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Singapore Law Society vs Gopalan Nair. Law Society now completely ignores Gopalan Nair

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Under Singapore's unique version of "rule of law" where a citizen, Dr. Chee Soon Juan is repeatedly jailed for merely speaking in public, the ongoing legal proceedings against me, Gopalan Nair, for criticizing a Singaporean judge has taken a more familiar vein.

Whereas in the past, they had at least attempted to ask me if hearing dates in Singapore were suitable for me, now that practice too has been discontinued. With private consultation between the lawyer for the Law Society of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew's Disciplinary Tribunal now has just sent out notices to me of trial dates, regardless of whether I am available or not!

Of course in reality it makes no difference since it would not be possible for my attendance in Singapore without a guarantee that I will not be re-arrested again for my articles in this blog and for violating the order of judge Leslie Chew not to criticize Singapore again, still, it gave some semblance of propriety for the Singaporean authorities at least to first ask me whether trial dates were suitable, before fixing them.

Originally the hearing dates for my trial in Singapore were from May 17, 2010 to May 21, 2010. In conjunction with the Singaporean lawyer for the Law Society while totally ignoring me, those dates were changed to 23 to 27 August 2010.

On May 13, 2010, via Email, a copy of which has been sent to me, the Singapore Law Society lawyer Peter Cuthbert Low (an ethnic Singaporean Chinese, not a European) writes to the Singapore Law Society in the following terms

"I respectfully request that the hearing between 23 and 27 August 2010 be re-scheduled. I am already fixed for a High Court trial between 16 and 25 August 2010. By the way I am also scheduled for Sub Court trial from 30 August to 13 September. I request trial dates anytime after end of September" (text abridged by me)

In agreement with the request from this lawyer, the Singapore Tribunal dutifully changes the dates of the hearing as per Email from the Singaporean Tribunal of May 14, 2010 to me

"The Disciplinary Tribunal hearing fixed to be heard from 20 to 24 September 2010 at 10am in Court 2A. The hearing dates from 23 to 27 august 2010 are vacated"

Not a word on any of this was ever asked of me, Gopalan Nair. Remember I am the Defendant in these proceedings and what they are trying to do is to take take away my licence to practice law in Singapore, certainly not a matter to be taken lightly!

A reader from around the world may want to ask these Singaporean Tribunal chiefs who are in charge of this farce as to what in Heavens are they doing?

The members of the Singapore Disciplinary Tribunal, that is the judges, who are now making these completely one sided biased decisions, and who will preside over the trial are

1. Mr. Toh Kian Sing, Senior Counsel, a Singaporean title which rewards lawyers who do not question the human rights excesses in Lee Kuan Yew's island and at times, whenever called upon, abuse the law to eliminate his master's (Lee Kuan Yew's) political opponents.

Mr. Toh does this because in fascist states like Singapore, blindly complying with the master's wishes has it's rewards, which in this case means even more government contracts and cushy monetary rewards. In other words he sells his conscience for profit. Or to put it another way, I do your dirty work and you bribe me handsomely.

He works in Singapore for a firm Rajah and Tann LLP. His Singapore telephone number is (65) 62320614. His Email is : Please write to him reminding him that he has a duty to be impartial.

2. Mr. Tan Jee Ming. he works in the firm Straits Law. His telephone number is Singapore (65)65141203. His Email is All the distasteful aspects of Toh Kian Sing above, applies equally if not in more nauseating extent in his case. Please ask him what is he doing.

I am Emailing this to him and the following usual characters in the dirty business:
Angela Chopard of the Singapore Disciplinary Tribunal:
Yogeswari daughter of N Vadivellu, Chopard's side kick in the Tribunal:
Peter Cuthbert Low, the ethnic Chinese lawyer for Singapore Law Society:

These pages are being read not only by young people in Singapore but also the minuscule legal profession of 3,000 in the island.

It's effect, I believe, would be to dissuade young people to further shun the island's legal profession which is already known as the principle tool of Lee Kuan Yew to silence criticism and prolong his rule through fear and repression.

I expect with these reports to see that profession, already totally inadequate for it's size to shrink even further, which will force this Fascist administration to turn to foreign lawyers to make up for the languishing numbers.

These pages are also now, being read by foreign governments throughout the world as well as universities and colleges who are interested in the political repression and abuse of law in the one party state of Singapore.

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JamesTan said...

Singapore side has ran out of excuses. Their dirty game is up.

Do you think those cowards are just waiting for the right moment to quietly strike you off the Singapore bar?

LEE reached God Status said...

LEE's failures

Democratic pluralism, especially the fundamental rights to speech, expression, association and dissent,

Respect for the rule of law and due process,

Representation of all stakeholders, especially local minorities, on political decision making bodies,

Obligation to establish procedures and mechanisms for accountability and transparency.

His nepotic son, Loong, should remember ... DEMOCRACY CANNOT BE BUILT ON REVENGE. Why is there a need to FIX the Opposition?