Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Singapore. Why you need to be a zombie to succeed

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let me tell those of you are either planning to live there or are living there. To succeed you have to be a zombie.

Shocking but true. A zombie, one would consider to be someone without a mind of his own and quite prepared to swallow everthing thrown at him by the authorities. If you are one such person, very good for you in Singapore.

The reason for the zombie culture in Singapore is the Lee Ruling Family. They have been running the island for the last 52 years or so and don't appear likely to ever want to give up. So naturally, if you support them with everything they tell you, like a zombie would, you would not only be fine but very successful too.

But otherwise, a person of an independant mind is going to become very unsuccessful. If you were a lawyer, you may be even disbarred like I was. Of course it doesn't mean anything if you live overseas but in Singapore you cannot survive at all, with a mind like that.

This stupidity which the Lee Ruling Family demands cuts across every sphere of life.

For instance, if you are a student, you end up with a very bad education. The teachers in Singapore are all zombies too because they want their students to be like them and never question authority. And especially for a student, if you behave like this, you will cease to be a student and end up a zombie.

Take the legal profession for instance. An independent lawyer would see the need to represent everyone, even the Lee Family's political opponents, such as Chee Soon Juan. But if you did you would perhaps lose your livelihood. I remember one lawyer who had such a mind of his own and in fact, not only defended Chee but also cross examined the dictator Lee himself. Since then this rather unusual Singapore lawyer has lost all his cases, his clients have all left him and I suppose he himself thinks he should have been a zombie lawyer like the others. In fact had he not been so bravado he may have been sucessful like the other zombie lawyers.

Especially in politics in Singapore, being a zombie is mandatory. You have the recent winner in Lee's Singapore elections where Low Thia Khiang and his Workers Party had won. Low is a zombie politician, and therefore successful. He makes money running his own company and gets paid to speak in Parliament as well. So does his other zombie friends. He accepts the rule of the Lee Kuan Yew family as an established fact which is what the Lees expect him to believe. So he goes into Parliament like a zombie accepting what the Lees throw at him.

Then there are others. A man called Chee Soon Juan. He is not a zombie. He has a mind of his own. he has criticized the Lee Ruling Family. Because of that he is having a very hard life. He is sued bankrupted and sent to Coventry. I am not sure if he has realized that to succeed in Singapore you have to be a zombie.

Thousands of Singaporeans have left the island for a life abroad. They had refused to be zombies. And with such a refusal, there is no success in the island.

I am not suggesting at all that you should not be a zombie. Afterall Singapore has many of those. Naturally many are quite willing to live like one. And bring up their children as zombies. Lee Kuan Yew likes that. But the problem is many more are refusing to be zombies. I certainly don't. But not everyone has to be like me.

If you want to live in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore like a zombie, be my guest. You will have a pretty good life. But good life as a zombie? Is that not an oxymoron?

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
Fremont, CA, USA
Tel: 510 657 6107 or 510 491 4375

Singapore. Workers Party Aljunied and Hougang Poodles enter Parlialment on Lee Ruling Family's short leash

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Lee Ruling Family of Singapore in their very unique political system have allowed the
opposition Workers Party to enter Parliament with 5 Members for Aljunied and 1 for Hougang last week.

In Singapore’s unique form of government which they call a “democracy” but none other than a Stalinist dictatorship, they have given the impression and the Singapore public have been persuaded to believe that it is some sort of an opposition victory.

But truly it is nothing of the sort if you are willing to examine it. First, Lee’s Ruling Family, (the Family) the PAP have 81 seats, a far too large a number for an island which is no larger than 26 miles across and 16 vertically. Within half an hour you will be at the Malaysian border, that is how small it is. If you can imagine how dictators think, you will appreciate that although 81 members of Parliament are really not necessary; it is always useful as a guarantee against any possibility of opposition interference in government with an overwhelming majority.

In this vast redundant majority of Lee Ruling Family people in Parliament, 6 people from the Workers party are not going to interfere in the Family’s plans to continue on the throne at any cost.  

As if this guarantee was not enough, these opposition men and women who go into Parliament are nothing less than eunuchs; castrated, although not in the medical sense (although I wont blame you if you thought so observing them falling over backwards for the Family), they are certainly so in the political sense.

You see the Family have already laid out the parameters for these characters beyond which they cannot go in Parliament. They have managed to ask questions on the cost of living, on the numbers of immigrants entering the island and other routine matters.

But it is very well understood by them that they cannot ask any questions on real matters, matters affecting their very existence as a democracy. They are not allowed to challenge the Family’s theft and embezzlement of state funds at the tune of $3.7 million a year each which they call a salary. Although it is generally believed that the Family members and their friends steal even more secretly, they are not allowed to question this publicly. They are prevented from asking any questions relating to the very foundation of government such as the denial of a free press, the denial of the rule of law, the denial of free speech and expression and the numerous other violations of the Constitution.

This prohibition against delving into these fundamental issues that effect the very existence of Singapore as a democracy is not stated publicly anywhere, but it is understood by them. They have never dared to challenge Lee with these violations of the Constitution in the past and they never will, questions that go to the very existence of Parliamentary Democracy. They and the people of Singapore should know that without these fundamental rights and guarantees, Parliamentary debates are useless, since it is simply impossible to demand that the Family comply with the law.

In the Lee Ruling Family style of government, where the Family can violate the people’s Constitutional rights with impunity, in which the Workers Party are willing participants, they know that their presence in Parliament is a total waste of time. What good is a debate when the Lee Ruling Family can simply ignore you and you have no recourse whatever?

