the Singapore Malays and Tamils is beginning to eat into the very foundations of society.

With an ignorant population unable to understand what is happening to them, and an imported temporary workforce at all levels, Singapore is not going to go very far, even if some report claims that it is competitive. This simply cannot last.

Gopalan Nair
39737 Paseo Padre Parkway, Suite A1
Fremont, CA 94538, USA
Tel: 510 657 6107
Fax: 510 657 6914

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Singapore's lip service to education

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Mao Tze Tung the Chinese dictator killed and imprisoned millions of educated Chinese. And so did Pol Pot who systematically murdered anyone with an education. The reasoning of course is very simple. An educated people are a threat to dictators, simply because they think and education is empowering.

And so it is with Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore. There the idea is to educate the population just enough to do the daily work for survival, but not enough to question authority.

Not to say that there are no highly educated people in the island, of course there are. But these are specifically selected for subservience and obedience to Lee Kuan Yew's authority, and sufficiently bribed with literally millions of dollars; Singapore's government scholars, selected for their greed and lack of honor or conscience. These few are educated but they are in fact unworthy of any education, being opportunists ever willing to say 2 and 2 is any number Lee Kuan Yew chooses.

In this group you find Lee Kuan Yew's Minister for Law, K Shanmugam, and every other million dollar millionaires who protect and preserve their master Lee Kuan Yew and themselves in the process.

It is men such as these, this handpicked Minister for Law who argues that even a peaceful protest is unlawful in the island becasue it will inevitably result in riots and mayhem; another way of saying that we don't want anyone to criticize what we do.

Some do manage to get an education by themselves without any help from Lee but without servile obedience to him they cannot get anywhere.

Men such as Dr. Chee Soon Juan fall within this group.

All he has to hope in Singapore is hardship poverty and exclusion from everything, because Dr. Chee simply refuses to dance to his tune. Fortunately that is only for the moment because this tyranny which is completely illogical and unworkable is simply not going to last.

Dr. Chee Soon Juan has far too many friends both within Singapore and especially without, who are continually exposing this untenable administration which will sooner than later simply collapse.

As for the vast remaining population, it is not possible to get any real education. Yes, they can be technicians and mechanics but without being selected into the Lee Kuan Yew's inner circle of bootlickers, they will not get any tertiary education.

And once they missed that when young, unlike other developed countries in the West, there are no facilities for adult education. These young men and women, the vast majority of them would be the partially educated, just enough to do the work Lee Kuan Yew demands, without any noise.

In Germany the average citizen has limitless education possibilities, with almost everyone with at least a Bachelors degree, many with several Bachelors degrees, Masters degrees and Doctorates. So it is in Spain, France, Belgium and Greece. And that is why Lee Kuan Yew would not get very far in any of these countries because of the quality of their citizens.

In Singapore you have a cowardly people who live in fear. That is because they are in reality uneducated.

Such a population with a few making decisions on behalf of a dictator and the rest towing the line through ignorance is not a circumstance that can propel it to greatness.

In the end all this talk by Lee Kuan Yew's son about making it another London or Paris is simply a wastage of Singapore's state controlled newspaper's newsprint. It simply cannot be done.

And with the few educated people packing up to leave, partly because of my writing this blog, I am sorry to say to him that it is simply, as the China man once said "No can do".

Singapore's educated, small as the number is, continues to decline with mounting emigration, and to arrest the damage, Lee Kuan Yew and his son bring in massive numbers of foreigners. They too are similarly opportunists who will catch the first boat out when they have got what they want, and perhaps work in Burma, a country not very dissimilar to Singapore for a few years before returning home for good.

And while they do it, Gopalan Nair's blog goes on unabated. Lee Kuan Yew it seems to me, is at the receiving end of the political stick.

Gopalan Nair
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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Singapore Law Society vs Gopalan Nair. Law Society now completely ignores Gopalan Nair

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Under Singapore's unique version of "rule of law" where a citizen, Dr. Chee Soon Juan is repeatedly jailed for merely speaking in public, the ongoing legal proceedings against me, Gopalan Nair, for criticizing a Singaporean judge has taken a more familiar vein.

Whereas in the past, they had at least attempted to ask me if hearing dates in Singapore were suitable for me, now that practice too has been discontinued. With private consultation between the lawyer for the Law Society of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew's Disciplinary Tribunal now has just sent out notices to me of trial dates, regardless of whether I am available or not!

