Monday, March 15, 2010

Romania should ignore Singapore

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The one party island city state of Singapore's state controlled newspaper the Straits Times online edition of March 15, 2010 has the story "Probe must be thorough".

It refers to the daily pathetic public lynching of the former highest ranking diplomat of the Government of Romania in Singapore, Dr. Silviu Ionescu in this state controlled newspaper in circumstances where he had left the country earlier.

Singapore is deliberately washing the dirty linen of the Romanian diplomat in public, referring to his private life in the newspapers, deliberately wanting to shame the diplomat.

It shows malice and ill will on Singapore's part both against the former diplomat and the Romanian government.

Romania should not tolerate this.

Almost daily for the last 2 months the Singapore mouthpiece newspaper has been reporting on so called Coroners Inquiry hearings being held there on a fatal hit and run accident which this Singapore one party state claims was committed by the former Romanian diplomat, who is now back in his country. He on his part has denied he has anything to do with it.

But the difficulty with this case is this. Singapore is a one party Leninist state where Lee Kuan Yew controls everything, the courts, the law, the newspapers, everything. There are no human rights to speak of and almost on a monthly basis Lee orders his courts to send a political dissident in Singapore Dr. Chee Soon Juan to jail for a week at a time, sometimes more, simply because he spoke in public.

In Lee's Singapore, you cannot speak in public unless you get a permit from him. But the problem is, even if you applied he will not give it!

Lee Kuan Yew is 87 years old, half deaf and senile. He sleeps most of the time.

As he controls the courts and the judges, he can abuse the law anytime he wants and send anyone to jail anytime he wants. If you criticise him, he can also bankrupt you through the courts as has been the case suffered by many in the past.

Gopalan Nair, myself was sent to jail in Singapore while I was temporarily there for a visit in 2008 for 2 months because he did not like the criticism Nair had declared against his judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean who was publicly biased in his favor in a another defamation trial against the victimized Doctor whom he sends to jail for speaking in public.

Singapore law has been thoroughly discredited and it is well known that Lee can manipulate it any way he wants.

With these disgraceful background circumstances, this state controlled newspaper report has Singapore's (or rather Lee Kuan Yew's) Minister for Law K Shanmugam demanding of the Romanian government "that they should seriously consider the guilty finding of the Singapore court" on Dr. Silviu Inonescu for the hit and run accident.

The minster says "the gravity of the Dec 15, 2009 hit and run accident case last year warranted a thorough investigation on the Romanian government's part". That "the evidence laid out in the coroners inquiry (in Singapore) is there for all to see". "We expect the report (Singapore's) to be taken seriously". That the "Romanian authorities should take the appropriate steps".

I would strongly recommend the Romanian government to dispose of the Singapore Coroner's Inquiry report where it belongs; that is in the rubbish bin.

I would also strongly recommend the Romanian government not to give in at all to this request (which is actually a demand) by the Singapore tin pot tyrant. Romania should not forget that Singapore deliberately insulted their government by brazenly shaming and belittling Dr. Silvisu Ionescu in it's state controlled press when such a pattern of insults and mockery was totally uncalled for, especially against the representative of the Romanian government.

The proper response in cases where a foreign diplomat is involved is to exercise restraint and not go about the way Singapore did by deliberately shaming the former diplomat by reporting on his personal matters which were totally irrelevant and should never have been mentioned.

This sort of behaviour should not be tolerated by any country when attacked by another.

Since the law is routinely abused in Singapore, there is no guarantee that every one of those witnesses were coached to give false witness before Singapore courts which Lee uses any way he wants.

Singapore legal system simply has been discredited. It holds no respect any more. In these circumstances, Romania should continue to ignore this city state which does no longer has the rule of law.

In any case, Romania is a Member of the European Union which demands that it's citizens be accorded the rule of law. Since Ionescu is a Romanian citizen and a EU citizen, in the shameful circumstances of Singapore's reputation, Romania is absolved from cooperating with Singapore.

Romania should ignore this Lee Kuan Yew's handpicked Tamil Singapore Law Minister K Shanmugam. K Shanumugam can be fired anytime by Lee Kuan Yew at will.

As he has no leadership qualities and no supporters in Singapore, in this case he will be destined to the Indian quarter of Singapore, Serangoon Road for purveying Indian mealies.

That will be his fate, the moment Lee Kuan Yew has finished with him.

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Anonymous said...

People of Singapore.

Stop modelling our nation after this bunch of communists.

Paul Krugman, winner of the Nobel prize in Economics.

The US has nothing to fear from China.

"It's true that if China dumped its U.S. assets the value of the dollar would fall against other major currencies, such as the euro.

But that would be a good thing for the United States, since it would make our goods more competitive and reduce our trade deficit.

On the other hand, it would be a bad thing for China, which would suffer large losses on its dollar holdings.

In short, right now America has China over a barrel, not the other way around."

Anonymous said...

Mar 16, 2010

Judges stay independent

He addresses how integrity is maintained in law academy journal

By K. C. Vijayan, Law Correspondent

WHEN High Court judges are appointed to the bench, they stay there until they are 65 - unless they choose to leave earlier.

The security this gives them, as well as other safeguards such as immunity from civil suits, forms a protective wall that ensures judges here remain independent.

As for judges in the Subordinate Courts, they need not fear nor favour the Attorney-General - the country's top prosecutor - just because he sits on the board which decides their transfers and promotions.

Read the full exclusive in Tuesday's edition of The Straits Times.

LEE Talk said...

Whatever happened to innocence until proven guilty.

These LEEporters are indeed making the LEEgime stand out among dictatorships by its LEEing (defined as shaming, suing, lying, jailing at LEE pleasure) of people LEE don't like, eg the Romania diplomat.

Meanwhile, in neighbouring Thailand, anti-govt protestors are bussed to the rallies by govenment funded buses because the govt there is trying to stop weapons being brought to the protests by extremists who want to create mass unrest. We know that Thaksin is LEE student and Thailand will be worse off with the LEE incurable virus.

In Singapore, when the people got no voice, can we not accused them of being dummies? What a waste of talents!

If sleepy LEE wake up only to PEE and not LEE (defined earlier as shaming, suing, lying, jailing at LEE pleasure), Singapore will have a brighter future.

If senile LEE need to shit, why do it monthly on CHEE when he should be doing it daily on LEE, JR for destroying Singapore.

No offences to the innocent Lees out there and thanks to a poster who introduce LEEgime in one of his/her post.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gopalan, I am an opposition supporter but must say that your article on the Romanian diplomat is completely unbalanced. This guy killed another person in a hit and run accident and injured 2 others. He should be brought to justice. Do not let your dislike of the Singapore government cloud your judgment as that is a separate matter. You will lose credibility if you are seen to supporting wrong doers like Ionescu

Gopalan Nair said...

To anonymous mar 16, 0132

He is a diplomat and protected with immunity. We do not know he actully did it. The problem is Singapore has lost credibility and there is no gaurantee all this is set up. If they can do it to Jeyaretnam, what gaurantee they won't do it again.

They did it to me as well.

As long as there is this legitimate fear, Romania can rely on it.

I trust you see the point.

Anonymous said...

The problem with 'diplomatic immunity' is that diplomats who commit crimes get to get off scot-free.