Low Thia Khiang and his Workers Party people entering Parliament are not just wasting their own time but everyone else’s. If they really understand what is wrong Singapore they will know that the without the Rule of Law, there is no democracy. Absent the Lee Ruling Family being forced to obey the Constitution, there can be no freedoms for the people.

Therefore the Workers party have to ask the questions that should be asked which is the demand that the government comply with the Rule of Law. The Constitution has to obeyed and no one should be above the Constitution, not even the Family.

The Workers Party should demand that if the Lee Ruling Family continue in their refusal to obey the Constitution, they will organize peaceful protests and demonstrations across the island to bring the government to it’s knees.

The Singapore Workers Party is behaving as if they are in the Peoples Republic of China. Communist China does not have a Parliamentary system. There the Communist Party’s supremacy is unchallenged. The Communist Chinese People accept the fact that only the Communist Party can form the government and no one else can. Their politicians in their system are allowed to challenge the policies of the government but never their right to rule.

Singapore’s Workers Party are behaving exactly as if they were in Communist China. Their questions to the Lee Ruling Family’s government go only to the extent of policies, not real issues that deprive Singaporeans the right to live as a free people. They make no objections against the Family’s abuse of the Constitution and the laws; no objections the denial of fundamental human rights nor the assumption that the Family alone will rule the island forever, like Gods.

Low Thia Khiang of the opposition Workers Party has been in Lee Ruling Family’s Parliament as MP for Hougang now for decades. In all that time he has I suppose made thousands of speeches upon speeches about this and that. But all these speeches has not managed to make the residents of Hougang any better than any of the Family held wards in the rest of the island. Now he and 4 other people would go into Parliament with another one of his friends from Hougang and make even more speeches upon speeches which would not change anything for anybody, not next week, not next month and not in the next 200 years.

In this state of hopelessness, why do Singaporeans bother with all these elections upon elections, I wonder. Or are Singaporeans all simply dumb that they simply can’t see through this farce of a Singaporean theatrical performance which has been going on for the last 40 years!

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
Fremont, California, USA
Tel: 510 657 6107 or 510 491 4375

Monday, May 28, 2012

A democratic and free Singapore Island would be a far better place

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore Island, I can assure you would be a far more pleasant, and economically successful place than what it is today under the Lee Family’s despotic rule. Here is why.

The coming of the Internet has changed the island’s political background completely. The knowledge that the island has no free press, it denies it people any meaningful rights such as free speech and expression. The fact that the island is governed entirely by the dictates of the Lee Ruling Family is public knowledge. The fact that there is no rule of law and if ever you seek legal recourse, your result will entirely be dependent on what Lee Kuan Yew had that day for breakfast.

Such a depressing fact disenchants every single Singapore citizen who is aware of this truth. Any attempt to openly oppose results in your becoming another Chee Soon Juan or the late JB Jeyaretnam, branded a serial criminal by the state controlled newspapers, sued bankrupted and impoverished and forever denied any possibility of a normal life in that island.

So what does one do? One does the obvious. One packs up and applies for settlement in the West; Australia, New Zeeland, the UK, Canada or the USA.

This means Singapore continues to lose valuable talent, in the sciences, the law, engineering and every other discipline; all lost at one stroke because Lee Kuan Yew’s Singapore is a pariah state, a place which denies freedom and liberty.

The introduction of Constitutional government will change all this at one stroke. Thousands upon thousands of Singaporeans now abroad will return to Singapore to live and work. Singapore will shed its pariah state image in the international community and become a respected member of the free countries of the world. At a stroke, it will be proud to say you are Singaporean instead of being embarrassed by it. At once a Singaporean in Melbourne would not be probed and laughed at the illegal chewing gum policy, or the policy on beatings (canings) and executing petty drug mules.

With the vast talent pool of Singaporean expertise internationally Singapore would move ions ahead of what it is today, in science technology and sophistication. It will become a center for the arts and humanities.

But today all that we have is Lee’s state controlled newspapers dishing out the daily garbage of Singapore’s imaginary achievements. Like Pravda or Izvestia of the former Soviet Union.

The way it is going now, as the Lee ruling Family’s personal possession island of my way or the highway, Singapore is depleting it’s talent pool very fast and Mandarin speaking Communist Chinese immigrants are not going to do the trick.

The barometer is steadily falling while MV Singapore heads blissfully into the eye of the storm.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
Fremont, CA, USA
Tel 510 657 6107 or 510 491 4375

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Singapore. Victory for Hougang in yesterday's by elections. A win win situation for the Lee Ruling Family.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

You have heard yesterday the opposition Workers Party won the by elections at the Singapore Hougang Constituency. It shouldn’t be surprising since they have held the ward for decades. But if you did not know Singapore and the Alice in Wonderland government and elections that go on there, you might be a little confused by the title of this post. What, victory for the opposition but yet win win for the Lee Ruling Family!

This Hougang Constituency election is not very different from a defamation lawsuit that the Lee ruling family routinely brings against anyone who criticizes them. You know the verdict even before you stepped into the courtroom! Which is Lee Kuan Yew won and the poor critic lost. And the other thing that is certain is the court damages award. It will be anywhere between 200 to 500 thousand dollars which you cannot pay. The Lee Ruling Family know it and so do you. After that you are history.

These Hougang by elections are no different. Even before the elections took place, the Lee Ruling Family already knew that the opposition man will win. Why, because they want him to win. Let me explain.

