Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Singapore. Workers Party Aljunied and Hougang Poodles enter Parlialment on Lee Ruling Family's short leash

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Lee Ruling Family of Singapore in their very unique political system have allowed the
opposition Workers Party to enter Parliament with 5 Members for Aljunied and 1 for Hougang last week.

In Singapore’s unique form of government which they call a “democracy” but none other than a Stalinist dictatorship, they have given the impression and the Singapore public have been persuaded to believe that it is some sort of an opposition victory.

But truly it is nothing of the sort if you are willing to examine it. First, Lee’s Ruling Family, (the Family) the PAP have 81 seats, a far too large a number for an island which is no larger than 26 miles across and 16 vertically. Within half an hour you will be at the Malaysian border, that is how small it is. If you can imagine how dictators think, you will appreciate that although 81 members of Parliament are really not necessary; it is always useful as a guarantee against any possibility of opposition interference in government with an overwhelming majority.

In this vast redundant majority of Lee Ruling Family people in Parliament, 6 people from the Workers party are not going to interfere in the Family’s plans to continue on the throne at any cost.  

As if this guarantee was not enough, these opposition men and women who go into Parliament are nothing less than eunuchs; castrated, although not in the medical sense (although I wont blame you if you thought so observing them falling over backwards for the Family), they are certainly so in the political sense.

You see the Family have already laid out the parameters for these characters beyond which they cannot go in Parliament. They have managed to ask questions on the cost of living, on the numbers of immigrants entering the island and other routine matters.

But it is very well understood by them that they cannot ask any questions on real matters, matters affecting their very existence as a democracy. They are not allowed to challenge the Family’s theft and embezzlement of state funds at the tune of $3.7 million a year each which they call a salary. Although it is generally believed that the Family members and their friends steal even more secretly, they are not allowed to question this publicly. They are prevented from asking any questions relating to the very foundation of government such as the denial of a free press, the denial of the rule of law, the denial of free speech and expression and the numerous other violations of the Constitution.

This prohibition against delving into these fundamental issues that effect the very existence of Singapore as a democracy is not stated publicly anywhere, but it is understood by them. They have never dared to challenge Lee with these violations of the Constitution in the past and they never will, questions that go to the very existence of Parliamentary Democracy. They and the people of Singapore should know that without these fundamental rights and guarantees, Parliamentary debates are useless, since it is simply impossible to demand that the Family comply with the law.

In the Lee Ruling Family style of government, where the Family can violate the people’s Constitutional rights with impunity, in which the Workers Party are willing participants, they know that their presence in Parliament is a total waste of time. What good is a debate when the Lee Ruling Family can simply ignore you and you have no recourse whatever?

Low Thia Khiang and his Workers Party people entering Parliament are not just wasting their own time but everyone else’s. If they really understand what is wrong Singapore they will know that the without the Rule of Law, there is no democracy. Absent the Lee Ruling Family being forced to obey the Constitution, there can be no freedoms for the people.

Therefore the Workers party have to ask the questions that should be asked which is the demand that the government comply with the Rule of Law. The Constitution has to obeyed and no one should be above the Constitution, not even the Family.

The Workers Party should demand that if the Lee Ruling Family continue in their refusal to obey the Constitution, they will organize peaceful protests and demonstrations across the island to bring the government to it’s knees.

The Singapore Workers Party is behaving as if they are in the Peoples Republic of China. Communist China does not have a Parliamentary system. There the Communist Party’s supremacy is unchallenged. The Communist Chinese People accept the fact that only the Communist Party can form the government and no one else can. Their politicians in their system are allowed to challenge the policies of the government but never their right to rule.

Singapore’s Workers Party are behaving exactly as if they were in Communist China. Their questions to the Lee Ruling Family’s government go only to the extent of policies, not real issues that deprive Singaporeans the right to live as a free people. They make no objections against the Family’s abuse of the Constitution and the laws; no objections the denial of fundamental human rights nor the assumption that the Family alone will rule the island forever, like Gods.

Low Thia Khiang of the opposition Workers Party has been in Lee Ruling Family’s Parliament as MP for Hougang now for decades. In all that time he has I suppose made thousands of speeches upon speeches about this and that. But all these speeches has not managed to make the residents of Hougang any better than any of the Family held wards in the rest of the island. Now he and 4 other people would go into Parliament with another one of his friends from Hougang and make even more speeches upon speeches which would not change anything for anybody, not next week, not next month and not in the next 200 years.

In this state of hopelessness, why do Singaporeans bother with all these elections upon elections, I wonder. Or are Singaporeans all simply dumb that they simply can’t see through this farce of a Singaporean theatrical performance which has been going on for the last 40 years!

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
Fremont, California, USA
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