Thursday, October 18, 2012

Singapore. The Lee Ruling Family's plan to keep Malays and Indians marginalized

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore is s tiny overcrowded island with a very low birth rate and an ageing population. Resulting from it's world’s lowest birth rate, with only 2.5 million or so native born citizens, the government has brought in an equal number of Mainland Chinese to fill their places.

Following the practice of the predominantly ethnic Chinese race, the original inhabitants of the island, the Malays, because of the lack of freedom, the rule of law and employment opportunities have themselves reduced their family sizes which in the past were much bigger.

Their population, just like that of the Chinese is also shrinking but at a slower rate, but the difference in their case is this; Lee has no intention whatsoever of bringing in any Malays from outside. This would mean of course that the Malay population would continue shrinking and eventually disappear. 

As for the Indians, they are in the same boat as the Malays. Lee has no plans for them, except that he hopes they would like the Malays, sooner than later disappear for his island entirely. 

The ethnic Chinese population on the other hand would at least hold steady, if not continue growing with the daily plane loads of peasants he brings in from China

In fact, to get a place in Singapore, although it is better if one is Chinese, in fact you stand an equally goo0d chance if you are Chinese looking if you know what I mean. For instance, a man from Burma looks no different from a Chinese person, so does a Vietnamese, Laotian or Cambodian; not to mention Hong Kong, Korea or even the other parts of Central Asia like Kazakhstan. In fact there are already a large number of Burmese and Vietnamese who have already come in who you would be at pains to differentiate from a Chinese. 

Lee Kuan Yew racist policies are very clear. He wants a Chinese Singapore, not a multi racial Singapore as he claims. In fact it is no longer a multi racial island in the real sense, since the Malays who form only 13% and the Indians only 8% can hardly qualify as a multi racial island with the Chinese making up the vast majority of over 76%. 

And his plan to keep the Malays and Indians at the bottom of the social and economic ladder is very clear. Already today you find almost everyone in the lowest ranks of the police force Malay.

Why because they usually have the least education among the other citizens, thereby making them perfect individuals who would blindly obey orders, just the sort of mindless people you need to go around arresting any political opponent, Lee orders to put away.   

Anyone who thinks the Malays and Indians have themselves to blame for being at the bottom of Lee Kuan Yew's rung has completely missed the point. Their low economic and social status is precisely because Lee wants them there. And this is very easily accomplished in his one part police state.

Every teacher in any school is ordered to deliberately give low grades to any Malay or Indian child as opposed to an ethnic Chinese. The result of this of course is that Malays and Indians continue to fail their exams in school while the ethnic Chinese are given the best grades regardless of their performances. The weakness of the Malays and Indian children in Singapore schools is not because of lack of trying, it is because of the general government policy of failing them in schools.

As a result, you have this huge numbers, vastly disproportionate to their size, of Malay and Indian children who drop out from school. And this is exactly what Lee needs. You need mindless dummies who will take any orders from the top to run around like dogs to do Lee's dirty work beating up his political opponents, and locking them away. Anyone with some brains would not be so willing for this of work, which is why the under educated and unskilled Malays and Indians neatly fill Lee's plans.

On rare occasions you find one among many Malay students who do well in school and even more uncommonly would get a scholarship. Don’t be fooled here. That was no ordinary Malay. He is very probably the son of a PAP (Lee's party) member and trusted supporter which makes this boy a safe bet for the Lees. Also he could periodically defend himself against the charge that he is racially discriminating against them, by pointing to this one Malay boy who has done well.

Today you see the Malays doing every single menial work in the island you can imagine. They are low ranking minimum wage policemen, motorcycle messengers, office tea boys, road sweepers and errand boys. The average Indian is a security guard, and does similar work that these Malays do.

The Lee Ruling Family has no plans to advance the status of the Malays and Indians who are a fast shrinking and soon disappearing minority in Lee's ethnic Chinese island one party police city state. As far as Lee is concerned, the Malays and Indians can either take it or leave it. He is not bothered either way.

Gopalan Nair
A Singaporean by birth in exile
Attorney at Law
Fremont, CA, USA
Tel: 510 491 4375


Anonymous said...

Every teacher in any school is ordered to deliberately give low grades to any Malay or Indian child as opposed to an ethnic Chinese.

Any evidence for this or is this your own brand of racism at work?

Perhaps you can elucidate on this old chap?? Because this rant smacks of racism - your racism!!


Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous, Oct 18, 1114,

It is interesting to see that you make this comment but you do so in hiding. Anonymous. Unwilling to say who you are.

Besides the suspicion you raise by your unwillingness to show your face, I am sure you are aware that Singapore does not have a free press, every bit is state controlled, and with a state controlled judiciary as well, you cannot get the Singapore government (the Lee Ruling Family) to admit this practice. But making any enquiry on the ground, which once again people are afraid to admit, you will never have any teacher or family to admit this on record.

It is also not possible to ask an admission from Communist China that they abuse human rights but we can see that looking at Liu Shao Bo, Nobel laureate, who is langushing in a Chinese jail.

And I suppose for you in a state controlled one party totalitarian police state like Singapore, anyone who dares to point this out is also a racist.

No can do, my dear anonymous.