Sunday, May 30, 2010

Singapore. Champions coming home? Whose home?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore state owned and controlled newspaper's online edition of My 31, 2010 has the story "Champions coming home". It is the story of 2 ping pong players (Singapore calls them strangely "paddlers") who had represented Singapore in the Moscow games and won medals.

The story's heading "Champions coming home" would make one ask, whose home. You see, both these sportswomen are not Singaporeans in the true sense at all. They were until recently top sportswomen in China when they were induced to come to Singapore, given instant citizenship, in return for several millions of dollars, donned Singapore's colors and represented Singapore.

I suppose if the money was right, they would have represented Mali, Sub Saharan Africa except that it would be rather unusual for Mongoloid yellow skinned Chinese women representing a Negroid African country, not to mention that Mali probably does not have the several millions that tiny Singapore has.

On the whole there is something distasteful about it all. On the one hand, it is shameful for a country such as Singapore which has no sportsmen at all to be pretending to have suddenly sprouted world class sportsmen. I suppose, if you have to live in fear of Lee Kuan Yew as Singaporeans do, it is hard to run fast, jump high or throw far enough. Second, it is even more distasteful as the dishonesty becomes even more clearer; since in choosing Chinese women from China, it is plainly an attempt to hoodwink the observer, since one could mistake them for Singaporeans. You see they don't buy African runners to represent Singapore to run the mile.

In fact there is not even the remotest connection between a Chinese woman from mainland China to any Singaporean; it is as if comparing a Hottentot with an Ang Mo Kio, a district in Singapore's resident.

Come on guys. You are not fooling anyone. By this you are only reinforcing the fact that Singapore can never produce sportsmen, writers, thinkers, innovators, actors, entertainers, simply nothing. All they can do is to constantly look over the shoulder to see if Lee Kuan Yew is watching and if he is, to wet their pants.

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