Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Singapore's Lee Ruling Family have turned the island on it's head

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore today is full of gleaming skyscrapers, Rolls Royce cars, fancy restaurants and luxury handbags. The question is, has all this glamour and glitter done Singapore or Singaporeans any good? I am sorry, contrary to what one would have expected, the Lee Ruling Family has done Singapore irreparable harm.

2 days ago, Singapore’s state controlled newspaper the Straits Times proudly reports (propaganda) in screaming headlines that the island is rated the 2nd best place to do business in the world. I suppose the newspaper thought we should all be grateful to the Lees for making it such a marvelous place. But is the ranking of a good place to do business necessarily any good for the average Singaporean? I am afraid it is not, and this is why.

This is what Lee has done. In his mad rush to increase the GDP, he has gone out to the world and claimed it is just another Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Anyone can come in and start a business anytime, no questions asked, just as in Dubai, one of the easiest places in the world to do business. And what is more, these foreign companies are free to employ any foreigner they want, bypassing local Singaporeans.

As it is necessary for Lee to become competitive at any costs, there are no minimum wage laws. Thousands of low wage Malaysians are allowed to cross the border each day to work in the multi national American companies. Even more impoverished foreigners are given work passes to work for measly wages, and take away jobs from native Singaporeans. This is the sort of competition that the Lee Ruling Family proudly proclaim.

In their mad rush to increase business and presumably their (Lee Ruling Family’s) wealth they initiate and create entirely new businesses in the island even though Singaporeans have no expertise in them whatsoever. Offshore secretive banking to keep the ill gotten gains of rich Chinese from Communist China are set up.

As Singaporeans themselves have no expertise in this field whatsoever, bankers from Switzerland, London and Amsterdam are flown in to run them, driving their Rolls Royce automobiles on the local streets, while the locals drool at them with their mouths open with envy.

Casinos are built for the first time, using the expertise of Las Vegas with employment passes for Filipinos to run the black jack tables.

Buildings standing perfectly well are demolished and rebuilt with rapid regularity, to energize the construction industry. To man the industry, thousands and thousands of low wage Communist Chinese from the Peoples Republic, India and Bangladesh are flown in for these low wage jobs. That too increases Lee Kuan Yew Singapore GDP.

The question is where is the local Singaporean’s place in all this opulent grandeur? Unfortunately he is nowhere to be seen; he is not in that Rolls Royce; in fact he is at the bottom of the economic totem pole, tragically in his own country. And that is one big difference with Dubai, but otherwise, it is just one big shopping and business center for the whole world.

In Dubai which has a much smaller population than Singapore the top of the pecking order are their citizens, citizens of the UAE. They are paid handsomely by the state to do just nothing, so I suppose they have nothing to complain. Below that is the American, the Englishman or the Australian. They live very well too, just like in Singapore, running the banks and the business houses. Below that comes the other Arabs, those not from oil rich countries, like Egypt. And below that are the Indians and Pakistanis. The local Dubai citizens only make 17% of the population by the way. Dubai is an island where the foreigners far outnumber the locals.

Singapore is not much different except for some minor differences. In Singapore, the Lee Ruling Family, by which I mean Lee Kuan Yew, his son, and his extended family which include several Ministers and business tycoons, are number one. Singapore is simply paradise on earth for them. Each one of them pays themselves millions over the people's objections, and like Kings they do whatever they want. Next come the expatriates, just as in Dubai. They run the banks, and dine and wine in the country clubs. Next below are his bootlickers, like Lee’s judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean who abuses the law to please her master. She does well too, if you can accept such a disgraceful way to make a living. Below them come the foreigners, professionals and ordinary workers of all sorts who are immediately given jobs by local businesses because they can pay less than they would to a local Singaporean. Last of all in the pecking order is the poor local Singapore born citizen. He can't find a job because the foreigner has taken it, and his government has completely ignored him. He finds himself in the worst position in society in his own country! And that is a tragic irony.

Today there is anecdotal evidence that the foreigner population in Singapore island has already exceeded the local Singapore born population as a result of the unrelenting emigration aboard of disgruntled and unhappy citizens, the almost non existent birth rate and a fast ageing population.

Recently President Obama made a hilarious joke about Mitt Romney. He said "Mitt Romney has said he is going to create an 800,000 jobs. There is only one problem to that statement. The jobs are not in the USA. They are in China"!

You could say more or less the same about Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore of today. It may be true that Singapore is the second best place in the world to do business. But business for whom? Not for Singaporeans but for Americans, Englishmen and Australians.

I would have approached it differently. I would have considered Singaporeans first, business or no business. A mad rush to increase the GDP is not the way to go. You don't simply create an industry out of thin air where Singaporeans have no expertise in it whatsoever. I would have allowed Singaporeans to do business, not foreigners. I would have educated Singaporeans, not foreigners. And I would have allowed Singapore to find its own direction for the future, not ramming industries which Singaporeans have no connection or understanding down their throats.

Today the vast number of Singaporeans are only good enough to be clerks and office minders in the lavish offices of Swiss bankers and English industrialists, in industries in which Singaporeans have not the slightest of clue whatsoever.

What Lee has done is simply to make the island attractive only to foreign businessmen. The local born Singaporean is not a factor in that equation. I fear in the end, it will only be the Lee Ruling Family and their cronies running an island full of foreigners doing business, not much different from Dubai. There won't be any local born Singaporeans left except for those foolish enough or incapable to leave to other parts of the world, where they count as human beings.

Gopalan Nair
Singapore born citizen in exile
Attorney at Law
Tel: 510 491 4375

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Singapore ethnic Chinese names, Kevin Wong and Platinum Chong reveals insight into their mindlessness

Update 10/28/2012: The words "effeminate looking" in para 11 is removed

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Remember, the Singapore ethnic Chinese woman High Court judge Belinda Ang , who dishes out court awards in Lee Kuan Yew's favor to keep her job? I had written about her disgrace in this blog earlier which landed me in a Singapore court and a Singapore jail. 

