Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Singapore. Low Thia Khiang is a let down for the cause of democracy

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is unfortunate that Singapore produces opposition politicians such as Low Thia Khiang. I have known him for 6 years while I was a member of the Workers Party, and this much I can say for him. He does not understand what a constitutional democracy is supposed to be; not forgetting that Singapore is, or at least is supposed to be a constitutional democracy.

He is very good in Hokkien and Teochew oratory to Chinese hawkers and grocery shop merchants in Hougang who do not know any English. For him to tell them that such and such policies are good or bad; get their support and enter Parliament to merely argue on policies is what he does. He does not have a sound education in English, let alone any understanding as to what a democracy is supposed to be. In fact, it appears to me that he does not believe in democracy but rather in the style of the Chinese politburo form of government; where the Chinese have no fundamental rights and the rulers decide on rules and laws which they feel would move the country forward; with or without freedom.

To the educated freedom is fundamental. Without it, there cannot be progress in this day and age. In any case, most educated people do not want progress if it comes with a denial of freedom. Low Thia Khiang does not understand any of this.

I am referring to his interview with the Chinese language press which was published in the Straits Times Nov 1, 2007.

He says "the term opposition is a legacy of the western parliamentary system and I have never believed that an opposition party should oppose for the sake of opposing or to shoot one's mouth off". He is wrong. Opposition derived from ancient Greece, ancient China and even ancient India where debate was encouraged so that, through consensus the best idea wins, and the country wins and progresses. It predated western parliamentary system by ions. Secondly he is wrong in "saying western opposition parties oppose for the sake of opposing or that they shoot one's mouth off". I wonder were he got such ideas, or is he saying these things because it pleases the PAP?

He then says "Politics should be responsible politics". Surely that is so. Is he suggesting that anyone would want it any other way? And we have no problem with his statement that "Opposition should be a watchdog, not a mad dog". That too we all agree. Why mention this. Or is he trying to say that the SDP is behaving otherwise?

He seems to be stating the obvious. "It is not the job of the opposition here to offer alternatives to all government policies". Yes Mr. Low. Here too we all agree. This is obvious.

He says "While the ruling party has specialists to study and research various issues, the opposition lacks the resources to come up with alternative issues". But Mr. Low, the ruling party uses taxpayers money to employ specialists. Similarly, when the opposition form the government, they will too. This does not prevent you to speak for the people; to defend their rights and to further their interest.

The WP, he says is "unlike the opposition parties in the west who come up with alternative policies for everything". He is wrong. Not just in the west, but also in the north the south and the east; throughout the world; good opposition parties come up with alternatives where they see the need. Not for everything. The man is engaging in rhetoric and nonsensical rhetoric at that.

Mr. Low is supposed to not only challenge government policies but if necessary, to throw them out and form a new government and not just "to improve on government policies". If that is all that he believes the work of the opposition is; he should step down immediately and stop being a spokesman for the Peoples Action Party.

He says 'the opposition should not shoot its mouth off and offer alternatives and policies on a whim'. I agree entirely and may I add that to my knowledge, no one has yet in Singapore behaved that way recently. The problem is that the opposition, like his, is not saying anything at all!

I am astonished at Mr. Low's statement that the opposition "should not offer alternative policies before it has reached a certain stage, until they have reached the stage of being able to replace the government and that WP is a long way off". Believe it or not, he is suggesting that the opposition or his version of it, should continue waiting and let the PAP do whatever they want because in all areas, the PAP have more experience than the WP. Is this not the chicken and the egg scenario. If the opposition does not challenge the PAP, they will not get the experience. And since they do not have the experience, they should not challenge the PAP! Is there not something patently wrong in his reasoning?

And what is worse " He believes that his party is not prepared to challenge the PAP in the near future, and that it will take a very long time". In that case, why did he stand for elections under the WP ticket anyway. Has he not misled his people?

In a few words, this man has let down his people. The Chinese speaking kway teow man in Hougang food court may not be aware of this, but an English speaking college graduate knows this very well.

Whether he likes it or not, he should be told that Singapore is a constitutional democracy. In other words there is a constitution. In it, the people have rights. These rights are inalienable. It is not up to the government's discretion to provide it or not. It is mandatory. These rights are being trodden upon. Right of Freedom of speech is being trodden upon. Right of assembly is trodden upon. Lee claims Singapore is first world. First world countries have these rights.

And finally Singapore is not Guandong or Beijing. Hu Jintao may sit with his Chinese Parliament in deciding how and what rights shall be denied. If he wants Chinese style democracy, then he should go there. What we are supposed to have in Singapore is a constitutional democracy, which had it's roots in Ancient Greece. Singapore is an English speaking country. Not a Teochew speaking country. The laws of Singapore are written in the English language. He should know this by now.

Originating from the ideas of Aristotle and Socrates.

Mr. Low does not appear to know the principles of government, and appears to have no inclination or desire to learn it now. Very sad.

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Friday, October 26, 2007

Singapore's "singspeak"

Ladies and Gentlemen,

If George Orwell were asked to write politically correct speech, which we can call "SINGSPEAK" on the lines of his futuristic novel "1984" for Singapore; a one party state, with a state controlled media, where licences are required to make public speeches, where licences are required to assemble, where political opponents are defamed jailed bankrupted and crushed, it would probably be on these lines:

1. Lee Kuan Yew is the founder of Singapore. It was he who transformed Singapore into a great nation.
2. Without Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore would be a back water. It will be another Batam.
3. We should all be grateful to our founding father Lee Kuan Yew.
4. Singapore is not suitable for western style democracy, because it is fractious and confrontational.What we need is unity and peace.
5. Protests should not be allowed because there is a likelihood of becoming rowdy.
6. Newspapers should be directed to be responsible and progressive. The Straits Times is a responsible newspaper. The New York Times is not.
7. Newspapers are an instrument of nation building.
8. Chewing gum should be banned because it gets stuck on train doors.
9. We should be wary of foreigners who are jealous of us, bent on destroying our peaceful lifestyle.
10. If the opposition wins the elections, foreign companies will all withdraw their investments from Singapore and go home.
11. It is better for people not to talk politics.
13. Those who criticise must be aware of the OB markers (Outward Boundary markers/ not international boundaries!)
14. Dr. Chee is a threat to the future of Singapore. He is a lair cheat and scoundrel. He cannot be trusted. He was convicted of stealing $8.
15. Mr. James Gomez lost his credibility. He is a liar cheat and charlatan. He lied about an election form!
16. Singapore is a global city.
17. There is nothing anyone cannot read in Singapore. There is total freedom of expression.
18. Lo Thia Khiang of the Workers Party unlike Dr. Chee is a responsible opposition politician.
19. Sylvia Lim, NCMP similarly is an excellent politician. Singapore needs more like her.
20. If Australians run Singapore, it will not last a day.
21. It is necessary for Lee Kuan Yew to sue Dr. Chee because he has to maintain his reputation.
22. It is necessary for Lee Kuan Yew to sue Far Eastern Economic Review because his reputation was tarnished.
23. Lee has a hatchet in his bag. If you challenge him, he will take you to a cul de sac and finish you off. You can call him "The Hatchet Man".
24. It is OK for there to be 1 or 2 opposition MPs. If there are 10 or 15 of them, Lee's son will not be able to govern because he will have to spend too much time fixing them and buying votes.
25. There is a symbiotic relationship between the trade union and the government.
26. If the pilots trade union asks for too much money, heads will be crushed. Lee Kuan Yew will do it.
27. Confucianism is best. Citizens are supposed to obey their rulers.
28. Singapore is now world education hub.
29. Singapore is now world arts hub.
30. Singapore legal system is best.
31. Singapore lawyers are best.
32. Singapore is bio tech hub.
33. Singapore is best.
34. Those who emigrate from Singapore are quitters.
35. 10,000 Singaporeans attended the Singapore connect overseas Singaporeans function in the Central Park, New York.
36. Overseas Singaporeans are dying to return to Singapore in such numbers that some have to be turned away.
37. JB Jeyaretnam is bad for Singapore. He is confrontational and destructive. Not like Lo Thia Khiang.
38. JB Jeyaretnam is bad because he is not confusion. He refuses to obey his rulers.
39. Singapore has rule of law. Why? Because Hong Kong based PERC, a consulting company, said so.
40. Lee Kuan Yew's only concern is to run Singapore. He does not care about what Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch or Freedom House thinks. They are a bunch of liars.
41. Lee has to pay himself and his friends $3 million each per year, because otherwise, they will all turn corrupt like Indonesians.
42. Singaporeans have the highest standard of living.
43. It is not true to say that poverty exists in Singapore.
44. Those who jump off tall buildings to their death, are merely engaging in a sporting activity. They may have forgotten to take parachutes.

