Thursday, May 24, 2012

Singapore’s Lee Ruling Family in blinkers while Singaporeans disappear.

Ladies and Gentlemen, 

By now, you know the numbers. Singapore island, a tiny city state with a similarly tiny population, no more than 2.5 million native born with another 2.5 recently arrived immigrants mainly from Communist China.

Even though Singapore is touted by the Lee ruling family who run it as if it is their own personal possession, denying human rights, monopolizing the media and either imprisoning or bankrupting anyone who dares question their authority, as one of the richest places on earth, surprisingly the Singapore born citizens want no part of it.

Even with such a tiny population, the island has the highest rate of brain drain in the world, principally to Canada and Australia. It has the lowest fertility rate in the world almost as if no one wants to raise a family there and to make matters worse, the Singapore born component are mainly old beyond the 60 years and they are dying.

In other words Singaporeans meaning Singapore born people are simply becoming extinct.

The Lee family members who run and own the place have tried very hard in the past to discourage the people from leaving. In their state controlled newspapers in which they can say anything they want, repeated pleas and persuasions have been made to make people stay.

They have gone to the major capitals of the world where Singaporeans have escaped to find them out to make even more pleas and requests that they think of Singapore and return, but alas, it was all to no good.

Singaporeans are determined to leave the Lee Kuan Yew paradise island and simply flee for their lives. An observer would find this single mindedness of Singaporeans to distance themselves as far as possible from their country of birth given the relatively attractive salaries as surprising.

If they Lee ruling family are either unable or unwilling to see why Singaporeans leave, let me set out the obvious. As the saying goes, man does not live by bread alone. As one Indian told the Duke of Windsor who visited Bombay during the time of the British Raj, he said “what we want is a little self respect”.

In Singapore on the other hand no man can live with any self respect. Lee controls the courts, the judiciary, the government and everything. At one flick of his finger, he can turn a saint such as the late opposition leader JB Jeyaretnam into a serial criminal and any criminal he wants into a saint as he has done for himself.

As education has the obvious tendency to enlighten and empower, an educated man naturally finds it offensive and insulting to live under such circumstances, more so since the Lee ruling family have the ability to even turn a millionaire into a pauper as they did with another of his erstwhile political opponents Tan Liang Hong now living in exile in Australia.

Since the Lee ruling family have made the mistake of educating the local population thereby inviting a mass brain drain and zero birth rate due to the people’s dislike of living under a de facto dictatorship, the Family are now resigned to accept this fact as the status quo since no amount of cajoling and persuasion has managed to either stem the brain drain flood or to repatriate Singaporeans from abroad.

89 year old Lee Kuan Yew who thinks he alone is the repository of all the world’s knowledge strutting around in his tiny island in diapers (I understand he has uncontrollable bladder and bowels) with a nurse/ bodyguard always by his side when walking lest he falls over and breaks all his bones, has publicly decided that Singapore cannot have a smaller population as, according to him, this would mean less economic development and a weakening economy.

So he has decided, with no consultation with anyone else, since after all he thinks he knows everything anyway, that the best thing to do is to bring in thousands upon thousands of Chinese immigrants from mainland (communist) China to replenish the disappearing Singaporeans.

Why particularly from Communist China you may ask? Well they look like Singapore born Chinese and no one will know the difference. The even more important reason is that no one else wants to come to the pariah city state.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that such as policy is disastrous. You simply don’t change an entire population by replacing it with people from another country entirely. Singapore born citizens have had about 40 years of living as Singaporeans. They have developed a unique culture, lifestyle, customs, mannerisms and the experience of living with other races, Malays and Indians. They have developed a special way of speaking, their local jokes, their local social interactions which is all unique to Singaporean Singapore.

But at one stroke, this 89 year old dictator who things he knows everything and everybody comes up with this harebrained idea of destroying everything which has been built.

Today almost every other person you see in the island is from Communist China. The local state controlled papers daily report the extent to which they have managed to ruin Singapore entirely. There are daily reports of loan sharks beating up people in extortion rackets. The Chinese prostitutes from Shenjen line the streets of Singapore’s Geyangs prostitution alleys.

Their general uncultured uncouth mannerisms in public have become an embarrassment, shouting yelling and speaking loudly in their incessant sha sha sounding language. In their arrogance they pick fights with locals and other races and generally are a source for lowering the social standards of the Singaporean way of life.

Mostly they have no concern for Singapore and treat the new home as nothing more than a hotel hoping to return to where they came from in a few years with some money. These bad manners are transmitted to their offspring and almost overnight Singaporeans who were known to be a cultured sophisticated people are bought down to the level of these uncouth hoards from their Communist country.

Since the Lee ruling family have no plans whatsoever to democratic the island and will continue their rule in this arbitrary way about which no one can question, it is not surprising why native Singaporeans continue to flee to the west.

One could have pointed out to this 89 year old frail tottering despot that instead of trying to jump to the conclusion that the only solution is these uncouth coolies from Communist China, perhaps he might want to look into why Singaporeans flee their birthplace and address their concerns which would certainly solve the problem. But you can see that he is deliberately trying to avoid having to look this way, simply because if he allows more freedom, his Family would be toppled the next minute.

Of course reading the propaganda sheets which is their state controlled press, one may think it is a land of milk and honey. It is the same with all these state controlled newspapers. Did we not think that the Soviet Union was also such a land, even while the country was descending into total collapse?

Gopalan Nair
Fremont, California
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