Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Singaporeans conned. Voting for the opposition but getting Lee Kuan Yew and his PAP anyway

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In the last general election, Singaporeans who want a change in government voted significantly for the opposition, no less than 40%.

Of course they expected to get opposition politicians into Parliament, to end the one party rule by Lee Kuan Yew and his PAP who have an autocracy, not a democracy, but guess what? They didn't get an opposition. What they got instead was a mirage. What they got this time was the PAP masquerading as the opposition, thanks to the vast array of tricks and con games he plays on his people.

In the end, Singaporeans got what they have always had, a PAP government and an opposition which is in reality PAP. In other words they went back to square one, a Lee Kuan Yew government with every single seat in Parliament with the PAP.

Wait a minute, you may say. Didn't the Workers Party after many days of vigorous heated (literally) campaigning win a GRC (5 seats) and another single member seat?

True, but what you didn’t know was that the Workers Party is actually an extension of Lee Kuan Yew's PAP itself. They are not an opposition political party by any stretch of the imagination. They are merely there, by prearrangement, to ask questions in Parliament, questions that would not hurt the PAP in any real way, such as the rising cost of living, or the emigration rate; questions which Lee's PAP will answer if the choose to, and merely leave it at that.

If Singaporeans thought that their opposition representation's duty in Parliament was merely to ask questions, which the government may or may not answer and after that merely go home, they might as well not have an opposition. Questions merely for the sake of questioning serves no purpose. Questions alone will only keep Lee and his descendants and their minions in power in Singapore permanently in their one party police state.

What about the real questions? And shouldn’t they take additional steps to make sure that if they don't take steps to correct the wrongs, there will be consequences.

Take for instance, the denial of a free press in Singapore? Should they not ask why the government violates the Constitution by controlling the press? And if the government refuses to comply with the Constitution, should they not demand that they do? And if the government still refuses, should the opposition not organize island wide peaceful protests and pickets, outside Parliament House and vow not to leave until the Lee government complies with the laws of the land?

What about the right to free speech, a right which is similarly enshrined in the Constitution? Should not the opposition demand to know why the Lee government continues to criminalize free speech? And if no suitable answer is forthcoming, should they not similarly camp themselves outside Lee's parliament demanding that speech be decriminalized as is stated in the Constitution and swear that they will not budge until this is done?

And what about the other blatant abuses of the law that are crying out for a remedy? Should the opposition, if it is a true one, demand that these wrongs be corrected and refuse to take no for an n answer?

And does not the Singapore opposition realize that without the Lee government complying with the Constitution and without rights, no amount of blabbering in Parliament will do any good for anyone, because it will simply continue as Lee’s one party police state?

What sort of opposition do we have anyway? We have the Workers Party which appears to have made a pact with Lee's PAP to ensure that the impression is given that they are in  Parliament, but whose plan appears to be to merely to ask questions with no intention to bring about any real change whatsoever.

What is the point of having such an opposition anyway? There is simply nothing they can do or will do to make any change.

The Workers Party chief is Low Thia Khiang whom I have personally known for 7 years while I was a member of the Party in Singapore. To be fair to him, in the early days, while a deputy of JB Jeyaretnam, he was, I believe truly an opposition politician wanting to overthrow Lee and the fascist PAP. But over time, it appears, he is no longer the Low he once was. He is now, quite evidently, nothing more than an extension of Lee's PAP, which I am sure Lee engineered.

Lee saw the ground swell of anti PAP sentiment rising. If so, how then to use it to his advantage. You have to remember that despite the Constitution and the history of Singapore’s politics, he has no intention whatsoever of ever letting the island become a democracy. In his mind, Singapore shall and must be governed by him or his family and there is no 2 ways about it. So the thinking must be, if the Singapore electorate is going to demand an opposition, then they might as well infiltrate it and turn it into a PAP extension under the guise of the opposition. And that is exactly what has happened.

And the victims of this con game played by Lee Kuan Yew are the Singaporeans, who went to such time and effort trying to put an opposition into Lee's Parliament. It appears Lee has had the last laugh anyway, while Low Thia Khaing and his Workers Party play their part in the Singapore Opera, I mean the Singapore Parliament.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
Fremont, California
Tel: 510 657 6107 or 510 491 4375

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Singapore claims "Peoples Association attracting more professionals". But what sort of professionals are they anyway?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Singapore state controlled newspaper the Straits Times of Aug 26, 2012, has the story "Peoples association attracting more professionals". Firstly we don't even know whether this report is indeed true; after all it comes from a state controlled newspaper (all newspapers in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore are state controlled as independent newspapers are not allowed unless they submit to government censors).

Second even if the report was true, these people must be somewhat wanting in character.

Singapore is an island without the freedoms that you find in democracies. A state controlled press, no freedom of speech expression or assembly, no rule of law, a government of the Lee Ruling Family which run the island as if it were their own.

Peoples Association is a branch or extension of this fascist government. It is an organization which Singapore's Lee Ruling Family uses, among other state organizations such as the Residents Committees from which to select and groom their supporters for high office, not unlike the practices of the Chinese Communist Party.

Professionals who have an education, and are not illiterate, are fully aware of the nature of the Lee Ruling Family's Singapore government. And they are also fully aware that by joining the People’s Association, they are in fact accepting the government's corruption, the stifling of the press and the denial of the people's fundamental rights.

Therefore these professionals, lawyers and doctors are either Fascists or are persons who join the Association for personal profit, because there is a good chance that they will  be selected to serve the Singapore autocrat Lee Kuan Yew and his government, which means money; a lot of money.

As the need to exaggerate is great for the Singapore government, since great numbers of professionals and skilled citizens are leaving the island for settlement abroad, because they find distasteful to either live and work in a dictatorship, very probably the numbers who are willing to sell  their souls such as these are just a handful.

But even so, you can imagine the very low caliber of these professionals who can find no other means to make a decent living but to please the dictator of Singapore, and thereby repress their fellow citizens, and thereby even achieve success.

A pretty disgraceful way to make a living indeed.

On the other hand the real professionals, those with some pride and principles are unwilling to join such organizations and in any case would not be allowed to join anyway. I am talking of men such as Chee Soon Juan, a determined Lee Kuan Yew opponent. He is well qualified to join the Association, with a Doctorate in Psychology and a real desire to serve Singaporeans. But you know that Lee would not accept him into the Association at any cost. Why, because he has a mind of his own unlike a dog that waits at the feet of his master and willing to do anything he wants, as is the case with these Peoples Association candidates.

Gopalan Nair
Fremont, California
Attorney at Law
Tel: 510 657 6107 or 510 491 4375

Friday, August 24, 2012

Singapore's growing racial intolerance

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The inherent problem in all dictatorships around the world, and Singpaore is no exception, is the unexpected consequences of unchecked govenment policies, since there is noone to question their decisions.

Remember, some decades ago, Lee Kuan Yew ordered Singaporeans not to have more than 2 children. As expected in any dictatorship, the people dutifully complied since in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore, just as in all dictatorships, disobedience can have unpleasant consequences.

That policy was so successful that today, despite all the government urging to have more children, as the birth rate is so low that Singaporeans are literally becoming extinct, the people have forgotten how to procreate and they can longer do it, even if they try.

This is the sort of unwanted consequence that you always see in dictatorships around the world, where citizen participation in government is prohibited because the government thinks it knows best.

Take the case of the government deciding to bring in overwhelming numbers of Chinese from the Peoples Republic of China to replace the fast disappearing local population. You know today, almost every other person you see is a new immigrant from the Peoples Republic of China. As expected of any dictatorship which thinks it knows best, they simply went ahead with this plan without thinking of the consequences.