And so on goes "SINGSPEAK" in that Orwellian, Lee Kuan Yew's one party state island. Singapore.

Gopalan Nair
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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew family, their cronies and high level foreign talent enjoy prosperity. Not ordinary Singaporeans.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The state owned and controlled Singapore newspaper the Straits Times, just as all the other Singapore newspapers are; reports with pride the A380 Singapore Airlines aircraft made its first flight from Singapore to Sydney. Great. Should Singaporeans now go home and celebrate. Should they now open their champagne bottles; provided they can afford one? Or should they be asking what do they get out of it all? Nothing!

Don't forget, Lee Kuan Yew got Singapore Airlines with your money paid for through your CPF, by the ordinary Singaporeans; the taxi driver, the plumber and the hawker. Hard earned money, which Lee forcefully takes; I say forcefully, because it is illegal not to pay the government CPF and other forms of taxation such as HDB payments. Its your money which he uses to run his Singapore Airlines.

But who actually benefits from the success of the Airline which by the way is being run with your money? Not you, let me be clear. Not the average Singaporean worker. Here is who benefits.

First the directors of the airline who are comprised of Lee family members and his cronies and friends. Lee Kuan Yew and personal family members who pay themselves huge chunks of solid cash as directorship fees and salaries and dividends. Next come the high level executives, Lee Kuan Yew cronies, with mind boggling salaries which they take at will. Next comes the pilots, half or more of whom are foreigners, Australian, New Zealand, British and other nationalities, experienced pilots each with several thousand hours flight time. The other half are Singapore pilots. These you could say enjoy the benefits of the success of the world airline.

The vast majority of Singaporean employees, the ramp attendants, the cargo handlers, the traffic marshals, the cleaners and the grease monkeys do not. It does not matter how much the airline makes, these jobs will continue to be minimum wage jobs. And if the Singaporean is so stupid as to complain; the job will be taken away from him and immediately given to a recently arrived Chinese national from Harbin, who by the way is quite prepared to work for the peanuts!

So my dear Singaporean, don't let Lee Kuan Yew, deceive you as he appears very successful in doing. He has no plans to share the success of Singapore Inc with any one of you. He is happy that you are around to work and contribute your CPF monies to him, because he needs money. With your money, he will run Singapore Airlines intent on making profits. But the profits are not intended for you, mind you. He wants more and more money; and he needs you to be around to enable it.

And in doing this, in order to successfully deceive you; he has the help of his propaganda machine, the Straits Times, which will report on a daily basis to you that the company has done brilliantly, in Singapore, in London and all over the world; and they do this in the hope that you will feel a sense of gratification because of your airline's success. Please return to reality from somnolence, from your daydream and reverie. You are sleepwalking my friends. Realise that you are being deceived.

The truth of the matter is that the average Singaporean is worse off today than he was 10 years ago. There are many reports published on this. A380 may have made its maiden flight. But you are not on that aircraft. You may have a chance to clean it. But not more than that.

Take it from me. There is nothing in it for you. As for you, Lee Kuan Yew has one plan and it is not encouraging. He expects you to work at your job as a cargo handler until you drop dead, literally; as he has made it clear that he will not permit you to retire nor withdraw your CPF savings. You will work until you die. I am sorry but that is the plan. I have only tears for you.

It is the same with everything else in the country that they flaunt. The Port of Singapore Authority, the Formula I, Tumasek Holdings with assets all over the world, GIC trading with your money in Timbuktu, Republic of Mali? I do not know where, but they are all over the world. Singapore Inc International. All this buzz and activity carried out with the hard earned moneys of local Singaporeans CPF contributions, which Lee uses at his pleasure with totally no accountability. Not to you, not to me, not the world, not to anyone. He does whatever he wants, with your money. And what happens to the profits? Well, you know the answer. He and his family and friends eat that money. Nothing goes to you. As for you, just shut up, stop complaining and work until you drop dead.

Ordinary Singaporeans should know by now that they have no say in how their country is run. No say in where their money is going. No right to demand a share of the profits which is rightfully theirs, since it is their money that made these investments possible in the first place.

Making new malls, building new roads and building a new symphony orchestra will not make the average man feel any better because he cannot eat the new roads or the mall. Just looking at it gives him no satisfaction.

So next time my friend the average Singaporean reads in the state controlled local newspaper that Tumasek Holdings has made a billion dollars in profits, they should ask what is there in it for them? And if they do not get a satisfactory answer, it is about time to join Dr. Chee in his next protest and demand

"All right my boy, Lee Kuan Yew, congratulations. Now where is the bacon?"

as the huge Russian bear had asked Boris Yeltsin when he won the Russian elections; the bear balancing the diminutive Yeltsin in the palm of his hand; ready to be crushed at any moment. A caricature.

Gopalan Nair
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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Singapore is being destroyed by the Lee Administration by authoritarian rule

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I don’t think I am too different from most other people who have a decent amount of education. As education enables people to think, with ideas and opinions beneficial to society; they would want to contribute politically and socially for the betterment of their society; engage in matters of national interest, public debate and controversy. In other words a desire to put their education to good use to make their country a better place. That is what an education is for.

Unfortunately for such people with an education; Singapore is a very distasteful place to live in. Distasteful, because Lee Kuan Yew and his family wish to selfishly hold on to power. Therefore, they find the need to suppress any opinion in the country which threatens their hold on power; even if that contrary opinion was in Singapore's best interests. For Lee Kuan Yew and his family that rule Singapore, all that matters is their personal interests, even if Singapore is destroyed.

And this is what Lee Kuan Yew is doing. Deliberately destroying Singapore.

Education as we know is empowering. With education, one knows that with or without Lee Kuan Yew, you can survive. Your skills will be accepted in any country in the world, and especially because you speak English. Throughout the world from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, the world atlas alphabet, an educated person knows that he is welcome anywhere where his skills are needed.

And education tells us that first world countries are democratic. Where each person is respected. Where each voice counts. Where one can advance by one's ability; and not by one's sycophancy like the case in dictatorial regimes; North Korea where one advances with the patronage of Kim Jong Il, in Burma with the patronage of General Than Swe and in Singapore with the patronage of Lee Kuan Yew. Those who succeed in Singapore with Lee's support live as slaves. You are paid huge salaries to parrot Lee’s orders.

On the other hand, in first world democratic countries, one advances because one has skills and abilities which are in demand, not because George Bush likes them.

Many Singaporeans presently view Singapore’s support, assistance and succor for the brutal Burmese military junta totally unacceptable. They are aware of massive Singapore investments in Burma. They are aware that Singapore sells arms to them. They are aware that it is these very weapons which have been used to shoot at innocent protestors. Yet they can do nothing to compel Lee Kuan Yew and his government to account for their actions.

In the case of Dr. Chee Soon Juan who felt the need to publicly protest, Lee Kuan Yew's answer is to arrest, prosecute and imprison him. The government is not open to contrary opinion. Educated people find this life of submission intolerable. Therefore they pack their bags and leave for more civilized counties where their opinions matter.

Take the fact that Singapore media is owned and controlled by the Lee family. The fact that news in Singapore is censored. The fact that there is no free flow of opinion. One is unable to read the Far Eastern Review because it is banned. You are compelled to read the government propaganda churned out in the government printing presses. An educated man would want to know the truth. Not propaganda. It is not necessary; indeed distasteful and shameful to humbly accept only propaganda. So they leave for countries where they can get the truth. They go to the UK the USA Britain Australia and New Zealand.

The daily working lives of Singapore citizens; if they are educated, is distressing and shameful. A civil servant, no matter how much he personally hates the dictatorial regime of Lee Kuan Yew, has to openly praise the administration in public; lest some government informer informs on him to his superiors, resulting in his career being jeopardized. As he needs the job and the income, he openly praises the government; yet when he goes home to his family he curses the government to high Heaven. In other words; for survival, he has to be a disgusting chameleon, living a double life.

I can take a bet with you that every civil servant, every government lawyer, every worker in government controlled companies, every taxi driver and almost everyone detests Lee Kuan Yew and authoritarian government. Yet they feel they have no choice but to go along with whatever is told to them, because there is nothing else they could do the change the system. They are aware that in Singapore Lee decides what next; and the people just go along with the flow. They feel helpless. They have no choice.

