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March 03, 2010, Latest on Gopalan Nair's soon to be, disbarment as a lawyer in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In the Singapore’s disciplinary proceedings against me in the island city state, the tribunal had ordered the parties, the Singaporean Law Society and me, to file and hand to the other, the list of documents which either party intends to use by Feb 26, 2010.

Yesterday, after the dateline, I received in the mail Singapore Law Society’s List filed by his lawyer.

The following is the list


A. MAC 3211 of 2008 and MAC 3212 of 2008

1. July 24 2008 Notes of Evidence and 2) Oct 24, 2008, Public Prosecutor v Gopalan Nair (2008) SGDC 313.

(All the Law Society has done is merely to state this. They have not provided me with the notes of evidence or this case of Public Prosecutor v Gopalan Nair (2008) SGDC 313, that they are referring to.

It remains the duty of the Tribunal to ensure that the Defendant is provided with all the evidence they intend to rely on.

In Singapore style "rule of law" it appears they have no obligation to provide any of this evidence to the Defendant.

However it is not my intention to tell the Law Society of Singapore how they conduct these proceedings

It is sufficient that through this blog, the public is watching what they do and what amount of credibility they give to these proceeding

B. Criminal Case No: 23 0f 2008.

3. 8-17 Sept of 2008. Notes of Evidence

(This refers to the court transcripts in the High Court case of 2008 before Lee Kuan Yew's judge Kan Teng Chiu who found me guilty of "insulting" Judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean for writing in this blog that she had "prostituted herself as a judge in the Lee Kuan Yew vs Dr. Chee Soon Juan case" in my blog post "Singapore. Judge Belinda Ang's Kangaroo Court" of May 29, 2008.

Although I had asked them repeatedly, the Tribunal has refused to supply me with these notes of evidence or the audio recordings of the testimony.

They have however informed me that I could employ a courier from the USA and obtain the transcripts in Singapore (but not the audio recordings) at my own expense.

I have not done this because I maintain it is the Tribunal's duty to supply this and every other evidence they intend to rely on at trial at their expense, not mine.

Second, I have a strong suspicion of their tampering with the evidence and change what was said to suit their purpose through forgeries and changes.

As you are aware, while in Singapore, even though I did not send any Emails to any judges about my blog, after my arrest, I was kept in solitary confinement in Singapore Central Police Station for over 8 days and interrogated several times day and night to force a confession that I had sent Emails to Singapore judges and others with fake Emails with my name on them.

These fake Emails were probably created by the Singapore police themselves after they had discovered my email password from the belongings they seized from my Singapore hotel room.

Lee Kuan Yew has over the years brazenly and shamelessly used the same dirty tactics against the political opposition such as JB Jeyaretnam by distorting the law and evidence to secure convictions.

In these circumstances, it is impossible to trust the veracity of any of these documents supplied by Lee Kuan Yew's courts and I shall not be relying on them as they are likely to be tampered with.

In any case, these transcripts and notes are not material to these proceedings since the facts are not in issue, the only one being whether my blog post of May 29, 2008 was unethical, subject to discipline and disbarment.)

C. Originating Summons No: 385 of 2008/P

(I believe this is the contempt of court proceedings brought against me while I was in a Singapore prison and scheduled to be released on Nov 20, 2008.

These proceedings were brought in relation to what I had said in my trial of July 2008 for allegedly being "disorderly" and for having shouted at Lee Kuan Yew's police officers along a street on July 4, 2008, American Independence Day.

This trial was already over and I had already paid the fine of $3,000.00.

Now, much later in November 2008, while I was in a Singapore prison, the Attorney General was charging me for contempt of court for allegedly making statements in my July 2008 trial such as "I have no faith in the impartiality of this court" and "this is a politically motivated trial". I admit having said these words in court because this trial was a politically motivated trial.)

4. Oct 30, 2008. Originating Summons No: 385 of 2008"P

(Other than merely stating this, they have not provided this document. I do not what it refers to either)

5. Oct 30, 2008. Statement Pursuant to Order 52 Rule 2(2) of the rules of Court

(Other than merely stating this; this document/documents are not provided and neither do I know what it is).