This post is to examine her name, Belinda Ang Saw Ean, an ethnic Chinese woman, yellow skin and slit eyes, and the usual Mongloloid features. In her ancestry country of China, there is no such name as Belinda, a Western name. Even though she has no connection whatsoever with the West, she never lived there, and has no roots there whatsoever, yet she prefers to call herself Belinda Ang. In fact her determination to sound American or English is so strong, nowhere is she ever referred to as Ang Saw Ean, which is who she really is. 

It is so with almost every single ethnic Chinese person in Singapore, the island’s majority racial group. There is no more Chinese Tan Ah Kow, a common Chinese name in Singapore anymore. You may still find one in a thousand if you look hard but real Chinese names are fading completely.

In Singapore, with Lee Kuan Yew turning it into a completely Chinese island with plane loads of Communist Chinese coolies being brought in each day to populate and Sinoese (if there is such a word) the island has today only Chinese faces everywhere you turn. Yet they all seem to be American, British or Australian by their first names, even though most of them have never step foot in the United States.

Every where you look these Chinese faces are all Kevins, Allans, Adams, and even Platinums. They appear to like American names that rhyme like a Chinese sing song, like Kevin, which can be split up into Ke-Veeen, Chinese style.

And they usually add a “har” or a “hor”, Chinese expressions at the end, like “Ke-Veen ha”. Quite often they can’t even pronounce the Western names they have chosen but yet want them anyway; for instance you see them saying “Lawlen” for Lawrence, because they have a hard time pronouncing the syllable “R”. It is truly disgusting for a Chinese looking person in Singapore to call himself “Lawlen” for “Lawrence”, truly.  

I wonder why they appear so determined to hide their own ethnicity and are so eager to want to be American although one look at them and there is no similarity whatsoever. Why are they so desperately trying to emulate Westerners?

To me it can only mean one thing. Singapore Chinese are by and large a people without any pride in themselves. They admire the Westerners and are ashamed not to have had the luck to have white parents. So they do the next best thing. They give themselves Western sounding names.

Any Englishman or Australian would have scant respect for an entire society of people, the Singapore Chinese, who are trying so hard to be like them.

But I can tell you this much. No matter how much they try, calling themselves Platinum Wong, they really can never be like an Englishman. You see, no Englishman would want to go out and call himself a Tan Ah Kow because he is proud of being English. An English John Smith is very much proud of being an English John Smith and would have refused to be Tan Ah Kow even if you paid a million.

He has no desire to have yellow skin, stub nose, split eyes and no facial hair as ethnic Singapore Chinese do. And neither is he prepared to live in submission of Lee Kuan Yew or his son in a dictatorship.

Also an Englishman is proud of his rights, his freedom and the principles that he cherishes the right to live as a free man. Whereas the Singapore Chinese who is calling himself Tony Tan has no pride, no principles, no convictions and quite willing to live happily under any dictatorship any time including that of Lee Kuan Yew.

That is where the difference lies. And by the way, I am Gopalan Nair, of Indian descent. And I refuse to be called John, Frank or even Tony even if you paid me a million. This is what differentiates me and the Englishman John Smith from the Singaporean Belinda Ang, Walter Woon, Quentin Loh, and Platinum Chong. Mind you every one of these persons has a Chinese name in full. It is only that they don't want to say it. They are ashamed of their Chineseness and are desperately trying to be someone else.

Gopalan Nair
A Singaporean in Exile
Attorney at Law
Fremont, California, USA
Tel: 510 491 4375

Friday, October 26, 2012

Singapore's Malays and Indians have only themselves to blame

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We cannot forget that before anyone else, Singapore was the home of the Malays as they were in neighboring Malaysia and Indonesia. The British who colonized the island brought the Chinese and Indians to work in the island, but the Malays had more rights to it above anyone else. It was their island.

To recognize this fact, by law the national language was declared Malay although business was better conducted in English.

But come 1959 and the advent of Lee Kuan Yew and the Lee Ruling family, comprised now of father and son, the father being the strongman Lee Kuan Yew and his son the Prime Minister whom he appointed, the island began taking an ethnic Chinese appearance, something which I am sure no one ever intended, let alone the founder of Singapore the Englishman Stamford Raffles.

Remember in the 1950s ethnic Chinese only formed about 50% of the island. Today with planeloads of Chinese immigrants being brought daily from Communist China, it is about 77%.

It appears, Lee Kuan Yew, who is the dictator since 1959, like Fidel Castro’s Cuba, a person of Chinese ethnicity decided that he didn't care too much for the Malays or anyone else and that he will turn it into a Chinese island with ethnic Chinese given preferred status over others.

Today all top jobs in every walk of life and top businesses are all in the hands of ethnic Chinese, while Malays, to whom the island actually belonged, a tragic irony, are relegated to being coolies and street sweepers. The Singapore Indians fare no better.

The Lee Ruling Family claims that the situation is justified because of meritocracy, a lie which rings completely hollow. Malay or an Indian Singaporean is not any inferior to any ethnic Chinese. Their disadvantageous position is not due to any fault on their part. It is because, Singapore’s Lee Ruling family denies them jobs at every opportunity, there is no race relations laws and employers who are almost entirely Chinese refuse to employ them, leaving them only the demeaning jobs which no one else wants.

And this disgusting official policy of racial discrimination has been going on for the last 53 years, ever since Singapore obtained limited self rule form the British.

There is no doubt that the ethnic Chinese Lee Ruling Family's racial discriminatory policies are clearly illegal under the Constitution but they have managed to get away with it because of the indifference of Malays and Indians to their plight.

The Malays and Indians of Singapore have simply done nothing to stop Lee Ruling Family's ongoing racial discriminatory policies. There has been no public protest or any expression of outrage or indignation by them against these illegal government policies which marginalizes and turns them into second rate citizens in an island which had in fact belonged to them in the first place.

Sadly, the Malays who are predominantly Muslim have been simply content living under Lee Kuan Yew's laws which continue to discriminate against them. There are no leaders among the Malay community who care enough to stand up against this abuse of their rights. They are all afraid of Lee Kuan Yew and his threats to lock them up and throw away the key if they openly challenged Lee's unjust laws and policies. The Indians are no different; they have no leaders either and every single one of them is so afraid of Lee Kuan Yew, they dare not even squeak.