Today, we see increasing racial intolerance which is even heading into inter racial violence. It is tearing at the seams.

In today's story in the state controlled paper the Straits Times Aug 24, 2012 titled "Shanmugam: Response to anti Indian Email shows S'poreans support multiracialism", Lee Kuan Yew's ethnic Indian Law Minister remarked that he was satisfied that Singaporeans supported multiracialism because the people were against such racial insults directed against ethnic Indians by a racist on the Internet.

This incident of racial hatred is just one of a growing number of racial attacks predominantly by recent Chinese immigrants brought into Singapore from China to populate the country, against Singapore locals of all races, Chinese Malay and Indian.

It is quite clear that in their headlong rush to implement this illogical policy of bringing in plane loads of them from China, they simply did not consider the several possible negative consequences of this policy. One, they simply did not think of the possibility that Chinese from China who had no history of living in harmony with people of other races, may not immediately be in a position to cope with a life such as this, in close proximity to other races.  

This danger of racial intolerance is magnified tenfold especially since the island is one of the second most crowded places in the world, after the Gaza strip, and any anti racial behavior has the potential to become deadly and conflagrate island wide within seconds.

In fact racial conflict and racial violence is already happening on a daily basis. You have daily reports, which do not make the news in Singapore’s state controlled press of angry Malay passengers in crowded buses calling Chinese pigs, or babi in Malay, while the Chinese in return call the Malays and Indians black and ugly.

As Singaporeans know very well, fights, some even deadly, occur daily in buses, crowded markets and between neighbors in the crowded jam packed apartment blocks where the different races have no choice built to live in close proximity to each other.

We have heard of instances where Chinese neighbors have sprayed the Malay neighbors apartments with pig's blood, pigs being unclean animals in Islam, which as caused deadly fights between them.

In most of these cases, the fault is almost entirely that of the recent Chinese arrivals from the Peoples Republic of China as they have not been brought up to understand, as local Singaporeans have, of the need to live in racial harmony, especially in a crowded city state like Singapore.

Native Singaporeans never had such racial problems since a long time, as they have understood as the history of past racial riots have shown the dangers of intolerance. But the recent Chinese arrivals from Mainland China do not have this understanding and that is where the problem lies.

As the Singapore press is state controlled and allows publication of only what they think is in the interests of the Lee Ruling Family, these incidents go unreported, but the truth is, it is a growing dangerous trend.

The racial tension is mounting and the island is a powder keg ready to explode any minute in deadly violence, and it is not sufficient merely for the Minister to say that Singaporeans support multiracialism, and expect the growing problem of racial intolerance to simply go away.

This is another incident of the untested and unchecked policies of a dictatorship gone wrong, and there is simply nothing the government can do to correct it, since you simply can't repatriate all these Chinese just like that. Unfortunately for Singaporeans, the Chinese are here to stay and so is the inevitable result of Singapore exploding in racial violence.

Just as the harebrained policy of demanding fewer children which have now created another huge irremediable problem of a population going extinct, the importation of these masses of Chinese from China will surely end in massive racial violence in Singapore.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
Fremont, California
Tel: 510 657 6107 or 510 491 4375

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore lawyers and their wierd sense of priorities

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore state controlled newspaper the Straits Times of Aug 24, 2012 has the story "Members (lawyers) want Law Society to explain clash with Ravi".

For those who have not been following the stupidity that a Singapore lawyer M Ravi has been playing with its courts, judges and the legal profession, and the willingness of the state controlled press to join the absolute waste of time nonsense, here it is.  

M Ravi suffers from manic depression, or bipolar. This fact was voluntarily made known by  M Ravi himself way back in 2006 when he was charged by the Law Society for abusing judges and other unacceptable behavior in court, and as a result, got his sentence mitigated by the fact that he was mentally ill and by reason of this fact, the court in their leniency suspended him for only one year.

After that on several occasions during relapses, he had behaved in a strange inexplicable manner. So far Lee Kuan Yew's government, has left him alone, firstly because they don't want to be seen punishing someone for a condition over which he has no control, and secondly because they don't want to be seen going against a lawyer who, as it appears, has been championing the rights of the underdog, and consequently invite the wrath of the people.

Anyhow, a few months ago, during his court appearance on behalf of a woman from the Hougang Constituency who was suing the government to hold elections there, a weird decision indeed, as there was no case at all since Lee's son had already held the required election; his psychiatrist who realized that he was currently suffering from a severe case of madness, sent a letter through a certain official of the Law Society to warn the judge of his being unfit to practice law, a finding which a doctor is in a position to be able to make.

In any case, Ravi, our bipolar patient, now appears to feel a sense of importance, as such patients usually do, has kicked up a lot of fuss as a result of the man bringing the  letter this way, which he claims has defamed him, and after numerous threats against all and sundry, has sued the gentlemen who brought the letter and every single member of the Law Society and has proclaimed that he will not rest until he has received nothing short of $21 million from them as compensation.

Of course whether it is he who gets the $21 million or the Law Society who will bankrupt him instead, is yet to be seen, but I guess it is going to be much more the latter than the former. After all it is Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore.

But coming to the point of this article, according to this newspaper report, "a group of members from the Law Society (Singapore lawyers) wants the Law Society to shed more light on it's recent clash with Ravi", that is showing the letter from the doctor to the judge on his mental illness.

And in order to make sure they (lawyers) get the answers "they plan to file a motion" at the floor of the Society to this end.

I must say, they seem to have a strange set of priorities. The Singapore Law Society which has been so silenced into submission through a mortal fear of Lee Kuan Yew and what it will do to them have almost gone into hibernation for the last 40 years. They haven't stood up for any cause which one would have expected lawyers anywhere to do.

For instance, they have been completely silent when the law is routinely abused to silence critics through defamation actions in Lee’s Kangaroo Courts. In fact they had nothing to say at all when one of their own members, a lawyer, JB Jeyaretnam was hounded and persecuted through the violation of every rule in the book to destroy him completely from being a political threat to Lee.

They have quietly stood by over the years when Chee Soon Juan a vocal critic of Lee had been repeatedly sued, jailed and bankrupted for nothing more that exercising his political right of criticism of the Singaporean fascist regime.

In fact one major complaint of Chee Soon Juan was that he was unable to find a single lawyer in the entire island willing to defend him! Why because in Lee’s Singapore it is suicidal to represent any of his critics. If you do, suddenly there will crop up out of thin air, all sorts of imaginary crimes which you have committed (according to Lee) and that is the end of you.

And they have had nothing to say throughout the years when every single human right in the Constitution was methodically and deliberately denied until now, where Singaporeans today have no human rights at all because it is now simply a police state; thanks to Lee Kuan Yew’s Singapore lawyers.

It is impossible to be kind when describing them because they are simply a cowardly lot who disgrace the name of lawyers around the world, as can be seen of brave lawyers during the civil rights years in he US, lawyers in Palestine who defend Arabs in Israeli courts at great risk to their own lives, or even lawyers in Putin's Russia who stand up despite the treats and intimidation of the Russian government apparatus.

Now suddenly we see this docile, timid and cowardly bunch coming forward with a motion to demand an explanation for the Society's actions. Very brave indeed, bravo, but what about the other grave injustices about which you simply have had nothing to say?

I tell you why they have done nothing when it really matters, and when Lee stamps his foot on the Constitution and makes them slaves. It is because had they are afraid of what Lee would do to them if they questioned him on such matters as human rights. It is dangerous to do such things in Singapore. So like a donkey, the stand idly by and do nothing.