Of course in reality it makes no difference since it would not be possible for my attendance in Singapore without a guarantee that I will not be re-arrested again for my articles in this blog and for violating the order of judge Leslie Chew not to criticize Singapore again, still, it gave some semblance of propriety for the Singaporean authorities at least to first ask me whether trial dates were suitable, before fixing them.

Originally the hearing dates for my trial in Singapore were from May 17, 2010 to May 21, 2010. In conjunction with the Singaporean lawyer for the Law Society while totally ignoring me, those dates were changed to 23 to 27 August 2010.

On May 13, 2010, via Email, a copy of which has been sent to me, the Singapore Law Society lawyer Peter Cuthbert Low (an ethnic Singaporean Chinese, not a European) writes to the Singapore Law Society in the following terms

"I respectfully request that the hearing between 23 and 27 August 2010 be re-scheduled. I am already fixed for a High Court trial between 16 and 25 August 2010. By the way I am also scheduled for Sub Court trial from 30 August to 13 September. I request trial dates anytime after end of September" (text abridged by me)

In agreement with the request from this lawyer, the Singapore Tribunal dutifully changes the dates of the hearing as per Email from the Singaporean Tribunal of May 14, 2010 to me

"The Disciplinary Tribunal hearing fixed to be heard from 20 to 24 September 2010 at 10am in Court 2A. The hearing dates from 23 to 27 august 2010 are vacated"

Not a word on any of this was ever asked of me, Gopalan Nair. Remember I am the Defendant in these proceedings and what they are trying to do is to take take away my licence to practice law in Singapore, certainly not a matter to be taken lightly!

A reader from around the world may want to ask these Singaporean Tribunal chiefs who are in charge of this farce as to what in Heavens are they doing?

The members of the Singapore Disciplinary Tribunal, that is the judges, who are now making these completely one sided biased decisions, and who will preside over the trial are

1. Mr. Toh Kian Sing, Senior Counsel, a Singaporean title which rewards lawyers who do not question the human rights excesses in Lee Kuan Yew's island and at times, whenever called upon, abuse the law to eliminate his master's (Lee Kuan Yew's) political opponents.

Mr. Toh does this because in fascist states like Singapore, blindly complying with the master's wishes has it's rewards, which in this case means even more government contracts and cushy monetary rewards. In other words he sells his conscience for profit. Or to put it another way, I do your dirty work and you bribe me handsomely.

He works in Singapore for a firm Rajah and Tann LLP. His Singapore telephone number is (65) 62320614. His Email is : Please write to him reminding him that he has a duty to be impartial.

2. Mr. Tan Jee Ming. he works in the firm Straits Law. His telephone number is Singapore (65)65141203. His Email is All the distasteful aspects of Toh Kian Sing above, applies equally if not in more nauseating extent in his case. Please ask him what is he doing.

I am Emailing this to him and the following usual characters in the dirty business:
Angela Chopard of the Singapore Disciplinary Tribunal:
Yogeswari daughter of N Vadivellu, Chopard's side kick in the Tribunal:
Peter Cuthbert Low, the ethnic Chinese lawyer for Singapore Law Society:

These pages are being read not only by young people in Singapore but also the minuscule legal profession of 3,000 in the island.

It's effect, I believe, would be to dissuade young people to further shun the island's legal profession which is already known as the principle tool of Lee Kuan Yew to silence criticism and prolong his rule through fear and repression.

I expect with these reports to see that profession, already totally inadequate for it's size to shrink even further, which will force this Fascist administration to turn to foreign lawyers to make up for the languishing numbers.

These pages are also now, being read by foreign governments throughout the world as well as universities and colleges who are interested in the political repression and abuse of law in the one party state of Singapore.

Gopalan Nair
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Singapore Law Society vs Gopalan Nair. Nair wins, Singapore Law Society loses.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Over this long drawn out battle between Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore and Gopalan Nair, which started on that fateful day May 26, 2008, the day I set foot in Singapore up till now, the battle is still raging as strongly as ever, with Gopalan Nair in Fremont, California. Gopalan Nair has decisively won and Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore has lost. There can be no doubt about it.

