Saturday, October 6, 2007

Singaporeans should now use the Burma protests to further the protest culture in Singapore.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

You are aware of the on-going petition signing exercise and protests outside the Burmese Embassy in Singapore, which the Singapore government is both unable and perhaps even unwilling to stop. Unwilling because the world is now aware of the Singapore government's support and investment in the Burmese junta which would make the Singapore government's attempt to stamp out protests against the regime embarrassing.

You have seen the Singapore Police Force Officer Mr. Deep Singh son of Piara Singh's inability to stop Singaporeans from protesting outside the Singapore Burmese Embassy. Although Singapore law, like the Burmese junta’s repressive laws, prohibits assemblies of more than 5 people , unless they have permits, which would invariably be denied even if applied for; the on-going protests outside the Burmese Embassy, Singapore does not have a permit, and Mr. Deep Singh has been unable to do anything about it; even though the law is being broken everyday before his very eyes. A video which shows Mr. Deep Singh repeatedly pleading with the Singapore protesters to stop protesting, while the protesters openly disobey him; can be see on the website of the Singapore Democratic Party I strongly recommend you watch this video, which shows how weak and insipid the Singapore Police Force and Mr. Deep Singh are.

One thing is quite clear by now. Singaporeans are slowly becoming emboldened to protest against their government, when they see their government trampling on their rights; as free citizens all over the world are entitled to do.

So far Singaporeans have been too afraid to protest against their government through fear of retaliation by their authoritarian government; retaliation by way of loss of employment, denial of promotions in their careers when they are seen to be unsupportive of the ruling party, and various other real or imaginary harm that they may or may not suffer, as the fear alone is sufficient to keep them subservient.

This fear is slowly diminishing, thanks to such worldwide situations as the Burmese tragedy, which has worldwide repercussions, and thankfully also in Singapore. Therefore Singaporeans should take this opportunity to continue protesting against the Burmese junta, which is a noble act by itself, but to use this opportunity to protest even further; to protest against the Singapore government for its numerous human rights abuses against their citizens.

Mr. Deep Singh son of Piara Singh, is unable to stop the on-going protests outside the Burmese Embassy in Singapore despite the fact, which he as well as the Singaporeans know, is a breach of Singapore law requiring a permit. Mr. Deep Singh, a Deputy Superintendent of Police and the Head of Investigations at Tanglin Police Station is seen here as nothing more than a impotent castrated eunuch, unable to stop a violation of law being committed before his very eyes.

Watching the video on Singapore democrat website, you will see that the Singapore protesters are not only defying the law, they are even mocking his authority or whatever is left of it, by filming him and his subordinate police officers, while they film and photograph the protesters to intimidate them. It appears from watching the video that it was not the protesters who were intimidated but rather Deep Singh son of Piara Singh (that by the way is his full name). Deep Singh son of Piara Singh as well as his employer the Singapore Police Force lost any remaining credibility they had if ever they had any, on that day.

Since the Singapore Police Force is now seen as unable to stop people from protesting without permits, as is their law, and since this law which was devoid of any moral or legal basis from the start anyway, one thing now is clear. The law requiring permits for protests of 5 or more people is in effect dead and unenforceable. For all intents and purposes, it is no longer enforceable. Another example of the laws unenforceability is Dr. Chee Soon Juan's repeated violations of this law. The Singapore government had imprisoned him a few times, with jail terms of a week at most; but after international condemnation against such human rights violations, the Lee Kuan Yew Administration decided against taking Dr. Chee to task any further. In effect, Dr. Chee has now been able to defy this unjust law at will, and the Singapore government dictatorship can do nothing about it.

Now since Singaporeans can see that weakness of Mr. Deep Singh son of Piara Singh and his masters the Singapore dictatorship, Singaporeans should take advantage of their weakness and vulnerability before the eyes of the international community and continue protesting against the Burmese junta in even larger numbers, not only in front of the Burmese Embassy in Singapore but throughout Singapore Island, as other peoples around the world are doing.

Protests need not necessarily be in numbers. Even a one man protest is still a protest. All you need is a placard with the words "Down with the Burmese Junta", some leaflets, and stand all over the island proclaiming your stand and distributing leaflets. There is nothing this Mr. Deep Singh son of Piara Singh can do, as is plainly seen in his helplessness in the singpaoredemocrat video.

This is therefore the opportunity to use the power of protest for the numerous other affronts unashamedly committed by this arrogant government of Singapore. I enumerate a few:

1. The theft of Singaporeans assets by the Lee family and their cronies by paying themselves $3 million per year officially in salary per each minister and stealing further huge undisclosed sums. I suggest a poster "Lee, stop taking $3 million each. This is theft".

2. The refusal of the Lee junta to return the CPF savings of the people. A poster stating "Return our CPF now" held up high, distributing leaflets outside Centerpoint Shopping Center.

3. The introduction of annuities further denying the people any real possibility of retirement. A poster “No annuities" would be good.

4. Against press censorship “We demand a free press now" would be a good slogan.

There are so many other burning causes crying out for protest. Remember, if you do not protest, the government will continue to just walk over you, any which way they like as they are doing now. Their arrogance has to be stopped. Lee Kuan Yew and his cronies forming the government have to be told that Singapore belongs to Singaporeans and not to them. That you demand to be heard and will be heard.

Mr. Deep Singh should be finally told to shut up and told to go home and not waste his time. He should be told once again that you are not listening and are not interested.

I hope the sad circumstances in Burma which has caused the entire world to be up in arms against the injustices there would be the reason for good to happen in Singapore. I hope that it will encourage and embolden Singaporeans to have the courage of the Burmans, for whom I have the greatest respect.

The Burmese monks and people have shown that they are men and women, not sheep, and will not take no for an answer. I hope that courage is also taking root in Singaporeans, thanks to the Burmese.

I would urge all those who have not yet seen the video in the singaporedemocrat, the SDP website to see the pathetic shameful spectacle of Deputy Superintendent Deep Singh son of Piara Singh outside the Burmese Embassy Singapore.

I also suggest you write to him to make him understand that these protests are lawful under international law and the constitution of Singapore and that the Singapore government's prohibition of peaceful protests is illegal and enforceable.

You can telephone and Email him as follows:
Deputy Superintendent of Police, Deep Singh son of Piara Singh
Telephone: 63914704

Gopalan Nair
39737 Paseo Padre Parkway, Suite A1
Fremont, CA 94538, USA
Tel: 510 657 6107
Fax: 510 657 6914

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