It is true that Lee is a dictator who is determined to make Singapore into a completely Chinese city and their race the dominating ruling race. It is also true that what he does is simply illegal. But the fault equally lies with the Malay Muslims and Indians because they can stand up against this abuse and illegal discrimination but they instead choose not to and simply accept whatever life Lee decides for them.

One can only surmise that Singapore’s Malays and Indians are a cowardly people who are so afraid of the Lee Ruling Family to the extent that they prefer a life in submission and acceptance to the danger that may befall them if they fight. A people who simply let some else ride roughshod over them is simply cowardly. No other word can better describe them.

Here is an example of a Malay whom I know. He is Jufrie Mahmood, presently the Chairman of the opposition SDP. He is a good man. I know him personally. He is someone who is clearly interested in Singapore’s politics and the plight of the Malays. He was a long time Workers Party member with JB Jeyaretnam and me. He passionately wants to help his fellow Malays. He sees the injustice being done to them. It cannot be denied that he has paid a painful price for his beliefs at Lee's hands. One cannot fault him for not caring for his people. It is not my intention to criticize him at all. Yet he, except for joining the SDP and writing essays about the injustice, simply refuses to publicly protest or engage in civil disobedience or organize any peaceful demonstration along the streets of Singapore to demand that Lee stops such illegal practices. Without such open protest, which the Malays simply refuse to do, the world is not aware of how shabbily the Lee Ruling Family treat them. Which by the way, conveniently allows the Lees to continue running them down.

Other than him, there are no other Malay leaders in Singapore. A couple of Malays serve in Lee’s government. They are not Malay leaders. They are there only to enrich themselves. They are a disgrace. There is no point in talking about them.

Gopalan Nair 
Singaporean by birth in exile
Attorney at Law 
Fremont, California USA
Tel: 510 491 4375 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Singapore Government's discrimination against Malay and Indian citizens

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The repression and denial of opportunity towards Singapore's ethnic Malay and Indian citizens is blatant widespread and disgraceful. It is very clear that the Singapore Government, also generally known as the Lee Ruling Family comprised of father (Lee Kuan Yew) and his son tag team, which has been ruling Singapore, a totalitarian one party police state, since 1959, for as long as the Castro brothers have ruled Cuba are determined to continue with this shameful policy.  

Singapore is a small island which has today 5 million people but if you counted only native born citizens, it would be no more than 2.5 million or less. It is also the most crowded land space in the world, next to Gaza Israeli occupied territory. Its land area is no more than 26 miles across and 16 miles on the north to south radial.

The Lee Ruling Family, father and son team, have no respect for any laws. Although the Constitution demands equal opportunity to all, they simply ignore it. The island has no race relations laws and the government departments and private companies are free to engage in racial discrimination at will.

20 years ago, the island had just 50% of the population of ethnic Chinese race. Today the island's ethnic Chinese component is about 77% and increasing. 20 years ago the ethnic Malays and Indians formed about 50% of the island population. Today Malays are no more than 13% and Indians a mere 8%, and decreasing.

This huge increase in Chinese numbers is not because they procreate more. In fact it is just the opposite. They have the lowest birth rate in the island and the lowest birth rate in the world, a mere 1% or so. If matters were left alone the ethnic Chinese would disappear from the island first.

Why then, you will ask has their population increased so much. Well, it is because Lee Kuan Yew and his son, who make up the tag team of the Lee Ruling Family, who are themselves of Chinese descent, prefer their own race.

They don't like Malays whom they consider inferior to them and they don't like Indians whom they consider troublemakers. In Singapore at least, the Chinese have the tendency of simply following the leader, as they do in Communist China.

Of course there are exceptions, and of course I will give credit to Chee Soon Juan, an ethnic Chinese who stands out from the rest as one man with more testosterone unlike others of his race, and the courage to stand up to the Lee Family at great cost to himself.

Therefore it is not surprising that, even though the Constitution demands equal treatment of the different ethnicities, they have over the last decade made a determined effort to increase the Chinese population in the island at the expense of the other ethnicities.

This they have done and continue to do to this day by bringing in plane loads of Chinese from the Peoples Republic of China to settle in Singapore and give them instant citizenship, which explains why there are now 77% Chinese extraction population in the island and Malays who by the way are the original inhabitants have been reduced to a mere 13% and the Indians to a mere 8%.

Of course what the Lee Ruling Family is doing is downright illegal and a violation of the Constitution which requires equal treatment. But it won't do you any good complaining to the Lees because they simply don't care for the Constitution, for you for anybody else. Why this is so, is because he has the Singapore law enforcement policemen or attack dogs to arrest you if you are troublesome and his obedient loyal judiciary and courts which will do anything he wants, including bending the law to breaking point.

But wait a minute, is there not the rule of law you may ask. No there isn't in this island. There is the rule of the Lees; that is what it is.

At this rate of massive importation of Chinese immigrants and the Malay and Indian population decreasing fast, very soon there will be only ethnic Chinese in Lee's Singapore interspersed with a few white people who would manage the offshore banks to cater for the money launderers and Indonesian millionaire thieves who have taken up residence there.

We should not forget the Russians, as they are becoming the largest group of millionaires who have become rich on bribes, theft and corruption under Putin who now call Lee’s Singapore home.

Today Malays and Indians are denied jobs because Lee's Chinese employers refuse to employ them. Every job vacancy listed in the island carry the notation "Only Chinese need apply" or "Knowledge of Mandarin required". There was one instance where a an Indian realizing the problem decided to learn Chinese but still did not get the job, the excuse being that the Chinese customers would not appreciate a non Chinese looking person. Of course it was not possible to change the color of his skin from brown to yellow even though plastic surgery to make his nose stub and his eyes squint and smaller like Fu Manchu was possible; but then what good would a brown looking man with squint eyes and a stub nose do, other than a comedy.

Occasionally the government would give some jobs to a few Indians or Malays but usually it is rare and uncommon.