Those in high positions, do it for the money. They are prepared, for the money to trumpet the government’s position, even if they personally find doing what they do distasteful and shameful. A very unsatisfactory situation; not only for them, but for the future of Singapore. You have an entire country of reluctant workers.

This sort of government where it is Lee's laws and nothing else; makes educated people very uncomfortable in Singapore. They are not prepared to live like slaves, because they need not. They can go anywhere in the world they want.

So, the educated leave. They leave in droves. They leave Singapore as I write this blog. There is an ongoing brain drain. This is damaging for Singapore. Singapore needs their educated. But Lee, because of his arrogance, forces them to leave. To replace them, Singapore tries to bring in foreigners to take their places. But their places are not being filled. A highly educated Singapore doctor who goes to Canada is being replaced by a Chinese sausage maker from Hunan who does not even speak English. A skilled native Singaporean born lawyer, who emigrates to Melbourne, is being replaced by a Chinese cook from Guangdong China.

Both the Hunan sausage maker and the Guangdong cook speak only Chinese. No English at all. Before coming to Singapore, they used to live in abject poverty in China. Needless to say, neither of them have read Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson and neither have they ever heard of such a thing as the Constitution of Singapore. They were almost slaves in China. They have come to Singapore to be Lee's slaves. They are happy that way. Both of them will never see the need to challenge the rule of Lee Kuan Yew. Lee Kuan Yew is happy to have them. But people like them, with very little education or ability are destroying Singapore. Not making Singapore great.

The ones who can make Singapore great are the ones Lee Kuan Yew is chasing from the island. Lee's actions are deliberately causing this massive and continuing brain drain. And this brain drain is destroying Singapore. And Lee is responsible for it.

Lee is aware of this serious brain drain from Singapore. He is aware that those coming into Singapore from the nearby third world Asian countries cannot match the skills and abilities of Singaporeans who are leaving. He is aware that Singapore’s main asset is it's people, and without good and capable people, Singapore is slowly declining to become another Asian backwater. He is aware that he is destroying Singapore.

That is why we see him going to various Australian, US and Canadian cities, speaking to overseas Singaporeans and begging that they return to Singapore. He has set up, at public expense organizations such as the Singapore Overseas Unit trying to make Singaporeans return. But we have seen that all his efforts have come to zero. The fact is that educated people have more capability and self respect and they need not return to Singapore island to be told by Lee Kuan Yew what to think and how they should live their lives.

The sooner he realizes this fact the better.

Gopalan Nair
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Monday, October 22, 2007

Singapore. The government's dilemna with protestors.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dr. Chee and his protesters are yet again being investigated by Tanglin Police Station for yet another protest, the Burma protests. Regardless of whether they decide to charge and prosecute them or whether they decide, when they are at a disadvantage, to merely give warning letters instead of prosecution; Dr. Chee and his friends would have won either way. The government will be put to shame, once again.

The world is already aware of the denial of fundamental rights of free speech expression and assembly in Singapore. They are also very aware of Dr. Chee. If they prosecute and convict and send to him to jail yet again; as he is ready and willing to serve yet more time in Queenstown Prison; the world will again be up in arms at the blatant violation of fundamental human rights, putting Singapore in the same league as Burma.

On the other hand, if they do nothing and merely give warning letters, Dr. Chee will say that the Government is weakening at his onslaught against them. Again Dr. Chee would have won and the government would have lost. What is worse for the government is; if they do not prosecute, other Singaporeans may become emboldened and turn into citizen protesters. Perhaps a group of low income, below poverty line citizens might finally decide, take courage and demand a a small part of the $3 million a year that Lee and his family and friends pay themselves!

What if some unhappy CPF members decides, enough is enough; we want our money now, and take to the streets in front of the Istana.

And what is worse is if Singaporeans begin to ignore DSP Deep Singh's (the selected police officer in the cat and mouse game with the protesters) repeated broken record pleas of "This is an illegal procession. It is illegal under Singapore law. We are investigating this case. Please leave this place" warnings!

The only other way to silence Dr. Chee is for the government to send him to prison for a long time. This may shut him up; but the international disapproval of Singaporean governing methods will only increase.

If Dr. Chee is able to keep up his fight; which I think he can, I can see only one winner in the end. Dr. Chee and the cause of freedom.

And with time, more will turn protesters.

And the one thing that Lee is mortally afraid of is protests, since Singapore is a crowded place and protests are doubly effective in crowded places. If only Dr. Chee can manage to cultivate the culture of protests, Lee will have a difficult time explaining repressive laws such as protest permits to his people.

Gopalan Nair
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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Singapore. Sylvia Lim speak with forked tongue.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Had I been a Red Indian, instead of an Asian Indian, I would have told Sylvia Lim, Non Constituency Member of Parliament of Singapore representing the Workers Party, that at the recent International Bar Association Conference held in Singapore, she spoke with forked tongue! As the Red Indian had told the white man many years ago "White man speak with forked tongue"!

Instead of representing the interests of the law and the cause of justice and democracy, she instead shamefully decided to take the side of repression and authoritarianism when she told 3,000 lawyers from around the world that there was nothing wrong with the legal system of Singapore and foreign lawyers should mind their own business and not meddle in Singapore's domestic policies. Those may not be her exact words but in essence that is what she meant!

Wait a minute, you may say! Is this not the line that Lee Kuan Yew and the PAP would take when international human rights and legal organizations justly criticize the Lee Kuan Yew government for its various repressive laws that exist in Singapore; such as the denial of the right to peaceful protest and assembly, of the right to free speech and expression, rights which are enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human rights, which are glaringly lacking in this island dictatorship! Blatant human rights violations!

Well then, who is she representing, by the way? Is she representing the PAP or is she an opposition politician as she claims to be.

And her words become all the more shocking, when we are told that she is indeed a law professor in one of the colleges in Singapore!

I try to be a gentleman and try to avoid using strong words; but sometimes I find it difficult to restrain myself. This is what I will say to her. She has betrayed her cause, betrayed her party, betrayed the trust of the members of the Workers Party, betrayed the trust of the members of all opposition parties in Singapore, betrayed the trust of the people of Singapore and betrayed herself and her conscience. She should be ashamed of herself.

She knows that;
1. Lee denies human rights to his people
2. Lee denies his people any possible means to exercise their right of self determination

and yet she says, without any hesitation, that Singapore can take care of it's human rights problems and outsiders should not comment.

How can she honestly say this when at this very moment, her people are being politically suppressed in every way possible.

Her betrayal becomes even more shameful when she does this under the guise of being an opposition politician.

All that I can say is that she is a shameless woman. Singaporeans should ignore her. She should be sent to Coventry; as the saying goes. Or to the pantry, which ever is more convenient. There is no need to waste too much time with her. She is not worth it.

For more details of her betrayal, please go the the SDP web site, read 21 Oct 07 SDP disappointed with WP's IBA comments.

Gopalan Nair
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Friday, October 19, 2007

Singapore. The Workers Party and the Singapore Democratic Alliance should stop claiming to be opposition political parties.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Workers Party with Loh Thia Khiang, Sylvia Lim and the Singapore Democratic Alliance Chiam See Thong should stop wasting their time and Singaporeans time in claiming to work for democratic rights of Singaporeans. They are doing nothing for the cause of democracy in Singapore.

Look at what they do. They go to Parliament and make some speeches about this or that. The government promptly refutes their allegations. Then they go home and nothing more. In the meantime, the government carries on with a total disregard of the citizens rights; while these so called opposition politicians wait for the next parliamentary session to make further speeches upon speeches, ad nauseum. And as these opposition politicians make their speeches, Lee Kuan Yew continues to do whatever he wants whenever he wants; with total disregard of the citizen's rights.

These opposition politicians are doing nothing. They should be told to go home, and stay there.

The following are the startling glaring grievances. Citizens need permits for each of these activities following, and permits will always be denied if it furthers the opposition cause. In other words, they have no rights.

1. The people have no right to free speech
2. They have no right to assembly
3. They have no right to organize into societies
4. They have no right to print and publish newspapers
5. They have no equal recourse to justice. Political opponents cases will be lost.
6. Political opponents will not be able to find a lawyer to represent them.
7. They cannot criticize the ruling party. If they do, they will be sued for defamation of character and bankrupted.