But in this case, involving M Ravi, Lee will not go after them if they stood up, since M Ravi is of no consequence to anyone. So like a coward, they stand up when there is no danger.

It is like a soldier in the field who hides during the height of the battle but when it is all over and done, suddenly emerge to fight the long gone enemy.

Shame on you, Singapore lawyers. You are a spineless lot.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
Fremont, California, USA
Tel: 510 657 6107 or 510 491 4375

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Singapore. The police state

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore is nothing but a police state.

The rule of law has long gone. The courts selectively choose their victims. When those who further it's business interests, such as Lee Kuan Yew cronies, foreign bank managers and multi national tycoons are either not prosecuted at all or on the rare occasions when they are, are given small fines and let off. There are far too many examples in the state controlled press and need not be re-stated here.  

The Constitution is not worth the paper it is written on. Rights such as free speech, assembly, right to due process, right to a fair trial are all simply ignored.

Even though the constitution mandates freedom of speech, the slightest of criticism directed at the Lee Ruling family will land you in serious trouble. The usual punishment is bankruptcy, impoverishment and even jail.

The police are given free reign to stop and search anyone they want without the need to show reasonable cause. Anyone walking peacefully along the streets are liable to be asked for identification and if they resist, liable for immediate arrest. Not wanting to lose face, the police will make sure that charges are indeed filed and a conviction is secured.

Racial profiling by police is not merely allowed, it is encouraged. Anyone anytime, anywhere can be asked to identify himself without any reasonable cause whatsoever, and if found unsatisfactory, liable to arrest. The Indian population that congregate at Little India Singapore are subject to repeated searches and questioning. Together with Singapore citizens, anyone can be stopped anytime for questioning.

All of a sudden, the police officer, many of them Malays with very little education is suddenly transformed into powerful person, just because of his uniform. You see them walking along and stopping anyone they like anytime for questioning. The moment you resist, regardless of the fact that you did nothing wrong, you are taken into the police car and driven off to the nearest police station and locked up for further questioning.

At this point, once they discover that you are the son of the Swiss manager of Discovery Bank UBJA, at down town Singapore, higher officials immediately gives orders for his release. Whereas if the person arrested was the waiter at the local coffee shop, he is arrested, charged and convicted of the most convenient one they can find.

The reasoning of the Lee Kuan Yew dictatorship is the need for ordinary citizens to obey and respect authority; whether or not he committed a crime is irrelevant. The thinking is unless he can successfully intimidate his people into submission, like the Chinese emperor did, he will lose his throne.

On the other hand, we don't want the son of the Swiss bank manager to be offended, since it can result in his leaving the island and the consequent loss of business.

The result of this free reign for the police to do anything they want results in the people living in fear of a police state. The Singapore police strut around like thugs, questioning anyone and arresting anyone they want.

Singaporeans have no privacy rights. They can be questioned anytime and anywhere, at the behest of even the lowest of the low and ignorant Malay police officer. They become, by the way they live, nothing but servile peasants who at the mercy of the police and by extension, the Lee Kuan Yew government.

This license given to Lee Kuan Yew's police does not stop merely to pedestrians. You have no privacy in your car, your home or your work place, where the police can come without warrant anytime to question you simply on a whim. If they do decide to apply for a warrant, it is given forthwith regardless of its merits.

It is no different from that of any police state throughout history. Hitler's Polizie could question anyone anytime and lock you up as it pleases them. So could the former secret police in East Germany, STAZI, the Russian KGB, or now in North Korea.

Very conveniently, these concepts of liberty and freedom are not taught in schools and most Singaporeans are deliberately kept in the dark. In fact, many are pleased to live this way as they consider it, wrongly, to be safer than Western societies which see the need to balance privacy rights and the danger of giving unlimited power to the police.

In fact, because Singapore does not have a free press, many crimes are not published as often as they are in countries, much larger than Singapore, which allow journalistic freedom. This results in Singaporeans misled into believing that somehow their society is safer than those in the West, which is completely untrue. In fact there is far less crime in the major parts of California, as well as in most parts of the US than in Singapore, but because of the free newspaper reporting and because of isolated incidents of shootings, they wrongly consider the West dangerous.

The West cherishes the right to individual privacy and human rights and places strict limits on the police to intrude. Coupled with independent law courts unlike those Kangaroo ones in Singapore which cater for the Lee ruling family's wishes, one can surely say that life in the West is a pleasant one. At least we can live like men, unlike in Singapore where one lives like a dog, with Lee Kuan Yew and his police at the end of the leash.

Give me democracy and freedom anytime over living in a police state like Singapore.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
Fremont, California
Tel: 510 657 6107 or 510 491 4375

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Singaporeans work till they drop

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The plan of the Lee Ruling Family, if you have not realized it, is allow you very little money, which requires you to work, literally, until you drop dead.

Contrary to what you are made to believe, it is one of the most highly taxed countries in the world, unless of course you are a multi millionaire.

Other than income tax, if you have a car, you pay the world's highest price for it, similarly world's highest road tax, and intolerable insurance rates. On top of that whenever you drive into the city, which you must, you pay a tax. And what is more, there is not a single spot in the island where you can park free. So if you earn say $3,000.00 a year, which is high by Singapore standards, with your income tax and car expenses half of that will be gone.

And since it is impossible to live without home help, the government takes half of the salary you pay the maid in taxes.

And HDB, which is government housing where 99% of Singaporeans have to live in, charges exorbitant mortgage rates (which is rent actually since they are all 99 year leases), which takes another chunk of your wages.

And not to mention high bus fares, medical charges and the total lack of unemployment insurance or social welfare. Your wallet is like that in the hands of a conjurer. One moment you see the money, the next you don’t!

I am sure you get the idea by now. The gullible citizen is given a salary, but the very next day, the government takes it all away, which means only one thing. As long as you live you have to keep working to keep yourself alive and to enrich the insatiable greed of the Lee Ruling Family.

And what do they do with all this money? You guessed it. They build better roads, highways, and skyscrapers to make it look good. At the same time they pay themselves millions, literally millions which is nothing other than corruption. And if anyone dared to challenge them on this, out comes their Kangaroo Judges in their Kangaroo courts ever willing to bankrupt or jail anyone at their orders.

And that is why ever more Singaporeans are opting to do the only sensible thing, emigration to the West. And quite understandably they don't want to have any children there and neither do they want to sink their roots in the island.

Can anyone blame them?

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
Fremont, California
Tel: 510 657 6107 or 510 491 4375

Singapore prevents young men from migrating to the West

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Under Singapore law, young men who turn 18 are required to do national service, which is spending 2 years in the Army. After that they have to serve about a month or less each year in the army as reservists for 10 years.

During this time, the citizen requires permission to go overseas, and his passport is valid only for the duration of the trip.

This causes several problems against free movement. The citizen is only allowed to remain aboard for the duration of the exit permit which may be only a few months. If he decides to remain abroad longer, his passport becomes invalid which requires his attendance at a Singapore Consulate in that country to ask permission for an extension, which is never granted if the army refuses his request; which they always do.

This means from that point, he becomes a fugitive, liable to arrest and imprisonment if he returns.

Let us not try to deceive ourselves. This 10 long years during which time, the poor young man is kept under a leash, is nothing other than an attempt to prevent him from migrating.

We can imagine numerous scenarios where the citizen, once abroad finds an opportunity to stay. But he cannot do it, because unless the government grants him permission not to return, which never happens, he simply has either to break Singapore law and become a fugitive, or return and remain in Singapore until the 10 years have passed before he could leave.

