Sunday, August 19, 2012

Singaporeans work till they drop

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The plan of the Lee Ruling Family, if you have not realized it, is allow you very little money, which requires you to work, literally, until you drop dead.

Contrary to what you are made to believe, it is one of the most highly taxed countries in the world, unless of course you are a multi millionaire.

Other than income tax, if you have a car, you pay the world's highest price for it, similarly world's highest road tax, and intolerable insurance rates. On top of that whenever you drive into the city, which you must, you pay a tax. And what is more, there is not a single spot in the island where you can park free. So if you earn say $3,000.00 a year, which is high by Singapore standards, with your income tax and car expenses half of that will be gone.

And since it is impossible to live without home help, the government takes half of the salary you pay the maid in taxes.

And HDB, which is government housing where 99% of Singaporeans have to live in, charges exorbitant mortgage rates (which is rent actually since they are all 99 year leases), which takes another chunk of your wages.

And not to mention high bus fares, medical charges and the total lack of unemployment insurance or social welfare. Your wallet is like that in the hands of a conjurer. One moment you see the money, the next you don’t!

I am sure you get the idea by now. The gullible citizen is given a salary, but the very next day, the government takes it all away, which means only one thing. As long as you live you have to keep working to keep yourself alive and to enrich the insatiable greed of the Lee Ruling Family.

And what do they do with all this money? You guessed it. They build better roads, highways, and skyscrapers to make it look good. At the same time they pay themselves millions, literally millions which is nothing other than corruption. And if anyone dared to challenge them on this, out comes their Kangaroo Judges in their Kangaroo courts ever willing to bankrupt or jail anyone at their orders.

And that is why ever more Singaporeans are opting to do the only sensible thing, emigration to the West. And quite understandably they don't want to have any children there and neither do they want to sink their roots in the island.

Can anyone blame them?

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
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Anonymous said...

The reason why the PAPies will do whatever they like without fear is because they know that they are absolutely invinsible even if 80% of Singaporeans wish to vote against them. Why? Because of the GRC scheme which they use to manipulate every election. They only need to increase the number of their GRCs and change some electoral boundaries to create more WALKOVER wards to maintain their seat majorities in Parliament. It is as simple as that and yet it is very disappointing that very few Singaporeans and even opposition parties understand this. The previous election results of 60% for PAP and 40% against them should actually be 30% for PAP and 70% against them because at least 30% of those who appear to support them were from Walkover wards who actually wished to vote against the PAP. The only way to whack the PAP out of existence is to find a way to abolish the unconstitutional and illegal GRC scheme which is under the control of the Election Department which only reports direct to the Prime Minister. Can somebody offer any good suggestions to abolish the evil GRC scheme?

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous,
I would like to disagree a little. GRC or no GRC, Lee will win all the time. Not because they count the ballots but because they will stuff them if they have to. Lee is simply deterimed to rule, simple as that.

What you need is not more elections. What you need is protests and demostrations, rights which are gauranteed under the Constitution.

You simply have to force them to accept democracy. They will not do it otherwise.

And while they continue determined to rule, Singapore itself is destoryed. Mass emigration, zero childbirth and a fast ageing population.