From 1966 to 1981 Singapore was completely a one party state. Lee and his ruling family formed the government. Naturally the international community began to raise some eyebrows. Singapore which claims to be a democracy but at the same time a one party state? It became embarrassing.

So Lee Kuan Yew decided that it might be a good idea to have some opposition. Not the real type, but the type which will not cause a threat to their power. So to make a long story short, the got rid of the late JB Jeyaretnam who was the real thing, and replaced him with a more acceptable figure, Low Thia Khiang.

At first Low was the only opposition man. Since one sparrow does not make a spring, they decided on Nominated MPS, people whom the Lee Family select and go into Parliament to perform theatrics. In fact some of these characters performed so well, they could have been selected for Hollywood. But the fact remained that they represented no one, being Nominated and therefore the Lee Family naturally were once again embarrassed.

So they came up with a more believable idea. The plan was to ask Low to stand at a GRC (Group Constituency) of 6 people at the elections so that now a larger number could get in making their claim of a multi party Singapore more believable. (But hardly so in fact since the Lee Ruling Family had 84 and 6 opposition was neither here nor there).

So they did exactly that. They decided that Dr. George Yeo, who headed Aljunied GRC should be the fall guy since he was becoming a little too liberal for their liking. The plan went as clockwork. Low with 5 others stood in Aljunied in the 2011 elections. With the necessary surveillance and with a knowledge of exactly how everyone votes in the island, they engineered a victory for Low and his Workers Party.

And now the same thing was engineered for Hougang. Adolf Hitler of Nazi Germany with the technology then available, was the foremost survailled country in the world. Dossiers were kept for everthing and everyone in the country. The Lee Ruling Family with todays advanced technology know exactly how many people there are, where they work and want their political leanings are. With such extensive personal knowledge of their citizens, they can engineer whatever result that they want. Keeping Hougang with the opposition Workers Party is in the Lee Ruling Family’s interest far more than it is in the Workers Party’s interest.

And in any case these 7 clowns of the Workers Party can’t do anything real for their people. If they did, a defamation action and disqualification from Parliament will be the natural consequence.

These Workers Party characters in Parliament are in fact shamelessly working in the interests of the Lee Ruling Family, not Singapore. For instance they have no problem with Lee Kuan Yew and each of his family members paying themselves millions openly and even more millions secretly. They have no problem with the denial of a free press, denial of fundamental rights of any sort whatever. I don’t think they are so ignorant as to not know that the people are entitled to these rights. It is more a case of appeasing the Lee Ruling Family so that they remain in Parliament. Frankly if they are not going to demand freedom for Singaporeans which the Lee Ruling Family denies, they serve no purpose in Parliament.

There is a real opposition politician in Singapore. His name is Chee Soon Juan. Unfortunately according to Lee Kuan Yew, he is a serial criminal and a bankrupt and disqualified from Parliament. Before him there was another man, JB Jeyaretnam who was the leader of the Workers Party. Low in collaboration with the Lee Ruling Family had him expelled. He has since died. He too was the real thing.

Frankly we might as well go watch the Punch and Judy Show.

Gopalan Nair
Fremont, California, USA
Tel: 510 657 6107 or 510 491 4375

Singapore National Service and you. A reminder

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Since my last blog post on Singapore’s national service “Singapore National Service Injustice, young men should take to the streets” dated March 7, 2011, I have been receiving numerous queries from both parents and young men who either refuse to do national service or are overseas and worried about returning. Let me restate the consequences of not doing national service or absconding and not returning.

Personally I am happy to note that increasing numbers are trying to avoid it. I consider the Singapore government an authoritarian despotic regime run for the personal benefit of the Lee Ruling Family and not in Singapore island’s interest. Therefore any action taken to undermine this regime, including draft dodging, is welcome as it serves to further weaken the grip of the Lee Ruling Family on the island. Therefore I shall continue to give any advice to anyone in Singapore who is contemplating leaving the island to avoid national service.

The following are the points once again.

1.      If you want to avoid national service in Singapore by leaving the island you should keep this in mind. The good news is, avoiding national service is not an extraditable offence. Therefore once you are overseas, Singapore cannot get you back to punish you. The bad news is, you will never be able to return. If you ever did, they will arrest you and send you to jail.

2.      There are countless Singaporeans out there in the US, Canada and elsewhere who are in these shoes. The only problem they face is the inability to return. For most this should not be a problem since Singapore is only a tiny dot out there. You can go to Malaysia and have more or less the same experience.

3.      I have been asked if you could be put on the Interpol list. Again as this act is not extraditable, Interpol is not involved. No problem on that score.

4.      I am often asked if taking on foreign citizenship can protect you. The answer is no. If they find you in Singapore, no matter what citizenship, they will get you. As long as you stay away from Singapore, you are fine.

5.      Remember, those refusing to do national service in Singapore are indirectly doing the cause of freedom and democracy there great good. The vast majority of young talented Singaporeans caught in this trap abroad are the very ones Singapore badly needs. The majority are college graduates in US, Canada, Australia and other Western countries. As a result of this thoroughly misconceived policy, Singapore is denied their vast amount of expertise. A vast talent pool is simply lost. Moreover they hate Singapore for what it is doing to them, spreading that hatred among anyone they come across. They have become unwittingly a very effective 5th Column working against Lee Ruling Family’s Singapore.