This thing is nothing but slavery at the hands of the Singaporean dictator, Lee Kuan Yew. And he manages to get away with it, because Singaporeans have become so submissive and docile after years of indoctrination that they do not understand that they have a right to refuse the government and simply not come back, in which event, there is nothing that Lee or anyone else can do.

I ask Singaporean young men not to be afraid to simply break this unjust law of bondage through the guise of military service. Singapore is not fighting anyone and there is simply no need to require every young man to remain in Singapore for 10 long years after national service.

And by the way, national service in Singapore, by itself, serves no military value whatsoever. The whole idea is not to teach you to fight, but to teach you to submit like a mouse, which is completely achieved by the daily routine of having to obey orders, and usually, I may add, stupid orders. After submitting to his military superiors every day of his life for 2 years, he comes out perfectly willing to take orders from Lee Kuan Yew.

Break this unjust law. Leave Singapore anytime you want and live out your life, aspirations and career in the West if that is what you want.

And Good Luck to you.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
Fremont, California
Tel: 510 657 6107 or 510 491 4375

Friday, August 17, 2012

Singapore's best and brightest have all fled to the West.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Many abroad attribute Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore’s sole political leader, better described as a dictator, with wisdom and other qualities. But if you look at what he has done to the island, besides building skyscrapers which you cannot eat but only look at, it appears he has done far more harm than good, which cannot be the result of any wisdom, surely.

Today, as he has said in his National Day message, the biggest problems facing the island are the unrelenting brain drain from the already small tiny island with a native born population of only 2 million, the world's lowest birth rate which really means in 10 years there won't be anymore Singaporeans left and a fast ageing population with no one to replace the dying.

These facts, had it related to Russia, wouldn’t have been so alarming; after all there are hundreds of millions of people there. But in Singapore which has no more than 2 million local born population, not counting the plane loads of recent immigrants from China who are no comparison to Singapore natives, the island is in very big trouble indeed. In fact, it's native born population of just 2 million would disappear entirely within a few years.

And oddly enough, the reason for the dire straits that Singapore is in today, with its disappearing people, is the result of the misguided unimaginable stupidity of this man, whom the world wrongly believes to be a great leader.

Lee's style of government is to deny anyone else the chance to usurp him. In order to prevent this from ever happening, over the years he usurped the law courts, the press, the police and every other organ of power to ensure that the law is bent as and when he wants to punish any possible threat to him. And in doing so, he made sure that the message was clearly sent to the entire tiny island of 2 million people that it is suicidal to challenge him, by publicizing in the mass media repeatedly the punishments that his victims had received.

Sadly for him in retrospect, his object was achieved completely and absolutely. These repeated jailing and defamation actions against people whose only fault was to stand up to him, sent a chill down the spines of even the most courageous of citizens.

Take the example of JB Jeyaretnam. In the 1970s and 1980s he was repeatedly sued for challenging Lee Kuan Yew in politics, when it was as clear as crystal, that he had done no wrong. And in the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s, we have Chee Soon Juan, the former university professor who had similarly suffered at his hands. I too suffered for standing up to him in the 1980s when I was in Singapore and more recently in 2008. Although now living in the USA, last year I was disbarred from practicing law in the island, although I was never living or practicing law there since 1991.

What did Lee Kuan Yew think Singaporeans would do if you abused the rights of his people in this way? Did he not realize that not everyone would be willing to live in an island where he could do willly nilly anything he wants to his people? Obviously he did not. Which is why he continues to face the fact of the largest brain drain to the West anywhere in the world, the lowest birth rate anywhere in the world and the world's largest ageing population, all in his tiny island of Singapore, where the native population does not exceed a mere 2 million!

Any fool would have known that if you mistreat your people this way, they would either rebel or simply leave. In Singapore’s case the people have just left mainly for Australia.

I remember in the 1980s when I was a lawyer there, and Lee was using his courts and his Kangaroo judges, to punish me into submission for daring to stand up to him. At this time I personally know that almost half the lawyer population of Singapore had left for Australia and some to Canada. Besides me, the other main reason for this large number of lawyers leaving the island for good was the ongoing persecution of JB Jeyaretnam at this time. Anyone with even half a brain should have been able to see that such blatant abuse of the law against people who are merely exercising their human rights would outrage the population. Why should anyone want to live in an island under this tin pot tyrant?

Since then we have seen the repeated persecution of Chee Soon Juan, being repeatedly jailed and bankrupted simply because Lee sees him as his political threat. This is simply wrong and no honest decent citizen would want to put up with this abuse. And that is why as we speak thousands and thousands of Singapore’s best and brightest leave it shores daily from a tiny and dwindling population of 2 million.

You don't have to an Einstein or a rocket scientist to know that policies such as this would chase away your very best. Apparently Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore strongman, strangely enough had never realized this, something which a man with even half a brain would have known.

Today, Lee Kuan Yew is begging his Singaporeans to remain in Singapore and have more children. No one with any ability or for that matter any brains would either want to live in his one party totalitarian police state or raise a family there. I am not sure if he realizes that.

I live in United States. Even for all the gold in the world, I would not want to live in Lee's Singapore that is for sure. Why, because the moment I step on that island, his thugs would be after me, framing all sorts of imaginary crimes and punishing me in court as and when he pleases. He does this simply because he is afraid of any threat to his power and the only way he knows how to keep it is to resort to illegality.

The only ones who would be comfortable in that island are those who are quite content to accept the Lees as their rulers and simply go along without complaint. This requires one to switch off their minds completely about government, be quiet, lie low and simply live your lives in accepting whatever you are told.

Only dumb animals and mindless spiritless people live like this. And that, unfortunately,  is how the majority of Singaporeans live.

Anyone who has an independent mind and the ability to question and reason is not living in Singapore now. If he has been left behind for some reason, he is already actively planning to leave just like the others who had left before him.

By next year, a further 50,000 Singapore born college graduates would have left Singapore further depleting the already dwindling native born population of 2 million. While this goes on, Lee Kuan Yew, if he is still alive tomorrow, can continue playing his fiddle, like the Roman Emperor Nero.

As for me, I won't be in Singapore but I will be watching the consequences of Lee's stupidity from near San Francisco, California while the other millions of Singaporeans and former Singaporeans would be watching from Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, London, Vancouver, Toronto and the Western capitals of the world.

Not a very clever man, I don't think. Do you?

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
Fremont, California
Tel: 510 657 6107 or 510 491 4375

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Singapore's refusal to have children

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Lee Kuan Yew Singapore dictator had said in his recent national day message that unless they have more babies, with the island having the lowest fertility rate in the world, in 10 years it will "fold" because there will be insufficient native born Singaporeans left.

Remember, the island has only about 5 million, of which only about 2 million are local born. The rest are recent immigrants mostly from China.

In the recent article dated Aug 16, 2012 in the state controlled newspaper Straits Times, the report states "4 in 5 Singaporeans see migrants as short term fix for birth rate", and “that Singaporeans must decide whether to replace themselves in the next generation”.

As it is quite normal for state controlled newspapers everywhere, it's reports often are nothing but simply nonsense. After all it can say anything it wants.

Think about it; in this case, how can Singaporeans feel that the ongoing policy of brining massive numbers of Chinese into the island be simply a short term measure unless they have some other long term solution, which they do not?

Second it is funny to think that Singaporeans are now going to sit down and discuss whether or not to replace themselves in the next generation! It is as if they are now going to switch on a button! These things are not as easy as that.

And, if they decide not to replace themselves, for the sake of argument, then what are they planning to do?