The Workers Party is aware of the repression that goes on. Yet they do nothing, save making speeches upon speeches which are just ignored by the Lee Kuan Yew Administration.

It is not enough for the The Workers Party and the SDA merely to make speeches when they know the government just ignores them.

They should realize that they are elected to fight for citizen's rights. And if these rights are denied, they must do whatever is necessary; including peaceful street protests, boycotts, civil unrest and any other necessary means to force the dictatorial Lee regime to submit to the truth. They have to be forced, through whatever means, short of violence, to give the people their rights, which the government denies them.

These wasted opposition politicians of the WP and the SDA should be honest and tell their people that they are unable to deliver. Merely warming their seats and collecting their salaries is dishonest.

The people already know that the Lee Administration does not permit free and fair elections. They illegally deprive real and capable politicians to stand for elections for the opposition; by threats of defamation suits and other forms of punishment resulting in the eternal lack of suitable opposition candidates to stand in elections.

Therefore both you, I and they, know that it is impossible in these circumstances, for the opposition to defeat the tyrant Lee Kuan Yew through the ballot box.

In these circumstances, if the people really want to enjoy their fundamental rights to live as free people, the only way forward is to force the government to submit to the demands of the people.

Today, only the SDP with Dr. Chee Soon Juan and his colleagues are doing what should be done. They are using whatever lawful means they can; short of resorting to violence, to compel this authoritarian government to admit that they are bound by the constitution after all. That whether they like it or not, the interests of the people are paramount; not theirs with their $3 million salary each.

I have the respect and admiration of all the Workers Party supporters as well as those in the SDA. It is Loh Thia Khiang, Sylvia Lim and Chiam See Thong that I have quarrels with.

I ask that each member of these 2 opposition parties demand of them that they are required to do something tangible for the people. Otherwise they should step aside and allow more honest leaders to take the reigns. Second, I tell party members that they do not need the approval of these ineffective leaders to do what they want. They should go ahead and strike, protest, boycott and carry out other forms of civil disobedience until their demands are met; with or without the approval of these inept and ineffective leaders. And this can be done not only by opposition party members but by everyone in Singapore who cherishes to live as free men.

Of course, if you feel it necessary, you can also leave and join the SDP and stand with Dr. Chee and his friends in their courageous and honorable road that they take in their fight for freedom.

From Northern California, I watch with admiration the work of these martyrs for freedom. The wheel of democracy is turning. It may take some time but it is steadily moving in the right direction.

The destination has been charted. True course has been converted to magnetic giving magnetic course. Magnetic course has been corrected for the cross wind component giving magnetic heading. Compass deviation has been corrected giving compass heading. All navigation instruments working correct.The aircraft is spot on course. Nothing can go wrong now.

If the destination is Freedom City Airport, you can almost here the Captain say,

"Freedom City Tower, Antonov 12, 3754 Niner Victor, 15 miles south west of field over Kong Kong, with information Charlie. Inbound for Landing".

The human nature inherently seeks freedom. This is because humans have the ability to think. Between freedom and bondage, the force of nature always results in the success of the former. This is the law of nature. Lee Kuan Yew should realize this.

Gopalan Nair
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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Singapore government's desperate attempt to show a pretty face at the IBA Conference.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

At the ongoing International Bar Association's conference in Singapore, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch of Canada and other respected international organizations have asked the Bar Association to condemn Singapore government's denial of the rule of law in Singapore. As the heat of international "lack of rule of law" criticism is now being felt by the Singaporean dictators Lee Kuan Yew and his family, they are desperately trying to refute these allegations, by making various important people there to make speeches refuting it, without much success.

You have seen Lee Kuan Yew himself making the keynote speech at the beginning of the conference say that Singapore is indeed a country where the rule of law is respected. In support of his claim, he refers to PERC, a Hong Kong based financial consultancy which places Singapore high on the list for legal efficiency. However he conveniently fails to say that this organization's main business is to give advice to foreign investors doing business in Singapore. PERC, by the very nature of their business, is not concerned whether the poor average Singaporean native will get the same justice as the rich American investor would, in Singapore courts.

Neither is PERC concerned whether human rights is respected in the country, since this does not factor into the equation for foreign businessmen in Singapore, as the bottom line is maximum profits, not human rights or the rule of law. We can assume that according to PERC, China too will have a good ranking for the rule of law, since American investors find China the best place to invest for manufacturing.

The Attorney General of Singapore has also found it necessary to weigh in on Lee Kuan Yew's claim on the rule of law in Singapore. He too has made a speech praising the existence of complete independence of the judiciary in Singapore and swears that the rule of law is followed to the letter.

However he has left unsaid the fact that the very newspaper that publishes these praises from these ruling elite of Singapore is in fact not independent. The Straits Times is fully owned and controlled by Lee Kuan Yew and his family just as all the other media in Singapore is. I understand all the media in Burma is also controlled by the military junta in that country.

He has also failed to mention that in this rule of law country that he claims, not a single member of Lee Kuan Yew's ruling party has ever lost a law suit brought before the courts against their political opponents. Lee Kuan Yew and his family routinely sue political opponents and foreign newspapers for defamation of character and they invariably win all their cases and always manage collect hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages, awarded by judges in those courts. Are we to assume that Lee Kuan Yew and his family members are always right and their political opponents always wrong, or is there some other reason for this definite pattern of judicial decisions in favor of the Lee family, such as judicial bias?

In the end, behind this pattern of defamation actions and humongous awards awarded against political opponents in these courts, and with such respected international organizations such as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Lawyers Committee for Human Rights, New York Bar Association and even the State Department of the US all saying that Singapore is indeed a country that denies it's citizens their fundamental human rights, and lacks the rule of law; is Lee Kuan Yew telling us that we should still believe him and his Attorney General?

He might as well go ahead and tell us that the moon is made of cheese.

Gopalan Nair
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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Singapore. Unjust laws need not be obeyed. They are unconstitutional.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Singapore Constitution of 1965, with the breakup from Malaysia was based on the principles of a parliamentary democracy; where the foundational philosophy and backbone of the country was democracy, not dictatorship; a country which believed the best form of government was based on liberty, the exchange of free speech and expression among it's citizens; where citizens can peacefully protest their grievances to their government; where every citizen's desires and opinions mattered; where the government is accountable to the people; and where consensus can be reached through free and fair elections; where the will of the people is supreme.

In other words, democracy. Singapore was meant to be a democratic country.

In this democratic clash of ideas among it's citizens, where each individual has a say in what he thinks to be correct; the country advances as new ideas replace the old, where the country is constantly on the move in it's thinking, its vibrancy; and where every citizen is proud of his country because he feels himself responsible for the destiny of his country, and takes credit for it's success.

In other words, the constitution of Singapore, as it is written gave every man and women in Singapore a say on how their country is run and to change it, if they so desired. These rights are enshrined in the constitution of Singapore.

In the constitutional system of government; which Singapore is supposed to be; and as it is written; the document called the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the land, which overrides every other legislation or law, and where the laws conflict with the provisions of the Constitution, the laws themselves become illegal as being contrary to the provisions of the Constitution.

In other words, the makers of Singapore constitution considered the provisions such as the right to free speech and expression, the right to free assembly and the right to non violent peaceful protest, as fundamental and supreme rights which must be cherished and respected by any government of Singapore. That is why these provisions appear in the constitution. They are vitally important and have to be protected for the good of the country.

The laws of the country are to be based on the spirit and letter of the constitution; rules and laws having to reflect and support it; the country to be run according to it.

But Lee Kuan Yew, since he came into power, systematically weakened the constitutional rights of his people until today; when one could correctly say that Singapore no longer has a constitution. Evey constitutional right that citizen's had has been systematically diluted or denied entirely.

These actions by Lee Kuan Yew and his PAP are illegal, ultra vires the constitution, and are a denial of the fundamental rights of their citizens. Therefore, these laws that take away the constitutional rights of the citizens are void in law and devoid of any legal effect.

The Constitution of Singapore specially provides the right of peaceful assembly and enshrined in it. This right is supreme and is the entrenched law of the land. This right belongs to the citizens in perpetuity. Contrary to the specific provision of the constitution, Lee Kuan Yew has passed a law that requires a protest of 5 or more people; even if peaceful; to have a permit. This law is a direct violation of the Constitution.

Lee Kuan Yew in his desire to crush any political opposition, justifies this illegal 5 person protest law by articulating an argument that for the sake of public order, protests have to be controlled and regulated, thereby requiring licences for 5 or more people. Yet, in the entire history of Singapore, although numerous applications for peaceful protest licenses have been applied for by the opposition; so far not a single one has been granted.

