Friday, March 5, 2010

Singapore Civil Service. Staff loss turns into a flood

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I told you so.

Singapore's official government propoganda mouthpiece, the Straits Times online edition of March 4, 2010 has the article "Budget debate. 540 retired civil servants rehired."

No one is surprised with this news of course. The rot is showing. Lee Kuan Yew's civil servants are resigning en masse. They are refusing to take anymore of Lee Kuan Yew's high handed nonsence. They want out.

The civil service is losing staff at an alarming rate, and this is affecting their ability to function. Younger Singaporeans are refusing to enter a service which they see as politically corrupt, no longer independent and an organization which Lee uses as a weapon to destroy his political opponents.

It has simply got a bad name. And no one wants to have anything to do with it. Which leaves the government in a state of desperation, which therefore requires desperate measures.

Which is, to rely on old tottering half deaf and blind retirees from the Singapore Civil Service, who have no other choice for one reason or another but to return to working in the Service.

These old folks are past their prime, weak in body and spirit and best left alone to enjoy their retirement. They are not much good for anything else. But because of Lee's having misplaced his judgement somewhere a long time ago, the situation has descended to this state, requiring the re-employment of these old men to do whatever little they can.

You can see, I hope, that the rot is showing. The Lee Kuan Yew edifice is crumbling. The children of these old men perhaps have all left Singapore anyway and are now living in Australia.

The truth is, there are hardly any qualified people left in Lee Kuan Yew's island and Mainland Chinese human imports without any English are simply not suitable.

Lee Kuan Yew and his island are now in real trouble. Not enough skilled people. Everone wants out.

I can only say, I told you so.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, but about all the scholars.

Singapore's scholars are a special animal - academically bright, do well at the world's best universities, and then disappear into the 'black hole' called the Civil Service or GLC or some other edifice conjured up by the lawyer, LKY.

Tell me, how many of these scholars go on to become CEOs of MNCs (other than S'pore companies)?

Anonymous said...

I don't see it. The children of the elite will be bribed and pressured into joining the government. Most of the GLC posts can be filled by pliant foreign talent.