You can see this whole report is simply absolute nonsense, even for a state controlled newspaper.

And then the report goes on to say that the "stark picture of a shrinking and ageing population has made them realize (now) the need to change mindsets regarding marriage and procreation".

So are they now, since they have finally realized this, going out en masse and get married and immediately thereafter, en masse, to have a multitude of children? What do you think this is, a stud farm!

And why have they not realized this before? And why have they only now finally decided to have babies?

Finally this altogether mindless nonsense of a report says that 88% of the people polled in a survey have finally decided that it is important to have babies since the population is shrinking.

So, are we to assume that all Singaporeans are just ignorant dummies who never knew this until recently when their beloved dictator Lee Kuan Yew mentioned this to them in his national day message?

Just who do you think we are anyway, a bunch of fools? People do not just decide after a discussion meeting to go out and have several babies when they never wanted to before. Has anything changed? Has Lee Kuan Yew died? Has living under the dictatorship got any better?

As Singapore continues in it's miserable one small island one party totalitarian police state under Lee Kuan Yew, nobody wants to have babies, and nothing is going to change just because the state controlled newspaper puts out this propaganda.

Singapore population will continue to shrink even more, it's people would emigrate to the West in even larger numbers, because it has already turned into a satellite city of Communist China as every other person you see there is Chinese.

Living in Singapore today is the same as living in China. I don’t want to live in China and neither do thousands upon thousands, which makes up the massive outflow of Singaporeans to the West.

It's simply too late pal. Writing this nonsense is not going to buck the inevitable demise of the native Singaporean.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
Fremont, California, USA
Tel: 510 657 6107 or 510 491 4375

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Singapore, no longer what we knew

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore strongman Lee's worry, according to his speech recently on Singapore’s National Day, that unless it's citizens procreate in sufficient numbers, foreigners will become the majority, which means the loss of Singapore’s traditional social norms, culture, behavior and practices. In his words when this happens, Singapore "will fold".

Lee was right except for the timing. Singapore has already "folded". The culture, social norms and traditions of Singapore today are not what are native to the island. It is that of Communist China, as a result of hordes and hordes of immigrants brought in from that country to replace those who are leaving in increasingly larger numbers and to compensate for the declining birth rate.

To WP Pritam Singh's question in Parliament (not that Pritam Singh or anyone else from the opposition will make any difference to anything), Teo Chee Hean, Lee Kuan Yew's minion in Parliament replied that since 2000, on average about 1,000 Singaporeans left to settle abroad.

Please see

It is quite obvious that Teo is hiding something, when he speaks of the number 1,000 annually. Why should he say 1,000? Why not state the exact figure? I can only suspect that just like the propaganda dished out by all the state controlled media in totalitarian regimes worldwide, this is one big lie.

I won't be surprised that the figures are ten times that number each year and mounting.

What this means of course is that the total depletion of Singaporeans who are capable of leaving the island, can and will leave and the trend is simply irreversible. The best will leave Singapore and you would be left with the mediocre and some who come in for short stints to make some money. As to anyone with any merit wanting to call Singapore home, I don't think there will be any takers.

This is what Singapore has become. It is an island controlled and run by the Lee Kuan Yew family who want people to simply accept whatever is being done for them. To govern the island, he needs some skilled people, which he attracts with very high salaries. Some of them are locals who have returned from scholarships at government expense and some are foreigners who come for the money for short stints.

As for the local people, Lee is frankly not interested in what they think, since he doesn't think much of them anyway. Their job is simply to accept what is thrown at them. As to the thinking, formulating and executing government policies, Lee and Company will be in charge. Singaporeans are not encouraged to have any part in it.

If you feel you want to contribute to the country, they are left with only one choice, that is, to join the government. There are various grass roots and government controlled organizations which cater to Singaporeans. From volunteers in these organizations, better described as opportunists, Lee and company will choose future ministers, members of parliament and others to fill important positions. In such positions, the incumbent has a good salary, good life and a secure future, that is, as long as Lee continues to rule Singapore, and as long as they run around like dogs licking his boots and singing his praises.

You may have heard foreigners describing Singaporeans as a boring people. You can see why of course. In Singapore you can safely have only one philosophy, that of Lee Kuan Yew and his government. Having any other theory of government will not do you any good. Indeed if you are stupid enough to openly challenge Lee and his ideas, you stand to be prosecuted, sued, bankrupted and dismissed from your job; even jailed.

Of course compared to living in Afghanistan, Mali or Senegal in Africa, Singapore is a far more desirable place to live. But compared to the West, you cannot find a worse place to live than Singapore. Why, because who wants to live in submission to Lee Kuan Yew and his ideas even if they were the best in the world, if the consequence of having a different view would mean punishment, victimization and abuse?

When I was suspended from being a lawyer in Singapore in 1991 for 2 years merely for writing a letter to then Attorney General Tan Boon Teik, I told myself that this is not the way to live. And neither did I want to subject my children to a life no better than a mindless robot, which Lee Kuan Yew demands. I therefore left for the United States where I and my children have been living, in a society where we can act according to our ideas; pursue our dreams without the government denying them simply because we refuse to submit.  

Since the last two decades, increasing numbers of capable, skilled and educated Singaporeans have left for settlement in the West. Since anyone who has gone to the West will immediately see why life is far superior to that in Singapore, they will continue to attract their friends, family and acquaintances to join them abroad. With Singapore’s already small native population remaining, coupled with a declining birth rate and an ageing population, the death knell of the local population has already been rung.

What are left in the island are only foreigners, mainly those from Communist China. These immigrants have brought with them their Communist Chinese mannerisms, practices and cultural norms and social ethos which has now already become the island’s predominant cultural and social identity.  

Singapore culturally as we knew is dead. Singapore is now just another Communist Chinese city.

The only native Singaporeans left are those who earn millions at the very top, such as the Lee Kuan Yew extended family, their relatives and friends who rule the island; second,  the unskilled predominantly Malay, some Indian and some local Chinese who are unable to acquire the education and skills leaving them incapable of settlement abroad.

As time progresses, as the Lee ruling family decides to develop new industries and money making businesses, they will bring in more and more foreigners from diverse countries to do the work. Many of these foreigners will earn, as they do now, huge salaries while the local Singaporean will be left to look at them with envy and resentment, as they do now.

Singaporeans have already become second class citizens in their own country. The winners are the Lee Kuan Yew ruling family and their minions and bootlickers who benefit by nepotism and association. The other winners are the foreigners who run the important establishments and positions to make money for themselves and the Lee Kuan Yew family.

As for me, according to the Lee Kuan Yew family view of things, I am an unrepentant criminal (I must say I am very proud of that title), so is Dr. Chee Soon Juan who disagrees with Lee's one party totalitarian police state and so was the late JB Jeyaretnam. 

Lee's model citizens are his minions, such as K Shanmugam, who eloquently and successfully argued for a law that criminalizes all protests, even peaceful ones, and even one man protests, even though it is clearly unconstitutional. So are all his other ministers and minions in his government, all model citizens, who successfully argue for laws and policies designed to keep the Lee Kuan Yew family in power?

If I knew this much, so have thousands of educated skilled Singaporeans. That is why they continue to leave the island in even greater numbers and that is why with a tiny native population which was until recently only about 2 million, it is descending fast into extinction.