Gopalan Nair
Fremont, California, USA
Tel: 510 657 6107 or 510 491 4375

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Singapore island Punch and Judy Show Hougang By Elections

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore's Lee Ruling Family is now holding their By Elections for the Constituency of Hougang which became vacant recently after it’s opposition representative was expelled after allegations of an extramarital affair.

But this statement that I have just made has several inaccuracies. Firstly the past representative was not really opposition in the real sense. The Lee ruling family which governs Singapore will not tolerate any real opposition to them. If you were na├»ve or stupid enough to think you were one, you will end up in jail or bankrupted by their compliant judges. One such Judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean comes of mind. You understand of course the type of human being she is. Like a Nazi judge who would make mince meat of any Jew regardless of the evidence as it pleases Hitler; this woman would bend over backwards or even forwards if it is to please her masters The Lee Ruling Family of Singapore. Any real opposition doesn’t have any chance in a million in her court, or should I say Kangaroo Court.

The other inaccuracy in my statement was to refer to it as an election. No, it is not an election although it is made to look alike one. In reality it is nothing but a theatrical exercise, more like a comedy. It is a Punch and Judy show. The Lee Ruling Family who have put forward their man, a young fellow who has a difficult time even speaking English, has been selected out of the blue for his unfailing loyalty to the Family and of course greed, as he stands to earn millions licking the Lee Family boots, to go out and pretend that he is a protector of the people. The Workers Party, the other clowns in this charade, has put up their man who claims to defend democracy.

But during the week or so of campaigning that the Lee Family have permitted for political campaign, neither of them have ever spoken a word of really defending anyone’s rights. They have never said a word that Lee family paying themselves $3.7 million a year is theft and they are thieves. Neither the fact that there should be a free press since the Lee Family have monopolized the media and brought it under state control. Neither the fact that there is no rule of law and women judges such as Belinda Ang Saw Ean who shamelessly prostitutes her judicial office to misuse the law for political ends is wrong. Neither have they touched on the racial discrimination of quotas in housing in the island which discriminates against the Malays and Indians, equal citizens under the law. Neither have they said anything about the denial of free speech; the denial of free expression; the denial of free assembly, rights which are fundamental before anyone can have any democracy. Rights without which these elections itself become meaningless.

And what enrages me is this. The Lee Family behave as if Singaporeans are all a bunch of dummies and none of them are aware of these things which I write about.

I tell you what is wrong with the Lee Ruling Family is this. Either they are living in a la la land and are completely unaware of their people or they are simply dummies. Just as I know this, thousands and even hundreds of thousands of Singaporeans are also aware like me, of the Lee Ruling Family behaving in such a way as to totally ignore the rights of human beings.

Unlike me who takes the trouble to write this, thousands and thousands who know of the total disregard of human rights in Singapore simply pack up and leave. They have no time for the Lee Family’s Punch and Judy Show that is now going on in Hougang. They have no time for such sycophants and bootlickers like this Singapore judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean who gets paid to destroy Lee’s political opposition in her judicial robes. So they leave the country entirely to settle in Australia Canada and the United States.

If I were ever to see this disgraceful woman outside Singapore, I would probably spit. But I cannot do that in Singapore because I would be arrested, not simply for spitting but because I had the temerity to insult one of the Lee Family’s judges under whose protection she does the dirty work. This is why the educated and skilled leave Singapore in hoards for the West. They have no time for Lee’s Punch and Judy Hougang By Elections show and no time for clowns such as this disgraceful woman either.

Gopalan Nair
Fremont, California
Tel: 510 657 6107

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Singapore’s Lee Ruling Family in blinkers while Singaporeans disappear.

Ladies and Gentlemen, 

By now, you know the numbers. Singapore island, a tiny city state with a similarly tiny population, no more than 2.5 million native born with another 2.5 recently arrived immigrants mainly from Communist China.

Even though Singapore is touted by the Lee ruling family who run it as if it is their own personal possession, denying human rights, monopolizing the media and either imprisoning or bankrupting anyone who dares question their authority, as one of the richest places on earth, surprisingly the Singapore born citizens want no part of it.

Even with such a tiny population, the island has the highest rate of brain drain in the world, principally to Canada and Australia. It has the lowest fertility rate in the world almost as if no one wants to raise a family there and to make matters worse, the Singapore born component are mainly old beyond the 60 years and they are dying.

In other words Singaporeans meaning Singapore born people are simply becoming extinct.

The Lee family members who run and own the place have tried very hard in the past to discourage the people from leaving. In their state controlled newspapers in which they can say anything they want, repeated pleas and persuasions have been made to make people stay.

They have gone to the major capitals of the world where Singaporeans have escaped to find them out to make even more pleas and requests that they think of Singapore and return, but alas, it was all to no good.

Singaporeans are determined to leave the Lee Kuan Yew paradise island and simply flee for their lives. An observer would find this single mindedness of Singaporeans to distance themselves as far as possible from their country of birth given the relatively attractive salaries as surprising.

If they Lee ruling family are either unable or unwilling to see why Singaporeans leave, let me set out the obvious. As the saying goes, man does not live by bread alone. As one Indian told the Duke of Windsor who visited Bombay during the time of the British Raj, he said “what we want is a little self respect”.

In Singapore on the other hand no man can live with any self respect. Lee controls the courts, the judiciary, the government and everything. At one flick of his finger, he can turn a saint such as the late opposition leader JB Jeyaretnam into a serial criminal and any criminal he wants into a saint as he has done for himself.