It is very clear that the PAP government has no intention of ever granting a single permit to the opposition for their lawful political purposes. It is also very clear that even though the opposition has always been peaceful and has never resorted to any violence whatsoever, no matter what, the government is determined to deny their right to further their political cause. The PAP's aim in such a law is to deny political opponents any opportunity to peacefully challenge Lee and his government. The intended purpose has never been to preserve law and order.

It therefore makes such a law, which has no lawful compelling or even reasonable national interest, clearly illegal. It is clearly an unjust law which is not only illegal in law; and neither does it have any moral basis whatsoever.

This makes the law void and unenforceable. Therefore Singapore citizens should have not only the right to break such a law; they should make it their moral duty to break it.

It is the same with freedom of speech and expression which is enshrined as a fundamental right in the constitution. The right to read what you want, the right to print and publish what you want, unless the writing is defamatory; defamatory in the lawful sense, not in the sense of Lee's interpretation of it; and the right to say what you want and to speak what you want, freely and fearlessly, as proud men and women. These are constitutional rights.

Since Lee's authority may be threatened if you are permitted to speak whatever you want; he imposes laws, illegal laws, to deny you that right. He enacts the Newspapers and Printing Presses Act which requires licenses, preventing you from writing and publishing whatever you want; he has the Societies Act which prevents you from exercising your constitutional right of free assembly and association; he enacts labor laws that deny workers to freely join unions and for their leaders to represent their workers; and I can go on and on about Lee's illegality of his laws.

By every proud Singaporean proud of his country, these laws unjust illegal laws should be deliberately broken. In breaking them, you will not be a criminal. You will be a patriot and a nationalist fighting for what you think best for your country; and having the courage to stand up to it.

That is why, Dr. Chee, Chee Siok Chin, Gandhi Ambalam and Charles Tan, as well as other activists such as Uncle Yap, Monica Gogilvani and the other courageous Singaporeans; if I left out any I apologize; are the truest and best citizens in what they do.

Those of us, others who just stand by and do nothing, will do well now to see that it is not illegal to break these laws; but indeed honorable to do so.

Singapore laws such as the 5 person protest law is illegal and Dr. Chee is not breaking the law by protesting. Singaporeans should understand this.

I am not suggesting that each time you dislike a law, you should break it. But I am saying that there are laws in Singapore which are clearly and openly politically motivated; and not for any national interest. When you see such laws, such as these; you will be an honorable man or woman who says " This is my country. I will not tolerate laws such as these".

Gopalan Nair
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Fremont, CA 94538, USA
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A letter from overseas from Manickam Muthu

Hi Gopalan
I stumbled onto your blog quite by accident. Very interesting site.
I like the entry in August about what to do survive in Singapore..
After studying and living in Oz for almost ten years I gave up my Singapore Citizenship mainly because it gave me a sense of belonging to Australia in taking up Citizenship here.
However when I was answering the questions on the Renunciation Form that the Singapore Embassy sent to me - I actually felt very sad - because a lot of the questions evoked good childhood memories - like where you went to school - addresses that you lived in etc.
(Much like your profile description - I remember Winstedt Rd school - they must have converted it to the Foreign Language Centre as I went there German lessons from 1983 to
There was also a lot of pressure from family and relatives - mainly from the older generation who have no idea or refuse to believe that the Singapore they knew had changed so much.
I decided to renounce in secret as funny as it seems and I had to hide my passport from my parents when I visited them after a five year hiatus. That visit sealed the deal for me.. all the reasons that contributed towards my decision to leave the country came back in full force. However holding a foreign passport and the thought of having my own safe home to go back to gave me a sense of security like you wouldn't believe. It reminded me of the past when I felt so oppressed living there and absolutely hated every single day of my life - the national service, NUS, and watching as foreigners got red carpet treatment whilst locals of my age group were struggling to get a foothold in the job market.
Anyway I will look forward to reading your blogs..


Sunday, October 14, 2007

Singapore. A call to conscience

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today's state controlled Singapore newspaper The Straits Times reports the Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew as saying that the strengths of Singapore are its "good governance and rule of law"! We are not sure whether it is senility or just plain dishonesty that makes him say this, but you and I know that the statement does not refer to Singapore and neither will it refer to Burma! He must be referring to some other country.

Singapore's governance has been thoroughly discredited by international organizations such as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and the European Union as well as the Government of Canada. So has it's rule of law as can be seen by the use of legal process by government ministers to silence dissent. I am talking of defamation actions for which Lee Kuan Yew has become world famous or infamous. The world is now aware that Dr. Chee Soon Juan who has won several international awards for peace and recognized as a fighter for human rights and freedom, now is kept under city arrest, not much different from the brave Aung San Su Shi of Burma who remains under house arrest. City arrest in the case of Dr. Chee, who is denied the right to travel outside the bounds of Singapore island. And all for what? Just for criticizing the policies and the rule of Lee Kuan Yew and his son.

This injustice makes one's blood boil. And even more when this tyrant and bully, Lee Kuan Yew has the gall to say things like "good governance" and "rule of law" of the island that he rules with an iron grip. What a lair.

But one thing for which we can be thankful is modern communication technology which makes news travel throughout the world before you can bat an eyelid; and this technology is working against Lee Kuan Yew. Mr. Lee can keep saying things such as "good governance" and "rule of law" until he becomes blue in the face, but it will do him no good. The world knows that he is a corrupt dictator who pays himself and each member of his family $3 million of Singapore taxpayers money; or theft properly speaking, and Singapore is a dictatorship and nothing nothing less. By uttering such nonsense, it only makes him look stupid in the eyes of the world.

So I say this to all of you. You have a conscience. You have a duty to follow it, if you are an honest person.

Lee is already finding it very difficult to continue. He can make speeches flowing with confidence as much a he wants but he is fighting a losing battle. The tide is against him.

The English educated Singaporeans are leaving the country in droves; children are not being born in sufficient numbers; the population is shrinking except for the fact that he brings in 3rd rate immigrants from neighbouring Asian countries in an desperate attempt to maintain the population; he gives out scholarships generously to Chinese from the mainland, but they use it to learn English and leave for USA at the first opportunity; mainland Indians do the same, study computer science at Singapore's expense and leave for Silicon Valley USA on the first plane out; every so called immigrant to Singapore finds out what is underneath the varnish; that it is rotten to the core, so they have second thoughts and leave Singapore at first light.

It is, to borrow an expression from the Titanic, trying to arrange the deckchairs while the bow is already listing 60% and sinking! The ship is inexorably taking water.

I ask this of you. I ask every civil servant to refuse to do the dirty work of Lee Kuan Yew when his demands are to unjustly hurt the opposition. I ask police officers to refuse to obey orders to arrest Dr. Chee when he is engaged in nothing more that peaceful political activity, knowing that that Lee Kuan Yew's laws to arrest citizens in such cases is a violation of the Constitution which is the supreme law. Singapore laws that violate the constitution are devoid of legal basis and should be disobeyed. I ask Judges and magistrates when called upon to manipulate and abuse the law to silence and punish Singaporean peaceful dissidents to disobey and refuse such orders of Lee Kuan Yew.

I ask each one of you to stand up to your conscience.

I ask every citizen to search your conscience and ask whether what you do is just. Keep in mind that Lee cannot punish everybody. If you stand up to him, he will have to change his ways, and justice and truth will triumph.

Remember, you are not as weak as you think you are. And you will be doing good; not just for yourselves but for your descendants and future generations to follow. Singapore is your country; no one can deny you that. So take it upon yourself to do your country proud.

Just as Dr. Chee Soon Juan, Gandhi Ambalam, Chee Siok Chin, Charles Tan and Jeffrey George and all the others who have shown true grit in the face of repression in the on-going Burma protests.

These protesters as well as all Singaporeans are now able to see how weak this government really is. If they really are as powerful as they want us to believe they are, then they should shoot like the Burmese Junta did. But Lee Kuan Yew knows that Singapore is not a backwater like Burma. If he shoots, it will be the end not only of the protesters, but also himself and his family and last but not least, Singapore itself.

So he doesn't shoot. All he can do is to order his politically obedient judges to mete out one week jail sentences each time; for Dr. Chee to come out a week later and do the same thing again!

If there is a clown among the people here, it has to be Lee Kuan Yew. Surely.

