Thursday, April 8, 2010

Singapore woman "shocked" to see anti PAP poster

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Nowhere in the world, other than of course North Korea and Burma, would anybody be "shocked" to read a document critical of their government; a government which they themselves demonstrably elected into power; except of course the poor brainwashed timid downtrodden pathetic cowards in Singapore.

Singapore's state controlled newspaper the Straits Times Online edition of April 08, 2010 has the story "Anti PAP fliers in some estates". It is a story about leaflets being found in some residential mailboxes containing language which was not entirely flattering of Singaporean dictator Lee Kuan Yew, his sons and those in his government.

Since this fact has been important enough to be reported in the newspapers of Lee Kuan Yew's state controlled press, I can assure you the document in question is totally harmless and in any other country would have been totally ignored by the authorities.

If you really wanted to know, the document referred to Lee Kuan Yew and his government as a bunch of crooks siphoning off the state's resources and cash and the unacceptably large number of immigrants from the Peoples Republic of China who are depriving the locals of jobs.

Big deal, you would have thought.

But not so in Lee Kuan Yew's dictatorship. In fact one woman, Ms. K C. Ong who is 40 years old, and works as an administrator was so shocked to have received the piece of paper in her mailbox, she immediately telephoned Lee Kuan Yew's political party as well as his newspapers to alert them of this alarming occurrence, alarming in the Singaporean sense of course.

She was reported to have said "I was shocked when I saw the flier. I think it is not appropriate for such content to be circulated this way. It's one thing seeing such things on the Internet, but another thing seeing the hard copy".

Although I fail to realize what difference there is between seeing it on the Internet or on a sheet of paper, I think it is best to leave her alone.

Poor Ms KC Ong is beyond redemption. She is one of those thousands whose brains has been sent to the cleaners for decades by Lee Kuan Yew which finally produces a specimen of a creature which appears as a human but in effect, a rabbit or a mouse or something else, timid and fearful.

Of course you see the likes of KC Ong in North Korea but that is understandable. It is a closed society which does not permit outside information in the country. But why should there be the likes of KC Ong, in an island which has the Internet with the Singapore passport acceptable for travel outside the island?

But the good news is that even though Lee Kuan Yew's 50 years of control has resulted in such damage, as you see in the poor terrified, 40 year old KC Ong, there is a growing number of younger generation of people such as the writer of the leaflet who has the muscle to write it and distribute it.

He is undoubtedly a hero. In an island where even the slightest criticism of Lee Kuan Yew can land you in all kinds of trouble, this man has to a hero, in the Singaporean context.

I congratulate the writer and the distributor of it. It is high time this is has been done. Please continue. I ask Dr. Chee Soon Juan to arrange to lend a hand for further distribution of them. Do it throughout the island. Island wide mass distribution of fliers. Men and women with pride and courage to stand in street corners distributing them. With loud hailers speeches. If Lee Kuan Yew wants to prosecute, he will have to prosecute thousands. Do it now.

It is not undeserving glory for me to take at least partial credit for this; I believe that my writings here in this blog had something to do with such a happening, certainly a pleasant surprise in Lee Kuan Yew's fear ridden Singapore.

Don't stop now. Escalate. You have justice on your side.

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Anonymous said...

S'poreans are naive politically and socially. I was brought up to believe demonstrations are bad, that any political party other than PAP is corrupt or wrong (that's way their leaders are thrown in jail). Only when I moved overseas and saw how real elections are held (ministers here don't have to 'fix' their opponents, if the public see they are right, they win the election). Only after I participated in a union-sanctioned strike for better pay and more benefits did I realize the right to strike and demonstrate are the cornerstone of democracies, and I had been duped my my gahmen.

Anonymous said...

1) This news is indeed very north-korean like.
2) In singapore , we are constantly being told :" they will catch you, they will catch you, they will catch you ... ad-nauseum. thats how we are 'taught'

Anonymous said...

I really cannot imagine Singapore without LKY.

Anonymous said...

The Singapore Flyer exposed, now !
See below link....

Anonymous said...

They have been brain washed till brain death.

WakeUp Singaporean, where are your balls???!!!

Anonymous said...

When Harry lee or lee hsien loon are walking past timid Singaporeans don't forget your salutation

"Sieg Heil!"

*doesn't apply to DIGNIFIED people

As for the dignified show them the finger! O yea


Anonymous said...

The laws may be on the side of the writer of political leaflet, but the people of Chingapore are not on the side of the writer.
That is the whole problem!!!
That is why I believe that the only Opposition Singaporeans will accept are those sanctioned by PAP a.k.a. the brainwashed people of Singapore.

Even if Lee Kuan Yew declare himself as a dictator of Singapore, a lot of Singaporeans will not object.

But if you, Gopalan, return to Singapore to do what is common in political campaigns in western countries, you will meet with mass resistance.

Let sleeping Singaporeans rest. They are becoming disconnected with people from the rest of the world.

I hope Singapore PAP find a greedy leader who will take over from Cancer Lee, Jr

This will be Harry Lee's legacy.

Anonymous said...

Ms. K C. Ong is like Patrick Tan, the guy who wrote to Straits Times, disparaging western-style democracy.

If democracy is so bad, then why are people of Singapore migrating to Australia and NZ, both countries with western-style democracy.

If there was democracy in Singapore, could LKY have
(a) enacted the two-child policy;
(b) imposed the speak Mandarin edict;
(c) flooded the country with FTs
(d) finagled the CPF.

LKY has successfully dumbed-down the population, and created a generation of Ms. Ong's and Mr. Tan's.

Goh's daughter is the smart one - she packed her bags and left for England.

Anonymous said...

As recently as 2006, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong told a lunchtime election rally that he would have to spend all his time fixing the opposition if the people voted in as many as 10 or 20 of them.

Does this sound like the kind of “constructive” politics that Mr Patrick Tan claims to admire?

Anonymous said...

This will never be published by the LKY mouthpiece, The Straits Times, so read it here:

Foreigner first practice rankles

Jobs for scholars and LKY's friends. Tough luck for other Singaporeans.

famiLee pilot said...

When it comes to the crunch..... people like Ms K C Ong will still remain naive and try to contact PAP HQ if they happen to read some flyers informing all residents Spore's beloved PAP leaders have taken the first flight out......

Anonymous said...

Majority of Singaporeans are still sleeping not because they are forced to , but because they choose to. They chose to keep their minds close and complain and whine whenever the government comes up with policies that they have no say in (all the time) and they were the ones who voted the government in the first place. When asked why they voted the current government, they simply claim that they do not trust a change in the political power. So my friend, it is the Singaporeans themselves who chose to be in such a predicament in the first place because they simply do not have the guts to enact a change and are not willing to take a little discomfort for the hope of a better future. They would rather let the current system be as it is and complain and whine and blame the party if anything goes wrong when they were the ones who voted them in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Sunny said...

KC Ong is one of the illegitimate child of coward politician - LKY.

Anonymous said...

He thinks he is the emperor of Singapore like the King of Thailand cannot be criticised.

Anonymous said...

I just discovered that there's another avenue for people to post their comments and criticisms. It's a newsgroup called soc.culture.singapore.