Thursday, August 2, 2012

Singapore, a new Asian hub for pedophiles

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Almost daily, Singapore's state controlled newspapers report headlines of numerous people being arrested for having sex with children, mostly girls, as young as 10 years of age.

Most of these children are usually either children of recent Chinese immigrants, Vietnamese or other Asian countries who stand to make big money from prostitution. But the corrupting effect has brushed over local too and many native born Singaporean girls as young as 13 are entering the business.

Unlike other Western countries which have very harsh laws against this sort of thing, Singapore treats them very leniently indeed; usually a small fine and no more. And after having paid the fine, they suffer no other requirements. In fact it would be no surprise if after paying their small fines they continue abusing other children with almost impunity.

In California for instance, long jail terms are meted out to these monsters. In fact jail terms can extend to several years depending on the seriousness of the charges.

And after they have completed their sentences, they are always required to register as sex offenders in web sites, which would mean that their identity, photographs and particulars would be publicly exposed. Other penalties include the prohibition against residing in any location near schools or places where children frequent.

As you can see the consequences of a conviction for child sexual abuse are not only far reaching, they are permanent. In fact their lives would be changed permanently forever. It would be hard for them to find jobs, find a place to live and going on with their normal daily lives will involve shame and rejection from all quarters.

And that is how it should be.

As for Singapore, it is almost a pedophile's paradise. Just a slap on the wrist for sleeping with a 10 year old girl and being able to do it again and again with almost impunity.

Anyone engaged in pedophile tours should seriously consider Singapore as a favorite destination. As the Lee Ruling Family continues to boast of Singapore being numerous imaginary hubs, such as transport hub, money laundering hub, gambling hub and so on; perhaps it is time to add one more feather to their caps. Premier Asian child sexual abuse hub for pedophiles. How’s that.

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