This is a battle of justice against injustice. Free speech against repression and bullying. A man's right to be free instead of being in fear. This is a battle which Singapore's dictator Lee Kuan Yew cannot possibly win.

Lets look at the history of events.

1. After I write the blog criticizing Singapore's Belinda Ang Saw Ean for shamelessly abusing the law to please Lee Kuan Yew and Son and punishing Dr. Chee Soon Juan, I am arrested on May 31, 2008 and spend 8 days in solitary confinement, tortured by Lee Kuan Yew's police through interrogations and humiliation day and night 24 hours non stop, yet they fail to make me confess to crimes I did not commit. Gopalan Nair wins, Lee Kuan Yew loses.

2. Then after 8 days they bring me to court hoping that I will plead guilty and they can pack me off to America once and for all, but no, I plead not guilty, forcing them to keep me back in Singapore for 4 months in preparation for trial in the High Court. In the meantime publicity both in Singapore and abroad continues to mount and my case of arresting a blogger becomes a cause celebre, thus discrediting Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore and exposing them once more as a country that denies human rights and free speech. Gopalan Nair wins and Lee Kuan Yew loses.

3. While I am out on bail in Singapore, I continue to blog writing about my case, with more and more Singaporeans being interested in the treatment I get at the hands of this regime in Singapore. Lee Kuan Yew loses and Gopalan Nair wins.

4. On 4th of July 2008 while walking along a street near Little India, I am accosted by plain clothes policemen and falsely accused of disorderly behaviour and other nonsense. The testimony of the police is bizarre. They claim I knocked repeatedly on their police car, while they were in it, yet they could not say who did it. They stop me several hundred feet away form their car, then accuse me of of disorderly behaviour. They claim at least 25 bystanders saw my disorderly behaviour, yet the police were unable to get even one person to testify. Only a series of police officers testified parroting what the earlier officer had just said in a well rehearsed fashion, before a judge who is Lee Kuan Yew's puppet. I drag the case on for 18 days. In the end predictably I am convicted. But the spectacle of this trial is daily reported in the press. A small time charge becomes the daily topic of discussion among Singaporeans. Wherever I walk in Singapore, people approach me and greet me. Overnight I become a hero, and Lee Kuan Yew is seen as the bully punishing a victim who simply refuses to give up. Gopalan Nair wins and Lee Kuan Yew loses.

5. During this trial I force every single police officer to lie under oath in court, because that is what they have to do to keep their jobs. As humans their conscience is affected and they are forced to live with their lies. Gopalan Nair wins and Lee Kuan Yew loses.

6. Then comes the High Court trial involving my criticizing Judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean for shamelessly abusing her position as a judge for Lee Kuan Yew's political ends to punish Dr. Chee Soon Juan. The trial goes on for 8 days, I plead not guilty, the government spends a great deal of money to have me convicted, eventually I am found guilty and ordered to jail for 3 months. Here again the Lee Kuan Yew administration, through the wide publicity in the press, is seen once again as a bully that goes after a blogger for what he wrote on the Internet. International human rights organizations condemn Lee Kuan Yew's government and equates them with countries like Burma and North Korea. I become even more famous and seen as the victim of Lee Kuan Yew's excesses. Gopalan Nair wins and Lee Kuan Yew loses.

7. While in jail, and just before being released Lee Kuan Yew's police bring fresh charges of contempt of court against me. Not wanting to spend any more time in jail which I definitely will if I pleaded not guilty, in accordance with Lee Kuan Yew's prosecutors, I apologize in court and promise to take down 2 blog posts critical of the Singapore legal system relating to statements I made in court in the disorderly behaviour trial. In reliance of my apologies and my guarantee to take down the blog posts, my imprisonment is not extended and I am permitted to leave the country after I am released from jail on Nov 26, 2008.

8. Immediately upon setting foot in USA on Nov 26, 2008, I immediately retract my apologies to the Singapore judge, re-state that I stand by my criticism of the legal system and the judiciary of Singapore and re-post the blog posts that I had taken down. This is a slap in the face for Singapore judge Leslie Chew before whom I made the apology and gave the guarantee. I tell the world how much contempt and disgust I have with Lee Kuan Yew's corrupt judges and his administration of justice. Gopalan Nair wins and Lee Kuan Yew loses.