Gopalan Nair
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Fremont, CA 94538, USA
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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Singapore. The true reason for political apathy.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Except for Dr. Chee Soon Juan and his colleagues, there is a total nationwide apathy and indifference for politics in the entire island of Singapore. No interest in civil liberties, no interest in how the country is run, no interest in anything at all that happens around them. The people appear only interested in having a job, sufficient income, the more the better and a comfortable life. As to how the country should be run, they leave it entirely to Lee Kuan Yew, his son and his friends and relatives.

This strange attitude, this total indifference to government and politics, is strange and unique; different from people's behavior in every other country. Why are Singaporeans disinterested? Since they are citizens of their country and since their money goes to pay the huge salaries of the Ministers their relatives and friends who run the country; should it not be natural for them to demand to be heard in matters that affect them? Well apparently in Singapore, they don't see the need to complain or make suggestions on governance.

I now know the reason why.

The reason for Singaporeans to believe that they are helpless in complaining to the government their grievances or making suggestions is because the vast majority is unaware that they have such rights. The vast majority, through ignorance, believe that they do not have such rights.

The fault for the sad state of affairs in Singapore where Lee Kuan Yew and his government are able to continue to rule unchallenged by any Singaporean; the blame for this sad state of affairs lies entirely on the lawyers, those educated in social sciences such as philosophy, sociology and political science. It is they who are aware, because of their training, of the principles of democracy, of the rule of law and the way a modern civil society should be run. But these people have shamefully let the country down because of their fear to oppose Lee Kuan Yew and the dire consequences that will follow. So to protect themselves, these very people who should be leading the way in making sure that Singapore is indeed a democracy that was intended in it's constitution; have let the people down by not ensuring that each man and women is made aware of his or her rights, so that this country, like other first world countries is governed for the benefit of the people; rather than for the benefit of Lee Kuan Yew, his relatives and friends as is the sad situation now.

And the ignorance which the majority have about their rights is not their fault. The idea of democracy, the need for it, and why it is necessary, are things that have to be learned. They are not things that people would automatically know. And the duty to make the people realize their rights lies with the lawyers; these lawyers who have miserably failed their fellow citizens and betrayed their calling.

I have a friend, Thanabal. I speak to him very often over the phone. I knew him since childhood. He lived in PUB flats in Somerset Road. His parents knew my parents. Although a good student when young, it was not good enough for the Singapore education system of the time. He did not manage his O levels well. He ended up as a store man and now is security guard.

I asked Thanabal why he is not agitating for his rights, since he is a Singaporean. His answer was basically that the government has some bad laws and policies which he disagrees with. But beyond that, he had nothing more to say. He did not even believe that he had such rights as to protest, to demonstrate or peacefully assemble to demand his rights. It is not because he is particularly stupid. It is simply because no one ever told him that he has such rights. He has never read the constitution of Singapore and even if he did, would not know the importance of its provisions.

It is not just Thanabal. It is almost the entire country that is kept in the dark this way. For Lee Kuan Yew and his family members who reap the rewards of the toils of Singaporeans like him; it serves Lee very well to keep my friend Thanabal in the ignorant state that he is in; in politics or government. The less Thanabal is told about matters such as the Constitution, the better for the Lee family. I could safely say that the vast majority of Singaporeans, even those who are educated in non legal or non philosophical subjects, graduated from the University of Singapore are not much different from my friend Thanabal. Surprisingly, they display the same level of ignorance in political matters. In college, they have all been deliberately kept in the dark on matters such as the Constitution or the people's rights.

And Lee Kuan Yew being the corrupt dictator that he is; he deliberately ensures the people's ignorance in government, thereby able to govern them easily.

And as equally disgraceful as Lee Kuan Yew and his family; are the Singapore lawyers. Why, because lawyers are aware of such things as the constitution and the rights of citizens and yet they do nothing, because they fear; fear to encourage the people to demand their lawful rights. And because these disgraceful Singapore lawyers remain silent, having abandoned and abdicated their duty to the people and the law; Lee is able to run roughshod over his people at his pleasure.

Since I came to the United States, I have been in regular contact with lawyers whom I knew. I want to tell you what they say and generally it is the same disgusting line of thinking that they conveyed. All of them, the moment they know it is me on the telephone; almost invariably start off by saying that they are not interested in politics. This is because they expect me to ask them what they thought of the government's refusal to refund CPF payments; why is the government constantly arresting Dr. Chee for his peaceful protests; are they not aware that the constitution allows peaceful assembly; and why are they not doing anything about it. These are embarrassing questions for them which they prefer not to answer. They are ashamed. They know that they should do something. They are afraid. Afraid for themselves and afraid for their families. They are afraid of Lee's retribution. So they remain silent. In fact they prefer not to speak to me at all.

One Indian woman lawyer in Peoples Park Complex or center; I do not know which but the building across the parking lot from Subordinate Courts; will ask her secretary whether it is Gopalan Nair on the phone or some other Gopalan; and if it happens to be me, she will conveniently say that she was not in! I had expected her to have a little more courage; she has been practicing for many years and had assisted Dr. Chee behind the scenes by notarizing affidavits for court appearances; but beyond that, there is no more passion to do anything so daring as to walk out and hold a placard demanding "We want justice, or Lee get out". Poor woman, her courage appears to go only as far as notarizing Dr. Chee's affidavits in private. Her courage does not appear to extend beyond that!

We have the Indian lawyer who recently had represented Dr. Chee until his suspension from practice. Among other somewhat strange behavior that he exhibited, he had for some reason decided it was about time that he did something dramatic. Not finding anything else, he chose to sue the Mariamman Hindu Temple in South Bridge Road on the preposterous claim that the constitution of Singapore, because it refers to equality between the sexes, should therefore mean that women should be permitted to officiate from now on in temple prayers; something that has not been done since the birth of mankind! I understand that his claim was promptly thrown out by the court and he is having some difficulty in more ways than one.

We have not seen him lately at the Burmese gathering before the Burmese Embassy in Singapore, even though he always claims to be a Human Rights Specialist among other of his self proclaimed talents. Perhaps, he too has joined the other lawyers who find it fashionable to say that they are not interested in politics. Only time will tell. He remains suspended from practice. Poor man.

One other lawyer, a Chinese woman, also someone who had practiced for many years was somewhat shocked when she heard it was me, as I did not know her too well. When I told her about the latest injustices that went on, she said she did not know! When I said, it was printed in the Straits Times, she said, for want of something more believable; that she only read foreign papers, and not the Straits Times! End of story.

And then there was an Indian lawyer who works in Mallal and Namazie, a lawyer of some 25 years of experience. The problem with him is, as with many lawyers in Singapore, is the desire to be seen as supportive of the Lee Administration, which would mean in turn that if you are recognized by the Lee Kuan Yew and his friends; you stand to gain a great deal professionally and financially, meaning you may get good cases, and you would advance in your career. Therefore the need to discredit anyone who even suggests that Lee is a tyrant.

In this man's case, there was an exchange of Email correspondence. His responses were generally like this a) all countries are equally bad, even USA since they are attacking Iraq 2) USA is bad because they are killing the Arabs 3) it is not right on my part to compare Lee with Hitler since Lee did not kill anyone yet 4) I am talking a whole load of rubbish 5) when I mentioned Rousseau or Montesquieu on the constitution, he said he did not know and neither did he care and then his attacks became personal. He clearly does not understand why Dr. Chee does whatever he does because he claims that Dr. Chee's actions are against the law. I think it is all right to name him here, because his ignorance or his pretence is so startling for a lawyer.

He is Bala Chandran son of A Kandiah of Mallal and Namazie. His phone number is 6225 6511. It is quite a sad case really. Even after many years in practice, it cannot be said that he has succeeded, really. So the need, the distressing need to continue to be politically correct, in Lee's eyes. Even if he has to utter absolute nonsense, it does not matter.

I understand he plays soccer with PAP members; presumably in the hope that this association with the PAP, will benefit him in his failing career. For some reason, the association with PAP soccer team has not done him much good financially. Well, it is not all bad. At least the exercise keeps him fit.

Actually Singapore lawyers are not really lawyers in the true sense. They are there to draft contracts and prepare legal documents and to plead in mitigation in Magistrates Courts. Nothing more than that. But to really challenge the government on the laws relating the client's fundamental rights such as freedom of speech or expression, there will be no one.