If Lee is believed to have built Singapore ( a completely false claim), it should be quite clear by now that he has also destroyed it. Today native Singaporeans are not living in Singapore anymore. They re living in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, London, Vancouver and Toronto. Some of them are also living in the San Francisco Bay Area in the United States. One of them is I, Gopalan Nair, Attorney at Law.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
Fremont, California, USA
Tel: 510 657 6107 or 510 491 4375

Monday, August 13, 2012

Singapore. Lee's sidekick Law Minister K Shanmugam clever attempt to hide unequal treatment in the courts

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Not too long ago, a well connected Singapore doctor, who funnily calls himself "Woffles" Wu, was caught twice cheating the Singapore Traffic Police by paying someone else to admit to driving over the speed limit for him.

Besides being a clown for choosing a name like that, Woffles of all things, this doctor is a downright crook who in any other place would not only be severely punished but would have his medical license struck off. You see, in any other place, which has an honest government and a judiciary that believes in the rule of law, a professional like a doctor is held at a higher standard of responsibility from others, for a very good reason; a highly educated man such as that is expected to know better.

But we see time and time again, that that sort of reasoning does not apply to Singapore, where the more money and influence you have, the better you are treated.

So in this case, where the offense was serious and egregious where especially in this case, committed by a doctor no less, he should have been sent to jail for a considerable period, his driving privileges removed and his medical license should be at least suspended.

Not in this Singapore case. Woffles Wu, not surprisingly, was given a small fine and let off without more.

Even in a place like Singapore where the people have been so intimidated by the Lee Kuan Yew family into accepting without complaint anything that happens, it was surprising that there were a number of bloggers who voiced their outcry against this judicial corruption; nothing short of Kangaroo courts.

Singapore’s Lee ruling family not only demand that they and their courts should be allowed to do anything, they also insist that no one should complain about it as well. When a blogger who calls himself Alex Au (he, an ethnic Chinese, has a real Chinese name which for some reason he rather not use) wrote of this shameless injustice, the Attorney General promptly demanded that he remove the offending material and forthwith apologize failing which he will be sued.

Now you know what happens when the Lee government sues you of course. As sure as the sun rises, you will lose, made to pay several hundreds of thousands in damages and bankrupted. You will be lucky if you are not jailed as well. So understandably this man immediately apologized, removed his blog post and timidly asked this almightily government if he could do anything more if it pleases them. Had Lee demanded that he do 3 somersaults and bend over backwards, I suppose he would have gladly done that too.

Quite clear that the Singapore population is not impressed by the government’s repeated claims that they have an independent judiciary, especially since innocent men such as Chee Soon Juan and JB Jeyaretnam have been sued bankrupted and jailed for just being law abiding citizens, K Shanmugam, Lee's sidekick decided to make a speech in parliament claiming there was no bias in the Woffles Case.

See Straits times Report of Aug 13, 2012 headed "Judgment in Woffles Wu case in line with previous cases: Shanmugam"

Shanmugam's speech was nothing but a clear attempt to mislead Parliament. What else can you expect when the judicial misuse is so glaring? The newspaper report says he had "presented six cases where drivers had committed the same offence and were fined".

But he very cleverly fails to mention who these 6 people are, and very cleverly again fails to mention the other innumerable cases of ordinary people who were jailed and disqualified from driving for the same offense.

Sure, if he were to tell you who these 6 drivers were, which he has conveniently failed to do, you would very probably find that they are all highly connected government cronies who as a matter of general understanding in Lee's Singapore enjoy preferential treatment in the law courts.

And I am sure, if he would have told you the details of the numerous other ordinary people who were jailed and disqualified from driving for doing the same thing, you would see the glaring shameless double standards in Lee's one party totalitarian police state, which is, one law for the well connected and another for the ordinary Singaporean ethnic Chinese, Ah Meng (the Singapore equivalent of the ordinary Englishman Joe Blokes).

Of course K Shanmugam can say anything he wants in his master's parliament about anything and everything with no consequence one way or another. After all if you own the island and it's people, you can do and say anything you want with them and about them with no consequence whatsoever. That is the privilege of running a one party totalitarian police state.  

So much for Lee Kuan Yew's justice in cases where one man pays another to pretend that he committed the driving offense instead of him. “Woffles” Wu I suppose is woffling with glee.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
Fremont, California, USA
Tel: 510 657 6107 or 510 491 4375

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew orders his people to have sex

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Below is an article published a few days ago in the Wall Street Journal. In it, Singapore strongman Lee Kuan Yew, worried over Singapore's continuing record of the lowest birth rate in the world, 1.07, has descended into desperate measures; asking people to have more sex, because the island's native population will disappear completely at this rate within the next 20 years!

I don't think Lee gets it.

Merely asking people to have more sex will not achieve the objective of more babies. Raising a family needs more serious consideration.

The reason why Singaporeans simply refuse to have families and raise children should be obvious.

First you have a dictatorship, not a democracy. No freedom of speech, no freedom of expression, no rule of law and the slightest criticism can mean libel suits against you before his Kangaroo courts, bankruptcy and lifelong repression and victimization.

Take an obvious case. Dr. Chee Soon Juan, an open critic of the Lee Ruling Family and his dictatorship was thrown out of his job as professor at the National University of Singapore, sued for millions of dollars and bankrupted, and prohibited from leaving the island. Today he ekes a living by selling his own books. We can all see that Chee is no criminal. On the contrary, he is a highly educated Singapore patriot. Yet this is what happens if anyone dares criticize Lee or his family. This sort of thing discredits Singapore and reduces it to an Iraq under Saddam Hussain.

Take my own case. I was an opposition politician in Singapore. But when I openly said so, I was repeatedly punished through false lawyer disciplinary charges, sent to jail and recently disbarred from practicing law in Singapore. Yet not a single person could honestly say that I deserved any of this. Of course none of this really affects me, since I practice law in California and Lee Kuan Yew has been unwilling, understandably so, to demand that the California Bar take action against me as well.

But I continue to be a thorn on the side of the Lee Ruling Family through this blog, and it is anyone's guess how much it has contributed to his ongoing problems of an almost non existent birth rate and mounting and massive rates of emigration to the West.

Singapore is purely and simply a totalitarian police state and people do not want to raise families in such a police state. It should be as simple as that.  

If all this is not enough to discourage people from raising families, it deliberately and vigorously discriminates against Singaporeans in favor of foreigners in their own country. You may find this hard to believe but it is true. A foreigner can fly into Singapore’s Changi Airport, anytime, look for a job and get hired the next day, regardless of Singaporeans being unemployed. To justify this injustice, the government calls this "market forces" a completely unjustified and ridiculous explanation.

With Singapore’s birth rate so law, in fact the lowest in the world, Lee vigorously promotes immigration to Singapore from Communist China (noone else wants to come). As a result of the huge numbers of these foreigners, Singapore’s social values and ethos has now almost become that of these Communist Chinese, who have no understanding of what freedom means and their only purpose in life is to make money, in however disgraceful manner.

Singapore’s British heritage of the rule of law and fair play are replaced by the character of these Mainland Chinese who have no sense of any of this, since they bend for the Chinese emperor or rather, the Communist Party.

The last thing that I would want is to have to live in a society peopled by Chinese from China who live their lives in obedience to their Communist Party rulers. This is all they know.

If Lee wants to encourage people to have more babies, it is not enough merely to put out a video and ask people to have sex, as he has done. Any fool can tell you that. He has to create a society in which people feel safe; where a citizen knows that there is the rule of law; that he will not be discriminated against; where if he finds himself in bad times, the government would give a helping hand; a society which does not discriminate against the Malays and Indians who are equal citizens; a society in which it is safe to have diverse views about politics and a society which will not turn you into a JB Jeyaretnam or Chee Soon Juan just because you criticized.