9. Seeing that Gopalan Nair is just making a fool of the Lee Kuan Yew administration and his state controlled judges, and realizing that there is nothing they can do with my presence outside their jurisdiction, so they retaliate. They get their Singapore Law Society which in reality is under Lee's control to commence Disciplinary proceedings against me in Singapore to have me disbarred in their island. Their pettiness and mean spiritedness shows. Gopalan Nair wins and Lee Kuan Yew loses.

10. Near the end of last year, the Singapore Law Society commence disciplinary proceedings against me to have me disbarred in Singapore. Had I been in Singapore, I would not have been able to write anything critical of them about these proceedings. If I did, I would have been arrested and thrown in jail. But I am not in Singapore. I write every single happening in these proceedings, expose the fact that they refuse me any meaningful means to defend myself in these Singapore proceedings leaving the Singapore authorities no choice but to proceed against me in absentia.

I expose their refusal to provide the court transcripts that I need to defend myself, demanding that I pay for it myself. In any case, they would probably forge and change the written record to suit their purposes. The Singapore Tribunal simply refuses to provide any assistance about anything merely telling me to contact third party agencies to get whatever I need. They do not care to provide any instruction on getting permission to travel to Singapore except until the last minute, 2 days before the hearing on April 30, 2010 which is postponed to May 5, 2010. I am able to document and record every single instance of the abuse of process by the Singapore Tribunal in these proceedings. Gopalan Nair wins and Lee Kuan Yew is put to shame.

11. Up till now, Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore is forced to spend several hundreds of thousands of dollars in judicial time and police time in all that they have done so far, running into reams and reams of paper and valuable time and expense. It has turned out to be a very expensive ride for them which has still not stopped and promises to go on for a long time ahead. Gopalan Nair wins and Lee Kuan Yew loses.

12. The reader can look forward to even more almost daily reports of the abuse of the legal system and their corrupt judiciary in these blog posts. Gopalan Nair wins and Lee Kuan Yew loses.

It does appear that the former Attorney General of Singapore, Walter Woon Cheong Ming, who has since been fired, whose idea it probably was to have me arrested thoroughly misunderstood my likely reactions. Perhaps he thought that just like every other helpless Singaporean under his grip, I too would simply roll over and submit to his aggression. He seems to have misunderstood Gopalan Nair

Gopalan Nair
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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Singapore Law Society vs Gopalan Nair, A Chinese opera

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This is the latest on the Singaporean Disciplinary proceedings against me to have me disbarred in Singapore, for, among other things, pointing out that Judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean of Singapore showed a disgraceful servile abdication of her judicial function to please Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew and Son, when she found in their favor in the defamation proceedings against Dr. Chee soon Juan in Singapore in 2008.

These proceedings against me are being conducted in Singapore in absentia, as I live in California USA, and they are flawed from its inception because I have not been given any reasonable opportunity to appear in my defense at my trial.

In this blog, I have posted numerous letters that I had sent to the Singaporean Tribunal asking for permission to enter Singapore as I remain prohibited from the island by order of the government.

Since returning to California, USA I have written numerous blogs criticizing Lee Kuan Yew, his government and their judges in the same vein as I did in Singapore which landed me in jail there for 2 months.

It is therefore certain that I would be arrested and sent to jail again if I ever stepped foot there.

In these circumstances anyone could see the folly of my ever entering Singapore.

I had therefore sent numerous letters all posted in this blog, to the Singaporean Tribunal, M Hwang, the Singaporean Law Society President, as well as to the Singaporean Attorney General and Singapore Immigration, asking that they guarantee that I have safe passage in and out of Singapore and that I will not be arrested or harmed while there.

So far none of them has responded to my letters.

As a result I was not able to attend the Summons Application which was heard in Singapore in my absence on May 5th 2010.

The situation of this matter is as follows.

The Singapore Law Society lawyer, Peter Low, through an Affidavit from the Singaporean Law Society claim that the following witnesses despite being asked to co-operate with him for arranging their proposed court testimonies are refusing to co-operate.