As has been seen in Dr. Chee's inability to find a single lawyer; repeat, one single lawyer, to represent him in his political cases. That itself speaks volumes about the state of the legal profession there. Now since the octogenarian 83 year old JB Jeyaretnam has been reinstated to the rolls, let us hope that he will be such a lawyer, a real lawyer who will fight for his client’s rights. But alas, I think he may be losing his hearing. After all he is 83 years old.

I will too if I was 83.

Let us hope that JB Jeyaretnam's hearing problem does not become too much of an obstacle to his practicing law, and let us also hope that he lives a long life to a hundred. That way my claim that there is not a single true lawyer in Singapore will be proven false.

I will have to concede then, that there is, after all, one real lawyer there.

This is the sad state of lawyers in Singapore. In no other country in the world, is the situation so pathetic or tragic.

Gopalan Nair
39737 Paseo Padre Parkway, Suite A1
Fremont, CA 94538, USA
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Monday, October 8, 2007

Congratulations SDP on the Burma Protests. Now the next step.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It was excellent job by the Singapore Democrat Party, Dr. Chee Soon Juan and every other protestor in the recent Singapore Burma protests. I believe their intention was very clear from the start. It was to goad the Lee Administration into reacting to their protests, by arresting them. And this, as expected of the Lee Kuan Yew Administration, they did, to their shame. By their arrests, the government has lost a great deal of respect; exposing Singapore’s repressive actions to the world community; telling the world that the difference between them and Burma was only in degree; including reminding us of the fact that they are one of the largest trading partners or enablers of the brutal Burmese junta.

A brilliant coup. Well done SDP.

Since the protest movement through the sacrifice and struggle of Dr. Chee and his colleagues is now well under way in Singapore, it has now to be put to good use in furthering the democratic cause of Singaporeans.

I believe that for a protest movement to succeed and gain in strength and numbers, it has to be a cause that will have support within a large section of the community, such as issues relating to bread and butter. Abstract ideological issues such as the fundamental freedoms of the press and assembly may not, in a society such as Singapore at present, attract large massive support.

Therefore, in my view, the activists for democratic change should look to the present main problems of the people; such as the inability of Singaporeans to draw on their CPF in old age; the failure of the government to sufficiently provide for the old and sick who are given as little as $300.00 per month in welfare payments when the Ministers are paid, in addition to the various other hidden sources of income, a pay of a thumping $3 million a year; the displacement of local Singaporeans workers by the massive immigration of foreigners who take the jobs from the Singaporeans locals.

Such issues which hit at the heart of a wide section of Singaporeans are good protest cases which Dr. Chee and his admirable colleagues should look into.

The difficulty with international opinion is this. The world community has to see Singaporeans themselves demanding their rights from the government through protests strikes and other civil disobedience; which unfortunately at present the world does not see, except occasionally such as this Burma protest. Otherwise the world sees Singapore as a very peaceful place with the population entirely content. In this situation, it is difficult for Singaporeans to expect the world to put any pressure on Singapore when they see that the Singaporeans themselves do not appear to want any change.

It is my humble opinion, now that Dr. Chee has managed to make great headway in the protest movement tin Singapore, to now push ahead with more protests on issues which are hurting the poorer and older sections of the Singapore population most, such as their inability to withdraw the CPF and the neglect of the old, sick and infirm.

Another is the race issue. I am sure Dr. Chee speaks for the Malays and the Indians as well as everyone in Singapore and therefore there is no shame in mentioning it. The Malays and Indians are hurting because of the Singapore government policy of importing disproportionately large numbers of Chinese from mainland China when in fact; the Malays who have more children that anyone else continue to be kept as a small minority of 15 % and the Indians at 8%. I think local born Singaporean Chinese stand in support of the plight of the Malays and Indians in this case, when the government deliberately keeps the Malay population at a small minority. Malays should protest for a halt in this unfair unjust massive importation of Chinese.

I hope that Dr. Chee now will begin working the HDB flats to target and identify in sufficient numbers those who are hurting in such seminal causes; because of the unfair policies such as the CPF retention of savings by the government and work towards even massive protest movements for these grievances.

Any protest movement requires money. The government has an unjust law; just as many of their laws are unjust in favor of the government; that disallows local organizations from being funded by foreign sources. If you really think of it, this law makes no sense. I concede it is wrong to use foreign money to further foreign interests. But it is not wrong to use foreign money for the good of Singapore and to bring about democracy.

I think Singapore opposition politicians should ignore and defy Singapore law which forbids foreign funding of democratic causes in the country and they should seek the help of foreign organizations, of which there are many, to lend support to the cause of freedom in Singapore.

And lastly, one point about the Singapore governments repeated accusation that Dr. Chee was in violation of Singapore law that makes protests of more than 5 people illegal. Let me remind the Singapore government that it is not Dr. Chee' protest that is illegal; it is the law itself which is illegal.

First remember, just because the law is passed by Parliament does not make it good law. Second, the supreme law of the land is the constitution which gives the right of assembly to the people. Third, constitutional law states that no law can be validly enacted which contravenes the constitution unless there are compelling reasons for such a law. Therefore since there are no compelling reasons why a peaceful assembly of 5 or more people should need a permit, this law is clearly without any legal basis. Such a law is illegal and Dr. Chee and everyone else in Singapore should violate that law whenever they see fit. And what I say is the law. Ask any lawyer.

And the most important reason why the 5 man assembly law is illegal is simply because; the government will refuse a permit even if you applied!

I hope Dr. Chee and his brave friends who have so bravely protested make the government realize that if other Singaporeans want to accept even unjust laws, it is up to them; but as far as they are concerned, this permit law is rubbish and should be trampled on like rubbish.

Gopalan Nair
39737 Paseo Padre Parkway, Suite A1
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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Singapore. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is not long more to wait. Not at all.

Lee Kuan Yew is 84 years old. He is an old man. And through his years in power, he became corrupt; as all dictators become. He gave power and money to his family and relatives and cronies. The difference between the Burmese junta and Singapore is only a matter of degree.

In Burma, as in Singapore under the Lee Kuan Yew administration, the military dictators plunder the countries wealth before the eyes of the people enriching themselves. If you complained in Burma, you would be imprisoned and killed. In Singapore, you would be sued and bankrupted. As to which is worse, I leave it up to you.

But now the clock is especially ticking for Lee Kuan Yew. He is 84. And the truth is like everyone else, he is human. His body has to give way, his mind too. He will very soon turn to vegetable; and then he will die. That is certain. The only remaining question is when?

The biggest mistake he made is anointing his son Prime Minister. Unfortunately for him, his son does not instill any confidence even within his own party. There are many things Lee Kuan Yew did over the years that attracted the hatred of the vast majority of his people. The only one's benefiting from his rule are his cronies and relatives who are paid enormous sums; and through globalization, the foreign millionaires now resident in Singapore. The rest merely get along.

The reasons for the hatred towards him and his family in power are many; such as nepotism, corruption in paying themselves unacceptably excessive sums as their salaries, the politicisation of the judiciary, using the courts to silence dissent, the muzzling of the press, and various other blatant human rights violations.

The people are angry. They are waiting for Lee Kuan Yew to die; like vultures around a dying hyena in the desert. And when he dies, his son, lacking any ability will not be able to govern. The pent up anger within people will finally erupt; I expect massive street demonstrations, the present ministers who have got their money will be the first to leave the country, others will follow, capital will flow out, and there will be a momentous change.

I hope when the day comes; mind you, I do not say "if" that day comes; because it is bound to happen; I hope that Singaporeans will hold his son and his family members to account for their ill gotten gains of millions of dollars and made to answer for their actions.

The day that Lee Kuan Yew dies will be the day that sets Singapore free; if the present political opponents in Singapore do not mange it earlier. The political dissidents in Singapore now are working hard to propel the protest movement, which, mind you, has already begun, to full steam ahead. I expect when Lee dies very soon, that protest movement will be the cause for massive protests throughout the island.

I have many more years to live. So have all the other political activists. And unfortunately for Lee's son, he too has many more years to live. All of us will see what happens after Lee's death. And all of us expect his son, the Prime Minister and the others who have abused the trust of Singaporeans to answer for their actions.

After all Lee Kuan Yew will have to die very soon whether he likes it or not. A piece of advise for Lee Kuan Yew. If he is smart, he will play it safe by asking his son, his family and his cronies to leave Singapore forthwith. That way, they may be able to avoid the dangers that may befall them; no guarantee, of course.

Waiting any longer may be too late for them.

