Saturday, October 20, 2007

Singapore. Sylvia Lim speak with forked tongue.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Had I been a Red Indian, instead of an Asian Indian, I would have told Sylvia Lim, Non Constituency Member of Parliament of Singapore representing the Workers Party, that at the recent International Bar Association Conference held in Singapore, she spoke with forked tongue! As the Red Indian had told the white man many years ago "White man speak with forked tongue"!

Instead of representing the interests of the law and the cause of justice and democracy, she instead shamefully decided to take the side of repression and authoritarianism when she told 3,000 lawyers from around the world that there was nothing wrong with the legal system of Singapore and foreign lawyers should mind their own business and not meddle in Singapore's domestic policies. Those may not be her exact words but in essence that is what she meant!

Wait a minute, you may say! Is this not the line that Lee Kuan Yew and the PAP would take when international human rights and legal organizations justly criticize the Lee Kuan Yew government for its various repressive laws that exist in Singapore; such as the denial of the right to peaceful protest and assembly, of the right to free speech and expression, rights which are enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human rights, which are glaringly lacking in this island dictatorship! Blatant human rights violations!

Well then, who is she representing, by the way? Is she representing the PAP or is she an opposition politician as she claims to be.

And her words become all the more shocking, when we are told that she is indeed a law professor in one of the colleges in Singapore!

I try to be a gentleman and try to avoid using strong words; but sometimes I find it difficult to restrain myself. This is what I will say to her. She has betrayed her cause, betrayed her party, betrayed the trust of the members of the Workers Party, betrayed the trust of the members of all opposition parties in Singapore, betrayed the trust of the people of Singapore and betrayed herself and her conscience. She should be ashamed of herself.

She knows that;
1. Lee denies human rights to his people
2. Lee denies his people any possible means to exercise their right of self determination

and yet she says, without any hesitation, that Singapore can take care of it's human rights problems and outsiders should not comment.

How can she honestly say this when at this very moment, her people are being politically suppressed in every way possible.

Her betrayal becomes even more shameful when she does this under the guise of being an opposition politician.

All that I can say is that she is a shameless woman. Singaporeans should ignore her. She should be sent to Coventry; as the saying goes. Or to the pantry, which ever is more convenient. There is no need to waste too much time with her. She is not worth it.

For more details of her betrayal, please go the the SDP web site, read 21 Oct 07 SDP disappointed with WP's IBA comments.

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young-pap said...

But her method succeeded in garnering votes. His method did not! Is that not what politics is about - getting votes and representing what the people want? He is more of an activist. Nothing wrong with that. Admirable, one may add. But it does not detract from the fact that she is a politician and very good at that! Votes should be the bottomline of politicians. No?

Unknown said...

Sylvia Lim was invited by the Law Society of Singapore to be one of the panel speakers for IBA's Rule of Law Symposium - can't help to wonder she was there as the token opposition for the Singapore Govt. She probably knows it well, too.