As a result, Low has applied to court for permission to issue subpoenas to compel them to attend court. They are:

1. Police Senior Staff Sergeant Kang Wei Chien
2. Police Sergeant Noor Azzar Daud
3. Police Station Inspector Ramesh Vincent son of Kasavalu
4. Police Senior Sergeant Seow Tuan Hong
5. Police Corporal Rakhbir Singh
6. Police Senior Sergeant Alvin Michael Ang
7. Dr. Vicky Gabriel Chong
8. Chew Chin Na Gina
9. Police Senior Station Inspector Vikneshwaran son of Sockalingam
10. Police Senior Sergeant Quek Kim Nguan
11. Police Senior Sergeant Chris Tan Kim Kiang
12. Assistant Superintendent of Police Abdul Razak Jakaria
13. Police Station Inspector Lim Yaw Ping Francis
14. Police Senior Staff Sergeant Joe Ng Suan Teck
15. Zakir Hussein
16. Goh Chin Guan

This is what the Singapore Law Society's Affidavit says: "the Complainants (the Singapore Law Society) solicitors (in Singapore this means Attorneys), had written to the aforesaid witnesses or their superiors to request them to meet with the Complainant's solicitors with a view to giving evidence at the hearing of the disciplinary proceedings. The requests however have been refused and/or went unanswered." In other words these witnesses are refusing to co-operate with the Singaporean Law Society. I wonder why.

This Affidavit goes on to say witnesses 1 to 12, including witness 7 and witness 8 are refusing to cooperate.

It says "In respect of the witnesses listed in Para......... relating to MAC 3211 and 3212 (the charge of disorderly behavior on July 4, 2008, which I deny) and criminal case 23 of 2008 (the Belinda Ang Saw Ean case), despite the issuance of a letter from the complainants solicitors, have not received any response from the latter." (Dr. Chong, number 7, is the doctor who testified under oath in court that despite the Singapore police having thrown me with great force and I suffered bruises in my face, according to him I suffered no injuries or at best minor injuries. Chew Chin Na Gina is the blood alcohol specialist who testified that I had almost none or at best negligible alcohol in my blood. For instance, for driving purposes, it was below the limit.) (Parenthesis mine)

The Affidavit further states that Police Station Inspector Lim Yaw Ping, and Police Senior Staff Sergeant Joe Ng Suan Teck, police officers from Attorney General's Chambers, involved in my contempt of court case, which they brought up just before my release from prison to which I apologized in order to get out of the country, refuse to co-operate with the Singapore Law Society lawyers.

The Affidavit says “In reply to a letter from the Complainant’s Solicitors to the Attorney General, the latter stated that the said 2 witnesses are unable to participate in these disciplinary proceedings. In particular the Attorney General stated that Station Inspector Lim Yaw Ping and Senior Staff Sergeant Joe Ng Suan Teck will not be able to: 1. Affirm Affidavits of Evidence in Chief and 2. Testify before the Disciplinary Tribunal."

The Singaporean Law Society's Affidavit also says " In respect of the witnesses listed at paragraphs........., (Zakir Hussein and Goh Chin Lian, both of whom work for the Singapore state controlled newspaper Straits Times) in response to a letter from the Complainant's solicitors to the Straits Times c/o Singapore Press Holdings ltd, the latter responded to the effect that their assistance may only be extended upon receipt of subpoenas". These 2 persons are involved because they wrote newspaper articles in their state controlled newspapers about me in Singapore in 2008.

The Singaporean Law Society's Affidavit finally goes on to ask the court for leave to issue Subpoenas against these witnesses because they have refused to voluntarily co-operate with the Singaporean Law Society in their quest to have me disbarred in Singapore, for Lee’s pleasure.

And that is why I have titled this blog "A Chinese opera". Chinese operas, just like any other play always have twists and surprises along the way; otherwise why else would it be a Chinese opera.

Anyone being told that the Singaporean Law Society is having problems in doing away with a troublesome Dissident would have naturally been surprised to hear of any obstacles, as here.

Surely in Lee Kuan Yew's predictable Singapore, the fate of any critic of Lee Kuan Yew should have been a bygone conclusion.

And in my case, surely we would have expected the Singapore Attorney General, the Singapore Police Force and everyone else in this drama to be ever ready to do any number of somersaults to please my prosecutor, the Singapore Law Society.

This reluctance to co-operate is puzzling indeed.

Perhaps Lee Kuan Yew thinks that it is best to throw in some obstacles along the way to my prosecutors to give the semblance of fair play, but in the end, I suppose these reluctant witnesses would do an about turn in court when served with subpoenas and state under oath that Gopalan Nair is indeed the most evil man that ever lived.

