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Singapore Lee Ruling Family's grip on power fast unravels. All freedom loving Singaporeans who speak out against the regime should take credit

Ladies and Gentlemen

Only yesterday did Singapore's state controlled newspaper Straits Times report that 200,000 Singaporeans, a huge jump from the previous numbers, from a small island city state which has only less than 2.5 million native born, are now living permanently abroad. See article "200,000 living abroad, up 27% from 2003". As this only counts the head of the household, if you count the family members, you can safely assume the number to be at least 500,000. Furthermore this only talks of Singaporeans who have retained their citizenship while abroad. If you consider those who have given up their citizenships for that of their new countries, you have at least 2 million of those. With the native born Singaporeans in the island no more than 2.5 million, you begin to wonder if there are more Singaporeans overseas than there are in Singapore!

Another pain for the Lee Regime is the fact that insufficient people in Singapore either marry or have any children. It is reported that the island has the lowest birth rate in the world.

To make up the numbers with Chinese looking immigrants, Lee Kuan Yew's choice of race, he is suffering from the wrong sort of people. As Chinese who speak any English are naturally finite in number, as those from neighboring Malaysia, he has had a bad shock recently with the wrong sort coming in, as was the choice of Amy Cheong who had recently hurled obscenities and racial slurs against Malays of her now adopted country Singapore. See Singapore state controlled newspaper Straits Times of Oct 08, 2012 "Assistant NTUC director sacked for racist remark"

We can see why this case has in fact been a tight slap across the face of the father and son Lee Ruling Family's failed immigration policies. This woman, who was fired, was in fact a former Malaysian who had become an Australian citizen, presumably because she preferred Australia over Malaysia, her native country. It now appears that Australia was not good enough either and therefore applied for Singaporean residence which of course she was promptly given, firstly because she was ethnic Chinese and secondly because they are simply running out of suitable immigrants (because not many want to reside in Singapore given it’s bad name abroad).

But what is shocking about this case was the Lee Ruling Family's (Singapore government's) instant willingness to appoint her the Assistant Director of the island's one and only, state controlled trade union, which is called NTUC. Any foreigner would be shocked to learn that an Australian citizen is given the top job of running a union comprised of Singapore workers in Singapore, but since locals have no say in how and who become leaders of their union, it really didn't matter if a Hottentot from the deserts of Namibia, South West Africa was appointed as their leader. After all, despite it’s name, Singapore workers union are like everything else in the island, controlled by the government.

You can see the desperation suffered by the Lees, I am sure. With massive migration out of Singapore, the Lee Ruling Family, father and son team is so hard pressed to find people so much so that they have had to accept this thoroughly abusive, racist foreigner woman to lead their island’s trade union (she is, or was, the Assistant Director).  

The signs must be very clear indeed. The Lee Ruling Family grip on their people is weakening, and weakening fast. Far too many people are leaving the island for good, the regime is hard pressed in finding any good people to replace them, children are not being born no matter what they do or say and the island is fast ageing.

It must be quite clear why this dictatorial regime is suffering. In this day and age with the Internet, it is not possible to suppress people unless you are willing to close the borders and muzzle the Internet. With almost the entire Internet community bitterly criticizing the regime for it's denial of fundamental rights, suppressing freedom of expression, denying the rule of law and the Lee Ruling Family's corruption in their taking five times the salary of president Obama, it leaves a very bitter taste among Singaporeans making them detest this authoritarian one party state.

Certainly I, Gopalan Nair take great credit for this. I have been persecuted by this regime since the 1980s, when I was fined by Judge Sinnathuray, a Lee Kuan Yew lackey for speaking at a political rally, suspended from practicing law in Singapore for two years for asking questions of the Singapore Attorney General, sent to jail in 2008 in Singapore when I visited the island, merely for writing a blog criticizing the disgraceful Singaporean judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean and recently disbarred from practicing law in Singapore for the same reason. All this is fresh in the minds of Singaporeans.

What the Lee Ruling Family appears not to realize is this. When they continue to abuse the law as they have done in my case, right thinking Singaporeans become outraged and realize what their government is doing, which is injustice plain and simple. This sort of behavior on the part of the Lee Ruling Family is counter productive. It results in making Singaporeans hate their government for bullying a man who is merely trying to express his opinion on the island. And as this goes on, more Singaporeans will leave, refuse to have families in the island and withdraw any co-operation with the regime. If the Lee regime has hurt me, I have managed to hurt them infinitesimally more.

Similarly all the other bloggers and activists, including Chee Soon Juan who continues to suffer a great deal under this oppression can take credit for Lee's present desperation in struggling with the ongoing brain drain and a fast disappearing native population.

Every single blogger, writer, democracy activist, freedom loving human beings anywhere who have spoken and continue to speak against this Lee Dynasty of father and son should take credit for the present untenable situation that the Lee regime find themselves in.

I can tell you this much. No amount of cajoling, begging or persuasion will stop Singaporeans from continuing to leave the island or have more children or even marry. The damage has already been done. It is simply too late for the Lees. It appears they did not understand that in a small tiny island with no more than 2.5 million native Singaporeans and decreasing, you simply cannot go around bullying people this way. By acting in this obnoxious manner, you simply discredit yourselves and your system of government. And once respect is lost, as it is now, it can never be recovered.

To Singapore’s father and son team, Lee Kuan Yew and his son, I can only say this. It is simply too late pal.

Gopalan Nair
A Singaporean by birth in exile
Attorney at Law
Fremont, California, USA
Tel: 510 491 4375

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