Gopalan Nair
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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Deputy Superindent of Police Deep Singh son of Piara Singh; Tel: 63914704, EMail:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Reference the Singaporean and Burmese protests presently ongoing outside the Burmese Embassy Singapore. Also reference to various other political protests held in recent times in Singapore.

I trust everyone has seen Singh's failed attempts to stop the protests outside the Burmese Embassy Singapore on the SDP website. If you haven't, it is well worth watching. This man is an Indian wearing a turban and beard. He cannot be mistaken in the pictures.

You will see him going around threatening those peaceful protesters by saying he is investigating them and that they are in violation of Singapore law by holding the peaceful protests. He repeatedly kept saying it, as no one was willing to obey him. In the end, he just had to walk away and leave the protesters to their protests.

It seems that it is this man who has been chosen by the Lee Dictatorship to attempt to dissuade peaceful protesters.

We know in the past, he has demanded various peaceful citizens who held protests to cease protesting, which by the way, the protesters have invariably refused to obey; wasted their time interrogating them and in the end merely writing warning letters to them demanding that no further peaceful protests be held.

It also appears that this practice of his of merely writing warning letters to Singapore citizens is appearing to be nothing more than both a waste of taxpayers money and stationary because no one is taking any note and merely throwing away the letters with disgust and contempt.

We should take the trouble of telling this puppet of the Lee Kuan Yew administration to not waste anymore more of both your time and his time. If he is serious about what he says, and if he really believes that the actions of peaceful protesters is indeed a violation of the law; then he should carry out his threat and prosecute.

Otherwise, I think we should ask him to hold his tongue and go home and try to do some real policing for a change. Like catching robbers, murderers and rapists.

He is wasting taxpayers money by going around making hollow threats, which is now becoming comical.

Mr. Singh should be told that if he wishes to be a comedian, it is entirely up to him. But he should not be permitted to engage in this theatrical performance at Singapore taxpayers expense.

Since there was a Comical Ali, in Baghdad, a Comical Vivian (Vivian Balakrishnan) in Singapore, could we call this man, Comical Singh?

I think we should all write to him to that effect. I have. His phone number and EMail appears at the top of this letter for easy reference.

Gopalan Nair
39737 Paseo Padre Parkway, Suite A1
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Singaporeans should now use the Burma protests to further the protest culture in Singapore.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

You are aware of the on-going petition signing exercise and protests outside the Burmese Embassy in Singapore, which the Singapore government is both unable and perhaps even unwilling to stop. Unwilling because the world is now aware of the Singapore government's support and investment in the Burmese junta which would make the Singapore government's attempt to stamp out protests against the regime embarrassing.

You have seen the Singapore Police Force Officer Mr. Deep Singh son of Piara Singh's inability to stop Singaporeans from protesting outside the Singapore Burmese Embassy. Although Singapore law, like the Burmese junta’s repressive laws, prohibits assemblies of more than 5 people , unless they have permits, which would invariably be denied even if applied for; the on-going protests outside the Burmese Embassy, Singapore does not have a permit, and Mr. Deep Singh has been unable to do anything about it; even though the law is being broken everyday before his very eyes. A video which shows Mr. Deep Singh repeatedly pleading with the Singapore protesters to stop protesting, while the protesters openly disobey him; can be see on the website of the Singapore Democratic Party I strongly recommend you watch this video, which shows how weak and insipid the Singapore Police Force and Mr. Deep Singh are.

One thing is quite clear by now. Singaporeans are slowly becoming emboldened to protest against their government, when they see their government trampling on their rights; as free citizens all over the world are entitled to do.

So far Singaporeans have been too afraid to protest against their government through fear of retaliation by their authoritarian government; retaliation by way of loss of employment, denial of promotions in their careers when they are seen to be unsupportive of the ruling party, and various other real or imaginary harm that they may or may not suffer, as the fear alone is sufficient to keep them subservient.

This fear is slowly diminishing, thanks to such worldwide situations as the Burmese tragedy, which has worldwide repercussions, and thankfully also in Singapore. Therefore Singaporeans should take this opportunity to continue protesting against the Burmese junta, which is a noble act by itself, but to use this opportunity to protest even further; to protest against the Singapore government for its numerous human rights abuses against their citizens.

Mr. Deep Singh son of Piara Singh, is unable to stop the on-going protests outside the Burmese Embassy in Singapore despite the fact, which he as well as the Singaporeans know, is a breach of Singapore law requiring a permit. Mr. Deep Singh, a Deputy Superintendent of Police and the Head of Investigations at Tanglin Police Station is seen here as nothing more than a impotent castrated eunuch, unable to stop a violation of law being committed before his very eyes.

Watching the video on Singapore democrat website, you will see that the Singapore protesters are not only defying the law, they are even mocking his authority or whatever is left of it, by filming him and his subordinate police officers, while they film and photograph the protesters to intimidate them. It appears from watching the video that it was not the protesters who were intimidated but rather Deep Singh son of Piara Singh (that by the way is his full name). Deep Singh son of Piara Singh as well as his employer the Singapore Police Force lost any remaining credibility they had if ever they had any, on that day.

Since the Singapore Police Force is now seen as unable to stop people from protesting without permits, as is their law, and since this law which was devoid of any moral or legal basis from the start anyway, one thing now is clear. The law requiring permits for protests of 5 or more people is in effect dead and unenforceable. For all intents and purposes, it is no longer enforceable. Another example of the laws unenforceability is Dr. Chee Soon Juan's repeated violations of this law. The Singapore government had imprisoned him a few times, with jail terms of a week at most; but after international condemnation against such human rights violations, the Lee Kuan Yew Administration decided against taking Dr. Chee to task any further. In effect, Dr. Chee has now been able to defy this unjust law at will, and the Singapore government dictatorship can do nothing about it.

Now since Singaporeans can see that weakness of Mr. Deep Singh son of Piara Singh and his masters the Singapore dictatorship, Singaporeans should take advantage of their weakness and vulnerability before the eyes of the international community and continue protesting against the Burmese junta in even larger numbers, not only in front of the Burmese Embassy in Singapore but throughout Singapore Island, as other peoples around the world are doing.

Protests need not necessarily be in numbers. Even a one man protest is still a protest. All you need is a placard with the words "Down with the Burmese Junta", some leaflets, and stand all over the island proclaiming your stand and distributing leaflets. There is nothing this Mr. Deep Singh son of Piara Singh can do, as is plainly seen in his helplessness in the singpaoredemocrat video.

This is therefore the opportunity to use the power of protest for the numerous other affronts unashamedly committed by this arrogant government of Singapore. I enumerate a few:

1. The theft of Singaporeans assets by the Lee family and their cronies by paying themselves $3 million per year officially in salary per each minister and stealing further huge undisclosed sums. I suggest a poster "Lee, stop taking $3 million each. This is theft".

2. The refusal of the Lee junta to return the CPF savings of the people. A poster stating "Return our CPF now" held up high, distributing leaflets outside Centerpoint Shopping Center.

3. The introduction of annuities further denying the people any real possibility of retirement. A poster “No annuities" would be good.

4. Against press censorship “We demand a free press now" would be a good slogan.

There are so many other burning causes crying out for protest. Remember, if you do not protest, the government will continue to just walk over you, any which way they like as they are doing now. Their arrogance has to be stopped. Lee Kuan Yew and his cronies forming the government have to be told that Singapore belongs to Singaporeans and not to them. That you demand to be heard and will be heard.

Mr. Deep Singh should be finally told to shut up and told to go home and not waste his time. He should be told once again that you are not listening and are not interested.

I hope the sad circumstances in Burma which has caused the entire world to be up in arms against the injustices there would be the reason for good to happen in Singapore. I hope that it will encourage and embolden Singaporeans to have the courage of the Burmans, for whom I have the greatest respect.

The Burmese monks and people have shown that they are men and women, not sheep, and will not take no for an answer. I hope that courage is also taking root in Singaporeans, thanks to the Burmese.

I would urge all those who have not yet seen the video in the singaporedemocrat, the SDP website to see the pathetic shameful spectacle of Deputy Superintendent Deep Singh son of Piara Singh outside the Burmese Embassy Singapore.

I also suggest you write to him to make him understand that these protests are lawful under international law and the constitution of Singapore and that the Singapore government's prohibition of peaceful protests is illegal and enforceable.

You can telephone and Email him as follows:
Deputy Superintendent of Police, Deep Singh son of Piara Singh
Telephone: 63914704

Gopalan Nair
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