And with that I will be disbarred in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore.

Just as in the Chinese Opera, in such things in Singapore, the end is always very predictable.

Gopalan Nair
39737 Paseo Padre Parkway, Suite A1
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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Silviu Ionescu wins again

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore's state controlled newspaper the Straits Times has the story "Bucharest detains Ionescu". But even so, Ionescu wins against Singapore hands down.

Lets look back. Singapore government claims he was guilty of a hit and run accident, resulting in one death and 2 seriously injured. He on the other hand claims it was all a case of mistaken identity and he was never there. He claims Singapore had cooked up these charges because he had written to his government of Singapore's human rights abuses.

After he leaves, Singapore hands a series of diplomatic notes to the Romanian ambassador stationed in Tokyo, summons him to Singapore several times and threatens him with retaliation if Romania does not send Ionescu back to Singapore to stand trial.

Almost daily Singapore through their state controlled press humiliate Ionescu and the sovereign government of Romania by implying that Ionescu is a womaniser, a liar and every other insult you can imagine. Naturally any government, and not just Romania, would feel insulted by tiny Singapore violating all rules of diplomatic niceties by this arrogance.

Today we read in this report that Bucharest has arrested Ionescu and detained him for 30 days pending trial. But Romania rightfully refuses to return him to Singapore as Singapore demands. That is why I say Ionescu has won again, and Singapore has lost.

Romania should never send Ionescu to Singapore and I am sure they will not. At least, in Romania, he can expect a fair trial, which he will never get in Singapore. In fact, Ionescu has a very easy path ahead to convince the Bucharest court, not only that he should not be returned, but that each and every accusation against him by Singapore is false and inherently unreliable.

Why do I say this? I say this because Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore has discredited their own legal system so much that almost everyone who commits a crime in Singapore and absconds abroad would very likely not be returned because of Singapore's bad name.

Please do not misunderstand me. If Ionescu is indeed guilty, he should be given a trial. But the cardinal point is that everyone, including Ionescu deserves a fair trial, which is something the Singapore courts are incapable of giving. Singapore courts are simply corrupt.

Look at it's history. JB Jeyaretnam throughout his career was repeatedly hounded and punished for crimes he never committed. Almost every political opponent was and is charged with trumped up charges and false accusations. In Dr. Chee's case, the court refused even to give him a trial, instead deciding the case in the private chambers of Judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean and ordering him to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars thereafter. In the Kangaroo trial, Judge Judith Prakash, now known as Singapore's Kangaroo judge sends 3 men to jail merely for wearing T shirts with pictures of kangaroos in judicial robes. The International Bar Association in a 72 page report slams Singapore's judicial system for corruption.

No, the Bucharest court will not order Ionescu to be returned to Singapore once they hear this.

If Ionescu's lawyer needs my help in pointing out this appalling and shameful record of Singaporean justice, I would only be too happy to help. If Ionescu's attorney puts out this shameful record of legal abuse in Singapore by Lee Kuan Yew and son, I expect Ionescu to be vindicated of all blame.

There is a saying that justice must not only be done, but must also seen to be done, and this is where Singapore faces an insurmountable problem.

In Singapore's case, with such a deplorable record of judicial abuse, justice can never be seen to be done for Ionescu in Singapore. Neither the court in Bucharest, nor the European Community Court, of which Romania is a member will ever send Ionescu back to a place like Singapore.

It would have been entirely different if the High Court of Australia or Canada had made such a request. They on the other hand are countries respected in the world.

Singapore on the other hand is a pariah state. Like Burma.

Gopalan Nair
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Monday, May 3, 2010

Singapore Law Society vs Gopalan Nair. Hearing of April 30th 2010 postponed 5 days. Sent via Emails to Singapore Tribunal and all parties, May 04, 10

Revised may 04, 2010, Sent as an Email to the Singapore Disciplinary Tribunal, Singapore Immigration, Singapore Law Society's lawyer, and to Sydney M Hwang, Singaporean Law Society President

Ladies and Gentlemen,

On April 30th 2010, I received an Email from the Singapore Disciplinary Tribunal informing me of the postponement of the hearing on the same date in Singapore which I was supposed to attend, to the new date May 5, 2010 at 9.30am.

