Saturday, May 26, 2012

Singapore island Punch and Judy Show Hougang By Elections

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore's Lee Ruling Family is now holding their By Elections for the Constituency of Hougang which became vacant recently after it’s opposition representative was expelled after allegations of an extramarital affair.

But this statement that I have just made has several inaccuracies. Firstly the past representative was not really opposition in the real sense. The Lee ruling family which governs Singapore will not tolerate any real opposition to them. If you were na├»ve or stupid enough to think you were one, you will end up in jail or bankrupted by their compliant judges. One such Judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean comes of mind. You understand of course the type of human being she is. Like a Nazi judge who would make mince meat of any Jew regardless of the evidence as it pleases Hitler; this woman would bend over backwards or even forwards if it is to please her masters The Lee Ruling Family of Singapore. Any real opposition doesn’t have any chance in a million in her court, or should I say Kangaroo Court.

The other inaccuracy in my statement was to refer to it as an election. No, it is not an election although it is made to look alike one. In reality it is nothing but a theatrical exercise, more like a comedy. It is a Punch and Judy show. The Lee Ruling Family who have put forward their man, a young fellow who has a difficult time even speaking English, has been selected out of the blue for his unfailing loyalty to the Family and of course greed, as he stands to earn millions licking the Lee Family boots, to go out and pretend that he is a protector of the people. The Workers Party, the other clowns in this charade, has put up their man who claims to defend democracy.

But during the week or so of campaigning that the Lee Family have permitted for political campaign, neither of them have ever spoken a word of really defending anyone’s rights. They have never said a word that Lee family paying themselves $3.7 million a year is theft and they are thieves. Neither the fact that there should be a free press since the Lee Family have monopolized the media and brought it under state control. Neither the fact that there is no rule of law and women judges such as Belinda Ang Saw Ean who shamelessly prostitutes her judicial office to misuse the law for political ends is wrong. Neither have they touched on the racial discrimination of quotas in housing in the island which discriminates against the Malays and Indians, equal citizens under the law. Neither have they said anything about the denial of free speech; the denial of free expression; the denial of free assembly, rights which are fundamental before anyone can have any democracy. Rights without which these elections itself become meaningless.

And what enrages me is this. The Lee Family behave as if Singaporeans are all a bunch of dummies and none of them are aware of these things which I write about.

I tell you what is wrong with the Lee Ruling Family is this. Either they are living in a la la land and are completely unaware of their people or they are simply dummies. Just as I know this, thousands and even hundreds of thousands of Singaporeans are also aware like me, of the Lee Ruling Family behaving in such a way as to totally ignore the rights of human beings.

Unlike me who takes the trouble to write this, thousands and thousands who know of the total disregard of human rights in Singapore simply pack up and leave. They have no time for the Lee Family’s Punch and Judy Show that is now going on in Hougang. They have no time for such sycophants and bootlickers like this Singapore judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean who gets paid to destroy Lee’s political opposition in her judicial robes. So they leave the country entirely to settle in Australia Canada and the United States.

If I were ever to see this disgraceful woman outside Singapore, I would probably spit. But I cannot do that in Singapore because I would be arrested, not simply for spitting but because I had the temerity to insult one of the Lee Family’s judges under whose protection she does the dirty work. This is why the educated and skilled leave Singapore in hoards for the West. They have no time for Lee’s Punch and Judy Hougang By Elections show and no time for clowns such as this disgraceful woman either.

Gopalan Nair
Fremont, California
Tel: 510 657 6107


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Opposition Supporters, Singapore, Hougang Block 322, Sunday, 27 May 2012, 00:45 SGT

Dear sir, i uploaded a video and a short report under the video description. Do watch it for it only takes u 60 seconds!


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