As for the menial jobs, dishwashers, low ranking policemen, drivers and street sweepers, there are ample jobs for Malays and Indians, Lee's plan being to drive home the fact that they are losers in Lee's winning Chinese looking island.

Although these injustices and state sanctioned racial discrimination policies are illegal, complaining about it will do no good there. In Singapore it is legal to racially discriminate as there are no laws against it. It has no race relations laws, no minimum wage laws and the Constitution is totally ignored and non existent.

Without recourse to lawful redress for Malays and Indians, it is becoming increasingly common for them to vent their frustration through violence. You can see a disgruntled Malay citizen who has been refused government housing coming out and giving a good beating to the first Chinese looking person he sees. You can see an Indian who has just been fined the maximum of speeding, when Chinese are required to pay only a few dollars, coming out and beating up Chinese looking people.

This sort of racially motivated violence is going to increase and expectedly so. In countries which have laws in place to prevent this sort of injustice, citizens are content to avail themselves to the law which they can rely on and trust. In Singapore's Kangaroo courts, since there are no laws to protect against racial injustice and in a place where the government itself is engaged in an official policy of racial discrimination, what do you expect a man to do?

Gopalan Nair
A Singaporean by birth in exile
Attorney at Law
Fremont, California USA
Tel: 510 491 4375

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Singapore. The Lee Ruling Family's plan to keep Malays and Indians marginalized

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore is s tiny overcrowded island with a very low birth rate and an ageing population. Resulting from it's world’s lowest birth rate, with only 2.5 million or so native born citizens, the government has brought in an equal number of Mainland Chinese to fill their places.

Following the practice of the predominantly ethnic Chinese race, the original inhabitants of the island, the Malays, because of the lack of freedom, the rule of law and employment opportunities have themselves reduced their family sizes which in the past were much bigger.

Their population, just like that of the Chinese is also shrinking but at a slower rate, but the difference in their case is this; Lee has no intention whatsoever of bringing in any Malays from outside. This would mean of course that the Malay population would continue shrinking and eventually disappear. 

As for the Indians, they are in the same boat as the Malays. Lee has no plans for them, except that he hopes they would like the Malays, sooner than later disappear for his island entirely. 

The ethnic Chinese population on the other hand would at least hold steady, if not continue growing with the daily plane loads of peasants he brings in from China

In fact, to get a place in Singapore, although it is better if one is Chinese, in fact you stand an equally goo0d chance if you are Chinese looking if you know what I mean. For instance, a man from Burma looks no different from a Chinese person, so does a Vietnamese, Laotian or Cambodian; not to mention Hong Kong, Korea or even the other parts of Central Asia like Kazakhstan. In fact there are already a large number of Burmese and Vietnamese who have already come in who you would be at pains to differentiate from a Chinese. 

Lee Kuan Yew racist policies are very clear. He wants a Chinese Singapore, not a multi racial Singapore as he claims. In fact it is no longer a multi racial island in the real sense, since the Malays who form only 13% and the Indians only 8% can hardly qualify as a multi racial island with the Chinese making up the vast majority of over 76%. 

And his plan to keep the Malays and Indians at the bottom of the social and economic ladder is very clear. Already today you find almost everyone in the lowest ranks of the police force Malay.

Why because they usually have the least education among the other citizens, thereby making them perfect individuals who would blindly obey orders, just the sort of mindless people you need to go around arresting any political opponent, Lee orders to put away.   

Anyone who thinks the Malays and Indians have themselves to blame for being at the bottom of Lee Kuan Yew's rung has completely missed the point. Their low economic and social status is precisely because Lee wants them there. And this is very easily accomplished in his one part police state.

Every teacher in any school is ordered to deliberately give low grades to any Malay or Indian child as opposed to an ethnic Chinese. The result of this of course is that Malays and Indians continue to fail their exams in school while the ethnic Chinese are given the best grades regardless of their performances. The weakness of the Malays and Indian children in Singapore schools is not because of lack of trying, it is because of the general government policy of failing them in schools.

As a result, you have this huge numbers, vastly disproportionate to their size, of Malay and Indian children who drop out from school. And this is exactly what Lee needs. You need mindless dummies who will take any orders from the top to run around like dogs to do Lee's dirty work beating up his political opponents, and locking them away. Anyone with some brains would not be so willing for this of work, which is why the under educated and unskilled Malays and Indians neatly fill Lee's plans.

On rare occasions you find one among many Malay students who do well in school and even more uncommonly would get a scholarship. Don’t be fooled here. That was no ordinary Malay. He is very probably the son of a PAP (Lee's party) member and trusted supporter which makes this boy a safe bet for the Lees. Also he could periodically defend himself against the charge that he is racially discriminating against them, by pointing to this one Malay boy who has done well.

Today you see the Malays doing every single menial work in the island you can imagine. They are low ranking minimum wage policemen, motorcycle messengers, office tea boys, road sweepers and errand boys. The average Indian is a security guard, and does similar work that these Malays do.

The Lee Ruling Family has no plans to advance the status of the Malays and Indians who are a fast shrinking and soon disappearing minority in Lee's ethnic Chinese island one party police city state. As far as Lee is concerned, the Malays and Indians can either take it or leave it. He is not bothered either way.

Gopalan Nair
A Singaporean by birth in exile
Attorney at Law
Fremont, CA, USA
Tel: 510 491 4375

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Singapore Chee Soon Juan's $30,000.00 folly

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore's state controlled newspaper Straits Times of Sept 25, 2012 has the story, "SDP's Chee Soon Juan raises $30k to settle suit" See

In Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew's one party totalitarian police state in which Chee is an hapless lone opposition politician single handedly fighting for democracy, he was sued, as expected in that island, through the corrupt state appointed judges for the usual defamation charges for criticizing the almighty Lee Ruling Family in 2001 and bankrupted after an outrageous judgment award of $500,000.00 which he naturally could not pay.