As education has the obvious tendency to enlighten and empower, an educated man naturally finds it offensive and insulting to live under such circumstances, more so since the Lee ruling family have the ability to even turn a millionaire into a pauper as they did with another of his erstwhile political opponents Tan Liang Hong now living in exile in Australia.

Since the Lee ruling family have made the mistake of educating the local population thereby inviting a mass brain drain and zero birth rate due to the people’s dislike of living under a de facto dictatorship, the Family are now resigned to accept this fact as the status quo since no amount of cajoling and persuasion has managed to either stem the brain drain flood or to repatriate Singaporeans from abroad.

89 year old Lee Kuan Yew who thinks he alone is the repository of all the world’s knowledge strutting around in his tiny island in diapers (I understand he has uncontrollable bladder and bowels) with a nurse/ bodyguard always by his side when walking lest he falls over and breaks all his bones, has publicly decided that Singapore cannot have a smaller population as, according to him, this would mean less economic development and a weakening economy.

So he has decided, with no consultation with anyone else, since after all he thinks he knows everything anyway, that the best thing to do is to bring in thousands upon thousands of Chinese immigrants from mainland (communist) China to replenish the disappearing Singaporeans.

Why particularly from Communist China you may ask? Well they look like Singapore born Chinese and no one will know the difference. The even more important reason is that no one else wants to come to the pariah city state.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that such as policy is disastrous. You simply don’t change an entire population by replacing it with people from another country entirely. Singapore born citizens have had about 40 years of living as Singaporeans. They have developed a unique culture, lifestyle, customs, mannerisms and the experience of living with other races, Malays and Indians. They have developed a special way of speaking, their local jokes, their local social interactions which is all unique to Singaporean Singapore.

But at one stroke, this 89 year old dictator who things he knows everything and everybody comes up with this harebrained idea of destroying everything which has been built.

Today almost every other person you see in the island is from Communist China. The local state controlled papers daily report the extent to which they have managed to ruin Singapore entirely. There are daily reports of loan sharks beating up people in extortion rackets. The Chinese prostitutes from Shenjen line the streets of Singapore’s Geyangs prostitution alleys.

Their general uncultured uncouth mannerisms in public have become an embarrassment, shouting yelling and speaking loudly in their incessant sha sha sounding language. In their arrogance they pick fights with locals and other races and generally are a source for lowering the social standards of the Singaporean way of life.

Mostly they have no concern for Singapore and treat the new home as nothing more than a hotel hoping to return to where they came from in a few years with some money. These bad manners are transmitted to their offspring and almost overnight Singaporeans who were known to be a cultured sophisticated people are bought down to the level of these uncouth hoards from their Communist country.

Since the Lee ruling family have no plans whatsoever to democratic the island and will continue their rule in this arbitrary way about which no one can question, it is not surprising why native Singaporeans continue to flee to the west.

One could have pointed out to this 89 year old frail tottering despot that instead of trying to jump to the conclusion that the only solution is these uncouth coolies from Communist China, perhaps he might want to look into why Singaporeans flee their birthplace and address their concerns which would certainly solve the problem. But you can see that he is deliberately trying to avoid having to look this way, simply because if he allows more freedom, his Family would be toppled the next minute.

Of course reading the propaganda sheets which is their state controlled press, one may think it is a land of milk and honey. It is the same with all these state controlled newspapers. Did we not think that the Soviet Union was also such a land, even while the country was descending into total collapse?

Gopalan Nair
Fremont, California
Tel: 510 657 6107

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Singapore Airlines. The Singapore Girl no longer attactive

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I remember the days when Singapore Airlines together with Singapore's state controlled media using their citizens tax payer dollars lavished on expensive ads worldwide daily touting the slogan "Fly the Singapore Girl" with pictures of half starved skinny ethnic Chinese Singaporean air stewardesses in tight fitting costumes, in postures leaning this way and that, to lure the traveling public by sounding as if you are not just going to fly but actually going to sleep with them as well!

After all “Fly the Singapore Girl” may be construed in more ways than one!

Stupid to think at that anyone in their right minds would fall for such nonsense but indeed they did, as shown by the huge profits they were able to make for at least a quarter of a century.

But alas, for Singapore Airlines, the magic is over. I am not sure which, perhaps the travelling public no longer consider these half starved skinny Singapore women  attractive or perhaps the world has come to it’s sense finally, but either way it is bad news for Singapore Airlines. According to Businessweek article headed “Singapore Airlines competition rises” May 17, 2012, the airline reported a loss of $38.2 million in the first 3 months of this year; unprecedented as they have always shown a handsome profit throughout their history.

From the grim figures published by Businessweek in this article, it really doesn’t appear to have any hope of success. If you knew the way Singapore is run by the Lee ruling family, not just the airline but everything and everybody in Singapore you would know why. The whole island is run on false pretences, and slowly but surely, as the case of the failure of this airline has shown, the lie would nailed sooner if not later.

Just as the public have come to see the “Fly the Singapore Girl” nonsense, and given the airline the boot, it is becoming clear that everything else is simply make believe with no substance whatever.

The fact is the Lee family actually rule the island which is in fact theirs to do as they will. But yet they go out and spend lavish amounts in publicity campaigns to say that it is a model democracy. Just as the failed or about to fail Singapore airlines, the credibility of the island will sooner or later be given the boot when the truth is revealed.

The Lee ruling family goes to great lengths to portray it’s legal system as the best in the world. Yet it is exactly like that of the Peoples Republic of China where the law’s principle tool is to ensure obedience to the rulers.

