Sunday, March 21, 2010

My dear Singaporeans

Ladies and Gentlemen,

With my last post "The Singapore we knew is dead" of March 18, 2010, this blog will not be posting anymore blog posts for the foreseeable future.

My purpose has been served. I had wanted to highlight the lack of human rights and fundamental freedoms in Singapore and the need for change for betterment of the island.

Being personally aware of the injustices there, and having suffered at the hands of the regime myself; coupled with my present safety from the long arm of the Singapore dictator, being in California; it would have been unforgivable had I remained silent.

With my numerous blog posts commencing December 2006, I think I have said what I have to say. My message should be clear by now. My story had to be told, and I told it.

And by my recent false claim about Lee Kuan Yew's health, which was deliberately done to test the consequences of the fall of the dictator, my prognosis of the dire consequences of his impending death has been roundly proven.

I have said my part. It is the Singapore opposition politicians such as Dr. Chee Soon Juan on whose shoulders the future of Singapore has always lied, not mine. At best I can only provide a minor supportive role at best.

I have no doubt in my mind that the future of Singapore lies in men such as Dr. Chee Soon Juan. I am sure of a new dawn in Singapore very soon.

I want to tell you an anecdote. Being of traditional Indian upbringing, fortune tellers being a part of our society, as a young boy walking along in Serangoon Road Singapore, an old wizardly looking Pakistani man had read my palm and correctly predicted that I will travel over a fair part of the world and be away from Singapore for many long years. But when asked where will I die, he said without hesitation Singapore.

So to Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore Immigration Department that refuses my entry to Singapore, let me use the words of General Douglas MacArthur when he evacuated the Philippines, "I shall return".

Yes, my friends I have no doubt about it, I shall return, simply because Lee Kuan Yew will be dead.

I will also not be posting anymore comments, as this would oftentimes require my response. As I do not intend to be blogging until further notice, this would become inconvenient.

And to those who are pondering over it, let me tell you this, political activism, as well as being an honorable act, both gratifying and rewarding; it can also be fun. I enjoyed every minute of it.

And with that, calling from California, which was captured from Mexico, I would end by saying

Adios Amigo.

Hayward Tower: Cessna 767 Victor XRay, you are cleared for take off Runway 28 Left, right cross wind departure, maintain below 1000 over field, Wind 270 at 8 and gusts 15, Have a nice day.

Gopalan Nair
Fremont, California
March 21, 2010


Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr Gopalan Nair for all your insightful postings.

We look forward to the day of your return to Singapore.

Meantime, have a good one.

mycroft said...

Well! That is shocking (and saddening) news indeed, Gopalan. I have to say your decision to stop blogging comes as a most unpleasant surprise particularly at this crucial time when grassroots support for the regime drains away together with the life-force of the dictator.

I don't know what background factors prompt you to make this move but surely now cannot be the right time with a general election looming? I think you sorely underestimate the number of people who look forward to reading what you have to say regardless of whether they agree with your view or not. You are never dull, unlike the overwhelming majority of Singapore commentators.

Your hoax about Lee's demise was masterly and a wonderful wake-up people! warning to the citizens of the dangers of a cult of personality. Those who had eyes to see, saw, and have taken prudent note. And your readership must have leapt as a result, so I am nonplussed that you should choose to end it at this point. Now we shall never know how the saga of your battle with the Singapore Law Society ends or enjoy its more comedic moments.

Please reconsider. LKY is headed rapidly into the dustbin of history and it would be criminal not to be able to read the uncensored comments of a true-blue Singaporean when Lee and his creatures finally disappear back into the pit they emerged from.

Anonymous said...

May not agree with all your views, but commend you on your courage and effort.

Respect your right to disagree and voice your dissent.

If only more people in Singapore did, we would all be better for it.

aj said...

so long my friend, thanks for the fish.

singapore will miss you

Anonymous said...

Take care and God bless!

Anonymous said...

It seems that your endurance is lower than that of Lee Kuan Yew's.

Sunny said...

Goodbye Nair

May one day see you in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

GN,You are the kind of firebrand opponent that LKY fears, typical of british bulldogs that bite and nvr let go. Kind of like him when he was younger. Pls continue to blog cos it hits straight to the heart, albeit controversially.

Anonymous said...

Brother , you underestimate your power , but you are a hero to many. I do not necessarily agree with your opinions and tactics but i admire your courage in waking up people from their sleep.