According to this and earlier reports in the state controlled newspapers there, which the Lee Ruling Family orchestrate, he had made an offer to settle this amount in the sum of $30,000 which the Lees have, not surprisingly in the present circumstances in the island, accepted and hence his payment and release from bankruptcy. As a result, he will now be able to contest the 2016 impending national elections.

In my opinion, this whole thing is wrong. Chee should never have agreed to pay one cent let alone $30,000.00.

And the powers to be in Singapore, the Lee Family themselves look silly and their judgment award hollow, when they settle for $30,000.00 when their Kangaroo court's award was no less than $500,000, which begs the question, would they have accepted $10.00!

Tell me would any reasonable person settle for $30,000.00 for a judgment sum of $500,000.00 unless they themselves have no respect for their own judgment award!

Singapore is a country which does not have free speech. It is an island which is literally run by the Lees. No independent judiciary, no free press, no rule of law, no right to free assembly or protest, simply nothing. It is no more than a one party totalitarian police state run by this Family since 1959, more or less when Fidel Castro seized Cuba.

And what has Chee done by paying? This is what he has done. He has by implication, stated in no uncertain terms, that he accepts the validity of this ridiculous court judgment of $500,000.00, that Singapore has in fact the rule of law and that the Lee's have a lawful government there, instead of a banana republic.

By paying this sum, regardless of the amount, he is in fact giving his seal of approval to these totalitarian judges who dispense telephone justice, meaning they pass sentences after receiving a phone call from the Prime Ministers Office (Lee’s Son).

By paying, Chee has compromised his entire position which he has so far admirably and nobly taken which is, that Singapore is just a one party totalitarian police state run by Lee through the courts to destroy the political opposition.

Chee should not have done that. He shouldn’t have paid a cent. If that meant not being able to contest elections in that one party police state, so be it. His should have taken the fight to the streets, in a lawful manner, through peaceful protests and demonstrations, rights which are guaranteed under the Constitution of the island for a complete change in how things are run. Chee should have demanded democracy or none at all. There is no room for compromise when the Lee Ruling Family literally denies every single human right under the constitution of the island.

The Lee Ruling Family is now on the defensive, anyone can see that. The public are overwhelmingly against them. The Internet is overwhelmingly against them. If Lee were going to give a speech today in the island, you would have had to pay a handsome sum to persuade anyone to hear it. The brain drain continues and mounting, there are no children born and the population is ageing and dying in that order. Even if Chee did nothing, this Lee Ruling family as well as Singapore itself will collapse by itself sooner than later. There was no need for Chee to compromise especially at this time in Singapore’s history.

Of course Chee sees things differently and it is up to him. But that is not how I see it. Of course I wish him well.

Gopalan Nair
A Singaporean by birth in exile
Attorney at Law
Fremont, California
Tel: 510 491 4375

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Singapore Lee Ruling Family's grip on power fast unravels. All freedom loving Singaporeans who speak out against the regime should take credit

Ladies and Gentlemen

Only yesterday did Singapore's state controlled newspaper Straits Times report that 200,000 Singaporeans, a huge jump from the previous numbers, from a small island city state which has only less than 2.5 million native born, are now living permanently abroad. See article "200,000 living abroad, up 27% from 2003". As this only counts the head of the household, if you count the family members, you can safely assume the number to be at least 500,000. Furthermore this only talks of Singaporeans who have retained their citizenship while abroad. If you consider those who have given up their citizenships for that of their new countries, you have at least 2 million of those. With the native born Singaporeans in the island no more than 2.5 million, you begin to wonder if there are more Singaporeans overseas than there are in Singapore!

Another pain for the Lee Regime is the fact that insufficient people in Singapore either marry or have any children. It is reported that the island has the lowest birth rate in the world.

To make up the numbers with Chinese looking immigrants, Lee Kuan Yew's choice of race, he is suffering from the wrong sort of people. As Chinese who speak any English are naturally finite in number, as those from neighboring Malaysia, he has had a bad shock recently with the wrong sort coming in, as was the choice of Amy Cheong who had recently hurled obscenities and racial slurs against Malays of her now adopted country Singapore. See Singapore state controlled newspaper Straits Times of Oct 08, 2012 "Assistant NTUC director sacked for racist remark"

We can see why this case has in fact been a tight slap across the face of the father and son Lee Ruling Family's failed immigration policies. This woman, who was fired, was in fact a former Malaysian who had become an Australian citizen, presumably because she preferred Australia over Malaysia, her native country. It now appears that Australia was not good enough either and therefore applied for Singaporean residence which of course she was promptly given, firstly because she was ethnic Chinese and secondly because they are simply running out of suitable immigrants (because not many want to reside in Singapore given it’s bad name abroad).

But what is shocking about this case was the Lee Ruling Family's (Singapore government's) instant willingness to appoint her the Assistant Director of the island's one and only, state controlled trade union, which is called NTUC. Any foreigner would be shocked to learn that an Australian citizen is given the top job of running a union comprised of Singapore workers in Singapore, but since locals have no say in how and who become leaders of their union, it really didn't matter if a Hottentot from the deserts of Namibia, South West Africa was appointed as their leader. After all, despite it’s name, Singapore workers union are like everything else in the island, controlled by the government.

You can see the desperation suffered by the Lees, I am sure. With massive migration out of Singapore, the Lee Ruling Family, father and son team is so hard pressed to find people so much so that they have had to accept this thoroughly abusive, racist foreigner woman to lead their island’s trade union (she is, or was, the Assistant Director).  

The signs must be very clear indeed. The Lee Ruling Family grip on their people is weakening, and weakening fast. Far too many people are leaving the island for good, the regime is hard pressed in finding any good people to replace them, children are not being born no matter what they do or say and the island is fast ageing.

It must be quite clear why this dictatorial regime is suffering. In this day and age with the Internet, it is not possible to suppress people unless you are willing to close the borders and muzzle the Internet. With almost the entire Internet community bitterly criticizing the regime for it's denial of fundamental rights, suppressing freedom of expression, denying the rule of law and the Lee Ruling Family's corruption in their taking five times the salary of president Obama, it leaves a very bitter taste among Singaporeans making them detest this authoritarian one party state.