The Lees claim that theirs is a Constitutional democracy. Yet none of the so called Constitutional rights are ever allowed the people, meaning you would be arrested if you speak publicly on politics, criticize the Lees or their government, print a newspaper without permission or peacefully protest.
Singapore does not have a vibrant, free and spontaneous people; their faces show fear of what they say and how they behave lest the Lee ruling family is displeased.

But the problem simply is this. The Lees have run out of ideas. All they can do is to modernize the city with modern buildings and infra structure. But none of this is any use if you are left with an intimidated fear ridden population unable to think or act independently without first receiving government approval.

The Lees have managed to ruin the reputation of Singapore island completely with their repressive ways. Today when a foreigner is reminded of Singapore the first thing that comes to mind is that country which criminalizes chewing gum, beats people as an official punishment and the place with the highest rate of hangings in the world, even exceeding China on per capita population ratio.

Singapore Airlines would continue to lose money. One reason is the traveling public which is becoming increasingly savvy simply refuse to fly an airline which denies it’s citizens individual freedoms. One would not want to fly a North Korean, a Zimbabwe or Communist Chinese Airline; certainly not the discerning public who have any self respect and a respect for human rights. And neither do they forget that the Lees in their tiny little island take home a salary of 5 times that of the President of the United States!

But as we speak, not just Singapore Airlines but the island itself has stalled in mid flight, entered into a tailspin from which recovery is impossible. It is going to crash. The wings have stalled. They are no longer flying.

Here is the litany of bad news. Singapore’s brain drain is the highest in the world. Almost everyone capable of moving abroad is doing so. Their birth rate is the lowest in the world. A large segment of their population is aging and dying. In desperation Lees are bringing more and more immigrants, totally unsuitable, from Communist China who are illiterate in English (no one else wants to settle there, except for rich foreign thieves and foreign tax criminals). By the way Singapore does a roaring business in money laundering and as a tax haven for foreign deadbeat tax cheats.

Gopalan Nair
, California
Tel 510 657 6107

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Singapore island. Another lesson for Singaporeans. The Hougang case.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore island's state controlled newspaper Straits Times of May 14, 2012 has the story, "Hougang woman pulls offer to withdraw case". Not too long ago, Hougang, one of a handful of constituencies held by the opposition (actually only half opposition because the Lee ruling family will not allow any real opposition) in almost a one party island state, had its representative sacked because of his infidelity to his wife. As the constituency remained unrepresented for nearly 2 months with no indication from the government that they intend to hold by elections, M Ravi, a rather controversial Singapore island lawyer decided to bring suit on behalf of his Hougang client to force the government's hand.

A few days ago, events having overtaken this lawsuit, as the government had declared by elections to be held on May 16, 2012, M Ravi on behalf of his client understandably applied to withdraw the lawsuit  only to change his mind and insist on proceeding a few days later.

It appears that his change of mind was because the government was rescinding it's earlier promise to Ravi not to demand costs, which by the way would run into tens of thousands of dollars, which would naturally bankrupt the poor client because, as the government newspapers repeatedly say, she is nothing more than a poor "part time HDB (government housing agency) cleaner".

Ravi now wants to resurrect his demand for a trial even though the Lee ruling family (Singapore island government) has agreed to hold by elections, because I suppose he feels that if his client is made to pay costs even for withdrawing this lawsuit, she might as well pay after giving them a fight.

But what you see is not what meets the eye. Underneath all this, Singapore island is engaging in it's usual work of "educating" Singaporeans. The Lee ruling family that govern Singapore island has all along felt that no opportunity should be lost if it can be turned to political advantage, even if it involves a poor "cleaner woman".

In the eyes of the Lee ruling family, this sort of law suit in Singapore island is not only unwelcome but unprecedented. In the past history of Singapore island, there has not been another case such as this where a Singaporean, and especially a mere "cleaner woman" challenging the all powerful Lee ruling family. They don’t like this sort of behavior from it's citizens. Singaporean islanders according to Lee Kuan Yew are no better than "digits" which was a term he has used in the past. He has also said that he is what he is, because people fear him, and if not he is "nothing".

So the need to send an appropriate signal to this woman and other Singaporean that this sort of behavior, (taking out lawsuits against the island government) cannot and will not be tolerated. So how better to teach this and every other Singaporean out there, than to award costs as a form of punishment; to deter anyone else out there who may have second thoughts on suing the all mighty Lee ruling family.

But even the claim of costs may be a charade. Even though the island government may say that costs of $50,000.00 are awarded against this poor woman, they may not take any steps to recover the money. This is no more than a political opportunity for them. All they are trying to do is to silence and cow the rest of Singaporeans. It really doesn’t matter whether this woman pays the money.  You see, it is an exercise in “education”. This case is an education to everyone else out there not to get out of line. It is the same old Chinese tactic of "killing a chicken to frighten all the monkeys".

This is exactly what they did to me. In 2008 in Singapore island , when they charged me for contempt of court after they had already sent me to prison for writing a blog critical of Singapore island judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean for her abuse of the legal system, they had imposed costs of $5,000.00 against me. I had never paid this, and was allowed to leave the island without paying. In fact Jeffrey Chan, the government lawyer for the Attorney General had in fact openly stated in court when this penalty was imposed that it was not going to be enforced. The plan was to just have this fact of $5,000.00 costs to be published in their newspapers so that Singaporeans would be told that this penalty was imposed. The plan was never to recover the amount. Up till now I have not paid and neither has Singapore’s Lee ruling family done anything about it.