6. Oct 31, 2008. Summons no: 15731 of 2008/N.

(Again this document is not provided. I do not know what it is).

7. Oct 30, 2008. Affidavit of Lim Yaw Ping Francis

(This Affidavit is not provided. I do not know who he is)

8. Oct 30, 2008. Affidavit of Joe Ng Suan Teck

(This Affidavit is not provided and neither do we know who he is)

9. Nov 5, 2008. Affidavit of Mohammed Fahmi Bin Yusof

(This Affidavit is not provided and neither do we know who he is).

10. Nov 7, 2008. Written submissions

(No written submissions has been provided and we don’t know what it is)

11. Nov 12, 2008. Order of Court

(None has been provided and neither do we know which court order is it nor it's contents)

12. Nov 12, 2008. Notes of Evidence.

(None has been provided and we don't know which notes of evidence).

D. Blog Postings by the Defendant.

13. May 29, 2008. A blog posting entitled "Singapore Judge Belinda Ang's Kangaroo Court"

14. May 31, 2008. A blog posting entitled "Lee Kuan Yew: If bloggers who defame me identify themselves, I will sue them"

15. Sept 1, 2008. A blog posting entitled "Another classic case of trying to use the courts to silence dissent"

16. Sept 06, 2008. A blog posting entitled "Convicted"

17. Nov 28, 2008. A blog posting entitled "Hello from Fremont, near San Francisco California"

18. Nov 30, 2008. A blog posting entitled "Justice Judith Prakash. Another Kangaroo Judge"

(No problems with the above of course since I have them)

E. News Clippings

19. Sept 17, 2008. Excerpt from AsiaMedia, Media News Daily entitled "Singapore. Gopalan Nair jailed 3 months.

(I believe this is one of Lee Kuan Yew's state controlled newspapers in his island city state)

20. Sept 18, 2008. Excerpt from The Straits Times entitled "Convicted of insulting judge. Nair gets 3 months jail.

(Another of Lee Kuan Yew's state controlled newspapers)

21. Sept 19, 2008. Excerpt from The Malaysian Bar website (www.malaysianbar.org) entitled "US blogger sentenced to three months in Singapore jail".

22. Nov 1, 2008. Excerpt from AsiaOne website (www.asiaone.com.sg) entitled "AG applies for contempt of court against blogger".

(Another of Lee's state controlled newspapers)

23. Nov 1, 2008. Excerpt from Singapore Democrats website (http://yoursdp.org/)entitled "Walter Woon goes after Gopalan Nair for contempt".

24. Nov 2, 2008. Excerpt from The Straits Times entitled "Lawyer Nair now accused of contempt of court"

(Lee's state controlled press)

25. Nov 14, 2008. Excerpt from The Straits Times entitled "Nair apologizes, he also withdraws claims about judge, will remove offending blogs"

(Lee's state controlled press)

26. Dec 3, 2008. Excerpt from the Straits Times entitled "Nair retracts apologies".

(Except for Dr. Chee Soon Juan's blog post, which I have, I have not been provided with any of these newspaper excerpts.

In any case, none of this is relevant as the facts are not in dispute which are, that I did write my blog posts accusing Belinda Ang Saw Ean and Judith Prakash, that I did give my undertakings and make my apologies to the Singapore court in my contempt trial, that I did withdraw my assurances given to the Singapore court after my return to the US, that I deny ever being disorderly or yelling at police officers but I was convicted in a Singapore court nevertheless.

Although these newspaper reports are not material, as the Law Society has referred to them, it is their duty to provide them, which they are not doing.

Not wanting to spend any more time than necessary, I am sending this blog post to Singapore Law Society’s lawyer by Email at "peterlow@cnplaw.com" who had sent this list of documents to me.

He should be able to read my objections in it, and let us hope that he will take the necessary steps to correct them.

My prediction is that he will he will do nothing since Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore does not appear to care what others think of their legal system. According to them, it is, after all, the "best in the world").

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