Certainly I, Gopalan Nair take great credit for this. I have been persecuted by this regime since the 1980s, when I was fined by Judge Sinnathuray, a Lee Kuan Yew lackey for speaking at a political rally, suspended from practicing law in Singapore for two years for asking questions of the Singapore Attorney General, sent to jail in 2008 in Singapore when I visited the island, merely for writing a blog criticizing the disgraceful Singaporean judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean and recently disbarred from practicing law in Singapore for the same reason. All this is fresh in the minds of Singaporeans.

What the Lee Ruling Family appears not to realize is this. When they continue to abuse the law as they have done in my case, right thinking Singaporeans become outraged and realize what their government is doing, which is injustice plain and simple. This sort of behavior on the part of the Lee Ruling Family is counter productive. It results in making Singaporeans hate their government for bullying a man who is merely trying to express his opinion on the island. And as this goes on, more Singaporeans will leave, refuse to have families in the island and withdraw any co-operation with the regime. If the Lee regime has hurt me, I have managed to hurt them infinitesimally more.

Similarly all the other bloggers and activists, including Chee Soon Juan who continues to suffer a great deal under this oppression can take credit for Lee's present desperation in struggling with the ongoing brain drain and a fast disappearing native population.

Every single blogger, writer, democracy activist, freedom loving human beings anywhere who have spoken and continue to speak against this Lee Dynasty of father and son should take credit for the present untenable situation that the Lee regime find themselves in.

I can tell you this much. No amount of cajoling, begging or persuasion will stop Singaporeans from continuing to leave the island or have more children or even marry. The damage has already been done. It is simply too late for the Lees. It appears they did not understand that in a small tiny island with no more than 2.5 million native Singaporeans and decreasing, you simply cannot go around bullying people this way. By acting in this obnoxious manner, you simply discredit yourselves and your system of government. And once respect is lost, as it is now, it can never be recovered.

To Singapore’s father and son team, Lee Kuan Yew and his son, I can only say this. It is simply too late pal.

Gopalan Nair
A Singaporean by birth in exile
Attorney at Law
Fremont, California, USA
Tel: 510 491 4375

Friday, October 12, 2012

Singapore. Lee's Kangaroo courts latest denial of freedom of assembly verdict in the Chee case, another body blow to it's legal reputation

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Yesterday, Singapore island, which the Lee Ruling Family govern through their father and son team, had their courts, which they also control, make another disgraceful ruling, which we have become sadly used to, that it is a crime for anyone to even peacefully protest in the island. See state controlled Straits Times report titled "SDP Court of Appeal bid rejected"

Most people who know Singapore know that these cases are decided by "telephone justice" a term which is commonly used in Putin's Russia today where political opponents are dealt by their judges through a phone call from Putin as to what the sentence is going to be.  Singapore is run like any other Communist government where state institutions, including their courts and the citizens are require to obey the orders of the Lee Ruling Family.

A short recapitulation. In 2008, Chee Soon Juan, Chee Siok Chin his sister, John Tang Liang Joo the secretary general of Chee's political party and film maker Seelan Pallay, a supporter of Chee and a democracy activist were arrested for peacefully protesting among other things, at Toa Payoh a housing estate, the high cost of living and the astronomical salaries of the Lee Ruling Family and their friends (each get paid 5 times the American president's salary). Co-incidentally, I too was arrested with them during my ill fated, and shall I say interesting trip to Singapore then but as I was already in custody for criticizing Lee's judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean for misusing the law to bankrupt Chee, and since I was an American citizen about to be deported anyway, they dropped the charge against me.

These judges cannot be better described as Lee's Kangaroo Judges in Lee’s Kangaroo Courts. Strong words but nevertheless true. Anyone who knows anything about democracy and Constitutions would know that the reason why a Constitution exists is because it is the Supreme Law. It is almost etched in stone which any government has to obey. Not only that, it makes any law which negates or even modifies it, however little, absolutely illegal and void.

As expected, the Singapore constitution, just like the Constitution of any other free country in the world has a provision which guarantees it's people the right to assemble and protest. It is almost a fundamental foundation and pillar of any democratic country. Constitutions can only be amended under extreme emergency circumstances or not at all, such as when there is a serious threat to law and order which may sparingly allow its change in those circumstances.

But since the Lee Ruling Family are ruling the island as if they can do whatever they want whenever they want, damn with any Constitution, they have gone ahead in their one party state to make a law requiring anyone even a lone individual wanting to engage in any peaceful protest to have a permit to do it. And what is interesting is that no one in Singapore’s entire history has ever been given one to protest against the Lee Ruling Family government. They treat the Singapore Constitution as if it was just a grocery shopping list.  

Chee and company were duly convicted in a lower court. They appealed even though they knew that these Kangaroo courts would never have allowed this appeal anyway. I suppose they did it to pin their shame to posterity, which they appear to have succeeded since the Court of Appeal of Kangaroos refused their appeals, as was expected.

Chee has reported this repeated disgrace of Lee Kuan Yew courts in his article "Judge Rejects Public Assembly" in his blog Singapore Democrat of October 10, 2012. See

In this case the position of Chee and company under the law is simply unassailable and that of the Lee Ruling Family and these Kangaroo courts simply indefensible; there is simply no two ways about that.

What Chee should do now is to drive the point home, even though he has done it numerous times, once more. He should defy the Lee Ruling Family's courts and conduct another peaceful demonstration at a location other than the Singapore version of the Speakers Corner. Remember the Constitution does not make any reference to protests at any one particular location. When Chee is arrested once again and convicted, he should publicize this once more and drive home, not only locally but internationally, the fact that Lee's courts have no respect whatsoever for any law, even the Constitution.

I long to see the devastating consequences of this throughout the island and abroad, the effects of which are already beginning to hurt. The already small local legal profession would get even smaller with even more senior lawyers leaving the profession, (it has not more than about 2500 lawyers in an island of 5 million) not wanting to be associated with a body so discredited. Almost every lawyer has less than 10 years of experience. Other than con men and embezzlers, they won't be able to attract honest immigrants to the island. And the already de minimus birth rate will become completely non existent, since no one would want to have families and children in an island with a corrupt legal system and Kangaroo judges.