The Lee ruling family's Singapore island is a joke. In the past without the Internet we would not have known. But now we do.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
Fremont, California, USA
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Monday, May 7, 2012

Singapore's reputation suffers beating at the hands of Dr. Chee

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Asian Correspondent of May 07, 2012 has an article by Kirsten Han headed "Unable to leave Singapore, Dr. Chee Soon Juan records a video for the Oslo Freedom Forum". Chee was invited by the prestigious human rights organization to speak at their forum together with other distinguished speakers from around the world. As he was declared bankrupt though trumped upped libel charges which the Lee ruling family routinely uses to silence dissent in collaboration with their corrupt judges, under Singapore law he is prohibited from leaving the island without government permission.

Every single Singaporean as well as those throughout the world who take the trouble to know Singapore are vey well aware of the kangaroo courts of Singapore which the Lee ruling family uses to destroy political opponents enabling them to remain perpetually in power.

As a result, not a single Singaporean believes in the truth of any of these libel suits and political bankruptcies. It would not be wrong to say that the legal system of the island, their judges and lawyers have lost all credibility whatsoever. One manifestation of this disgrace is the fact that there hardly are any lawyers there. In that island with 5 million people, there are not more than 3,000 lawyers! I guess that explains everything.

Thor Halvorssen, President and CEO of the Human Rights Foundation of New York managed to get a great deal of egg on the Lee ruling family's Singapore island when he wrote an open letter to Lee Kuan Yew's son, the Prime Minister of the island who was placed there by his father, requesting that they allow Chee to leave Singapore to attend the conference as they are footing the entire bill for the trip and a guarantee that he will return and not abscond. In spite of Halvorssen's plea, Lee Kuan Yew's son refuses to allow Chee to attend at Oslo.

By these events, once again, Singapore’s reputation is dragged though the sewer pipe of shame. It's refusal to allow Chee's travel request is not only laughable, it is downright disgraceful. If their argument is that he should not be allowed to travel without paying the astronomically silly court awards of a million dollars to the Lee family, they already are millionaires many times over and they don't really need any more. In any case any court award for a million dollars for merely criticizing someone is not a court award, it is an extortion racket.

The real reason is not any of this. It is the Lee ruling family's fear of Chee's speaking to the world and exposing the corrupt government of Singapore. They are desperately trying, and increasingly failing to put out a picture of good governance around the world and Chee is being an obstacle in that disgraceful project. The problem for Singapore is this. As they try harder and harder to paint a picture of a clean government, the more people become to know the truth which is, a dictatorship ruling the island through the courts.

You see the same sort of disgrace in Communist China now. Chen Guancheng, a blind human rights lawyer who worked against forced sterilization and abortions had escaped from house arrest and sook refuge in the US Embassy. By this debacle, the world once again was reminded that Communist China just like Singapore is another petty insecure country that manages to stay in power only through silencing dissent. Once again, thanks to Chen Guanchen, the world is able to see what sort of a lawless country China is, nothing but a third world banana republic. At once stroke Chen Guanchen managed to bring the reputation of China down to the gutter.

But compared to China, these actions by Singapore would hurt them much more. China has nearly one billion people. However much enlightened Chinese may feel disgusted by these events, there are still sufficient numbers of Chinese within China to continue running that dictatorship. But in Singapore's case, the consequences of this disgrace are dire. The island has English language. It has Internet. Almost everyone is literate. Unlike China, it's borders are not closed. You know what this means of course. When Singaporeans begin to have total disrespect for their government, their civil service and their legal system as they do now, they do the natural thing that anyone else would do. They pack up and leave for the West.

Recent newspapers articles from the island's state controlled press have admitted that much. They have finally admitted that the battle is lost. Far too many people are leaving the island. Too few babies are being born and the fast aging population is dying. Their only choice after having their reputation dragged repeatedly through the sewage pipes with episodes of shame such as this is to invite the only people in the world who are still willing to come to Singapore, Mandarin speaking coolies from Communist China. Having to accept people such as these for settlement in a so called international city state is simply a plan for total disaster.

For those who want to see the fall of the Lee ruling family in Singapore these events are very good news. The more they behave with such stupidity (there can be no other word for this), the sooner we can expect Singapore to end up completely dysfunctional with their only available citizens, Chinese coolies from Communist China.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
Disbarred from practicing law in Lee's Singapore, imprisoned and refused entry to the island for criticizing Singapore's judiciary in this blog (see blogpost May 29, 2008 Singapore. Judge Belinda Ang's Kangaroo Court)
Actively practicing law in California and in good standing at the California Bar.
Member in good standing as a lawyer in England and Wales (Barrister).
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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Singapore Island's Lee Kuan Yew in daipers and unable to walk independently

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As in any Stalinist one party state, of which Singapore is one, it is impossible to know exactly what is happening. It's state controlled media releases what they want you to know, which usually is downright fiction, resulting in the fact finder relying on unverified sources leaked from within the establishment at great danger to themselves.

Going through several of the blogs from within Singapore, which naturally are all incognito, not wanting to end up burning at the stake, some facts can be gleamed as fairly accurate.

The first not unexpected news appears to be the 89 year old Lee Kuan Yew is now permanently wearing diapers for a failing bladder and bowels. He is also unable to walk unattended having suffered a serious impairment of mobility in his limbs, resulting in his having an attendant with him at all times, lest he falls and breaks his brittle bones, which naturally would mean the end.

