Friday, October 26, 2007

Singapore's "singspeak"

Ladies and Gentlemen,

If George Orwell were asked to write politically correct speech, which we can call "SINGSPEAK" on the lines of his futuristic novel "1984" for Singapore; a one party state, with a state controlled media, where licences are required to make public speeches, where licences are required to assemble, where political opponents are defamed jailed bankrupted and crushed, it would probably be on these lines:

1. Lee Kuan Yew is the founder of Singapore. It was he who transformed Singapore into a great nation.
2. Without Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore would be a back water. It will be another Batam.
3. We should all be grateful to our founding father Lee Kuan Yew.
4. Singapore is not suitable for western style democracy, because it is fractious and confrontational.What we need is unity and peace.
5. Protests should not be allowed because there is a likelihood of becoming rowdy.
6. Newspapers should be directed to be responsible and progressive. The Straits Times is a responsible newspaper. The New York Times is not.
7. Newspapers are an instrument of nation building.
8. Chewing gum should be banned because it gets stuck on train doors.
9. We should be wary of foreigners who are jealous of us, bent on destroying our peaceful lifestyle.
10. If the opposition wins the elections, foreign companies will all withdraw their investments from Singapore and go home.
11. It is better for people not to talk politics.
13. Those who criticise must be aware of the OB markers (Outward Boundary markers/ not international boundaries!)
14. Dr. Chee is a threat to the future of Singapore. He is a lair cheat and scoundrel. He cannot be trusted. He was convicted of stealing $8.
15. Mr. James Gomez lost his credibility. He is a liar cheat and charlatan. He lied about an election form!
16. Singapore is a global city.
17. There is nothing anyone cannot read in Singapore. There is total freedom of expression.
18. Lo Thia Khiang of the Workers Party unlike Dr. Chee is a responsible opposition politician.
19. Sylvia Lim, NCMP similarly is an excellent politician. Singapore needs more like her.
20. If Australians run Singapore, it will not last a day.
21. It is necessary for Lee Kuan Yew to sue Dr. Chee because he has to maintain his reputation.
22. It is necessary for Lee Kuan Yew to sue Far Eastern Economic Review because his reputation was tarnished.
23. Lee has a hatchet in his bag. If you challenge him, he will take you to a cul de sac and finish you off. You can call him "The Hatchet Man".
24. It is OK for there to be 1 or 2 opposition MPs. If there are 10 or 15 of them, Lee's son will not be able to govern because he will have to spend too much time fixing them and buying votes.
25. There is a symbiotic relationship between the trade union and the government.
26. If the pilots trade union asks for too much money, heads will be crushed. Lee Kuan Yew will do it.
27. Confucianism is best. Citizens are supposed to obey their rulers.
28. Singapore is now world education hub.
29. Singapore is now world arts hub.
30. Singapore legal system is best.
31. Singapore lawyers are best.
32. Singapore is bio tech hub.
33. Singapore is best.
34. Those who emigrate from Singapore are quitters.
35. 10,000 Singaporeans attended the Singapore connect overseas Singaporeans function in the Central Park, New York.
36. Overseas Singaporeans are dying to return to Singapore in such numbers that some have to be turned away.
37. JB Jeyaretnam is bad for Singapore. He is confrontational and destructive. Not like Lo Thia Khiang.
38. JB Jeyaretnam is bad because he is not confusion. He refuses to obey his rulers.
39. Singapore has rule of law. Why? Because Hong Kong based PERC, a consulting company, said so.
40. Lee Kuan Yew's only concern is to run Singapore. He does not care about what Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch or Freedom House thinks. They are a bunch of liars.
41. Lee has to pay himself and his friends $3 million each per year, because otherwise, they will all turn corrupt like Indonesians.
42. Singaporeans have the highest standard of living.
43. It is not true to say that poverty exists in Singapore.
44. Those who jump off tall buildings to their death, are merely engaging in a sporting activity. They may have forgotten to take parachutes.

And so on goes "SINGSPEAK" in that Orwellian, Lee Kuan Yew's one party state island. Singapore.

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