Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Singapore's refusal to have children

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Lee Kuan Yew Singapore dictator had said in his recent national day message that unless they have more babies, with the island having the lowest fertility rate in the world, in 10 years it will "fold" because there will be insufficient native born Singaporeans left.

Remember, the island has only about 5 million, of which only about 2 million are local born. The rest are recent immigrants mostly from China.

In the recent article dated Aug 16, 2012 in the state controlled newspaper Straits Times, the report states "4 in 5 Singaporeans see migrants as short term fix for birth rate", and “that Singaporeans must decide whether to replace themselves in the next generation”.

As it is quite normal for state controlled newspapers everywhere, it's reports often are nothing but simply nonsense. After all it can say anything it wants.

Think about it; in this case, how can Singaporeans feel that the ongoing policy of brining massive numbers of Chinese into the island be simply a short term measure unless they have some other long term solution, which they do not?

Second it is funny to think that Singaporeans are now going to sit down and discuss whether or not to replace themselves in the next generation! It is as if they are now going to switch on a button! These things are not as easy as that.

And, if they decide not to replace themselves, for the sake of argument, then what are they planning to do?

You can see this whole report is simply absolute nonsense, even for a state controlled newspaper.

And then the report goes on to say that the "stark picture of a shrinking and ageing population has made them realize (now) the need to change mindsets regarding marriage and procreation".

So are they now, since they have finally realized this, going out en masse and get married and immediately thereafter, en masse, to have a multitude of children? What do you think this is, a stud farm!

And why have they not realized this before? And why have they only now finally decided to have babies?

Finally this altogether mindless nonsense of a report says that 88% of the people polled in a survey have finally decided that it is important to have babies since the population is shrinking.

So, are we to assume that all Singaporeans are just ignorant dummies who never knew this until recently when their beloved dictator Lee Kuan Yew mentioned this to them in his national day message?

Just who do you think we are anyway, a bunch of fools? People do not just decide after a discussion meeting to go out and have several babies when they never wanted to before. Has anything changed? Has Lee Kuan Yew died? Has living under the dictatorship got any better?

As Singapore continues in it's miserable one small island one party totalitarian police state under Lee Kuan Yew, nobody wants to have babies, and nothing is going to change just because the state controlled newspaper puts out this propaganda.

Singapore population will continue to shrink even more, it's people would emigrate to the West in even larger numbers, because it has already turned into a satellite city of Communist China as every other person you see there is Chinese.

Living in Singapore today is the same as living in China. I don’t want to live in China and neither do thousands upon thousands, which makes up the massive outflow of Singaporeans to the West.

It's simply too late pal. Writing this nonsense is not going to buck the inevitable demise of the native Singaporean.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
Fremont, California, USA
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Anonymous said...

singaporeans work very long hours coupled with rising costs and wages that do not keep pace, most singaporeans just do not feel they can afford to have more than 1 child. on another note,how many people leave singapre yearly, some say 10000k at least,where do you get your figures from?

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous Aug 16, 0713,
Singapore is not the only country in the world that has long work hours. Many other countries also do. But yet, there is a high fertility rate, but zero in Singapore. Why? Because in other countries you have job security, the rule of law, and democracy. Without this, noone finds it safe to have families and children because you live at the mercy of the Lee family. Not under law.

The Singapore government has no concern for the interests of it's people who are there simply to make money for the government elite. Such a society is not conducive for families and children.

As to your question, how many emigrate, you have answered it yourself. With the government concealing the figures, your guess is as good as mine. But 10,000 a year is much more likely than the 1,000 they claim.

Anonymous said...

GN, do you think lee HL will abolish ISA once lky passes away?

Anonymous said...

Thought you should see this: