Sunday, May 27, 2012

Singapore. Victory for Hougang in yesterday's by elections. A win win situation for the Lee Ruling Family.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

You have heard yesterday the opposition Workers Party won the by elections at the Singapore Hougang Constituency. It shouldn’t be surprising since they have held the ward for decades. But if you did not know Singapore and the Alice in Wonderland government and elections that go on there, you might be a little confused by the title of this post. What, victory for the opposition but yet win win for the Lee Ruling Family!

This Hougang Constituency election is not very different from a defamation lawsuit that the Lee ruling family routinely brings against anyone who criticizes them. You know the verdict even before you stepped into the courtroom! Which is Lee Kuan Yew won and the poor critic lost. And the other thing that is certain is the court damages award. It will be anywhere between 200 to 500 thousand dollars which you cannot pay. The Lee Ruling Family know it and so do you. After that you are history.

These Hougang by elections are no different. Even before the elections took place, the Lee Ruling Family already knew that the opposition man will win. Why, because they want him to win. Let me explain.

From 1966 to 1981 Singapore was completely a one party state. Lee and his ruling family formed the government. Naturally the international community began to raise some eyebrows. Singapore which claims to be a democracy but at the same time a one party state? It became embarrassing.

So Lee Kuan Yew decided that it might be a good idea to have some opposition. Not the real type, but the type which will not cause a threat to their power. So to make a long story short, the got rid of the late JB Jeyaretnam who was the real thing, and replaced him with a more acceptable figure, Low Thia Khiang.

At first Low was the only opposition man. Since one sparrow does not make a spring, they decided on Nominated MPS, people whom the Lee Family select and go into Parliament to perform theatrics. In fact some of these characters performed so well, they could have been selected for Hollywood. But the fact remained that they represented no one, being Nominated and therefore the Lee Family naturally were once again embarrassed.

So they came up with a more believable idea. The plan was to ask Low to stand at a GRC (Group Constituency) of 6 people at the elections so that now a larger number could get in making their claim of a multi party Singapore more believable. (But hardly so in fact since the Lee Ruling Family had 84 and 6 opposition was neither here nor there).

So they did exactly that. They decided that Dr. George Yeo, who headed Aljunied GRC should be the fall guy since he was becoming a little too liberal for their liking. The plan went as clockwork. Low with 5 others stood in Aljunied in the 2011 elections. With the necessary surveillance and with a knowledge of exactly how everyone votes in the island, they engineered a victory for Low and his Workers Party.

And now the same thing was engineered for Hougang. Adolf Hitler of Nazi Germany with the technology then available, was the foremost survailled country in the world. Dossiers were kept for everthing and everyone in the country. The Lee Ruling Family with todays advanced technology know exactly how many people there are, where they work and want their political leanings are. With such extensive personal knowledge of their citizens, they can engineer whatever result that they want. Keeping Hougang with the opposition Workers Party is in the Lee Ruling Family’s interest far more than it is in the Workers Party’s interest.

And in any case these 7 clowns of the Workers Party can’t do anything real for their people. If they did, a defamation action and disqualification from Parliament will be the natural consequence.

These Workers Party characters in Parliament are in fact shamelessly working in the interests of the Lee Ruling Family, not Singapore. For instance they have no problem with Lee Kuan Yew and each of his family members paying themselves millions openly and even more millions secretly. They have no problem with the denial of a free press, denial of fundamental rights of any sort whatever. I don’t think they are so ignorant as to not know that the people are entitled to these rights. It is more a case of appeasing the Lee Ruling Family so that they remain in Parliament. Frankly if they are not going to demand freedom for Singaporeans which the Lee Ruling Family denies, they serve no purpose in Parliament.

There is a real opposition politician in Singapore. His name is Chee Soon Juan. Unfortunately according to Lee Kuan Yew, he is a serial criminal and a bankrupt and disqualified from Parliament. Before him there was another man, JB Jeyaretnam who was the leader of the Workers Party. Low in collaboration with the Lee Ruling Family had him expelled. He has since died. He too was the real thing.

Frankly we might as well go watch the Punch and Judy Show.

Gopalan Nair
Fremont, California, USA
Tel: 510 657 6107 or 510 491 4375


Anonymous said...

N.B. This is just my personal the political landscape unfolds itself in future is unknown. But I sincerely hope that WP can discreetly gain more seats in Singapore parliament and threw PAP off guard such that WP would overthrow PAP and team up with SDP =)
Please do not publish this but I am looking forward to your view if u wish to publicize. Thanks.

ex-Singaporean thought said...

Hi Mr Nair

What Singapore need at the end of the day are political parties that represent the entire spectrum of the voters sentiment.

PAP - for those political ignorant/apathy/those who vote "safe" because of compulsory voting, those who want to keep the status quo, and those who want "stability"

WP - for reform-minded centrists, those who want "stability" but are upset with the current state of affairs, those who want better fairness in society and in politics.

SDP - for liberals, radicals and human rights activists, those who believe that the system is totally rotten and those who want plural democracy.

I doubt WP will form a coalition with the PAP.

It will be great if PAP is reduced to a minority in a WP-SDP coalition government in a future election.

Anonymous said...

>sincerely hope that WP can discreetly gain more seats


Boy, even the good intentioned in Singapore have been brainwashed by the Lee Family.

Gopalan Nair said...

To Ex Singaporean,

It is one thing for poeople to vote for a dictatorship as along as that decision is intelligent and voluntary. But the problem with the Lee Ruling Family government is this. They deliberately keep Singaporeans in the dark about what the government is supposed to be. Schools do not teach Parlimentary Constitutional government even though it is supposed to be. In the ignorance that Singpaoreans live under, it is not very fair to say that some actually believe in a Stalinist authoratarian system (which is what the Lee Ruling Family has) that Lee imposes on his people. This is why the oppostion's first duty to to demand the restoration of Constitutional rights. Only after that can you talk of choice. Becasue when a man is in bondage, it is silly to talk about choices.

You have no free press, not right of sppech or assembly or expression. So what choice are you talking about.

I am not sure if you know this but masses of highly educated talented Singaporeans are leaving Singapore. That is the only choice under these circumstances

Gopalan Nair said...

I meant also to say other than standing up and fighting and losing everything under Lee Ruling Family's persecution and repression

Gopalan Nair said...

You can add me to those who think the system is totally rotten. Especially the rule of law or more precisely the lack of it.

You never know. At any moment they may deploy the ever willing Lee Kuan Yew judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean to bend over backwards or even forwards and bankrupt you at one stoke in her Kangaroo Court. Watch out!

Anonymous said...

I agree that the PAP has extremely good data on the voters. In the 2011 General Election, the leaked PAP poll prior to the election (note public polling is illegal in Singapore) was within 1% of the outcome!

However, I disagree with your claim that PAP deliberately lost the GRC to opposition. The loss forces them to respond to the voters' concerns, which they ignored in the prior 5 years, even though they are mostly cosmetic and without substance. PAP will continue to placate the voters and to manipulate the electoral process to maintain their dominance in the years to come.

dolphin81 said...

Dear Mr Gopalan Nair

I can understand ur skepticism.

The problem is that most Sinkies do not bother about their rights until they get hit very hard by LKY.

As a result, only the "fake oppo" can survive while the stupid Sinkies continue to think that "real oppo" are "dangerous".

I disagree on the part on George Yeo. He was never a liberal. His main task was how to put Singapore on the 1st world list while maintaining PAP total domination.

As Trade Minister, he push for more immigrants to artifically boost GDP so that PAP will continue to look good.

Anonymous said...

PAP days are numbered. They left sinapore in v bad state of social health. All the skyscrapers are nothing when society is bankcrupt. The future of any countries are in their children and their children`s children. Autralia, Canada, uK and the States thank LKY for this priceless contribution. LKY will go down in history as a greedy Stateman that govt with arrogance, for today, destroy the future of this beautiful country.

Anonymous said...

The solution lies with the people of Singapore, ... not PAP not WP not Chee. During the next election, the people should send a very strong message on change.

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous, May 29, 0732,

What will sending messages do for you?