The general belief on the ground is that, except for a few cronies at the top, the vast majority of Singaporeans young and old despise him and wish he were dead. Over the years he had ruthlessly destroyed every single one of his opponents, not even sparing their innocent families with the help of his dreaded Internal Security Department, corrupt police officers and mercenary judges.

Despite all the drumbeat of Singapore's great economic success, which is entirely illusory, except for the few at the top who sell their souls for money, the vast majority of Singaporeans merely get by. They do not have savings, they do not have social security and neither do they have a minimum wage or unemployment security. This is why seeing tottering very old men and women, at food stalls clearing tables is a common sight. They work not because they like it but because if they don't they will die.

Through threats of victimization and reprisals, he has managed to transform an entire country into one craven, cowardly and effete society, incapable of ever standing up for anything they believe. Which explains why there are no protests of any sort in Singapore island, despite the fact that foreigners steal local's jobs, Lee Kuan Yew pays himself millions every year, and there are no human rights whatsoever (no right to free speech expression or nothing).

His son, whom he appointed Prime Minister does not appear capable of instilling confidence in anyone. Generally there is a sense of insecurity. The people are unsure if Singapore can withstand the demise of the 89 year old tyrant in diapers. It has to be understood that this 89 year old man is going to die very soon and it is uncertain what will happen to Singapore of which he continues to be the center stage. There are serious doubts that his son can do anything positive, which is why increasing numbers of Singaporeans capable of leaving are doing so in ever increasing numbers.

The danger beside the chaos that will ensue is the Singapore dollar losing all value and becoming totally worthless. This I believe is the one major reason why ever increasing numbers of Singaporeans are leaving the island and there has already become a nascent river of money leaving the shores of the island to countries more secure such as Australia and Canada. I expect this out flowing of assets out of Singapore to gain momentum and become a flood.

To try to stem this inevitable doom, the Lee Kuan Yew's palace in Singapore island continues to keep mum about his medical condition. You would notice there has been hardly any news on his condition for several months past.

My advice to Singaporeans still holding on is to see the writing on the wall. It is getting too late. You don't want your assets to become worthless the next week because that is when Lee would kick the bucket. It is not a risk worth taking. Your Singapore dollar would turn out no better than the Chinese Hell notes that Lee's son would be burning at his fast approaching funeral.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
Disbarred from practicing law in Lee's Singapore, imprisoned and refused entry to the island for criticizing Singapore's judiciary in this blog (see blogpost May 29, 2008 Singapore. Judge Belinda Ang's Kangaroo Court)
Actively practicing law in California and in good standing at the California Bar.
Member in good standing as a lawyer in England and Wales (Barrister).
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Lee's Singapore. The sad hard truth in a capsule

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Attached below is a comment which I received in my earlier blog. It hits the Singapore nail on it's head. I don't think I could have said it better than him
Gopalan Nair
Fremont, CA, USA

Anonymous Sourced from PTADER said...
In his heyday, aided by his ISD attack dogs, his 147th running dogs and prostitute press and his corrupt, judicial kangaroos, this old fool, LKY, was in his element.

He started well but within just a few years, got intoxicated and consumed by power. He started throwing his weight around. He brook no dissent from anyone.

Those who did not nor would not surrender their beliefs, principles, morals or kneel or bow before him were, along with their innocent families, systematically destroyed.

The old fool would regularly thump his chicken breast to brag about his abilities to "demolish" anyone and everyone using his impressive array of sharp "hatchets", "knuckledusters" and a host of personal weaponry.

His abilities to break heads and bones were legendary.

In reality though, all these were not too difficult for him since he did not fight his own fights. He was too much of a dirty coward to do so. Instead, he relied on a corrupt army of attack and running dogs to fight his personal battles. He never entered a fight without first having all his running and attack dogs lined up behind him. All ever ready to sell their soul and to do his bidding for the scraps that he tossed out to them. If they were not lined up behind him, this big, brave, fearless legend would swiftly flee in fear, his quivering tail firmly tucked between his hind legs, for the safety of Cameron Highlands.

This once fearsome thug is now laughably reduced to wearing pampers and is now unable to walk without an aide by his side, waiting to catch him should he fall and break his ageing, brittle bones.

The "legacy" that he leaves behind is that of an effete society comprising a fearful, enfeebled people. It is that of a people whose emasculation over decades of his iron fist rule has left them either reluctant or unable to cope with the vagaries of life and who now hate him for what he has done to them and to their country.

The experiment that is Singapore could have been a success had this old fool not been so intoxicated and consumed with power. The experiment that is Singapore could have been a success had his personal troika of ISD attack dogs, 147th running dogs and prostitute press and his corrupt judicial kangaroos not surrender their personal morals and ethics to do his biddings.

Was it all worth it, Lee Kuan Yew? To be confined to the footnote of history as being nothing more than an insignificant, little tinpot tyrant of a small island in SEA? To lose the respect of the young (and even the old) who hold you in undisguised hatred, outright disgust and sneering contempt instead of in awe and respect?

The best of your son's propaganda after your passing will not restore that which you so crave for. That legacy of being "Bapak Singapura", the "Father of Singapore". Instead, you, your offsprings and their offsprings will be continue to be hated, despised and you will continue to be cursed and held in contempt.

Goodbye and good luck with his funeral.
Tue May 01, 01:52:00 AM PDT