Monday, May 17, 2010

Singapore's lip service to education

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Mao Tze Tung the Chinese dictator killed and imprisoned millions of educated Chinese. And so did Pol Pot who systematically murdered anyone with an education. The reasoning of course is very simple. An educated people are a threat to dictators, simply because they think and education is empowering.

And so it is with Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore. There the idea is to educate the population just enough to do the daily work for survival, but not enough to question authority.

Not to say that there are no highly educated people in the island, of course there are. But these are specifically selected for subservience and obedience to Lee Kuan Yew's authority, and sufficiently bribed with literally millions of dollars; Singapore's government scholars, selected for their greed and lack of honor or conscience. These few are educated but they are in fact unworthy of any education, being opportunists ever willing to say 2 and 2 is any number Lee Kuan Yew chooses.

In this group you find Lee Kuan Yew's Minister for Law, K Shanmugam, and every other million dollar millionaires who protect and preserve their master Lee Kuan Yew and themselves in the process.

It is men such as these, this handpicked Minister for Law who argues that even a peaceful protest is unlawful in the island becasue it will inevitably result in riots and mayhem; another way of saying that we don't want anyone to criticize what we do.

Some do manage to get an education by themselves without any help from Lee but without servile obedience to him they cannot get anywhere.

Men such as Dr. Chee Soon Juan fall within this group.

All he has to hope in Singapore is hardship poverty and exclusion from everything, because Dr. Chee simply refuses to dance to his tune. Fortunately that is only for the moment because this tyranny which is completely illogical and unworkable is simply not going to last.

Dr. Chee Soon Juan has far too many friends both within Singapore and especially without, who are continually exposing this untenable administration which will sooner than later simply collapse.

As for the vast remaining population, it is not possible to get any real education. Yes, they can be technicians and mechanics but without being selected into the Lee Kuan Yew's inner circle of bootlickers, they will not get any tertiary education.

And once they missed that when young, unlike other developed countries in the West, there are no facilities for adult education. These young men and women, the vast majority of them would be the partially educated, just enough to do the work Lee Kuan Yew demands, without any noise.

In Germany the average citizen has limitless education possibilities, with almost everyone with at least a Bachelors degree, many with several Bachelors degrees, Masters degrees and Doctorates. So it is in Spain, France, Belgium and Greece. And that is why Lee Kuan Yew would not get very far in any of these countries because of the quality of their citizens.

In Singapore you have a cowardly people who live in fear. That is because they are in reality uneducated.

Such a population with a few making decisions on behalf of a dictator and the rest towing the line through ignorance is not a circumstance that can propel it to greatness.

In the end all this talk by Lee Kuan Yew's son about making it another London or Paris is simply a wastage of Singapore's state controlled newspaper's newsprint. It simply cannot be done.

And with the few educated people packing up to leave, partly because of my writing this blog, I am sorry to say to him that it is simply, as the China man once said "No can do".

Singapore's educated, small as the number is, continues to decline with mounting emigration, and to arrest the damage, Lee Kuan Yew and his son bring in massive numbers of foreigners. They too are similarly opportunists who will catch the first boat out when they have got what they want, and perhaps work in Burma, a country not very dissimilar to Singapore for a few years before returning home for good.

And while they do it, Gopalan Nair's blog goes on unabated. Lee Kuan Yew it seems to me, is at the receiving end of the political stick.

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Anonymous said...

Harry Lee you are more suited to lead a zoo than people.

You are nothing more than a thug a bully a psychopath a narcissist and a megalomania.

Your only success is building a facade of lie about Singapore.


Anonymous said...

You are right. While Mymmar uses military to suppress, oppress and repress PAP uses the systems. What is the difference between the two?

Anonymous said...

See examples of 'educated' students in NUS:-

Anonymous said...

Therein lies the chief "architect" of education suppression.

JT said...

(abridged version here due to length restriction)

Patriotism in Hong Kong and Singapore: A world of contrast
October 4th, 2009 | Author: Your Correspondent
By Michael Tan

"Hong Kongers are fiercely patriotic.

During those days at HKUST, the campus was a hotbed of political activism. Students debated for hours issues like universal suffrage for the island, complete self-government and its role in China itself."

"This explains why when the former Chief Executive of Hong Kong Tung Chee-Hwa tried to introduce the Basic Law, over 500,000 Hong Kongers turned up in the streets the next day to protest.

Though the seat of power lies in Beijing, no Chief Executive of Hong Kong will dare to ride roughshod over the people without incurring their wrath."

"There is a palatable spontaneous outpouring of pride, joy and elation. I asked my friends the same question again. This time, they said they are equally proud of being a Hong Konger and a Chinese at the same time.

I have never quite celebrated National Day in this manner, definitely not in Singapore where it would mean a quick getaway to Malaysia."

"The Hong Kong government does not need to spend money to line the streets and roads with flags. It has no grassroots leaders to go knocking from door to door imploring residents to hang the national flag and yet the Hong Kongers decorate their flats and shops with the China and Hong Kong flags."

"There are no boring speeches by the leaders reminding the people of their contributions to the island."

"We have been told time and time again by our leaders that mass assembly of this sort will lead to riots reminiscent of those in the 1960s. But the Hong Kongers have shown that it is possible to gather and protest peacefully without any major upheavals.

There is at least one protest in the streets of Hong Kong every week."

"Despite being under communist rule, Hong Kongers enjoy more freedom than Singaporeans and it is precisely because of their strong sense of individualism that Singapore will never be able to compete with Hong Kong especially with China backing it."

"To the Hong Kongers, the government is just a necessary nuisance. They work hard for themselves and nobody else. Its leaders are merely servants of the people. No Hong Kong leader will ever dare to give themselves a pay rise or talk down to the people."

"It is sad that 44 years after independence, our sense of identity and belonging are less than Hong Kong’s, which is not even considered a country."

"The Hong Kongers are very materialistic and calculative people, but at the same time, they are conscious of their political rights as well. Singaporeans lag far behind them in this aspect."

"As I walked along the streets of Hong Kong during this festive season, I can’t help feeling proud of being a Chinese too. This is a strange feeling which I had never felt during my 25 years in Singapore."

Anonymous said...

Singapore is a country that ruined by our governers, especially in one man's hand. He is long overdue to go. He is a great man in 2 sense that who can control everything by betraying his own citizens for his own purpose.