If this was meant to help me attend the hearing in Singapore, not forgetting I live in California USA, it hardly does me any good.

The Singapore Disciplinary Tribunal by their half hearted actions are merely confirming their intention not to give me any chance to defend myself in these proceedings. I must say, these silly actions are not fooling anyone.

Let me clarify the impossible situation that I am so far in relation to these disciplinary proceedings. As far back as last year, I was informed of the dates for filing documents and the trial dates in Singapore for this case which has been fixed from May 17, 2010 to May 21, 2010. I was not informed of any other dates.

During this entire period from last year till present, I have written numerous Emails to the Tribunal and the Immigration Department Singapore for certain conditions to be satisfied for my presence in Singapore for the trial dates:

1. Permission to enter Singapore as I have been prohibited from entering the country.

2. As I was jailed in Singapore for writing a blog critical of a Singapore judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean in her judgement in the 2008 Dr. Chee Soon Juan case, I am naturally concerned for my safety if I entered Singapore.

This is because almost every blog that I had written since my return to the US in Nov 2008, about the dishonesty of Singapore judges and the leadership of Lee Kuan Yew would be likely considered even more critical, and according to the Singapore legal system, criminal.

Since engaging in such criticism in Singapore is considered "insults" and therefore criminal offenses as demonstrated by my arrest and imprisonment in 2008, it would seem almost certain that I would be arrested again if I entered the island.

In 2008 in Singapore, I had pleaded not guilty to "insulting" Singapore judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean, which resulted in an 11 day trial, in which I was found guilty and sentenced to serve 3 months in Singapore's Queenstown Jail. Just before I was due to be released, around November 10th 2008, the police visited me in jail and charged me with new contempt of court charges in respect of statements I had uttered in court at an earlier trial.

Although I would have been found innocent in any other democracy upholding the rule of law, I of course knew I had no chance in Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew's version of legal proceedings.

Since conviction and a lengthening of my jail term was a forgone conclusion if I pleaded not guilty to these last minute contempt charges, I pleaded guilty, confessed, apologised and gave an undertaking not to repeat such criticism; in return for which I was not given any more prison time, thereby enabling me to leave Singapore upon my release.

Of course I had no intention of keeping my promise to this fascist government the moment I was outside Singapore.

After I returned to the US on or about the 29th of November 2008, I immediately withdrew any apologies given to the Singapore judge in my blog and re-posted the 2 blog posts that the judge had ordered to remove.

By doing this, I had of course re-offended the Singapore courts and therefore became liable to be again arrested and sent to jail for contempt if I ever returned to Singapore.

In the light of the foregoing, surely my stepping into Singapore is a very dangerous proposition.

Naturally therefore I have been repeatedly writing to the Singapore Disciplinary Tribunal and the Singapore Immigration for an assurance that I will not be arrested and sent to jail if I entered Singapore to defend myself at my trial on May 17, 2010

Up till now the Disciplinary Tribunal and the Singapore Immigration have totally ignored my requests for an assurance of safe passage in and out of Singapore, while the Tribunal's stand is that I should not bother them anymore about this. Instead of writing to them, they have asked asked me to contact any other organization responsible for this, but they themselves have not clarified who these authorities are, or to whom I should be writing.

In other words both the Tribunal or the Singapore Law Society have not shown any interest in enabling me to actually come to Singapore to defend myself there. Even though I live in Fremont California and the circumstances about my case is not the usual disciplinary case that comes before them, it appears as if they are only concerned about telling me the trial dates in Singapore and nothing more!

As it stands, even regardless of whether I am given permission to enter Singapore, it would still be completely unwise for me to ever enter Singapore without the assurance that I will not be re-arrested, if I did.

If the Singapore Tribunal really wanted to give me a fair chance to defend, the first thing they should do is to give me an assurance that I will not be arrested for anything I wrote in my blog either before or after my return to the US and that they will not charge me for withdrawing my apology to the Singapore judge and re-posting the blogs in question.

By not doing this, the Singapore Tribunal is merely trying to pretend that they are going through the procedures of these proceedings but in actual fact, they are either afraid to face me in court or because they find themselves in a quandary having unjustly charged and jailed me in the past, and now the need to back track on their own decisions, by giving the assurances.