Singapore has descended into Lee's banana republic. And that is the reason why people are not having children. This trend will continue and Singapore’s birth rate will decline even further. Telling people to have more sex is not going to do the trick.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
Fremont, California, USA
Tel 510 657 6107 or 510 491 4375

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Singapore Prime Minister's (Lee Kuan Yew's son) national day fairy tale

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Every year, on the island's national day, August 9th, the Lee Ruling Family's subjects are given a speech, televised island wide at primetime, of how good it was so far, and how much rosier it is going to get, all due to the kindness and unbounded wisdom of this great family. This year was no different. I listened to it.

It is no different in North Korea. There too, every year without fail, depending on whether it was Kim Jong Il or his father or the new ruler Kim Jong An, the same line is given without fail.

But frankly, as to whether it has any worth, the answer is a simple zero. It is just simply words without any meaning at all. Like it is every year in North Korea and Singapore, with one difference; you cannot leave the country in North Korea, you can in Singapore. Which is why the island whose subjects have been so bored with this nonsense year after year that they can't take it anymore; which is why Singapore island has the highest rate of emigration in the world, the lowest fertility rate in the world and one of the largest populations of imported Chinese migrants from China who are now poised to overtake the local population.

Let's call Lee's son, the son. The son's speech has a large component which urges Singaporeans to sink their roots in Singapore, develop a sense of love for their country and strive to improve it. It is this part of his speech where he finds the greatest difficulty because his actions really do not persuade anyone to think this way at all.

Firstly you have a situation in the island where any foreigner can come to Singapore and take on a job and instantly thereafter obtain residency and citizenship in quick succession, with total disregard to the local’s interests. With this sort of stupid policy, how does he expect any native Singaporean to have any love or patriotism for his country, where in essence, a foreigner, who has done nothing for Singapore is in many respects treated better than him!

Second you have an island where not everyone is equal. Like in Orwell's Animal Farm, 4 legs are good but 2 legs are better. The ones with 2 legs of course are the Lee Ruling Family, their extended family and friends. All of them are above the law, are entitled to be as corrupted as they want and can take salaries unheard in any other place in the world, literally millions. I wonder whether the late Mobutu of the Congo took as much in diamonds but your guess is as good as mine.

And then you have Kangaroo courts which take orders from the Family who are in a position to turn any completely lawful activity into the most heinous crime or the slightest criticism into the libel of the century! The result, the next instant, at a nod of the son, you become bankrupted and removed from circulation so to speak. In other words, if you dare criticize, now you are here, the next instant you are history.  

In Singapore today you have a morally corrupt society. Even today in their state controlled newspapers, there is another story of adult men caught sleeping with young girls for large sums of money, and there appears a limitless supply of customers and girls for this crime. As for the government, this sort of activity is really not frowned upon. In most cases, they get either a fine or in worst cases a week’s jail. After that they do it again and, in the unlikely event they get caught, go to jail for perhaps 2 weeks this time. Of course, being pedophiles, and their numbers are increasing, they do it all the time but these reported cases only appear on the rare occasions when they get caught.

As for the Tamils in the island, although citizens, they are as good as extinct. With undisguised discrimination against Tamils and Malays, the Lee Ruling Family who are ethnic Chinese bring in plane loads of their own race from China to deliberately drive out the last remaining Tamil or Malay. From the once 50% of the population which they had, today the Tamils form only 8% and the Malays hardly 13%. Very soon both the races will disappear.

If Singaporeans had a say in their country, none of this would have happened. Casinos with their consequent crime and the ubiquitous dreaded loan sharks would not have existed; the government would not have been in a position to discriminate against their own people this way and people would have had more loyalty and respect for their country.

Today with the government in effect telling the people to switch off their minds and simply do as they are told, anyone with any ability feels insulted and neglected. So what do they do; they simply ignore and stop participating in any policy making process. In the end the only ones the government can rely on are the sycophants and bootlickers that you find in any other dictatorship in the world, simply opportunists who sing praises to the King for financial again. This is better described as corruption.

The end result is a government who continue doing whatever they want to do for a people who simply wait for orders. You don't find the active participation in government by the people that you see in any Western country. That is why in Western countries, their citizens feel a part of their society, are loyal to it, and feel a sense of pride and self respect.

In Singapore, people with independent minds and capable of earning a living anywhere, simply pack up and leave. What is left behind are trumpeters who trumpet the King (the Lee Ruling Family) hoping that they will be thrown some crumbs (better described as bribes) for their loyalty to the King (the Lee Family).

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
Fremont, California, USA
Tel: 510 657 6107 or 510 491 4375

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Singapore. Has anyone seen 90 year old Singapore dictator, Lee Kuan Yew

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have written many blog posts on the danger of the 90 year old Lee Kuan Yew dying. Every single dictatorship in the world suffers from the same problem. In every single country with dictators, of which Singapore is surely one, the entire country revolves around one man, the dictator.

Although the sun does not rise every morning because of him, almost every thing else is. The business runs because of him, investments come in because of him, the stability of the country is because of him, and the buses run because of him, people live in the island because of him. It is he alone, the one man who has been in power continuously since 1959 (although he may want to deny it), even longer than Fidel Castro, is the very reason why Singapore exists.

Of course those in the establishment who are afraid of this truth would say that his son is now the boss, but nothing can be further from the truth. Everyone knows that Lee Kuan Yew's son is simply nothing. He is where he is because of his father and when the father goes he will be nothing. And so will every other bootlicking prostrators like dogs at the feet of Lee Kuan Yew today, such as the Tamil Minister K Shanmugam, the sidekick Teo Chee Hean and the blubbering Vivian Balakrishnan. All these characters are where they are because they are prepared to lick boots. And when the boots are gone, and there is nothing left to lick, they too will disappear, very probably abroad, leaving Singaporeans in the lurch.

We haven't seen the 90 year old Lee Kuan Yew for a bit. The last I heard he couldn’t walk. We don't know if he is dead, bed ridden, paralyzed or demented. If you are not worried about this, you should be. If Lee is gone, I predict the stock market to immediately take a plunge, the property prices to do the same, and the Singapore dollar to become worthless.

So you may want to do a couple of things now, before it is too late. Find out what has happened to the 90 year old dictator. And if the situation looks precarious, take your money, your bags and your families and get out now. Go to Australia, Canada or anywhere else where you could cut your losses. Singapore is not a place to be in without the dictator. I hate to say this, but unfortunately it is true.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
Fremont, California
Tel 510 657 6107 or 510 491 4375

Singapore. Increasing anger against foreigners.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore Lee Ruling Party's open door overly generous, harebrained policy of allowing huge numbers of foreigners to come to Singapore and take away jobs from Singaporeans is simply crazy. The present policy, believe it or not, allows any foreigner to simply come for a visit, while at his hotel look up the local newspapers for a job, get hired the next day, and become a Singapore resident instantly; as simple as that.

What did they think native Singaporeans would do when they end up unemployed in their own country because someone else from another country just walked in yesterday and took away his job? And that is exactly what is happening in these hare brained policies of the Lee Ruling Family whom it appears have their brains in their posterior.

For those who may find what is happening in Singapore simply incredulous, let me say this again. What I am saying here is true. Check it out yourself.

The Singapore government is not interested to know that that thousands of Singaporeans may be unemployed. As long as the employer prefers the foreigner, it is, according to Singapore’s Lee Ruling Family, entirely up to him. In order to justify this nonsense, the government line is "market forces". It may be a good idea for someone to tell the father and son Lee family team who run Singapore, that this is not what "market forces" mean, but who dares to do it, when they could sue you, win and bankrupt you any time they want in their Kangaroo Courts.