We have to thank Chee for doing this because like me, thousands of people around the world are reading the abuse in the Singapore judiciary and it is beginning to hurt the Lee Ruling Family even more.

Gopalan Nair
A Singaporean in Exile
Attorney at Law
Fremont California USA
Tel: 510 491 4375

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Singapore Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew's son will reduce college places

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore's state controlled newspaper the Straits Times of Oct 08, 2012 has the story "Prudence to guide rise in local varsity enrolment". While on a state visit to New Zealand, he has told Singaporeans studying there that he will be careful in increasing university places for students. His excuse was that if too many college graduates do not find jobs, then it will, according to his words "simply create a different and worse problem for themselves: graduate unemployment". See

Very convenient, Mr. Lee. Surely that is not the reason why you will not allow more university graduates. Let me tell you the real reason. The real reason is, educated people with college degrees, and Gopalan Nair being one, have the nasty habit (for you that is) of asking too many questions. Education, you see, encourages questioning. And no dictator anywhere in the world, of which you are one, likes too many questions, because the more ignorant the person is, usually the less questions there are.

And the more education there is in society, the more difficult it is for you to continue stealing $3.7 million dollars a month and call it a salary, the more difficult it is for you to continue controlling the press, the more difficult it is to arrest anyone merely because he said something you or your father did not like, the more difficult it is to deny the rule of law. In fact educating your people is the perfect recipe for your downfall.

Surely you can see that had Gopalan Nair not had a college education, he would not have complained about anything, not have been a perennial pain in the neck for you, and would perhaps have still been blissfully living under your rule in Singapore Island.

Your claim that educating people will cause problems is simply wrong. An educated population in fact creates more jobs, not the reverse, because they can think and have more ideas and more ideas create more enterprises and therefore more jobs. It also creates a more sophisticated and gracious society thereby uplifting the lives both social and economic of everyone.

Singapore is a small tiny island with no more than 2.5 native born citizens and the numbers falling each day with massive brain drain due to the unhappiness of it's citizens living under the dictatorship of the Lee Ruling Family.

As you continue to suppress their human rights and deny them an education, apart from those already leaving Singapore island, even more will do so, and you will end up with mechanics and engineers only without any understanding of the social sciences, philosophy or the law, subjects which leaders need to know to run societies.

The only Singaporeans who remain in the Lee Ruling Family's Singapore Island are the opportunists who see the profit in playing to their tune. I am afraid at the rate they are going there are not going to be many even of these characters. And the island is far too small and their economy far too large for Singapore to cope with this fast diminishing educated class.

Lee Junior has to keep this in mind. If you educate your people, they will bring you down. If you don't educate them, you won't have enough leaders. Either way you lose. It is a case if tails I win and heads you lose. The writing is already on the wall.

And by the way, coming back to Lee junior's trip to New Zealand, he seems to have told them to "keep in touch with Singapore". I suppose he knows by now that none of them will return. It would be a waste of time to even try to persuade their return. No one wants to return to a Lee Kuan Yew dictatorship. New Zealand is a far better place to live.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
Fremont, California USA
Tel: 510 491 4375

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Singapore's Lee Ruling Family crush independent spirits

Ladies and Gentlemen,

An investigation into Singapore government employees, businessmen, civil servants, military officers and anyone who has achieved any success in the island would reveal one common denominator; they are all supporters and cronies of the Singapore government and the Lee Ruling Family. No one, not a single person has ever succeeded in Singapore without evidence of their collaboration. 

It is clearly impossible to achieve any success in any field without first proving that you are in sync with the Lee Ruling Family's thinking and policies. 

There is no room whatsoever in Singapore for anyone to rise to any prominence in any field, whether government or private, without first establishing this fact. 

It was no different in Nazi Germany, Mussolini’s Italy, and Franco’s Spain or in today's Communist China. Every single person in any position of authority in any of these countries has to establish beyond question this fact. 

And what is Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore anyway. It is an island which is literally run as his own private property. It is an island which does not have a single independent newspaper, they are all government controlled. It is an island in which criticizing the government may result in your arrest and imprisonment or your being sued for libel and bankrupted. It is an island where there is no rule of law and government sympathizers are treated better than others. It is an island where Malays and Indians, although full citizens are treated second to ethnic Chinese. It is an island where the government is systematically and deliberately destroying non Chinese population by bringing in plane loads of Chinese from China to boost their populations. It is an island where you need government support for any attempt at starting a business or succeeding in it. It is an island where you should be willing to accept that Lee Kuan Yew is entitled to pay himself several millions of dollars a year of your tax payer's money.

It is an island which requires you to shut your mind and your spirit to comply with government thinking. It crushes your independent spirit. 

Anyone can see that these government policies are simply illegal, outrageous, even criminal. Anyone with even half a brain can see that these things are all wrong. But any attempt by you to question, criticize and oppose these unjust laws and policies would mean a loss of employment, and other punishments.

The result of this is a choice which many simply cannot accept. The result of this is that the best and brightest of Singaporeans, those who are able and capable of advancing the interests of Singapore are simply leaving the island for good; because they are not prepared to compromise their principles. As a result, hundreds of thousands of highly educated capable thinking Singaporeans have left Singapore for settlement in the West and many continue to leave as we speak.

And the ones who stay behind are simply unscrupulous opportunists; people without any real ideals, personal convictions or principles, who toe the Lee Kuan Yew line because it benefits them. Such disgraceful men are men like K Shanmugam, Lee's Minister for Law. He knows that every single law which he puts through Parliament are there only to protect his masters, not the good of Singapore; laws that deny even one man peaceful protests, laws that punish any criticism of the government, laws that deny Singaporeans  the right to be free from arbitrary arrest and illegal searches and seizures; laws that deny a criminal defendant the right to silence or even to a lawyer. Laws that allow indefinite imprisonment without trial.