3. On April 19, 2010, for the first time, I received an Email from the Singapore Tribunal telling me that there is a court hearing in Singapore on the 30th of April 2010 (10 days away) which I am supposed to attend in this case.

This new date was a complete surprise. This date was never made known to me in the past. 10 days is obviously not enough to make arrangements and fly to Singapore for the case. Furthermore, as of that time, I had no permission to enter Singapore anyway.

Suddenly 2 days before the April 30th 2010 hearing date, another surprise. I receive an email from the Singapore Immigration telling me for the first time that if I wanted to travel to Singapore I should apply for a visa and they send me a visa form as an email attachment.

In this Email Singapore Immigration claim that as far back as Dec 15, 2010, they had informed me in an Email of the need to apply for a visa.

However this Email which they claim they sent, I never received. Perhaps it had gone to my spam folder or something else may have happened. I never received any letter or fax intimating me of this.

Since last year up till now, not having received any news about permission to travel to Singapore I had sent numerous Emails and letters both to them and to the Singapore Tribunal on this issue but neither the Singapore Tribunal nor the Immigration Department, ever even once tell me anything of this mysterious Email of Dec 15, 2010 which the Singapore Immigration now claims to have sent.

Does this not seem rather fishy to you? Why wait to tell me this 2 days before the hearing date of April 30, 2010? Why not tell me of the hearing date of April 30th 2010 and the visa requirements when we first started with this case last year?

This is what I would want to tell this Singapore Tribunal.

You are looking very silly in all this.

And you are not fooling anyone.

If your intention is really to allow me to defend these proceedings, then you should go about it honestly.

As you are the Tribunal having charge of these proceedings, it is your duty to see to it that I am given a meaningful and realistic chance to represent myself.

And for me to do that, you have to do the following:

1. Postponing the case from April 30th 2010 to May the 5th 2010 is not doing me any good while I am in Fremont California and you are in Singapore island. You should continue this hearing date to a reasonable time ahead, such as another 30 days hence.

2. You must see to it that I am given an assurance that I will not be arrested and sent to jail if I entered Singapore.

3. You must give me the permission to enter the island.

4. I have also asked for my travel expenses to be paid, since these are proceedings commenced by you and you have an interest to see to it that I am not prejudiced.

I suggest you look at these things I have mentioned very carefully, as this is being published in this blog for the world to read for posterity and which would make your attempts to become the legal hub of South East Asia even more impossible. By this you are not looking like the legal hub of South East Asia. You are looking more like it's clown.

Since the Singapore Tribunal have completely ignored my request for an assurance that I will not be re-arrested if I entered Singapore for the contents of these blogs and my actions both in the US and in Singapore, I am writing the following Email to the Singapore Attorney General asking this.

Law Society of Singapore vs Gopalan Nair

Tuesday, May 4, 2010 6:57 AM
From: "Gopalan Nair"
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To Singapore Attorney General,

As you are aware the Singaporean Law Society have commenced disciplinary proceedings against me for among other things, writing a blog critical of one of your judges Belinda Ang Saw Ean.

Since my return to the US in November of 2008, I have written numerous blogs in my blog Singapore Dissident critical of several of your judges and your government headed by the Singapore dictator Lee Kuan Yew. I have also deliberately re-posted a few blog posts which your judge Leslie Chew had ordered removed and also withdrawn all apologies that I had made to one of your judges. All this I did deliberately and believing my actions to be justified and correct both under law and fact.

I want defend myself at my trial and these court hearings in Singapore but naturally consider it unwise to enter Singapore fearing re-arrest under your peculiar laws intolerant of dissent, resultant on my actions aforesaid which clearly are under your laws criminal.

Please let me know whether you will guarantee my safe passage into Singapore, while within Singapore and safe passage out of Singapore; that I will not be arrested by your police and convicted in your courts, for anything I did either before and after I last left Singapore.

Readers of this blog are requested to contact the Attorney General on this matter, his telephone number is 65 6336 1411 and the fax number is 65 6332 5984; Email,

It would be interesting to see what this Singaporean Attorney General would have to say to this.

Please note that this Email is being posted on my blog Singapore Dissident.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law

Gopalan Nair
39737 Paseo Padre Parkway, Suite A1
Fremont, CA 94538, USA
Tel: 510 657 6107
Fax: 510 657 6914

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