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Singapore Law Society vs Gopalan Nair, A Chinese opera

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This is the latest on the Singaporean Disciplinary proceedings against me to have me disbarred in Singapore, for, among other things, pointing out that Judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean of Singapore showed a disgraceful servile abdication of her judicial function to please Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew and Son, when she found in their favor in the defamation proceedings against Dr. Chee soon Juan in Singapore in 2008.

These proceedings against me are being conducted in Singapore in absentia, as I live in California USA, and they are flawed from its inception because I have not been given any reasonable opportunity to appear in my defense at my trial.

In this blog, I have posted numerous letters that I had sent to the Singaporean Tribunal asking for permission to enter Singapore as I remain prohibited from the island by order of the government.

Since returning to California, USA I have written numerous blogs criticizing Lee Kuan Yew, his government and their judges in the same vein as I did in Singapore which landed me in jail there for 2 months.

It is therefore certain that I would be arrested and sent to jail again if I ever stepped foot there.

In these circumstances anyone could see the folly of my ever entering Singapore.

I had therefore sent numerous letters all posted in this blog, to the Singaporean Tribunal, M Hwang, the Singaporean Law Society President, as well as to the Singaporean Attorney General and Singapore Immigration, asking that they guarantee that I have safe passage in and out of Singapore and that I will not be arrested or harmed while there.

So far none of them has responded to my letters.

As a result I was not able to attend the Summons Application which was heard in Singapore in my absence on May 5th 2010.

The situation of this matter is as follows.

The Singapore Law Society lawyer, Peter Low, through an Affidavit from the Singaporean Law Society claim that the following witnesses despite being asked to co-operate with him for arranging their proposed court testimonies are refusing to co-operate.

As a result, Low has applied to court for permission to issue subpoenas to compel them to attend court. They are:

1. Police Senior Staff Sergeant Kang Wei Chien
2. Police Sergeant Noor Azzar Daud
3. Police Station Inspector Ramesh Vincent son of Kasavalu
4. Police Senior Sergeant Seow Tuan Hong
5. Police Corporal Rakhbir Singh
6. Police Senior Sergeant Alvin Michael Ang
7. Dr. Vicky Gabriel Chong
8. Chew Chin Na Gina
9. Police Senior Station Inspector Vikneshwaran son of Sockalingam
10. Police Senior Sergeant Quek Kim Nguan
11. Police Senior Sergeant Chris Tan Kim Kiang
12. Assistant Superintendent of Police Abdul Razak Jakaria
13. Police Station Inspector Lim Yaw Ping Francis
14. Police Senior Staff Sergeant Joe Ng Suan Teck
15. Zakir Hussein
16. Goh Chin Guan

This is what the Singapore Law Society's Affidavit says: "the Complainants (the Singapore Law Society) solicitors (in Singapore this means Attorneys), had written to the aforesaid witnesses or their superiors to request them to meet with the Complainant's solicitors with a view to giving evidence at the hearing of the disciplinary proceedings. The requests however have been refused and/or went unanswered." In other words these witnesses are refusing to co-operate with the Singaporean Law Society. I wonder why.

This Affidavit goes on to say witnesses 1 to 12, including witness 7 and witness 8 are refusing to cooperate.

It says "In respect of the witnesses listed in Para......... relating to MAC 3211 and 3212 (the charge of disorderly behavior on July 4, 2008, which I deny) and criminal case 23 of 2008 (the Belinda Ang Saw Ean case), despite the issuance of a letter from the complainants solicitors, have not received any response from the latter." (Dr. Chong, number 7, is the doctor who testified under oath in court that despite the Singapore police having thrown me with great force and I suffered bruises in my face, according to him I suffered no injuries or at best minor injuries. Chew Chin Na Gina is the blood alcohol specialist who testified that I had almost none or at best negligible alcohol in my blood. For instance, for driving purposes, it was below the limit.) (Parenthesis mine)

The Affidavit further states that Police Station Inspector Lim Yaw Ping, and Police Senior Staff Sergeant Joe Ng Suan Teck, police officers from Attorney General's Chambers, involved in my contempt of court case, which they brought up just before my release from prison to which I apologized in order to get out of the country, refuse to co-operate with the Singapore Law Society lawyers.

The Affidavit says “In reply to a letter from the Complainant’s Solicitors to the Attorney General, the latter stated that the said 2 witnesses are unable to participate in these disciplinary proceedings. In particular the Attorney General stated that Station Inspector Lim Yaw Ping and Senior Staff Sergeant Joe Ng Suan Teck will not be able to: 1. Affirm Affidavits of Evidence in Chief and 2. Testify before the Disciplinary Tribunal."

The Singaporean Law Society's Affidavit also says " In respect of the witnesses listed at paragraphs........., (Zakir Hussein and Goh Chin Lian, both of whom work for the Singapore state controlled newspaper Straits Times) in response to a letter from the Complainant's solicitors to the Straits Times c/o Singapore Press Holdings ltd, the latter responded to the effect that their assistance may only be extended upon receipt of subpoenas". These 2 persons are involved because they wrote newspaper articles in their state controlled newspapers about me in Singapore in 2008.

The Singaporean Law Society's Affidavit finally goes on to ask the court for leave to issue Subpoenas against these witnesses because they have refused to voluntarily co-operate with the Singaporean Law Society in their quest to have me disbarred in Singapore, for Lee’s pleasure.

And that is why I have titled this blog "A Chinese opera". Chinese operas, just like any other play always have twists and surprises along the way; otherwise why else would it be a Chinese opera.

Anyone being told that the Singaporean Law Society is having problems in doing away with a troublesome Dissident would have naturally been surprised to hear of any obstacles, as here.

Surely in Lee Kuan Yew's predictable Singapore, the fate of any critic of Lee Kuan Yew should have been a bygone conclusion.

And in my case, surely we would have expected the Singapore Attorney General, the Singapore Police Force and everyone else in this drama to be ever ready to do any number of somersaults to please my prosecutor, the Singapore Law Society.

This reluctance to co-operate is puzzling indeed.

Perhaps Lee Kuan Yew thinks that it is best to throw in some obstacles along the way to my prosecutors to give the semblance of fair play, but in the end, I suppose these reluctant witnesses would do an about turn in court when served with subpoenas and state under oath that Gopalan Nair is indeed the most evil man that ever lived.

And with that I will be disbarred in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore.

Just as in the Chinese Opera, in such things in Singapore, the end is always very predictable.

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Anonymous said...

You are right about what PAP government is trying to do. They are dictators who uses the systems like the Mymmar junta uses their military to oppress, suppress and repress the opposition.