Every single one of Lee's cabinet ministers and members of parliament are there merely to parrot the government line and enjoy the kickbacks that come from their dirty work. They all do it for personal profit, because collaborating with Lee is profitable. There is no desire in any of them to advance Singapore.

And because these people achieve great financial success this way, many Singaporeans who can see the profit in such a shameful life, follow suit. More and more Singaporeans from all walks of life are lining up and waiting to join Lee's satellite organizations, such as Residents Committees, Peoples Association, and several other government linked organizations, overtly claiming to work for the people but covertly hoping that they will be recognized by Lee and the goodies to follow.

And the loss to the island by this destructive policy of carrot and stick is unimaginable. Take Chee Soon Juan, a highly qualified and loyal academic and a Lee critic who was kicked out of his professorship and bankrupted and denied any possibility of contributing to Singapore for the last 2 decades. Had he not been persecuted in this disgraceful way by this dictatorship, he would have been able to contribute very considerably to the advancement of Singapore for the last 20 years.

Not only Chee but thousands of others like him, able and capable continue to leave the island for the West because they are not prepared to be another sycophant and bootlicker like Lee's K Shanmugam or any of the others around the Lee Ruling Family that hang around like dogs waiting for crumbs. They prefer to have their minds intact and cherish their right to independent thinking. For them it is not worth any amount of money in the world if it means that success requires their giving up their independent spirit or thinking.

Imagine the loss to Singapore by such a selfish and dishonest policy of the Lee Ruling Family. On a daily basis Singapore’s state controlled newspapers may continue to claim that they have managed one great success after another. But those who know Singapore also know that this is the sort of propaganda put out by every single country that denies a free press. It is not good enough to merely say you have achieved this success or that. It has to be really true.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
Fremont, California USA
Tel: 510 491 4375

Monday, October 1, 2012

Singapore will not change without peaceful protests

Ladies and Gentlemen,

If you are content living in an island where you have no freedom of the press (all newspapers are state controlled); where there is no rule of law and any open criticism of the government invites arrest and bankruptcy through the courts; where in order to be left alone, you should be a government supporter; then you should have no problem living in Lee's Singapore where the Lee Ruling Family rules as dictators.

Otherwise you either have to leave the country for a life elsewhere or you have to attempt somehow to restore democracy, which unfortunately entails the risk of punishment.

But one thing has to be remembered, the Lee Ruling Family of the father (Lee Kuan Yew) and his son team are not going to allow freedom anytime soon, not in Singapore and not in any other dictatorship in the world including Syria.

And another thing that has to be remembered is this. Dictatorships never allowed democracy to take root through elections, not in Bashar al Assad's Syria, not in the former Egypt of Mubarak nor in the late Sadam Hussein's Iraq. And neither will Lee's Singapore dictatorship ever become a democracy with his blessing.

This one thing has to be remembered. The Lee family will hold on to power for as long as they can and by hook or by crook. It is so in all dictatorships. It really does not matter for whom or how you vote every 5 years. The Lees are fully aware that public opinion is moving steadily against them, and to counter this, they are slowly infiltrating the opposition and turning it into their partners.

At the last election, about 40% of the electorate voted for the opposition. But in reality, they didn't get a single real opposition politician into Parliament. What they did was to turn the Workers Party into the PAP. So what the public got is 2 PAPs instead of one. The actual PAP comprised of the Lee Ruling Family and the other PAP with Low Thia Khiang and his friends. All they do is to ask innocuous questions, which the Lees will simply ignore and they all happily go home to make even more silly arguments the next day.

Why does Low Thia Khaing behave in this disgraceful way? Because the Lees have made an offer to him which he simply cannot refuse. It must be so. Either play ball with me or else, detention without trial, trumped up criminal charges, defamation actions and bankruptcy. So he does what any other man without principles would have done. He agrees to play Lee's game.

Low Thia Khaing has been in Parliament for 2 decades. During this time he has made countless speeches in Parliament and I am sure he would make countless more. But your life has not become one bit freer; in fact your freedoms have become even less.

You are sadly mistaken if you think anything will change with one Low Thia Khiang or a hundred Low Thia Khiangs. And by that time, it will take so long that you would all be dead by then. What good is that?

Egypt did not change through elections, Tunisia did not change through elections, Libya did not change through elections, and Singapore will not change through elections either. It really does not matter that Lee Kuan Yew is not Bashar al Assad Lee Kuan Yew, he is no different. Like any other tyrant, Bashar al Assad Lee Kuan Yew or just Lee Kuan Yew are all the same. He will cling to power. Because if he let slip, there is too much to lose. For one he would lose the ability to steal $2.7 million a year for himself and every one of his family members by calling it a salary. All his friends and cronies in high places with cushy jobs would suddenly have to vacate their palaces and themselves, and we do not know what more he will have to put up with.

If you do not protest now, 2016 elections will come and go, you may vote in even larger numbers for the opposition but what you get is nothing but Low Thia Khiang clones.

If you need change, you will have to take to the streets; there is no other way. You must demand that Lee stops stealing your money. You must demand a free press. You must demand the rule of law and you must demand transparency.

True, you will be arrested. But in today's world it is difficult to lock you up and throw the key away. Far too many people are watching. He would have to release you. You must do it again. This fact of his arresting you for no crime whatsoever will be public knowledge. The injustice of the government would be plain for all to see. A few more will join and with the government's harsh response, which we can expect with time, more and more will join.

This sort of thing is perfect in a crowded built up city like Singapore where every action of the government is subject to wide and minute public scrutiny, both within and outside Singapore. Very quickly the government will have to decide either to give in to your just demands or be condemned as another brutal dictatorship which puts down its own citizens.

The Lee family are a bunch of cowards. They only dare to bully you as long as you allow them to do it. If you stand up to it, they usually back off as bullies always do. Chee Soon Juan is a perfect example. Since they know that Chee would not budge, it appears they have decided to go soft on him.

It is my duty to do what I can from wherever I am. If I can convince public opinion on the efficacy of this approach, then I should do it.

I am convinced that this is the right approach if you want to see change in a dictatorship like Singapore anytime soon.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
Fremont, CA USA
Tel: 510 491 4375