If that is bad enough, in fact it gets even worse. The companies themselves are owned by foreigners who are given instant licenses to do business. And after they had set up shop, a Chinese medicine shop, for instance, will almost always employ Chinese from China, especially if the job applicant had come from his local village in Guangdong! And while all this is going on, the Singaporean local native waits half starved because the foreigner had taken his job, in his own country! How about that!

You see how bad it is. In Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore there is completely no advantage in being Singaporean. In fact it is far better to be a foreigner in Singapore as far as jobs are concerned. You get a job anytime you want and leave for home country anytime you want.

You don't need to have rocket science brains to know that this sort of policy will anger the natives.

And to make matters worse, this mass migration of foreigners into Singapore to take Singaporeans jobs, in a small island jam packed like sardines with 5.2 million people living in close proximity in high rise apartments can cause tempers to rise when they meet.

The Straits Times, their state controlled local newspapers has several articles each day of a local beating up an old lady in a commuter bus for a seat, a foreigner hurling vulgarities and abuse at locals calling them no better than dogs, a Chinese recent arrival going around swearing at Malays and Indians and calling them “black boys” and so on.

These clashes which are turning increasingly violent between locals and foreigners are liable to escalate in no time in a full scale island wide racial riot.

No one wants to see something like this, and as I am a proponent of non violence in the philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi, I cannot in all honesty justify any violence against anyone, not even a fly, but that does not mean I cannot understand this sort of ugliness when it happens.

I can only predict that as time advances this sort of violent confrontations across the island can only increase.

And the cause of this degradation of Singaporean society and rampant racial hatred is the responsibility entirely of the Lee Ruling Family, father and son team, who thought that they alone know best about everything; no need for consultation, no need for dialogue, no need for advice; as after all they know everything that they need to know anyway. You can say, it is like the King Frog in his well.

It is this sort of arrogance on the part of the Lee Ruling Family that is the cause of all Singapore's problems. Today it has the highest migration rate with people leaving Singapore in record numbers. People are not having any babies. The old are dying and not being replaced except by even more immigrants. The law has degraded is discredited. No one respects the government. There is no sense of fair play and equality. The rich walk away with murder while the poor are sent to jail for extended periods. The rich are paid a hundred times what the poor are paid. The income gap in Singapore is one of the highest in the world.

For a good write up on the increasing violence against foreigner in the island please see "Anger against open door policy" dated July 28, 2012 and "Singaporeans teetering on short fuse" dated June 30, 2012, both by Seah Chiang Nee in the Malaysian, The Star newspaper.

Next time a stupid new immigrant from China tells you off, give him a real telling off, short of violence. I do not advocate violence. But I don't see anything wrong in reminding this recent arrival, in the strongest terms possible under the law, that he is not wanted in Singapore that he should keep his mouth shut and get out to wherever he came from this instant. He should be reminded that Singaporeans need the jobs and he is not welcome because he is taking them from the Singaporeans.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
Fremont, California, USA
Tel: 510 657 6107 or 510 491 4375

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Singapore, a new Asian hub for pedophiles

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Almost daily, Singapore's state controlled newspapers report headlines of numerous people being arrested for having sex with children, mostly girls, as young as 10 years of age.

Most of these children are usually either children of recent Chinese immigrants, Vietnamese or other Asian countries who stand to make big money from prostitution. But the corrupting effect has brushed over local too and many native born Singaporean girls as young as 13 are entering the business.

Unlike other Western countries which have very harsh laws against this sort of thing, Singapore treats them very leniently indeed; usually a small fine and no more. And after having paid the fine, they suffer no other requirements. In fact it would be no surprise if after paying their small fines they continue abusing other children with almost impunity.

In California for instance, long jail terms are meted out to these monsters. In fact jail terms can extend to several years depending on the seriousness of the charges.

And after they have completed their sentences, they are always required to register as sex offenders in web sites, which would mean that their identity, photographs and particulars would be publicly exposed. Other penalties include the prohibition against residing in any location near schools or places where children frequent.

As you can see the consequences of a conviction for child sexual abuse are not only far reaching, they are permanent. In fact their lives would be changed permanently forever. It would be hard for them to find jobs, find a place to live and going on with their normal daily lives will involve shame and rejection from all quarters.

And that is how it should be.

As for Singapore, it is almost a pedophile's paradise. Just a slap on the wrist for sleeping with a 10 year old girl and being able to do it again and again with almost impunity.

Anyone engaged in pedophile tours should seriously consider Singapore as a favorite destination. As the Lee Ruling Family continues to boast of Singapore being numerous imaginary hubs, such as transport hub, money laundering hub, gambling hub and so on; perhaps it is time to add one more feather to their caps. Premier Asian child sexual abuse hub for pedophiles. How’s that.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Singapore. Why the Singapore judge was right on the Hougang case.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today’s state controlled newspapers carry headlines on the case of the Hougang woman suing the Government of Singapore for their delay in not holding by elections soon after that parliamentary seat because vacant when the incumbent was fired for extra marital affairs.

The case is well known and I need not go into the details.

The woman is represented by lawyer M Ravi.

The woman, as I understand it was in her law suit principally requesting that the court make a ruling that the Prime Minister "does not have unfettered discretion" on deciding when or if ever to call a by election in Hougang.

From the start the woman had no leg to stand on. It was a lost cause to begin with.

Firstly neither the Constitution nor the Parliamentary Elections Act makes any reference as to when a by election should be held. Since the law of Singapore, at least in theory (we know in practice Lee Ruling Family do whatever they want), is based on statute and furthermore, as there are no precedent case law on the issue under Singapore  law, no such requirement on the Prime Minister exists.

Second, even if the court relies on English law, since under the Civil Law Act of Singapore, the applicable law when in doubt is the law of England; no such requirement exists even in England. Although under customary law and tradition there, the House of Commons would normally hold by elections within 3 months, nowhere does it state even in England that the Prime Minister should hold elections.

Of course England being a multi party democracy, the English people would have been up in arms if no elections were held there, but going principally on the law, the Hougang woman has simply no case because even English law gives her no help.

And lastly, courts are required only to try triable issues, and not make policy or laws. Here as far as the grievance of the Hougang woman is concerned, on the facts, she has no case since there is no law or statute that supports her. As to her demand that the court make such a finding, about the “unfettered discretion” this is not the duty of any court, not even in Singapore or anywhere in the world.

Her only recourse in ensuring that the Singapore Prime Minister is required to hold elections within 3 months by law is to pressure Singapore Parliament and her politicians to change the law of the land to state this.

But she cannot go to court and compel a judge to declare that the Prime Minister is required to hold elections in vacant wards since Singapore law does not require this; and the judge is not a politician to make such a law.

This is one case which should never have been brought to court. I am sure the poor citizen of Hougang in whose name the action is brought hasn't the faintest clue about any of this. The responsible party in this case is her lawyer M Ravi. If he failed to inform his client that there is no merit whatsoever in this case, then he has failed in his duty. And he has also failed in his duty if he did not make the necessary basic research, which had he done so, he would have discovered to have no merit at all. And lastly if he knew that the case had no merit and went ahead nevertheless, he has once again failed.  

Under Singapore laws the costs are awarded to the successful party. In this case the costs should be ordered payable by her lawyer M Ravi and not by the litigant. The fault in commencing this action is totally that of the lawyer, who is expected to know better, which he would have, had he done basic research.

All this is stated very clearly in Erskine May, the established authority on English Parliamentary practice.

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